1. Vintage Panerai 3646 for “Presentation” Purposes

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Panerai 685 and Panerai 687

You will want to get a hot drink and sit down for this one. The thing about vintage watches that gets me is quuestions of accuracy and authenticity. It is all fine and dandy if everything happens to be documented and recorded, but when they are not, there is the potential for a cesspool of myths, fabrications, and half-truths. In this case, we are looking at Panerai, specifically two of their newest releases, the PAM 685 and PAM 687. Thanks to their distinctive 12-sided bezels, these watches look unlike most other Panerai watches. The PAM 687 looks even more special because of its faux tropical dial. According to Panerai, these watches were inspired by a Ref. 3646 Type A watch from the 1930s. However, according to this extensively researched post, that is untrue. Hit the link below to get the full story and find out the true story behind these watches.

Source: Perezcope

2. Stainless Steel Grand Seiko 3180

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Grand Seiko 3180

The Grand Seiko 3180 is a grail watch for many Seiko fans. Produced in the Sixties, it is the first Grand Seiko ever made, and it was produced as a challenge to Swiss watches of the time. It was also the first chronometer-grade watch made in Japan. There has been speculation that the Grand Seiko 3180 was never produced in stainless steel – which is curious, to say the least, because stainless steel Grand Seiko 3180 watches have been pictured from time to time. Do they exist? This post provides some answers.

Source: PuristSPro

3. Why Time Slows Down When We’re Afraid, Speeds Up as We Age, and Gets Warped on Vacation

Time is a peculiar thing and is difficult to grasp. Concepts of time like hours, minutes, and seconds are man-made constructs and our experience is certainly different enough to say that time is perhaps not as easily quantifiable as we imagine. For example, doesn’t it feel that time passes too quickly when you are having fun? In the opposite vein, doesn’t it feel like an eternity when waiting for your favorite watch dealer to deliver that highly anticipated piece that you have been eyeing? Here are some theories and ideas on why we experience time the way we do.

Source: Brainpickings

4. In-house and everything in between: Are collectors asking to be lied to?

IWC Movement

The topic of in-house movements is a contentious one that generates a lot of debate, and it is one that is worth revisiting given the state of the industry and the general economic outlook right now. For sure, there is a lot of misrepresentation and half-truths out there regarding movements, and some brands are certainly more guilty of this than others. While it is easy to point fingers at watch brands and say that they are being deliberately ambiguous, one also has to wonder why is it that we watch lovers are sometimes so easily swayed by bombastic marketing and our own prejudices.

Source: Deployant

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