In this episode of aBlogtoWatch Weekly, Ariel is away recording a podcast episode as a guest for Populuxe, so Rick and David are joined by guest host Andrew, AKA “The Man With The Hands” from Watchfinder & Co. to talk about the latest news and reviews from this week in the world of watches. To start the show, a quick message from Jake, the aBlogtoWatch Social Media & Community Manager, sets off a discussion about how the ever-changing algorithms are forcing everyone to use “Rolex” in YouTube titles as clickbait, which spirals into a conversation about the psychology behind clickbait itself and how the way we consume video content has changed over the years. To properly measure the effects of clickbait, the trio decides to conduct an experiment using two different titles for this podcast episode, and given how discussing clickbait-worthy topics seems to come naturally to Andrew, you can have fun guessing about which version you’re actually seeing.

From there, the conversation gets into Rolex and how the brand became the world’s most famous watchmaker, along with why Andrew thinks Porsche is the car company most like Rolex (see, we told you he naturally talks about clickbait-worthy topics). After discussing the homogenization of people’s preferences with regard to watch collecting, the trio gets into a discussion about affordable GMT watches, the cheapest diamond-set watch available, and the least expensive timepieces in everyone’s collections that receive wear on a regular basis. Finishing up the discussion of new releases and reviews is a conversation about whether or not the removable grill on the latest Cartier Pasha is just a plot to make more money on replacements when customers inevitably lose theirs, followed by a brief discussion about the new Seiko Speedtimer and the brand’s obsession with difficult naming conventions. Lastly, rounding out the show is a brief look forward and what we can expect from both Andrew and Watchfinder & Co. in the near future.

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Each week, the editors of the timepiece enthusiast publication come together to discuss some of the latest new releases and hottest industry stories for the aBlogtoWatch Weekly news podcast program. Listeners can learn more by clicking on any link below to view the articles discussed by the aBlogtoWatch crew in the program.

This episode features Rick, David, and guest host Andrew from Watchfinder & Co.

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Show Notes:

aBlogtoWatch launched the first-ever podcast about watches back in 2010, and continues to be the most referenced and respected publication for watch enthusiasts, buyers, and collectors in the world. Today, in addition to the website and social media channels, aBlogtoWatch produces the SUPERLATIVE podcast interview program as well as aBlogtoWatch Weekly.

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