Daniel Roth Endurer Chronosprint Watch

This is probably the nicest Daniel Roth watch I know of, which is saying a lot since Daniel Roth watches are usually REALLY NICE. No, it isn’t the fanciest, or most complex watch – and to a large degree the watch is a total contradiction. For example, the name “Chronosprint” makes you think of measuring quick short times, when in reality, it is just the opposite with this self described chronograph for measuring longer measurements of time (because it does not count the seconds). Only hours and minutes are measures in the subsidiary dial with two hands that replicates the chronograph look of some modern Patek Philippe chronograph watches, along with a few other makes. The dial that looks like a smaller watch face has one hand to measure minutes (60), and another to measure hours (12). Daniel Roth describes this complication as a “simple but effective” feature of the watch. The movement is exclusive to this Endurer Chronosprint, and is the DR 1306 automatic mechanical calibre. Complications include, hour, minute, chronograph (no seconds in the watch), and a big date. Further, the chronograph is operated with just one button that cycles through start, stop, and reset.


What I really love about the Daniel Roth Endurer Chronosprint watch is the design. Even without knowing what the design is based on the watch looks good. Then, when you are able to understand what Daniel Roth was emulating, you get a new found appreciate for it. The design influence comes from an implement of the ancient Japanese martial art called Kendo, which is sometimes referred to as “Japanese fencing.” With an active Kendo community all over the work today, the fighters can be recognized by their traditional projective garb and wooden sword. The ‘Kendoka’ mask has a bit of a fearsome though recognizable look to it with use of protective thick horizontal metal bars on the case, and an enclosed head with protective neck and shoulder pads.

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Like the mask, the Endurer Chronsprint watch has an oval shaped face and has horizontal bar texturing on the face. The mix of curves and straight lines suggest the look of the mask, though it is not so close to the mask that the untrained eye would make the connection. Think of it as a thematic similarity with Daniel Roth being open and excited about the fact that mask was a major design influence of the watch. It does help that Daniel Roth watch cases are typically shaped in this manner, so it was not a huge stretch for the Endurer Chronosprint.

Daniel Roth Endurer Chronosprint watch back kendo-fight

Staying with Daniel Roth’s personality as a watch company, the watch is not too large at 41mm wide by 44mm tall — very reasonable. You’ll notice the unique location for the chronograph mono-pusher at 7 o’clock on the case. The watch is available in two materials. First is something called 4435 Staybrite Marine Steel. This special grade of steel is specially designed to ward off corrosion, which is especially an issue with steel that is near or in saltwater. The other available case material is a black coated titanium. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

The Daniel Roth Endurer Chronosprint is thoroughly a luxury watch in heritage and design. Although it has a unique and avant garde appeal, this watch is focused on the fine watch market. Accordingly, all materials and high quality, with the proper amount of movement decoration and overall fit and finish. The strap is a specially textured calfskin (with a few thick horizontal lines), while the buckle matches the case. I would image the price for the Endurer Chronosprint watch to be in the $15,000 – $35,000 dollar range. With the Japanese design themes and the undeniably masculine and sporty look – without an abrasive machismo, this is a beautifully designed and elegant (but strong looking) watch with a winning design. Despite a few shortcomings and design quirks (such as not having a seconds display), this Daniel Roth watch is an under the radar success in my opinion. For that, I am going to give it my aBlogtoRead.com Seal of Approval Award.

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