Concord Announces New C1 Chronograph Watch

Concord Announces New C1 Chronograph Watch

Concord Announces New C1 Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

Concord has updated their C1 Chronograph range with a new look for 2013, and let's just say it looks... familiar. The new C1 retains the same 44mm footprint as the past models but the design as been massaged to be a bit more reserved, now featuring a slimmer crown, improved legibility, and a more ergonomic and curved case shape.

The C1 is powered by Concord's A07 movement which is based on the ETA Valgranges A07.211, a 25 jewel automatic movement with chrono seconds, sub dials for both 30 minutes and 12 hours and a date display - think of it as a Valjoux 7750 for larger watches. The C1's crystal is sapphire and the bezel is made from either titanium or ceramic, depending on the specific model.

Concord Announces New C1 Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

If you only casually glanced at the photos, would you have guessed Concord? Me neither, as the overall design is distinctively that of an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. While I would agree with Concord that this new C1 is more attractive than the previous generation, that is because it looks like an arguably more attractive (and more famous) family of watches. From the large case size, to the octagonal bezel and textured dial design, the similarities are definitely noteworthy. Concord has yet to announce a price for the new C1 but plans on an official launch at BaselWorld this April.

Concord, a brand known for their eccentric designs, seems to have made an odd choice with this new C1. This reserved design is almost an autopilot move for a brand that brought us watches like the insane C1 Quantum Gravity, the very cool C1 BlackSpider LE, or even the previous generation C1 chronographs with their more boisterous and outgoing appeal. Like Lamborghini's cars and supersonic spy planes, some things are supposed to be crazy looking, it's a big part of what makes them cool. Here's hoping that this new C1 design is not indicative of a new direction for the entire C1 line, we like our Concord to be a bit less reserved, a bit more wild.

Ariel, editor of aBlogtoWatch, wasn't a fan of the original Concord C1 when it debuted back in 2008 where he provided an exhaustive design analysis.

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  • Ulysses31

    I think it looks pretty fine.  Looks a bit like an AP/Hublot hybrid but I prefer it to either of those.  The octagonal sub-dials look great.  I expect it to come in different finishes and colours.  Interesting way of mounting the strap.  It would have to bend at a pretty sharp angle to meet the wrist, and I wonder how long it would be able to take the strain before cracking or tearing.

  • Kris C

    This design is reserved, is it…
    I certainly would have guessed Concord – it most certainly has elements of a ROO or even BB in it, but it retains tons of the DNA from the last C1.
    Concord is not a brand I have a lot of appreciation or time for (no pun intended). They’ve never really done much to impress me, especially amid other brands doing similar watches better. This A-07 is ‘based’ on a drop-in ETA – what did they do to modify it? Custom rotor? I don’t even need to see the price to know it’s out of the question for what you’ll get.
    I’d love to take a crack at that strap design though – someone who owns one of these, raise your hand and let’s talk.

  • mrfreaz

    Guess it’s been a few years since the introduction. Didn’t care much for the original model, but I guess I’ve warmed up to it a little, since it doesn’t seem quite so shocking now. I actually think I like it better than this one. The toning down makes this “loud watch” seem a little too conventional.  I think I like the C2 better than both… But the prices were way too high as the other poster notes. I’ve seen them lately at the Movado store for 70% Off if anyone’s interested…