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BRÜGGLER is a brand committed to offering customized bespoke Swiss chronographs that are one of a kind (258 nonillion available combinations to be more accurate). Using our online watch creator, we wanted to allow people to put their own stamp on their pieces. Currently, we have 8 watch lines that give a general aesthetic base for you to choose from, and then you can narrow down each customizable detail. You may be thinking that production will take a very long time. But, most of our designs can be delivered within 6 weeks.

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Offering almost infinite customization possibilities in terms of color and material didn’t make the already difficult challenge any easier. With an absurd amount of customization possibilities that few can imagine, namely 258’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000 ‘000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000 options (yes, really), we have defined the standard of individual choice for bespoke luxury chronographs. With all of these different combinations to choose from, no two BRÜGGLER chronographs will ever be the same.

The delivery time for designs in 316L steel and DLC is currently about 6 weeks – for the precious metal and titanium cases it is about 6-7 months. The watch cases are 40mm wide and offered in 316L steel, DLC, rose gold 4N, gold, titanium, and platinum. The automatic version has the perfect ‘body’ dimension. The perfect height could be achieved by using the ultra thin Dubois Dépraz module 2222 in combination with the ETA 2892-A2 ‘Top’ movement which we refer to as the caliber HB 28-929. This movement operates at 28,800 bph and has a power reserve of 42 hours. It is beautifully engraved and fine-tuned to -0 to +6 seconds of deviation per day. We also recognized that some people prefer a quartz movement (we are a customizable watch company, after all), so there is also the option for a chronograph that uses a Ronda 5040.D quartz movement. The quartz models are the same otherwise as the automatic movement models, though it is a little slimmer at 11.2mm thick.

For the dials and hands, you can choose between many different materials such as nickel, rhodium, N4 red gold, blued heated steel, and 26 different colors. You can even choose the luminescent color (SLM) or set 11 different precious stones on the bezel. Because of these options, no dial can be pre-produced but will be made for each customer individually. Diamond bezels consist of 51 diamonds with a diameter of ø 2mm, 1.61ct in total. The quality of the diamonds is VVS/Top Wesselton and the color is F/G. About 60 different bracelets in natural rubber, different metals, textile, and genuine leathers round off the choices. They are all produced to your individual wrist size and come with a useful finely adjustable folding clasp.

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‘Swiss Made To Measure’ is printed to the left and right of the 6 o’clock minute marker expressing the company’s philosophy. The label Swiss Made has become a diluted statement in regard to origin and quality. Labeling our watches ‘Swiss Made to Measure’ guarantees that our watches are 100% tailor made. We offer individuality while making no compromises in quality. Our chronographs unite Swiss craftsmanship with functional elegance and our client’s individuality.

The watch comes with a hand signed, high quality warranty and service book and a watch tool in a beautiful watch box. The service book includes cool features such as a checklist with the original test protocols documenting the accuracy (only for automatic movements) and water resistance of the watch. The warranty period of 4 years is reflecting the confidence we have in the quality of our watches.

The story of how this avant-garde watch brand came alive could not be more romantic. The lovely founder, Katarina Brüggler, wanted to offer her husband Michael something truly personal and unique. Something beautiful that would remind him how much she loves him. After 2 years of research in the most remote valleys of the Swiss Jura, Katarina decided to venture into the world of fine bespoke chronographs. Their web-based customizing tool now brings the skill of Swiss watchmakers to your fingertips. Never before has it been so easy to get a custom, tailored chronograph within such a short period of time.

BRÜGGLER’s family-owned company is very accessible and anyone can contact them to get help or some design suggestions. Their small production capacity and high quality standards make their chronographs a rare luxury item. It also might lead to longer delivery times in the future – normally you have to count 6 weeks – but for some designs in precious metals or titanium, you have to count on about 7 months.

If you want to create a unique timepiece for your loved ones, you are on the right track with a BRÜGGLER chronograph. Visit our official site and browse our Instagram page to learn more. bruggler.com 

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