Not all Ématelier Harmony watches combine flowers with animals, but most do. The detailed work is excellent, and under magnification you can appreciate just how challenging the work of an enamel painter is given the pins and single bristle brushes used to create such artwork. Each individual dial requires in total about 7-10 days of work by a master enameller. Ématelier as a company clearly has both an eye for understanding quality enamel painting work, as well as a passion for the art form to ensure it can offer as good-quality work as possible to its customers.

As a wristwatch, the dial of each Ématelier Harmony watch is not the epitome of legibility given that the hands do not have hour or minute markers to point to. Of course, these aren’t the only “art watches” to not bear full dial markings, but it is worth noting for those who both want to wear such a timepiece on a daily basis, and who prefer to rely on dial markers to best read the time. Ématelier communicated that they created numerous dial prototypes before settling on this particular style. In each case, they did not feel the dials looked beautiful enough with markers, but they remind customers to remember that this is an initial collection of limited-edition watches and that in the future models will, of course, have distinct styles.

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On the wrist, 38.8mm wide is on the larger side for most women, but the German-made steel case is elegant and attractive at just 10.2mm thick. Over the dial is an AR-coated sapphire crystal – that I would have liked to have been AR-coated on both sides, but this is a minor issue. The hand-polished case is of a high quality and fitting for the level of prestige the brand is attempting to deliver with the wearing experience. The case is water-resistant to 50m, and has a sapphire crystal exhibition caseback to view the movement.

Each case is available with either a blank polished steel bezel or one that is set with 74 diamonds (0.9 carats). Based on my experience with women’s watch taste preferences, most (if given a choice) would opt for the diamond-decorated bezel.

Ematelier-Harmony-Enamel-Watch-12 Ematelier-Harmony-Enamel-Watch-35

Perhaps the most interesting design decision was to go with an automatic mechanical movement as opposed to something quartz. For most men, this isn’t an odd decision at all because, in the minds of many male watch enthusiasts, most “good” watches contain mechanical movements. While there are a great number of female watch lovers, statistically speaking, most don’t value the presence of a mechanical movement like men do. So, in a sense, the Ématelier Harmony collection watches are “designed with specs that appeal to male watch lovers” but are intended to be worn by women. If that makes any sense…

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Inside each Ématelier Harmony watch is a “luxe execution” (“high-decorated”) Swiss Soprod A-10 automatic movement. Decorated with a series of polishes stripes, perlage, and blued-steel screws, the A-10 has a custom-branded Ématelier automatic rotor, and runs at 4Hz (28,800 bph) with 42 hours of power reserve. While not certified chronometers, as top-grade Soprod movements, they are “Assortment Chronometers” meaning they are regulated to perform within COSC Chronometer specifications.

Ematelier-Harmony-Enamel-Watch-1 Ematelier-Harmony-Enamel-Watch-3 Ematelier-Harmony-Enamel-Watch-7

As a more than decent timepiece married to a beautiful piece of hand-painted miniature artwork, I might like this particular watch more than my wife who is seen modeling it. Though, I think as I explain the effort required to make it, her appreciation of its beauty and technique will grow. I think it is safe to say that the majority of Ématelier watches will be purchased by males (watch lovers) for their significant others. This is because for the most part, it requires knowledge about the art form of watchmaking as well as miniature painting to really appreciate this watch. Not everyone has to be in love with the particular design or technique, but this is undeniably quality work offered by Ématelier at a price that is totally fair.

Ematelier-Harmony-Enamel-Watch-45 Ematelier-Harmony-Enamel-Watch-64

Ématelier indicates that each of the 10 Ématelier Harmony collection watches is limited to just 10 pieces, including ones such as the Harmony Lilacs and Bluebird. Customers can choose between colorful Italian-made alligator strap, and Ématelier has thoughtfully decided to include quick release straps which make it easy for the wearer to better match the colors of the watch to her outfit or mood. Price for Ématelier Harmony watches is $5,940 in steel without diamonds and $8,960 in steel with diamonds, and they are available directly from the brand via their website. ematelier.watch

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