One of the main differences in the U2/T compared to other Bremont watches is the simple no-date dial, as well as the relative lack of markings and text on the dial. This is an effective minimalization of design, in a way that feels really nicely done. The symmetrical dial visually focuses on hour makers which are painted in a beige-colored luminant (Super-LumiNova), and the only text is “Bremont” and “London.”

One of the more interesting design choices is to opt for blued-steel hands. These do tend to blend into the matte-black dial a bit, but the volume of luminant on the hands makes them easy to read and attractive offering the right level of visual contrast. This and other Bremont aviation watches have an inner rotating bezel with the brand’s “Roto-Click” technology, which means that the inner bezel rotates and has little clicking stops. This bi-directional rotating bezel design has been changed to be a 12 hour scale versus a 60 minute scale. This was done to further enhance minimalism, but also offers some distinctive functionality compared to other similar stock Bremont watches.

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Inside the watch is Bremont’s caliber BE-36AE automatic movement which has been COSC Chronometer certified. This is a base Swiss ETA 2836. Of course the day and date complications have been removed for this watch.

The case design itself is typical Bremont – but is a design that has been aging very nicely. The steel case is 43mm wide, produced in England in-house by Bremont, and after the case is made it is sent for a hardening process to increase the scratch resistance of the metal. The case is 43mm wide and uses 22mm wide straps. Water resistant to 100 meters, I further discussed above some of its other durability features. Over the dial is a domed sapphire crystal. The bottom of the crystal is AR-coated, and given that it is a domed crystal I would have liked for there to be AR-coating on the top of the crystal as well.

Iconic to the Martin Baker watch is the case middle barrel in knurled aluminum. Given the use of anodized aluminum, the middle of the case can be colored, which here is a lovely bronze-tone which matches the luminant and strap choices nicely. The Bremont U2/T comes with an assortment of straps including a thick deeper brown/black leather strap, as well as a lighter brown “Hambledon” NATO-style leather strap which is pretty cool looking. In all, I really do feel that this is a handsome watch with a neat story when it comes to a limited edition.

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The Bremont U2/T is an exercise by a Bremont-loving retailer that wanted to make the Bremont watch they wanted to wear the most. Given that I tend to agree with their taste, I also like this watch a lot myself. I also like how visually distinctive it feels compared to the rest of the U2 or Martin Baker collection – that in some instances are too “tool style” to be as fashionable as I like. For me the U2/T is a really nice example of what can happen with watches today that are poured over with attention, and designed with enthusiast interests in mind.

100 pieces of the Bremont U2/T were produced for Timeless Luxury Watches. Price is about $500 more than the retail for non-limited edition Bremont U-2 watches. The Bremont for Timeless Luxury Watches U2/T costs $5,495. 

Necessary Data
>Brand: Bremont
>Model: U2/T (based on the U-2 watch collection) for Timeless Luxury Watches
>Price: $5,495
>Size: 43mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Aviation watch lover looking for something exclusive to the US produced by an English brand. Especially someone who understands and appreciates the Martin Baker side of the story.
>Best characteristic of watch: As a limited edition concept, the watch feels both exclusive and interesting. Attractive combo of materials, colors, and restrained design elements. This is what a limited edition should be like. Comfortable on the wrist and nice straps.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Sapphire crystal would benefit from additional AR-coated on the top-side to reduce glare. While I like the simple design, the stock version of the U2 might be more appealing to some buyers.

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