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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watch Review

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Omega managed to exceed my expectations when I finally got my hands on the first ceramic-cased Planet Ocean which I’m reviewing here today. Debuted a few months after Baselworld 2016, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT “Deep Black” carves yet another niche within the brand’s larger line of high-end Seamaster Planet Ocean diving watches. Omega not only has plenty of dive watches to choose from (seriously, no shortage whatsoever), but the brand also has a number of GMT watches to choose from.

I say all this to explain that while the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black doesn’t immediately satisfy an existing need, it does represent a desirable accumulation of a lot of things Omega has been tweaking for a while, and is arguably a current best-of-breed product within its relatively narrow niche. To really appreciate this watch, you need to ignore most of the marketing images Omega has of it (they make the colors look way too flat) and also forget what you think the watch represents (a black GMT diver). Rather, we need to look into a series of details contained in the watch design, movement, and construction, as well as consider the versatile and highly contemporary appeal of a watch like this.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Omega’s modern rivalry with Rolex isn’t lost on most people who are paying attention to the watch world. A common question that is asked when Omega releases a new product is “what Rolex are they trying to make an answer to?” The existing Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT watch (aBlogtoWatch review here) is in various forms Omega’s answer to the Rolex GMT-Master II – even though they are rather distinct products. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black continues to aim at Rolex, but with its ceramic case, larger size, and more high-tech look isn’t just answering Rolex, but also Tudor at the same time. If anything, Omega seems to be trying to make “uber-watches” that succeed at multiple levels and are intended in one fell swoop to beat multiple products. Not all are successful, but when Omega gets something right, like the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black, they do it very well.

Omega made a big splash back in 2013 when they debuted the sexy-looking Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon watch (aBlogtoWatch review here). The magic in that product was combining the look of the new generation Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph with both a black ceramic case and dial. Moreover, Omega cleverly and wisely offered the ceramic case in contrast finishing with some brushed and some polished surfaces. This mimicked the look of metal (but black in color) which allowed the watch to retain so much of the look people came to expect in a Speedmaster. It was a hit, and I am sure that Omega wanted to reproduce its appeal in other areas of their collection.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

It would be fair to compare the Deep Black in the Planet Ocean collection to the Dark Side Of The Moon in the Speedmaster collection, but honestly, they aren’t the same thing. Whereas the Dark Side Of Moon is merely a ceramic version of the Speedmaster, the Deep Black is a ceramic Planet Ocean, but also has a unique assembly of parts and features, making it not merely a ceramic version of the existing Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT range.


Further, there are a few versions of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black which add further flavor to the concept. This version is the reference, and in addition to combining black with red accents, it is one of the versions of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black models offered in a mostly all-matte finishing. When I first saw this watch in Omega’s marketing photos, I was a bit underwhelmed and concerned that it might be too devoid of shine and appear flat and down-market given its high-end pedigree. In person, this watch easily exceeds the relatively lackluster presentation the professional marketing images offered – which honestly isn’t that rare even if watches are less likely to look better in person compared to their marketing images.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Omega here has an amazingly good-looking serious tool watch with just enough style. For me, this has always been the value in a Planet Ocean, and whereas the Rolex Submariner and its ilk are a bit more retro-themed, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean has been able to feel highly contemporary despite having a number of “vintage influences” to the design.

At 45.5mm wide, the Planet Ocean Deep Black GMT is 2mm larger than the 43mm wide Planet Ocean GMT. Other differences aside from the case material are the movement and design of the bezel. Let me make a very important remark on this being valued as a GMT watch. If your sole goal is to have a durable GMT watch because you reference two time zones all the time, you might want to look at more GMT-centric GMT watches. With a traditional 60-minute countdown rotating diver’s bezel, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black does away with a bi-directional GMT bezel as you’ll find on the smaller Planet Ocean GMT – making it more of a diver versus GMT watch. Omega instead put a 24-hour scale on the dial and included a nicely sized GMT hand (with a lumed tip) that is there when you need it, but ultimately sits where it belongs in the background behind the hour and minute hands when it comes to visibility.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

This is a very important concept to understand because a lot of people get annoyed with GMT watches, as they find the inclusion of an additional hand distracting. If you want a cool diver’s watch that is mostly about knowing the local time first with the GMT a distant second function, then the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black is a very good choice. This makes it sort of a standard dive watch where the ability to know a second time zone is available, but not thrust in your face all the time. I don’t know how many other people value this niche type of style, but I personally do a lot.

Omega did an excellent job on the newly tweaked Planet Ocean dial mixing a matte black ceramic face and little new refinements such as slightly new fonts. Case and dial tweaks abound, and if you are a Planet Ocean veteran owner, it will be interesting to see the differences to previous models even though they are the same at a glance. We detailed more of them while covering the larger range of new-for-2016 Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watches here.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Omega should be praised for really making the Planet Ocean dials better and better. The white gold hands and hour markers pop nicely against the matte background making for excellent legibility, while various luminant colors work to offer admirable darkness visibility.

Like the 44mm-wide Speedmaster case, the 45mm-wide Planet Ocean case translates to ceramic from steel quite well. There is a serious tool-watch feel in the matte finishing which benefits the theme Omega is going for here (dark and serious, but meant for fun). I will say that it is a very different flavor than I’m used to in the Planet Ocean family, but I think Omega nailed it and even at this high price Omega easily competes with offerings at more prestigiously priced brands even. So what you end up with is a timepiece that is, yeah, expensive for an Omega, but also really cheap for a Blancpain, Hublot, or Audemars Piguet. This is a hot luxury sports watch, and I just hope people are able to incorporate the Omega name in the upper echelons of luxo-sport watches where at times the brand does solidly belong.



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  • Fastest milkman

    They’ve lost me already at 45.5mm never mind pitting against GMT-Master II!

    • funkright

      that is an incredibly easy decision…

    • smoothsweeper

      No question. While I won’t blame a company for releasing larges watches (there are many large-wristed people of course, and some just like chunky things on their wrists), I don’t feel they’ve nailed down a good, sober, reasonably-sized piece on which to build their GMT strategy. They don’t have an iconic implementation of that complication. It’s as if Rolex released different versions of the Deep Sea (neon colors, ceramic case, etc…) without ever having a black no-date steel Submariner as the fundamental model. You’d always think there was something missing, and that’s what I feel about Omega’s GMT watches.

  • ??????

    46 x 18 mm, $ 11k – pass. Swatch Group lost their mind…

    • Yeah, those are my gripes too. But still…I dig this watch a lot. Sure I can’t afford it and it might be too large even on my 7.25 inch wrist. But if one has the wrist and wallet for it, I still think this is a cool watch. Cheers.

      • ??????

        I am even more concerned with HOW THICK is that watch! It is like anvil on the wrist. And I am a person who may drop the watch or hit it over the wall (this happens from time to time) – so I still doubt the ceramic, it is prone to cracking. I know examples of broken PAM Radiomirs – the price is ~6k for new case. This is mad.

        • Boogur T. Wang

          For me, it’s doorways.
          Always banging a watch on doorways.

          • ??????

            Yes, for me – doorways and columns..

          • Raymond Wilkie

            For me , i can walk in a straight line.

          • ??????

            Even after some shots of tequila? Lol

          • Raymond Wilkie

            Never tried one, don’t drink. but i do smoke like a chimney..

          • ??????

            So, I must be opposite kind of human. Stopped smoking, but can’t imagine my life without Friday/Saturday alcohol.

          • laup nomis

            Ooooh- errr. Get him and his ” I can walk in a straight line”.

          • laup nomis

            Door handles, cupboard latches. Both metal and scratchy.

  • A_watches

    What planet is Omega on? Maybe one populated by ogres? This is an abomination and surely the size and especially the thickness has to be one of its worst characteristics.

    I heard Omega now make a more reasonably sized 39.5mm version, for ladies though according to Omega 😉

    PS:the last version I seriously considered was PO 2500d movement liquid metal limited edition PO, the asking price on these are now too high

    • Boogur T. Wang

      Thanks for the added pic’s.

  • Wow, what a sexy watch. I wish it was 2 mm smaller in diameter and 2 mm thinner (and of course more affordable). And I have some long term durability reservation about the red rubber on the bezel. But outside of these concerns, I freaking love this watch.

  • Marius

    Besides the fact that this is a rather ugly-looking watch, I would never pay $11,000 for an Omega, especially in today`s market environmnet. Allow me to explain.

    Firstly, there is absoltuley no comparison with the Rolex GMT Master II. Not only that the GMT Master II is considerably cheaper ($2,500 less), but the Rolex has a much more elegant and refined design that can withstand the test of time. This Omega, on the other hand, has a very flavour-of-the-month approach. I`m not sure how this Omega will look in 10, 15 years.

    Secondly, where would you wear such a monstrosity? It`s almost 46 mm wide and 18 mm tall.

    Thirdly, according to this article: “Omega here has an amazingly good-looking serious tool watch.” How is this a serious too watch? The ceramic case might be scratch-resistant, but it`s very brittle and shatters easily on impact. If the case cracks, you will have to replace it. As far as I know, for the Dark Side of the Moon, replacing the case costs $7,000!

    Lastly, according to this article: “So what you end up with is a timepiece that is, yeah, expensive for an Omega, but also really cheap for a Blancpain, Hublot, or Audemars Piguet. This is a hot luxury sports watch, and I just hope people are able to incorporate the Omega name in the upper echelons of luxo-sport watches where at times the brand does solidly belong.” Omega has nothing to do, and cannot be compared with Blancpain or AP. Omega is a mass-producer, churning out close to 1.2 million watches/year. In terms of case and dial finishing, movement decoration and prestige, AP and Blancpain wipe the floor with any Omega.

    • word-merchant

      This Omega, on the other hand, has a very flavour-of-the-month approach. I`m not sure how this Omega will look in 10, 15 years. However, I`m sure that the Rolex will still look timeless even in 20 years.

      So true. You’ve nailed it.

      • spiceballs

        Not sure that “timeless” is quite the right word for an aged watch but I agree with the sentiment.

    • A_watches

      Seems like the Tag is from the same design school..and change for a rolex gmt II also!

  • BrJean

    The funny thing about this watch that despite its declared width and height it looks completely fine and not oversized on every photo. Yeah, Rolex GMT might be a choice of “lesser evil” in this case but I can’t agree that this Omega is hideous or ugly. Two-coloured lume is a nice touch!

  • Ulysses31

    It looks a bit too amateurish, informal and fashion-watch-like for me to love it, but in other colour combinations is somewhat appealing. The black and red rubber reminds me of something i’d usually see on the sole of a pair of sneakers worn by some trendy youth, not what I want to see on an 11,000 dollar watch, It’s made of “high-tech” materials but you don’t get that impression from the appearance of a fingerprint-magnet like this. That sense of durability is missing, as they’ve used a material that will decay and another material that will chip and shatter. As usual for Omega, the exhibition back is pointless when presented with such a dull-looking movement.

  • ??????

    Judging from the rates at which Omega’s offerings are growing, becoming bulkier, more and more expensive – maybe make next model 50 x 20 mm and charge 20k?

  • Bozzor

    OK, always keep in mind with Omega these days is that there’s the price Omega says…and the price you actually pay, which is at the minimum 20% less for most of their models.

  • Boogur T. Wang

    Very nice review.

  • OmniRak

    Yes. I’m one of the few PO fans out here who really enjoys them and has no issues with their sizing at all. That said, I have to admit this version doesn’t “float my boat” aesthetically. (A purely subjective statement on my part). In small part due to myself not really being interested in GMTs all that much, but mainly due to the overall look of the bright colors vs. the dark ceramic.

    While generally I like contrasts in my watches (black/gray/blue dials vs. Steel/WG/Platinum cases, white/ivory dials vs. YG/RG cases, etc.) this example of contrast is somewhat off-putting to my eye. In the end my opinion on this doesn’t really matter though. The only thing that ultimately matters are the opinions of those who find this an appealing option and who will enjoy wearing one. I look forward to possibly seeing some of them on peoples’ wrists out and about in the real world.

  • I’d really like to see them do a more sober version of this, in steel, with a more mono-chromatic colorway, on a bracelet and in a case size that doesn’t look like you’re trying to draw attention to your wrist. You know, like they’re perfectly capable of producing:

    • Raymond Wilkie

      A much better example.

    • SuperStrapper

      To each his own, but I always found that to be one of Omega’s worst watches. Thanks largely to the bracelet.

    • TrevorXM

      This Seamaster should be the starting point for a Rolex competitor. Find all the things it lacks next to the Rolex and then develop it so it betters the Rolex in those areas. They’d end up with a contender with elegant style.

    • A_watches
      • Kuroji

        Looks like the old 42.5mm size to me.

        • A_watches

          that is the 39.5mm..found the pic from a review at monochrome

          • Kuroji

            Then that dude is real skinny.

      • ??????

        Looks miles better than the subject watch of the article.

        • A_watches

          yes, its really quite sexy..

          in my opinion, and complete opposite to Ariel’s thinking, I think big watches makes your hand look smaller (and also shows insecurity), where as small watches make your hands look larger and more masculine..all relative to the wearer though, if you have 8 inch wrists then you can wear the 46mm without it looking out of proportion.

          • ??????

            “big watches makes your hand look smaller (and also shows insecurity),
            where as small watches make your hands look larger and more masculine” – totally agree. When I put a huge modern watch on my wrist, after some time of wearing it I get feeling that my hand looks a bit childish.

    • ??????

      One of the ugliest Omegas I’ve seem IMO. Tried to reply to Submariner, even markers look same, but they failed.

  • SuperStrapper

    It does have a bit of a mall watch look to it, but I will say that the bezel looks to be done quite well. Regardless, not a lot of interest here for me.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Meh,……………Does nothing for me, Don’t like the colour on the bezel , or the bracket. So their.


    It looks ok for a fun week end go to the beach “dive” watch. I do not however associate that w a 10K watch. The price along makes it a deal killer let alone the size which is just too big, too tall, too much. Omega wise I am drifting towards vintage more and more. robust movements, reasonable sizes and prices (minus the moon thing).

  • I am a big Omega fan. That said, this ceramic version is interesting from a technology perspective. But 10.4K francs in this industry state? Normally when you’ve dug yourself into a hole, you try and escape. Not dig a deeper hole……….

  • i have the first gen Planet Ocean and am a big Omega fan, but this just does nothing for me, especially given the price point. The author says its main competitor is the Rolex GMT Master II. Given the option between this and the BLNR, I’m taking the BLNR and not thinking twice.

  • Douglas Weedman

    This is a very impressive watch that catches your eye not only because of the sharp contrasting colors but the size (45.5mm) and general appearance. It will be an iconic watch in years to come. It has ‘presence’. Personally in the Planet Ocean lineage I prefer the gray ceramic Master Chronometer Chronograph which I submit will also be an icon.


    Vulcanised rubber is a joke. Has as much lasting power as tofu.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Oh, just learned Vulcan was the roman god of fire. I always thought it was spocks home planet.which was blown up.

      • Kuroji

        Only blown up in the fake J.J. Abrams alternate universe, you heretic!

    • Kuroji

      “vulcanized rubber” is not any particular material. These bezels are probably made with a high-temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber, but I did not bother checking. You’ll find many of these materials are extremely durable.

  • TrevorXM

    If Omega could make a simplified 300m Seamaster without the busy wavy dial and minus the completely unnecessary helium escape valve and manage to fit this thoroughbred movement inside it and make a bracelet that’s the equal of the Submariner’s current one with the glide lock — THEN they’d have a competitor for Rolex. You see, they simply have a long list of changes to make. This non-classic big lump of a watch just doesn’t compete with the sublime and classic Rolex models. They need to go with the Seamaster as it has established history and elegant style and develop it. Even somebody with a mixed opinion on Rolex like me can see that.

  • PleaseSpellRoman4AsIV

    A lot of negativity here, but I can actually picture a 10 years younger image of myself drooling over this watch. The problem is that by now I could afford it, but my taste has moved on too much from this…

  • TAG, you’re it!

  • CryptoReporter

    Loots like a toy watch.

  • Bill W

    I’d be willing to wager that it would look a little less juvenile if it didn’t have all that red on the strap. A strap change would do good here.

  • I just don’t get ceramic. It’s fragile, it looks cheap but is expensive, it’s light but so’s titanium…and rubber? That’ll look good after a couple of nicks. Maybe someone needs to patiently explain to me why this is a superior material to just about any metal for a watch case.

    • Kuroji

      Mostly the scratch resistance.

      • Chaz

        Like he said:

        “…explain to me why this is a superior material to just about any metal for a watch case.”

        • Kuroji

          Duh, because it is more scratch resistant than any metal.

          • Jason

            Much rather have a scratch on my watch than worry about a chip in a ceramic case.

          • Chaz

            Eggs Zachary.

          • Kuroji

            Me too, but I wonder how big a problem that really is. It’s not like a tea cup.

  • Kuroji

    I find the 45.5mm PO to be a bit too much on the wrist. I prefer the old 42.5mm size, but it looks funny in pictures.

  • Chaz

    I’ll wait for a limited edition of 20k pieces, thanks.

    • Can I get number 17,893 of that limited edtion?

      • Chaz

        No. It’s spoken for. You may have 17,89…..7


        • Dammit – not again! I hate when that happens.

  • Dean Fox

    I think most commenters are misreading the marketing strategy behind offerings like this. These are not intended to be volume sellers. Like the one-of-one show cars that automobile companies build each year, or even the ridiculously over-powered, high-end but low volume models from Mercedes AMG, Audi RS or BMW M, these are intended to give the press something to write about, and enthusiasts something to talk about. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they don’t return much profit, if any, but they help to publicize the latest Omega technology.

    One thing I wish Omega would change: Stop using the “Professional” label, regardless of its tradition for the brand. Unless you think it drives buyers to assume that other watches are for “amateurs”, this branding terminology is meaningless and even self-defeating.

    • Kuroji

      AFAICT, Seamaster Professional are the 300M+ models. Speedmaster Professional are the hand wound models.

      • Dean Fox

        Look again. This 600M Seamaster features the “Professional” designation on the dial, and even the newer automatic Speedmaster 9300 has the word engraved on the clasp.

        • Kuroji

          300+ includes 600

          • Dean Fox

            Nevertheless, these expensive watches will never be used for anything more professional than desk diving, so the term is meaningless, especially considering Omega’s rising market position versus Rolex.

          • Kuroji

            I know what you mean. Also, all the Seamasters have the depth rating on the dial already.

    • Bill W

      Self-defecating?? Oh, sorry, I read that wrong. 🙂

  • commentator bob

    This is the serious Omega GMT watch. All steel with a ceramic two-tone bezel and ceramic dial. It is pretty decent except for being too large and the HEV.

    This goofy rubber insert thing is a joke.

    • Horlogère Addict

      I agree. This is much better than the one in the article.

    • Kuroji

      The day/night GMT bezel is hideous. PO needs a dive bezel.

  • Larry Holmack

    I rather like it!! A nice size for us big guys….and everything else looks really nice too. Price is a bit over my budget…but one can always dream….

  • Horlogère Addict
  • Shawn Lavigne

    nice watch. but over 17mm thick. crazy.

  • Permadi Kanapi

    17mm thick?
    Did Omega snatched G-Shock designers to make this watch?
    I cannot imagine how big a wrist should be to sport this watch.

  • Don

    REALLY dislike the new bezel.

  • Deus Vult

    It’s time for Omega to just stop making watches for awhile. They’ve cheapened the brand enough. Oh, I can’t wait for another limited edition moon watch bastardization. Maybe a James Bond version this time!

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