1. Why I Bought It: Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 1

Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 1

Greubel Forsey’s pieces are always a little special, but the Invention Piece 1 is arguably one of their most special watches, not least because of it its unique tourbillon and also the fact that it is the first in the brand’s highly technical Invention Piece collection. Renowned Singaporean collector Dr. Bernard Cheong has often sung the praises of Greubel Forsey, and in particular, the Invention Piece 1. So when I found out that another collector has acquired an Invention Piece 1, my curiosity was piqued. Why is the watch so sought after? And how does one, as wealthy as he or she may be, justify paying so much for a watch?

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Source: Quill & Pad

2. Why I’m Breaking Up With the Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Smart watches are not for everyone. I should know, I have worn a couple and have tried just about every mainstream and popular fitness band in the market – Jawbone Up, Microsoft Band, Fitbit Charge – you name it. The novelty wears off after a while, and soon, you realize what you are wearing does not offer much benefit. However, here is a well-written piece on why the Apple Watch doesn’t work. Then again, I’m probably preaching to the converted here.

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Source: The New York Times

3. Talking Watches With Jason Singer

Jason Singer

I’m always fascinated to learn and hear from experienced collectors, and so it was with great interest that I watched this video about Jason Singer and his collection. A doctor by trade, Jason has been collecting watches since the early Eighties and has amassed a collection that is simply incredible by any measure.

Source: Hodinkee

4. An Interview With Jocke: Man Behind the Amazing Rolex Pictures

Rolex Jocke

If you are like me, then you probably spend an unhealthy amount of time scouring the Internet looking for high-resolution images of watches for your desktop wallpaper. And if you do engage in this activity, then chances are you would have come across photos from a man known simply as “Jocke.” To say that Jocke takes breathtaking photos would be an understatement, his photos have a unique look and feel about them, and here is an interview with the man himself to find out more about his techniques and his love for watches.

Source: PuristSPro

5. Time Stands Still at Fabled Indian Watch Factory

HMT Watch Factory

Unbeknownst to most people, India does have its own watch company and it is called HMT. In its heyday, HMT made hundreds of watches per day and was the gift of choice for special occasions such as weddings and graduations. Today, it only makes four or five watches a day. The signs are bad, and there are no indications that it will reverse. This may well be the very last time we see and hear of HMT watches.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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