Cadence 4:20 Watch For The Most Important Time Of The Day Watch Releases

Not that Cadence is the last brand I would have guessed may release a timepiece like this, but the sport watch brand wasn’t HIGH on the list. For those needing a bold reminder when it is blaze hour, Cadence offers up the 4:20 watch. A pretty simple minimalistic design with baton hour markers and hands, save for a bold Arabic numeral indicator at 4:20. Actually, the indicator is at 4 o’clock, but when the hour and minute hand are touching it – the time will be 4:20.

The explanation they give for the watch is rather amusing: “If you think 4:20 is the most important time of day, this watch is for you. If you have no idea why 4:20 is a special time of day, there is nothing here for you.”

Growing up in California I know exactly what it means – and it isn’t tea time. It is marijuana smoking time – for those so inclined. Now you have a pretty subtle watch you can wear with a suit, but one that you can stare at and also have a daily reminder of your daily habit. Price for the Cadence 4:20 watch is $85. So basically the cost of one weekend not being high for you medical card holders.

Tell you what party people. I will give away three of these watches to the top three people who send in images of themselves doing less than sober things with your fav watch on. You get the idea. Make sure the images are things you’d be OK with me posting online (I will blur out your faces if you win). By the way, for those eager to buy one use discount code “ablogtoread” to get 25% off your next Cadence watch.

Learn more about or get a Cadence 4:20 watch here.

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