Christopher Ward C8 P7350 Chronometer Watch Silent Auction In Honour Of England’s Remembrance Day

Christopher Ward C8 P7350 Chronometer Watch Silent Auction In Honour Of England’s Remembrance Day

Christopher Ward C8 P7350 Chronometer Watch Silent Auction In Honour Of England's Remembrance Day Sales & Auctions Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser

Premium British watch brand Christopher Ward has announced a silent auction on November 7th, 2016, of the C8 P7350 Chronometer Limited Edition "000" prototype sample – with all proceeds being donated to charity.

The auction, which takes place on the week of Remembrance Sunday, will provide the public with the chance to bid on the one-off "000" prototype. All proceeds of the auction will go to two of the UK’s largest military charities, The Royal British Legion and SSAFA.

A piece of original Duralumin sourced from the oldest remaining airworthy Spitfire to have flown in the Battle of Britain is embedded in the "000" prototype sample which is the only watch of its kind.

The reverse of the watch reveals a laser-cut piece of metal from P7350’s fuselage protected by highly scratch-resistant, museum grade sapphire crystal. A silhouette of the plane's plan has been precision cut into the metal showing the registration and elliptical wing formation to great effect.

The design is based on the Smiths Mk IIa clock that was used in the Supermarine Spitfire’s cockpit, including the use of the original index fonts and colours and the black, anti-reflective case. The Super-LumiNova SLN C5 and T-C1 paints used emanate blue and green emissions respectively.

The Christopher Ward C8 P7350 Chronometer watch is powered by a small-second, hand-wound version of Christopher Ward’s Calibre SH21 movement. The SH21’s twin barrels provide 120 hours of power.

Christopher Ward C8 P7350 Chronometer Watch Silent Auction In Honour Of England's Remembrance Day Sales & Auctions

The auction goes live on November 7th, 2016, and will run for 11 hours – from 11am until 10pm GMT, with people able to place their bids via the Christopher Ward website. The minimum bid will be set at £3,450, with the winning bid to be verified by the Christopher Ward team on the 8th of November and then announced to the public.

The two military charities being supported by Christopher Ward both focus on providing help to members and veterans of the Armed Forces. This entails welfare advice and support, health and social care services, housing, campaigning, and a focus on remembrance.

SSAFA is the UK’s oldest Armed Forces charity and has been providing lifelong support to serving personnel and their families for over 130 years. Each year, they help 60,000 people, ranging from World War Two veterans to the families of young servicemen and women wounded or killed in Afghanistan. This includes both regulars and reserves in the British Army, the Royal Navy, and the Royal Air Force.

The Royal British Legion support and campaign to improve the lives of members of the Armed Forces all year around. They also organise the Poppy Appeal and champion remembrance of those who have given their lives to protect the freedom of the British people.

Christopher Ward’s support for these two charities is inspired in part By Christopher Ward’s identity as a quintessentially British brand.

Co-founder Mike France said: "We’ve kept the ‘000’ prototype of the C8 P7350 Chronometer LE aside since the original launch in 2015 as we always knew we wanted to do something meaningful with it. We carefully considered how we could utilise this special piece and ultimately decided that because of the links that the collection has to the Battle of Britain it would only be right to utilise this to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Christopher Ward C8 P7350 Chronometer Watch Silent Auction In Honour Of England's Remembrance Day Sales & Auctions

"Through our auction we hope to mark Remembrance Day and to raise thousands of pounds for our chosen charities - The Royal British Legion and SSAFA who offer vital support to the veteran and Armed Forces community. This is another important step in Christopher Ward’s continued affirmation of our commitment to our British heritage, and our pride in partnering with charities who play a pivotal role in supporting this country’s service people."

Go to the silent auction page to view the auction and place your bid.

For further information please contact: / 0207 0251 350

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  • SuperStrapper

    It’s not just ‘England’s’ Rememberance Day. Probably more than 20 commonwealth countries recognise it with some significance. And the 11 hour auction starting at 11 is significant, as Rememberance is observed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, as that was the timing of the end of the hostilities of WWI in 1918.

    This auction timing is based on ‘England’s’ (United Kingdom?) Main observance of Rememberance being on the Sunday nearest the 11th, despite them also holding the other commonly respected moments of silence at the 11/11/11 time.

    • DR

      I assume the main body was provided by Christopher Ward (since all references are ‘UK’ or ‘Britain’), and ABTW provided the page title.

      But yes, it would be nice if our cousins across the pond could remember our name: Her Britannic Majesty’s United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

      Or Blighty, among friends.

      • SuperStrapper

        That makes sense: I actually did not notice that this was a sponsored post, so of course the body of content would have been written externally.

        The watch itself it not awful, but I certainly won’t be bidding on it. Needs centre seconds to be a pilots watch (I know it’s designed after a clock, but it’s a watch) and the caseback does nothing for me: without explanation of what it is, no one would guess anything other than ugly and uninspired.

  • cg

    Worthy charities like these being supported in such a way by a watch manufacturer (sponsored post or not) certainly makes me as a watch consumer look at their brand first. Thank you CW for what you do. So much better than the fakery and trickery of the parade of vacuous celebrity used to sell watches. Honor those who have given of themselves in so many ways.

  • simon

    Did I miss an announcement on the logo changing back to the original? Or did Christopher ward do it quietly with this watch?

    • thecouchguy

      I hope they changed it back. I don’t mind the new one on more sporty modern pieces however love the old one for the more classic pieces.

    • Roman

      To all appearance, they still can’t decide which logo is better and put one or another on different models.

  • wallydog2

    In the history of industrial design – and from an unqualified and purely aesthetic perspective – the Supermarine Spitfire has, I suggest, never been surpassed. Its proportion and line are an elegant configuration worthy of a Renaissance Master. ( I once saw a Spitfire in flight at an air show in Trenton, Ontario in the late 70s: my impression was “How nimble! How quick!”

  • Nice to see CW supporting a worthwhile charity. But what’s up with those lume color choices on the hour makers? And when I first read “Premium British watch brand” I was wanting to see “Roger Smith”, so I was let down a bit. I think this style of hands has been way overdone, but overall it’s not a bad looking watch.


    Agree w Mark great cause. Lume disco colors is just plain bad and the spitfire insert is a la ch Ward aka gimmicky. Good news though ChaWard will be soon chr Ward then Chris Ward then cw so you won’t remember the brand version anyway

  • word-merchant

    The cause is great and worthwhile, but the watch is neither.

  • David Wallace

    still waiting for the announcement.