One of the new watch collections for 2011 that won’t be easy to find is the “Myriad” collection from Swiss brand Cyma. While brands usually amuse/irritate me when they come up with new names for their products, Cyma actually put some thought into this one. “Myriad,” as a word refers to a really large or indefinite number. The dials of the pieces have either a starry image of the “infinite” universe, or a light motif that Cyma simply calls their “infinity rhodium” dial. Like the limitlessness of space, so to is the name of the collection. Really happy Cyma didn’t call the collection “Le Big Blue Bucket” or something else (adding of course the requisite accent marks all over the words).

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The collection comes in three ranges, being the “Chrono New World, Chrono Fascination, and City Watch.” And not the names start to confuse me… The only “non universe” piece is the limited edition model called the Chrono New World. It has this special myriad watch shape, but in a black case with a Swiss Valjoux 7750 movement in it. More on that in a sec.

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The basic watch is the Myriad City Watch – this has a Ronda quartz movement and a 44mm wide case. The concept of the myriad watch gives it an integrated bracelet and asymmetrical bezel. Consider these pieces to be high-end quartz. The case is either in polished steel or blue PVD coated steel. According to Cyma literature, the bezel rotates – though I can’t imagine why.

The City Watch also comes in a ladies’ variant that is about 37mm wide. Dials for the collection include the universe one that has lots of SuperLumiNova in it glow. This one looks like a snapshot taken from the Hubble telescope. The other dial option is lighter, but looks to be made from the other dial. This one is rhodium toned and like a picture of the universe if taken from one of those telescopes that picks up other types of light. The hour markers and hands are applied and stand hour nicely. I like the thick frame around the date window.

The dials have sapphire crystals and a lot of character. While these aren’t astrological watches exactly, they do have that feel. Along with the three-hand City Watch collection, there is the Chrono Fascination models. So chronologically fascinating! These models for men only have large cases that are 48.5mm wide and a bit over 15mm thick. Big watches! Same dial/case variants, but with a Ronda quartz chronograph movement that has a big date indicator. I know this movement (calibre 5040B) and have enjoyed it in the past.

For me, the best lookers have the polished steel case and blue dials. Really nifty “spacey” look.  There of course is also the really neat looking mechanical Chrono New World. With an automatic Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement, this black and red version of the myriad is really the strongest looker of the bunch. The case and dial work well together, and it should look impressive at 48.5mm wide on the wrist. Price for the Chrono New World is 2,690 Swiss Francs. Prices for the City Watch and Chrono Fascination range from about 1,000 – 1,500 Swiss Francs. I look forward to checking these guys out soon.

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