Pocket Watch on eBayClamshell Mobile Phones on eBayThe move from pocket watch to wrist watch in the early 20th century heralded a big move to the “active” person being able to tell the time. Pocket watches, while classy, sat in your pocket or coat until you could pull them out, open them, and check the time. The advent of the wrist watch gave you the ability to check the time easily at a glance without having to use your hands. Wrist watches are more convenient, and arguably more stylish.

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Today pocket watches, while still made in limited numbers, are mostly collectors or novelty items. Very few people actually carry pocket watches anymore. By far, most people who want to know what time it is, wear a watch. But things are changing to a degree, and I am not sure if it is for the best.

The proliferation of the ubiquitous mobile phone has for some people, rendered the need for a wrist watch unnecessary. They indicate that the ability to see what time it is on their phone means they don’t need a watch. While it is true that phones have clocks on them, they are by no means a replacement to the wrist watch. Regardless, legions of people will ask, “why do I need a watch when I have a phone?” Whether or not you fall into this category, you’ll appreciate that it signals a return to the pocket watch mentality.

Like pocket watches, a phone sits in your pocket, purse, bag, or coat. You need to fetch it, and operate it to view the time. The actions, and time necessary, including the amount of hand usage is similar to that once required to view time with a pocket watch. Thus, I am can easily edict, that the pocket watch is all but back.

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I’ll never replace my wrist watch with a phone. Sure a phone can tell the time, but without the easy and grace a watch provides. I further rely on my watch for style purposes. For many men like myself, the only desired piece of “jewelry” so to say, is a watch. My watch tells people something about myself, and I appreciate seeing it on my wrist. By switching the watch that I wear, I can communicate a different style and enjoy different wearing experiences. I’ll gladly take my phone and watch together, they are not mutually exclusive.

I don’t think this means that phones are to be carried on chains, nor do I envision any return to wardrobe formality that pocket watches may at one point have been associated with. I do however wish to point out to all those people who think their phone is as good as a watch (if not better), and share with them the behavior that they are emulating. A marked step back in the ability of the average person to tell the time with ease, and reduction in the ability for a person to accessorize. For those of you still not persuaded, you should just pick up a pocket watch and be done with it.

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