The idea of taking a wrist watch and transforming it into a pocket is less common than the other way around. Having a piece that can go back and forth between wrist watch and pocket watch is much rarer still. Sure it is a novelty, but I think it is one that Chopard executes rather nicely in the case of their new L.U.C Louis Ulysse watch. L.U.C (I am just going to write LUC for brevity) labeled watches in the Chopard line as those that have their in-house made movements. At least this is my understanding. LUC might even stand for Louis Ulysse Chopard, not 100% clear on this. Well nevertheless, this piece is a direct tribute to the man.

The watch begins with a new manually wound pocket watch movement. The movement design is actually apparently further intended to be used by watch making students at the Geneva Watchmaking school. The idea is that for the student’s final projects, they will make one of these movement. Nothing created by mere students has been fitted into any of the 150 pieces of the LUC Louis Ulysse Tribute watch. This of these as “master copies.” While the movement is pretty simple in form and function, it is COSC Chronometer certified (meaning that it is accurate), and has the prestigious Seal of Geneva placed on it – indicating that it was made within the Caton of Geneva and with certain decor standards.You can see the movement at all times through the sapphire caseback window of the watch.

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At over 49mm wide, the watch is pretty big (but then again it is supposed to be a pocket watch as well. The case is done in 18k white gold and polished and satin finished. The design of the case is not exactly vintage, but not exactly modern either. It has some semblances of the art deco, but I don’t think it is that. Perhaps there is an addition style option that I am not familiar with. Though regardless, I like the angle crown guard, thin bezel, and wide sized dial. The face is probably enamel, with beautiful hour indicators and a dash of red. It really looks like a vintage instrument dial. Chopard opted to go with a very interesting choice of hands. They appear a bit similiar to other Chopard pieces, but on nothing this classic looking.

You can see that the strap is connected to a polished metal cradle. Without this segment the LUC Louis Ulysee is a pocket watch (not sure if it comes with a chain). Not only can you insert the watch into the cradle to make it a wrist watch, but this process is supposed to be incredible easy and fast. Alas. all you need to do is slide the watch into the cradle, and tighten the lock on the back of the watch. This should also create a snug, wiggle free fit. For added security you can loop a small buckle through the crown guard attaching it to the cradle in another way. The strap it self is in alligator.

With its appealing looks, finely made movement, and convertible nature as being able to be both a wrist watch and a pocket watch, I don’t see why Chopard should have too much trouble ending up “sold out” of the 150 limited edition pieces of this watch. Look for the Chopard L.U.C Louis Ulysse Tribute watches soon.

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