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Blancarré Watches Brand Debut

Blancarré Watches Brand Debut Watch Releases

Blancarré is a new watch brand founded by Nicolas Mertenat and his brother Claude Mertenat. Nicolas is a watch designer based in Switzerland and for the past 20 years he has worked for some of the biggest names in the watch industry. In 2016, Nicolas and Claude decided to start Blancarré and the first Blancarré collection is the result of their vision and creativity of what a good watch should be. Nicolas is a veteran in the industry. He has held the role of designer, computer graphic designer, and project manager at Swatch, Ebel, Gucci, and Dior. And most recently, he was a design department manager at Omega. But that’s not all, he is also a professor of watch design at the Geneva School of Art and Design.

Blancarré Watches Brand Debut Watch Releases

According to the brand, Blancarré is “open, free-spirited, and aesthetically pure” and the watches reflect those views. The Blancarré collection consists of six watches and the watches are simply named after their case materials and their colors. There’s Titanium, Black Titanium, Black Square, Solid Black Matt, White Square, and Solid Black. Titanium and black titanium are self-explanatory while the rest of the models have titanium cases and ceramic bezels.

Blancarré Watches Brand Debut Watch Releases

The watch has a square case, a rarity in watch design, and measures a modest 37mm by 37mm. However, it isn’t just a plain square. Look closely and you can see that there’s a square bezel and a smaller square structure that holds the square sapphire glass. Water resistance is rated at 50m and all models will come with a black rubber strap with a matte black titanium pin buckle.

Blancarré Watches Brand Debut Watch Releases

This play of square shapes extends to the dial. The dial has vertical grooves like wood panels and reminds me of the Omega Aqua Terra. Surrounding the periphery of the dial are little square minute markers. On the inside are larger square hour markers that are filled with luminescent material. And at 12 o’clock are two square windows for the oversized date display. The use of squares doesn’t end there as the sub-dial for the second time zone at 6 o’clock is also in the shape of a square. Finally, the Blancarré logo is engraved under the crystal so it appears to be floating on the dial.

Blancarré Watches Brand Debut Watch Releases

The watches from the Blancarré collection are powered by a self-winding movement sourced from Soprod, who is one of the larger suppliers of mechanical movements. Blancarré does not disclose which Soprod movement it is using exactly, but it is likely the Soprod A10, which beats at 4Hz and has a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. The movement is visible through a sapphire display caseback, but only partially. You see, the caseback only uses a thin piece of sapphire and judging from the press photos, it seems that the only thing that is clearly visible is the balance wheel. It’s an interesting design choice and I would like to ask Nicolas Mertenat about the rationale behind this.

Blancarré Watches Brand Debut Watch Releases

If you think about it, it is really hard to come up with a watch design that is new and coherent, but I think that Nicolas Mertenat has done that with his Blancarré collection. I like the way squares are used in the watch’s design and I find the final outcome to be quirky and refreshing. I’m keen to see the watch community’s reaction to this new brand and its watches. The Blancarré Titanium and Black Titanium watches are priced at 4,600 CHF and the Black Square watch is priced at 5,300 CHF. Lastly, the White Square, Solid Black, and Solid Black Matt watches are priced at 5,700 CHF.

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  • DanW94

    Move over Audaceone, your time is up. There’s a new kid on the block.

    • Sheez Gagoo
    • Big Poppa Pump

      Step by step
      Ooooh baby
      Gonna get to BaselWorld

      • Disillusioned Gene

        Big Bad Booty Daddy, is that you?

        • Big Poppa Pump

          I’m Scott Steiner, the Genetic Freak.

    • egznyc

      More like a new kid in the square. But I guess at abtw today it’s hip to be square. At least I’d yiure asking at least $5K and you’re a brand new kid.

  • Yan Fin

    Interesting. Unusual. Needs to be seen up close.

  • Marius

    These are all superb timepieces. The design is fluid, yet elegant, classic, and chic. What’s more, the Soprod movement is a trusted, reliable, and workhorse caliber that constitutes a very fitting choice at the over $6,000 level. I was considering a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute 1931 as my next watch purchase, but seeing this awesome Blancarré has made me change my mind. Why would I pay €6,500 for an in-house equipped JLC Reverso, when for a meager €6,000, I could purchase a beautiful Soprod-equipped Blancarré?

  • IanE

    Are they made of Lego bricks?

  • Raymond Wilkie

    More like the Blancarré bland.

  • Drazen B

    Quite effective for self-defense, too.

  • David Williams

    Very attractive and coherent use of the multiple squares – a format which (in art, architecture, photography and elsewhere) can be problematic. I agree, though, that the pricing seems optimistic for a watch fitted with that movement – at least to knowledgeable contributors here. Will the design and finishing be sufficient to persuade buyers who may be less bothered by what’s inside?

  • Playboy Johnny

    I like the look of this watch, but the price is just insane.

    • Joe

      On the whole, I also like the design.
      I don’t like the floaty logo and as Kenny mentions, the display back is a bit weird. If anything a square window might suit this design more. The hands for the second time zone need some sort of change too. They’re hardly visible and too chunky.
      Agreed, price is insane. Even under $1,000 it would come up against some stiff competition.

  • Disillusioned Gene

    What’s going on with the hands? Three at center but also a subseconds with two more?

    Shoulda called the brand 5Handr.

    • DanW94

      Not bad, how about 5SquR?

      • Disillusioned Gene

        or ‘ThisIsAlsoARectangl’

    • egznyc

      Dual time? Interesting question.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Not ugly. Looks nice as a watch but stupid on a wrist. Price is a joke.

  • Disillusioned Gene


    March 9: The day abtw brought out the big guns. #UnshakableHorology #EezHeezPashun

    • Jean Genie

      Let yourself go!

  • Scott

    Not bad. It really is hard to do something new without being new for newness’ sake alone. Kinda unique how they seem to put the brand logo on he Chrystal so the hands pass underneath it.

    I get it that it’s hard to picture spending the MSRP on a watch like this, but hey, I’d be excited if I saw it on somebody’s wrist.

    • Dakota Dennison

      BRM does this in their crystal as well. It was fun at first when I had the V6-44, however after awhile it gets old.

      I like the design, as others have stated the price is crazy. 1-2k I can see this selling.

      For the price they are asking (being a no name brand), they would need a highly finished bracelet like APRO, PP Nautilus, or even something like the new Cartier Santos.

  • R Khalifa

    Was on board with this until the price… Wow. Makes Monta’s out-the-gate price seem reasonable by comparison. Also, the logo on underside of the crystal is a bit pompous, like putting brand name ahead of the watch’s actual time telling function.

  • Ross Diljohn

    I was interested until the price. I could get a watch from a recognized brand that I truly want at that price point vs something that might hold my interest for a while and then be a regrettable purchase.

  • Framlucasse

    The design is different, good thing. Quality seems to be ok also. But at almost the same price, some others brands put Vaucher in their watches. This is very expensive for A Soprod IMO, but good luck anyway.

  • Mikita

    Honestly, design isn’t bad, has some kind of weird funky appeal. But $6,000? You must be joking.

  • Farkbinder012

    Can you say, Invicta? I knew you could. Wow, hideous attempt. Looks like a back alley Hong Kong special.

  • R Ramki

    Everything was fine until the price. LOL

    • IG

      Don’t be a low baller.

  • hatster


  • I like the design. I would not want to own the watch. But it is an interesting change of pace.

  • Ulysses31

    As bold and handsome as a Lego brick.

  • Jonathan Yang

    Design is cool but the price is not

  • joe Shmoe

    i don’t hate it, but can’t say i like it. i am really surprised that it isn’t getting thrashed in the comments. i would have never guessed this crowd would like this.

  • SuperStrapper

    I came here to throw the watch under the bus but after a closer look I’m kinda doffing it…

    Will come and look again later send see if anything changes.

  • Tea Hound

    The price is ridiculous. No-one will buy these without a serious price reduction.

  • IG

    The date numerals are too thin for this design.

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