While I’ve already waxed poetic about the beautiful DB28 Digitale, De Bethune announced another truly bonkers watch at SIHH this past January. Expanding upon their Dream Watch series, De Bethune has debuted the Dream Watch 5, a titanium watch that is equal parts sculpture and art deco-inspired spaceship.

Now, I know you’ve seen watches compared with spaceships in the past, and I’d agree – because I too have read any post about Urwerk. The difference is that if I made a spaceship that looked like the Dream Watch 5, with no prior knowledge of what spaceships (real or imagined) tend to look like, it would be a job well done. In fact, De Bethune may have found inspiration in a very specific spaceship from pop culture. Also important to note is that the version seen here is a prototype and, according to De Bethune, it’s too small. The final version will be larger on the wrist.

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Flight-of-the-navigator-ship De-Bethune-Dream-Watch-5-5

De Bethune has even gone as far as fitting a 1 carat ruby into the crown, a combination which bears a strong resemblance to the firing thruster of some imaginary interplanetary vehicle. The design is beautiful, whimsical and a natural example of what makes De Bethune so unique.

De-Bethune-Dream-Watch-5-7 flight of the navigator movie

The Dream Watch 5 measures 49 mm wide, with a 39 mm wingspan and a height of just 11 mm, essentially the length and thickness of a large JLC Reverso, but worn sideways (and taller). The case is titanium with an anti-reflective sapphire up front and a solid titanium case back in the rear.

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