Bulgari Bulgari Women's MoonphaseI love this watch. I’ve always loved Bulgari anything, but this watch is just so sensuous and harmonious…I want it now.

Inspired by Italian Style and Design with Swiss watchmaking expertise, the Bulgari-Bulgari Moonphase model features the automatic Bulgari caliber B77 movement with moonphase complication. With launches such as this, Bulgari is definitely making some bold moves. Then again, what else should we expect from this brand?

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With the introduction of the Bulgari-Bulgari Moonphase to be released at this year’s Basel show, Bulgari is definitely widening its appeal. By adding more complications for women, other than just bedazzling timepieces with diamonds, I have even more respect for them as a watchmaker for women.

It’s almost funny how male dominated brands will take their simplest model, throw some diamonds on it, and call it a women’s watch. Really…

That said, I’m usually not a fan of such large logos – on anything – but the swirling Bulgari double logo engraved upon the bezel is just so appropriate. The iconic nature of their name, their logo, their inherent style, creates a pattern around the sexy dial that does not distract but enhances the imagery of this model.

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So far, this is one of my favorite Moonphase models for women. I’ll leave all “lunar” lady allusions out of here, not the forum, but that thought always lurks in the back of my mind when I see women’s moonphase timepieces.

The stainless steel case of the Bulgari-Bulgari Moonphase measures 38mm, which is pretty impressive for a women’s watch like this. It’s elegant, yet makes such a passionate statement. The woman who wears this is strong, independent and worldly. Must be, to pull off a 38mm watch with such a presence. Had this been paired down to a smaller, simpler 30mm case, it would not have drawn such a response.

At least not from me.

Upon this elegant dial,the moonphase indicator at the 9 o’clock position is in perfect harmony with the rest of the indicators on this model. The soft cut lines upon the Mother of Pearl Dial are sensuous and somewhat intoxicating.

Mother of Pearl is always a smart choice for women’s watches. But especially works for Moonphase models. The milky nature of this delicate dial creates the perfect canvas for the Moonphase indicator with rotating disks. Very mysterious, very sexy, it works.

With the subtle hour indicators appliqued upon the dial, the focus is definitely on the moonphase indicator. And, of course, the diamonds.

The sweeping, elegant, graduated arc of diamonds enhances the appeal of this watch. It’s not too much, not too gaudy… Bulgari proves they can do diamonds.

The offset second hand at the 6 o’clock position further enhances the rhythmic motion of this watch, by displacing the seconds from the central hour and minute indicators in a subtle twist. Yet another sexy level. A very mythical, unexpected design element that totally works.

While Bulgari has arguably been at the forefront of high fashion watches as jewelry, with this line extension, the model above proves that they have so much more to offer. Instead of plastering the dial with ideal cuts, Bulgari is seducing women of watches with the added complication of the moonphase.

It’s unfortunate that watch sales were slightly down last year for Bulgari. But with releases such as this one, especially in comparison to previous years and collections, I can see that Bulgari is definitely branching out and finding their true voice now.

I can’t wait to see what they release next.

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