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Customizable Memomem Watches Are Tailor Designed By You

Customizable Memomem Watches Are Tailor Designed By You Watch Releases Sponsored Post

Memomem is a watch brand designed around the idea of customizing your own Swiss automatic watch by selecting color options, text, and hands, resulting in countless styles. Well, actually it’s about 17 trillion different styles. Of course, the watches feature a Swiss automatic movement housed in a steel case that’s water resistant to 100M. In other words, a solid wristwatch with a customizable design and a Swiss movement.

Customizable Memomem Watches Are Tailor Designed By You Watch Releases

Memomem is proud to present its MMM 4.1 Project, producing the first customized Swiss Made automatic watch, and we invite you to design your own unique timepieces by using our easy-to-use web-app on your computer or Android and Apple phones. Every component on a Memomem watch including the bezel, watchcase, dial, and hands are open for color choices in a wide variety. To further emphasize the uniqueness of each finished piece, Memomem also allows personalized messages such as names, dates, lyrics, mottos, quotes or anything one can think of to be engraved on the side of the watchcase and the dial. With 17 trillion possibilities, there could hardly be two identical Memomem watches.

Customizable Memomem Watches Are Tailor Designed By You Watch Releases

Customizable Memomem Watches Are Tailor Designed By You Watch Releases

Memomem values details greatly and decided to adopt the Swiss Made standard without hesitation. Each Memomem watch complies with the Swiss regulation as “Swiss Made” and is 100% hand-assembled from movement to complete watch. All finished pieces will be shipped directly from the Swiss production to worldwide destinations.

Customizable Memomem Watches Are Tailor Designed By You Watch Releases

Memomem uses the M1 movement, designed by our Swiss movement partner Orimpex. It features 24 jewels, 36 hours of power reserve, and operates at 21,800bph. With four colour options, this skeletonized movement gives Memomem watches exceptional value with its high degree of reliability and sophistication. Lying under the sapphire crystal lens, the beauty of the automatic movement is unveiled through the case back with the rotor featuring the signature logo of Memomem.

Customizable Memomem Watches Are Tailor Designed By You Watch Releases

Each watch is manufactured by marine grade 316L Stainless Steel, which is a popular material choice for high-end watches. Its advantages, which include impeccable corrosion resistance, cryogenic strength, and excellent formability, make the Memomem watch more durable. The hour and minute hands on a Memomem watch are equipped with GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Source) tubes. GTLS is alight source that combines tritium and phosphors to create visible light that tells the time in the dark without any external energy. It is safe, reliable, and everlasting in all conditions.

Customizable Memomem Watches Are Tailor Designed By You Watch Releases

The Memomem watch comes on an FKM rubber strap, which is highly resistant to most environmental factors including acid, oil, ultraviolet, heat, and water. The choice of material makes the Memomem watch a more user-friendly and comfortable daily wear. Together with the 100m water resistance, the Memomem watch is fitting for nearly all occasions. The rubber bracelet accompanied by an angular buckle design conveys a message of being fun and fresh, no matter if one is in a suit or a t-shirt.

Customizable Memomem Watches Are Tailor Designed By You Watch Releases

The Memomem 4.1 Collection is now available for pre-order via Kickstarter here with early bird pricing beginning at $449 including free international shipping. Below are some specs on the watch, but remember that every watch will be unique to you!

>Case Diameter: 44mm
>Thickness: 12.5mm
>Weight: 130g (including strap&buckle)
>Case Material: marine grade 316L stainless steel
>Bezel: Aluminium
>Crown: Screw-down winding crown
>Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
>Movement: M1 Swiss Made automatic movement
>Dial: two layers multi-color options
>Strap Material: FKM rubber
>Buckle: Folding Memomem buckle with double security pushers
>Water resistant: 100 meters/ 330 feet
>Certification: Swiss Made / T25 GTLS illumination standard

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  • ??????

    M1 movement – never heard of such. Is it 100% Swiss?.. Modern Swiss automatic movements usually operate at 28,800 bph and have ~40 hours power reserve. M1 operates at 21,800 and has 36 hours power reserve – isn’t more typical for Chinese movements?

    • Jason Dunn

      They claim it is a “swiss made” movement, but don’t offer any other details. They say the movement is manufactured in Switzerland, and that they are legally adhering to the 60% rule for the “swiss made” label for the whole watch.

      • Larry Holmack

        Invicta makes the same claim… I’m guessing we should “believe” them…right????

  • word-merchant

    Looked at the website; can’t design a watch without supplying some details and an email address. Didn’t really want to do this, I get enough spam as it is. I just wanted to explore some possibilities.

    I didn’t want to watch a video either, I just wanted to read some details about the watch and its mysterious M1 movement, in English text. Wasn’t able to, so now getting on with my life. Goodbye Memomem.

    • Larry Holmack

      Yeah….I looked up Orimpex SA…..and it seems they say they manufacture Swiss Made watches. But, their You Tube video just shows them unpacking boxes of watch parts, leather straps etc….and then shows them being assembled. It also shows them assembling the “Wainer” brand of watches….

      “A new addition to the world of watch brands as the name of novelty, Wainer get into the market in 2011, bringing a new dynamic aspect to Swiss made timepiece styling. In a very short period of time, Wainer has made use of those opportunities, using advanced watchmaking technologies. Wainer was launched by ARIKAN Group, who has started out as watch retailer in Istanbul 30 years ago and has remained an independent family business. Today, Arikan is a group of companies which designs, manufactures and distributes global watch brands to more than 30 countries.” From Daily Design News, Mar 22, 2015.

      So…a Turkish Company using watch parts from unknown sources assembling them in a Swiss factory. Humm….this sounds all too familiar now doesn’t it??? I wonder where I have heard this before :::::::cough:::::::Invicta::::::Cough::::::!!!

      • TrevorXM

        An interesting bit of quick internet detective work.

        What a tangled web we weave, when…

      • Wagner Alex

        Can a company that is not based in Switzerland but uses a Swiss movement and many other parts, call their watches Swiss Made?

      • Yojimbo

        Larry Holmack you are a treasure sir, thank you for the research.

  • Shawn Lavigne


  • MA


  • SuperStrapper

    Something fishy here. I’m on the orimpex sa websites and it is just… not right. Can’t put my finger on I but there are a’ doin’s a’ transpirin here.

    • Larry Holmack

      Check my post below…..I did a bit more investigating….

      • DanW94

        Something fishy? A movement mystery? We need these guys on the case…..

        We could’ve passed off that Chinese movement as Swiss if it wasn’t for Larry Holmack and those meddling kids”

        • laup nomis

          Those pesky kids. It was the fair ground owner in a gorilla suit all along. Thank goodness for Shaggy, Thelma, Fred, Daphne and Larry… 🙂

  • laup nomis

    After a quick look at the kick starter page, it seems the watches are: a) Skelton type dials, and b) multicoloured.
    I’m not keen on either. So I’ll just wish them good luck. As people like the super-garish Invicta style, I’m sure this will have a market too.
    (I’m enjoying the whole movement mystery! Thanks to Larry Holmack for the digging).

  • Yojimbo

    I want mine to say rolex can they do that?

  • spiceballs

    – — “Taylor Designed – – ” sorta gives it a way for me – – ? Well done Larry H. ABTW?

  • If I had to guess, I’d say Chinese movement parts assembled in Switzerland. Probably other parts as well, but the movement is of the most interest to me. Now don’t get me wrong, there is an almost open secret that some well known Swiss brands use some parts from China. But in this case I suspect it is a wholly Chinese designed movement (well as much as any of them are as they rip off Swiss engineering – poorly in most cases) and all Chinese parts which are assembled in Switzerland. I suppose the labor of assembling them might give them the 60% Swiss-ness by value. But maybe I’m just a cynic and everything is designed and made in Switzerland (but my money is on lots of parts from overseas).

  • I used the configuration tool to see if I could “design” a tasteful combination. I tried very hard but not matter what I picked, the end result still looked like a Chinese watch. Maybe the just need some other dial choices.

  • Boogur T. Wang

    Well, if ya gotta ask….(not sure those results shown on the “Chronoscope 51(?) are good results?)

    • Good amplitude anyway. But way too fast. Pre-adjustment I hope.

  • Coert Welman

    “producing the first customized Swiss Made automatic watch”

    Um, no. Ochs und Junior have been doing it for years. Every single O&J is custom-made, from their entry-level Date through to their Perpetual Calendar. Granted, they aim for a different target demographic, but the above phrase is simply wrong.


    Chinese Swiss Cheese.

  • Lot’s of photos. None of them do anything for me.

  • funNactive

    Interesting concept. Not exactly my style.