Xemex is a great brand built on the expertise and designs of industrial designer Ruedi Kulling. He has done a great job of mixing geometric design, minimalism, and ergonomics. What was once a small watch design operation is blossoming as people are appreciating the look of these watches. I recall my first Xemex watch which was an Offroad model. I recall being so pleased at how each element of the watch fit together so nicely in both construction and aesthetic form. I feel this way about most every Xemex watch.

This particular model is simply called the Xemex XE 5000, nick named “Sun” due to the charming yellow hue of the dial. The color, is almost a cream yellow, and suits the watch well. Chronograph subdials are done in a soft chalky gray. The combination is far more calming that one might presume. Hands are black and stenciled nicely in white, and the red seconds hand for the chronograph suggests a utilitarian component to this otherwise very pleasant looking watch.

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Xemex XE 5000 Sun watch on eBayXemex XE 5000 Sun watch on eBayThe case is particularly well designed. Well convexed steel makes for a shape that is rounded yet angular. The lugs are separate components allowing them to wrap around one’s wrist easily. This is a common feature among all Xemex watches, and make for a snugly fitting watch that is not too tight. I also love how the crown is inset into the case, so that you only need to pull it out for operation. Otherwise it does not get in the way. The look is actually pretty interesting with the large exposed chronograph pushers and the hidden crown.

Legibility has always been a paramount concern for Xemex watches. The thick hands do a great job at telling the time, while the hour hand is easy to pick out due to it being a nice large arrow. Inside the watch is a Valjoux 7750 automatic mechanical movement performing in its full glory.

A Xemex XE 5000 Sun is available right now on eBay for about a quarter of the retail price. It is worth checking out, along with the all Xemex watches.

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