1. What is Omega as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games doing?

Omega at Olympics

Omega has been the official timer for almost every Olympic Games since 1932, and they were at it again in Rio for the 2016 Olympics. But have you wondered how Omega actually times these events? This article shows how Omega’s expertise in timekeeping was used in events like athletics, swimming, cycling, and more. And did you know that even sports like archery also require timing? I sure didn’t.

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Source: Watch-insider

2. Does Hand Finishing Matter? A Collector’s View Of Movement Decoration

Philippe Dufour Hand Finishing

Hand-finishing is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot when talking about really high-end watches. It is also often said that hand-finishing – the skill and labor required – makes all the difference, and is the primary reason that some watches cost as much as they do. But what is hand-finishing really? What does it entail, and do these finishes serve a practical purpose? And just as importantly, what does really good hand-finishing look like? All these questions and more are answered in the link below.

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Source: Quill and Pad

3. Interview with a Watch Maker: Tõnis Leissoo of Estonia 1918

Estonia 1918

Interview with a Watch Maker is a series of posts that I recently came across and it’s interesting because it showcases various watchmakers from around the world. The latest installment features Tõnis Leissoo from the country of Estonia. Here, Tõnis talks about how he got into watches, the decision to go into watchmaking, and also shares some of the ideas and inspirations behind his latest watch.

Source: The Wrist Watch Review

4. The case of the lost and found Omega Seamaster

Omega Seamaster

If you need any proof that dive watches are built like miniature bomb shelters, just take a look at this story. Without spoiling it too much for you, a businessman had gone swimming in the beaches of Galle, a small city in Sri Lanka, and lost his watch. He managed to recover it some time later, but it was not without some difficulty. Perhaps what’s more amazing is that despite being lost in the ocean, the watch was still working when he finally received it. Here is the story of how the watch was lost and found.

Source: Deployant

5. The magic in the words ‘Marina Militare’

Panerai Marina Militare

The words “Marina Militare” refer to the Italian Navy, and these two words alone are able to send Paneristis into a frenzy. Panerai’s association with the Italian Navy runs deep – after all, Panerai used to be the official supplier of diving equipment to the Italian Marina Militare. Today, just six Panerai watches have the words “Marina Militare” on the dial. Find out which watches these are and just how special and significant these two words are to Panerai watches and Paneristis.

Source: Revolution

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