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I chose the Bathys Benthic Ti (titanium) as the first watch to write about for this brand. There is no particular reason that I haven’t written about Bathys watches yet – I simply needed to get around to it. Now you might hear about this Hawaiian watch brand often. I like well-made, uniquely styled watch that are still not too controversial looking. The fact that Bathys watches as priced well helps it make a watch you should know about – a lot about. While Bathys has both automatic and quartz watches, this is one of the quartz versions. A similar watch (without the same calendar complications) is available with a Swiss ETA 2892-2 movement. However this version has a Swiss Ronda 7003 Mastertech watch that includes the retrograde day of the week display and date – in addition to the time of course. I think this is one of the most diminutive day of the week indicators out there. So allow me to go off on a tangent for a minute on what a day of the week indicator is good in a watch like this – from Hawaii.

If you work in an office you basically know what day it is all the time. I know, I used to work in an office . The rest of us who are lucky enough to make our own schedules sometimes lose track of the day. Especially if you are living the surfer lifestyle in Hawaii, or otherwise. This is basically what Bathys watches are subliminally telling you to do. Still, we have appointments now and again with the rest of the world. So when we aren’t sure if it is Tuesday or Wednesday we can just check out watch. Also, the big date complicate set at 6 o’clock further helps with our stating in touch with the rest of the world. Aside from the these are watches for play and more independent type of lifestyle.

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This particular series is the Benthic Ti. In addition to having the quartz movement, they are in titanium. There are also three different face materials available. A matte black colored dial, one in carbon fiber, and my favorite, the one with a polished bronze colored finish. Each has the luminant rich large numerals and markers on the dial – as well as the easy to read hands. The hands are further in two different shapes that helps with legibility.

I love that the Benthic is a large watch at 48mm wide. Even that big, it’s titanium construction makes this grade 5 titanium case and bezel only 109 grams (with the rubber diver’s strap). There will eventually be a metal bracelet  available for it. I just wrote about a Timex watch that is 35mm wide – and I think to myself, “what type of man today can get away with a 35mm watch and not look like  he is wearing a kid’s watch?” When I hear 48mm wide (especially for a round watch), I get excited and want to try it on. This is me with small wrists, so no worries. If I get a chance to show you some personal pics of the watch on my wrist, I will do so.

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Bathys is really proud of their watches. Founder John Patterson is basically the de facto brand mascot, as well as the mastermind of the operation. He is the poster boy for what the brand is, and charmingly touts the quality and value of the watches. He isn’t BSing you either. The value is good, and the Benthic watches with the ETA automatic 2892 movements are probably the best value watches on the market with that high grade mechanical movement. Given the boutique nature of the brand, style, and high ruggedness these are all a solid good deal. According to Bathys, the watches are meant to survive longer than you do. And in relation to this line of watches – with their 3.8mm thick sapphire crystal, hard titanium cases, and 200 meters of water resistance – they could easily out-live you with battery changes each several years and not much else.

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In addition to the rubber diving strap, the watch comes with a 24mm wide leather strap all in a Pelican brand (model 1030) travel case. I know, it is a bit gimmicky putting the watch in such a durable and hardcore case, but it is a nice touch.  Reminds you that your watch is not only a good investment, but an instrument in addition to being an accessory. Remember, it is a diving watch too. I am not sure if it is the specific model, but you can see an example of one of the Bathys branded Pelican cases in one of the images, in case you don’t know what a Pelican case is.

Overall I like Bathys a lot. There are lots of little touches and character in the watch that make it more interesting that you average Tag Heuer diver watch for example. The Bathys Benthic Ti watches retail for $995 with the automatic models (with steel cases going for more). If you want to learn more or get one, you can do so directly at Bathys Hawaii’s website here.

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