A long time champion of outdoors and adventure enthusiasts alike, Casio G-Shock has announced that they are expanding their GA700 collection to include several camouflage offerings. I think most folks can appreciate the robust and no-holds-barred design that Casio incorporates into their G-Shock line and the GA700 is no exception. Casio opted to use the traditional “woodland” camouflage patterns used on older military uniforms and vehicles as opposed to modern digi-cam. They offer the GA700 in a dark blue (GA700CM-2A), army green (GA700CM-3A), and stealth grey (GA700CM-8A).

The GA700 collection from G-Shock should be no stranger to anyone. They offer a lot at a relatively affordable price point. Features include G-Shock’s anti-shock construction and 200m water resistance, as well as a world time function, 4-daily alarms, 1/100s chronograph, backlight, and a 12/24 time display. This information is conveyed via the analog hands, and the nice negative digital display at 6 o’clock (note: the stealth grey features a positive digital display, which is my preference.)

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The case on the GA700 line has always boasted utility. It’s large, it’s knobby, and it’s ready to hit the (insert adventure site of your choice here). One feature that I enjoy is how Casio executed the user-interface. They’ve included large textured buttons – two on each side – that interact with the watch in various ways plus one at 6 o’clock to activate the backlight. On some of G-Shock’s smaller-cased offerings those can be a pain to reach, but they appear large and prominent on the GA700s. If I could knock G-Shock with one thing, it would be legibility. I think the hands are a bit short for the dial, and with all the digital displays on the face it can make isolating the hands a bit cumbersome. That said, G-Shock’s backlight does allow it to have pretty great low-light readability, so that’s a plus.

When it’s all said and done, this is not a major new release from G-Shock, but it is cool to see them expanding the color schemes they are offering. I love that they went with a classic woodland camouflage pattern instead of something more modern. This would make a great utility, “throw it in the bag just in case,” piece. I would hazard a guess that it will gain some good traction with a younger audience as well. All three models should be available March 2018 at standard G-Shock retailers with a retail MSRP of $130. gshock.com

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