With the watch industry hyped up on multiple time zone watches, it’s only fitting that one of the best would release another offering. Bovet has announced its Récital 27, a beautifully Bovet interpretation of a function-focused watch, sporting three-time-zone tracking, moon phase, a  seven-day power reserve, and a cool blue paint job. And of course, since it’s Bovet we’re talking about here, it’s intricately stunning.


Brand: Bovet
Model: Récital 27
Dimensions: 46.3mm in diameter, 15.95mm-thick
Lug Width: TBA
Case Material: Titanium or 18k red gold
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire
Movement: In House Caliber 17DM04-3FPL
Frequency: 21,600 bph
Power Reserve: 7 days
Strap/Bracelet: Alligator with 18k white or red gold buckle
Price & Availability: CHF 66,000

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The Récital collection from Bovet is definitely a fan favorite. We’ve seen and gotten to go hands-on with previous models of the Récital (such as the Récital 26 earlier this year), and came away beyond impressed with Bovet’s ingenuity and dedication to details such as the Récital collection’s “writing slope” case, which sees the case taper and the bezel tilt towards the wearer’s eye. What’s most interesting to me with the new Récital 27, however, is the blend of complications. I have a particular affinity for multiple time zone watches, and Bovet has quite an interesting and unique take on the complication.

As stated earlier, the Récital 27 features the ability to track three separate time zones; the local time is shown in the center display, with two ancillary time zones displayed at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. Unlike many multiple time zone watches, the Récital 27 displays both the hours and minutes of the second and third time zone, as opposed to the usual hour displays. Given that certain parts of Asia and other parts of the world have time zone differences of 15 or 30 minutes, this is quite a functional touch for the would-be jetsetter.

Above the second and third time zone displays is a wheel that shows the city names that correspond to the time zones (Bovet will even customize the city names to order). This intricate multi-time zone complication is topped off by the inclusion of a day-night indicator so you can see whether you’re going to wake up your colleague in Berlin. In typical Bovet fashion, this triple time zone complication wasn’t enough, so they have also included a moonphase complication, which only requires correction every 122 years. To top it all off, the watch features an impressive single-barrel power reserve of seven days.

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The dial of the Récital 27 is finished, as we’ve come to expect from Bovet, with a mix of guillochéand lacquered inlays across a distinctly skeletonized dial. They’ve gone for a striking shade of blue that I’m quite a big fan of, and overall I’m loving the aesthetic of this watch. While it couldn’t be further from my style, I can appreciate it as I would a classic car or an impossibly expensive painting. Bovet’s attention to detail and distinct technological prowess allows the brand to create watches that go beyond what many other manufacturers are capable of. While the market for the Récital 27 is certainly going to be small (made even smaller by its limited-edition run of 60 units), Bovet continues to impress with its releases.


Available in titanium or 18k red gold, Bovet’s Récital 27 offers the deep-pocketed traveler or international business person quite a compelling option. From its triple time zone display to its seven-day power reserve, moonphase, and writing slope case, the Récital 27 is a uniquely beautiful, yet functional watch. Limited to only 60 pieces, the Bovet Récital 27 is available at a retail price of CHF 66,000. Learn more at

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