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I really loved getting this e-mail. It makes sense too. A watch company using daylight saving time (DST) as a reason to send out an piece of marketing e-mail. You’d think more watch companies would do this. I don’t really have many people reminding me to do this, and with the new times for DST lately (thanks Congress!), it is more difficult than ever to remember. Being two days from now, Ernst Benz is the only company that took this opportunity to “say hi.”

What is funnier is the little message at the lower part of the image above, suggesting that if you need help adjusting the watch you should take it in to your local Ernst Benz dealer. Frankly, if you don’t know how to adjust your watch back or forward one hour, you need to be hit in the face repeatedly and placed in the same rehabilitation home that they send people on airplanes who need help “fastening their seat buckle.” That was kinda lame Ernst Benz, right? But before I complete my tirade on the matter, I will explain that they do this to hope that you’ll go into the store and buy something new – which is guess is OK, but they could have said it better. By the way, I do like that Chronolunar watch they have on there with its automatic ETA Valjoux 7751 movement inside.

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By the way… don’t forget to set your watches back on November 1st at 2am. Which is gonna be an extreme pain in the ass for me given all the watches I have. DST is worse than tax time…

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