Citizen Campanola Perpetual CalendarTwo beautiful Citizen Campanola watches available on eBay now. Each a rarity and not often available in the US. I have discussed the Citizen Campanola line at great length on this site. You know of my affinity for them. I never thought I would love a quartz watch this much. The bottom line is that you can get an amazing level of complication and beauty for a price so far below what a comparable mechanical watch is that it makes Swiss watch producers stutter.

Citizen Campanola Grand ComplicationThe Grand Complication is my favorite of the two, and of the watches I have reviewed here as I own one! Check out my review of the Citizen Campanola Grand Complication here. It is the watch I am wearing as I write these words, and brings me continuing joy each time I gaze upon it. Forget the generous compliments I get on this large and attractive watch, it does just about everything you could ask for.

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The Citizen Campanola Perpetual Calendar model takes a different approach, with a full perpetual calendar and an indicator of the elapsed years. It will keep an accurate calendar for over 100 years. Each watch is hand made with meticulous precision. I always get a smile on my face to see these as they represent the pinnacle of what Citizen Watch Company can produce in Japan.

Check out the eBay auction for the Citizen Campanola Grand Complication here (ended), and the auction for the Citizen Campanola Perpetual Calendar here (ended).

See all Citizen Campanola watches on eBay here.

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See Citizen Campanola watches on Amazon here.

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