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Bremont Supermarine S501 Dive Watch

Bremont Supermarine S501 Dive Watch Watch Releases

British watch brand Bremont, best known to the watch world for their aviation watches, has also produced dive watches since 2009. Starting with the Supermarine S500 – a 43mm, ceramic bezeled, crown-at-two-o’clock tool watch – Bremont have subsequently added to their diving range over the years, first with the larger 45mm S2000 in 2013 and more recently with the 40mm S300 collection last year. Now, Bremont have announced a redesign of the S500 range to include the new Bremont S500/BK and S500/BL. Here, we’ll focus on the brand new Bremont Supermarine S501, a combination of styling cues from the vintage-inspired S301 range with the 43mm case size and 500m water resistance of the S500.

Bremont’s S300 and S301 collection differentiated itself from its larger siblings with a more vintage look in a smaller 40mm package which quickly became popular. The new S501 makes use of those same vintage styling cues with its metal dial featuring applied hour markers and hands similar in style to the S300. Of course, this still being a diver’s watch, Super-LumiNova is used throughout, this time with a bit of a vintage tint, for easy yet old school nighttime viewing.

Bremont Supermarine S501 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Also new on the S501 is the use of an exhibition caseback, making the Bremont modified rotor on the calibre BE-36AE automatic chronometer visible. The BE-36AE also features 25 jewels, a glucydur balance, an Anachron balance spring, a Nivaflex 1 mainspring, 28,800bph rate, and a 38-hour power reserve. Like other Bremont movements, the BE-36AE is COSC chronometer tested and certified. The BE-36AE is essentially a Bremont-modified Swiss ETA 2836 and is shared with the rest of the S500 series.

A knurled effect on the dial, copper band around the two o’clock crown, and a ceramic bezel also styled after the S301 are the other novel aspects of the S501. Other than these updates, the “Trip-Tick” three piece, 43mm wide by 16mm thick case, double anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and 22mm lug width remain the same from previous S500 models.

Bremont Supermarine S501 Dive Watch Watch Releases

While not a groundbreaking redesign or a totally new watch, the S501 shows Bremont’s ability to adapt to the vintage obsessed market of the day. By combining the looks of the S301 with the more tech-forward tool watch approach and larger size from the S500 range, Bremont seems to have another winner. The new Bremont S501 will be available for $4,775 on either a vintage leather strap or stainless steel bracelet.

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  • IanE

    Looks like a $501 Kickstarter – which would then be reasonably priced.

  • The Supermarine is the only Bremont line I like. As long as they keep their production low they can (unfortunately) charge high prices. So owning a Bremont is a way to show that you paid a lot of money for something people don’t recognise — so you tell them how much it cost and they go “wow!”

    Kind of like Grand Seiko but without all the pedigree and impeccable in-house craft that goes into producing the GS line.

    • Tea Hound

      They “keep their production low” because even in this world of Kardashians and moronic millennials, there aren’t enough idiots with credit to make this a mass-market watch.

      • I can’t fault their marketing, and apparently they are selling enough watches to stay in business. Whatever their reason for keeping low production numbers, it is working!

        We are quick to point a critical finger at the watch industry for doing so many things wrong — but we don’t give Bremont enough credit for creating a heritage out of thin air (no pun intended) and becoming very popular, mid-recession, in a very competitive market.

        I actually intend to buy a supermarine sometime in the future. A few years ago I saw it at Harrod’s and it was less than $3K at retail — and I held back because of the lack of a bracelet. I expected prices in the second-hand market to go down but they have gone up due to their (forced) scarcity. So I kind of regret not getting the 1st gen (the best looking one) of the green Supermarine.

        • Tea Hound

          “I actually intend to buy a supermarine…” – now we know you’re a bot.

        • Kuroji

          It’s called JIT inventory management. Can’t have a lot of capital tied up in inventory you can’t sell.

  • Andre Braz

    It’s overpriced for an ETA !!

    • Dan Hodge

      It’s a Sellita – look closely at “SW220-1”

  • SuperStrapper

    It’s a dive watch and they give it to you in a leather strap. Even the brand knows that no one serious buys their stuff.

    • Kuroji

      Nothing stands up to the rigors of salt-water diving like leather!

  • Actually it’s not bad looking if I’m honest. But… would I get a GS instead for the same money? Absolutely!


    Seikoish case , ‘vintage lume’, decent looking again BUT way too expensive . I get it they are a low number manufacturer and putting cheap movements in intricate cases is a way to show their skills and trying to charge an arm and a leg to survive. Adding superior movement would hurt cost wise and making the cases in China would hurt the brand’s “image” whatever that is

  • “…the S501 shows Bremont’s ability to adapt to the vintage obsessed market of the day.”

    Except with the price. For less than $2500, you can get a far more capable “vintage styled” dive watch from a far less obnoxious company. Oris, for instance, or Chris Ward, or Bell and Ross, or Longines. Heck, even a brand new “classic” Seamaster will run you less than $3000 on the grey market.

    • Tea Hound

      Only brain-dead morons will buy this, and at least it stops them spending the cash on coke and hookers.

      • Kuroji

        But that would at least keep the money in the local economy.

    • Kuroji

      I believe you mean CH
      Ward or possibly Christopher

  • Omegaboy

    A $300 movement in an almost $5000 watch . . .

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    The dial is okay, not groundbreaking in anyway. But at 16mm thick, it’s very unwieldy. I don’t like the crown guard and two o’clock copper band crown.
    Essentially you’re paying for hardened steel case with an ETA.

  • Playboy Johnny

    What is this, the Bremont general store????

    • MeaCulpa

      That would be the Aldi in Jaywick, or is that the flagship store?

  • Tea Hound

    Derivative, nasty, over-priced shit #3.

  • Good Gene 42K18


    • Kuroji

      Hee hee hee

  • Andy

    So much hate for this brand here! People seem to be personally offended. I don’t understand it really and it makes me want one more just to annoy you all.

    • Playboy Johnny

      Do it.

  • Vexedjman11

    Love the watch personally but the price os a bit high. Grey market price should be a bit more attractive though

  • Kuroji

    Planet Ocean seems like a better plan at that price point.

  • Dan Hodge

    I think you will see that the movement is actually a modified Sellita Sw220 not an eta – the give away is the SW220 marking – big difference

    • Larry Holmack

      Thanks for the info. I finally found the markings by enlarging the picture of the back of the watch. Interesting…SW200’s are used by Invicta and their’s only run you about $300!

      • Dan Hodge

        You have to heavily modify an eta 2836 to turn it into a Sellita SW220 ?

  • IG

    Strange, they’ve kerned the ’10’ properly then all the other numbers have big gaps between the numerals on the bezel…

  • Jason Mirabello

    Sorry but all the S500 series sit like a brick on the wrist and way overpriced and I actually really like the design. Would be so much better at 13 14 thick

  • Pete L

    Fairly attractive but in Omega territory at this price and no contest imho.

  • Jeffrey Wong

    Pricey. Looks OK. Surprised you can get 500m with an exhibition case back. $2000-$3000 range would be better price point.

  • Nathan Likes Watches

    Indeed a bit pricey, nice looking diver though, but not much history behind it… Agreed, nice to see the exhibition case back with still a 500m rating.