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For a smaller brand, Dreyfuss & Co. has proven that they’re capable of producing a variety of timepieces that appeal to collectors. Their collections are inspired by various significant watchmaking time periods ranging from the late 19th century all the way to the 1980s. With so much to consider and choose from, we at Touch of Modern have chosen to work with the brand on a limited-time sale featuring a selection of Dreyfuss & Co. timepieces. It’s available exclusively to Touch of Modern members, but signing up is much easier than you think.

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After producing mostly budget-friendly (several of them quartz) timepieces, Dreyfuss & Co. have recently started offering slightly higher end models. A great example would be the Dreyfuss & Co. Series 1924 Calibre 39 pilot-style watch. It features the Eterna Calibre 39, which operates at 4Hz (28,800bph) and provides 65 hours of power reserve. Additionally, models like the Dreyfuss 1946 Dual Time watch deliver a dressier look with the convenience of a Ronda quartz movement.

In an effort to bring true value to online watch shopping, Touch of Modern is proud to offer this sale for our members. Dreyfuss & Co. provides a great deal of options for watch enthusiasts that seek variety and accessibility when purchasing a new watch. Also, these options open doors for the discovery of new styles, which is something that Touch of Modern hopes to facilitate for our members. That’s why in addition to curating watch sales, we also offer a selection of relevant tech and lifestyle products.

Buying watches on Touch of Modern is easy and this Dreyfuss & Co. sale is a prime example. Whether it’s accessible luxury or collectible vintage timepieces, our watch team takes great pleasure in putting together exclusive sales and collections for our members. We believe that shopping for watches online should be straightforward and fun. That’s why we’ve packed so many Dreyfuss & Co. designs into one sale. From the clean, classic lines of the 1890 collection to the aggressive aviation-inspired style of the 1924 series, you’re sure to find a perfect fit for your collection.

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At Touch of Modern, we love putting together selections of watches that enthusiasts like aBlogtoWatch readers can enjoy. We admire the diversity that Dreyfuss & Co. offers consumers and their accessible prices make the designs even more attractive. As always, this offer is available for a limited time only and exclusive to Touch of Modern members. So we invite you to browse this special Dreyfuss & Co. sale by visiting and joining touchofmodern.com.

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