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Fitted to a leather strap, I am not sure how you would ever get used to wearing something like this as a watch and while the design may be the most striking feature, the Dream Watch 5 does not skimp when it comes to technical execution. On the wrist, it is comfortable and reading the time using the simple “digital discs” is rather straightforward.


Powered by the same movement that is used by the DB28 Digitale, the Dream Watch 5 houses De Bethune’s DB2144 hand wound calibre that offers a jumping hour display, rotating minutes disc, and a spherical moon phase display. The movement employs self-regulating twin barrels to supply a five day power reserve and both a silicon escape wheel and a silicon and white gold balance wheel number among its 329 components.

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So where have we seen this spaceship design in pop culture? Allow me to call your attention to the 1986 kid-friendly science fiction Disney movie “Flight of the Navigator.” In many ways that film was a bit ahead of its time because it presented a very streamlined alien aircraft, when most spaceships from the era were very blocky and technologically focused. Think, for instance, of the ships seen in Star Trek, Star Wars, and Aliens (also from 1986). With the main bridge on most of their movements bearing a strong resemblance to the Star Trek Federation logo, this isn’t the first time De Bethune has used Hollywood science fiction in a watch design.

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While a watch like this is certainly cool, fun and noteworthy, to an owner it is so unique and its appeal so niche that the right buyer will likely be thrilled by its existence. You don’t need to be a fan of Flight of the Navigator to enjoy the watch, but in its own strange way this is an ultimate piece of “Disneyana.”  De Bethune makes a lot of crazy cool watches and the Dream Watch 5 earns its name, not only through its eccentric design and presence, but also through its 150,000 CHF list price.

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