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Festina Profundo Dive Watch Comes In Bag Filled With Water

Festina Profundo Dive Watch Comes In Bag Filled With Water Watch Releases

There is marketing and then there is brilliant marketing. Go shopping for watches and you may find yourself discovering a new goldfish bowl. The large Spanish watch group Festina (and brand of course) has recently started putting water-filled clear plastic bags on shelves with the newest versions of their Profudno dive watches in them. This isn’t the first time a watchmaker has put a water resistant watch actually in water, but as far as we know it has never before been done like this. The brilliant concept is thanks to a Berlin-based agency called Scholz & Friends.

“Profundo” translates from Spanish into “deep.” While these watches aren’t deep under water, the message here is that they can stay in water for apparently very long lengths of time and be perfectly OK to be removed from the bag and be put on your wrist. It helps that the bags are filled with distilled water. What I like is that the retail packaging totally sells the concept of the watch. Nothing is said on the front except the name of the brand and the slogan “engineered for water,” which has clearly been adopted from IWC’s slogan of “Engineered for Men.”

Festina Profundo Dive Watch Comes In Bag Filled With Water Watch Releases

The Festina Profundo 6692 watch is likely a brand new model as it doesn’t seem widely available yet. Coming in a few dial styles, the Profundo is 42mm wide in steel and water resistant to 200 meters. The dive-style watch has a rotating diver’s bezel and comes in orange, yellow, blue, and black dial colors. Inside the watch is a Japanese Miyota quartz movement. The divers strap is either silicon, plastic, or rubber. We aren’t quite sure since Festina merely refers to the material as “gummy.”

Festina Profundo Dive Watch Comes In Bag Filled With Water Watch Releases

Will other watchmakers follow suit? Perhaps. Though it is important to recall that the Profundo is a relatively inexpensive timepiece, and we don’t expect to see $5,000 dive watches sitting for months in water. But just imagine you are a customer in a watch store and see a watch in a bag filled with water. Your inclination is going to be to pick it up, see that the watch is working, and examine it for rust. Assuming all is good it does send a powerful message about durability and utility.

The Festina 6692 (F6692) watch should be available more widely soon. We’d buy one and leave it in the bag as decoration. The collection includes the F6692/1 (black dial), F6692/2 (blue dial), F6692/3 (yellow dial), F6692/4 (orange dial), and F6692/5 (black dial with different hands and hour markers). Price is about $130.


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  • Zeitblom

    I believe that in Latin, “festina” = “runs fast”. Truth in advertising.

  • I find it interesting that Festina is using a Miyota quartz movement since the Festina Group owns Soprod (and Perrelet) and Soprod does make quartz movements. 
    I remember decades ago when some watch was displayed in a plastic tube (cylinder) that was water filled. Can’t recall who it was…getting old…getting old…

  • Nice marketing, ugly watch!!! I get it that it’s aimed at the fashion crowd and it competes with Swatch divers etc. If I HAD to get a fashion diver I would go with Nautica’s looks any day of the week. Except Mondays…I hate Mondays…

  • mesa13

    Brilliant !!!!  Do they have something to hold the watch right at the center of the packaging ???

  • mesa13

    Alpina’s new website is pretty cool as well . Showcases their entire range in one interesting page .

  • Ulysses31

    Clever marketing indeed.  Never imagined i’d be seeing a review of a Festina on this blog – it’s the Spanish Invicta.  At least it’s cheap.

  • mesa13 you what, that’s an EXCELLENT question!!! I doubt it though it probably just bounces around…Down at Festina HQ they probably have a dedicated marketing intern poking the bag to keep the watch in the center, every time the boss passes by…

  • Ulysses31 Is Festina really viewed as such? I hadn’t really noticed. Btw, I always mix up Festina with Certina, and subconsiously end up thinking that they are on the same level which apparently they are not.

  • Ulysses31

    Panagiotis Ulysses31 I’ve been researching watches for years.  As someone who isn’t insanely wealthy I have looked at hundreds if not thousands of these “affordable” yet fashionable watches and there are way too many customer reviews that mention silly flaws like hands or indices falling off or some other failure for me to believe that they are built with quality in mind.  You often hear the marketing literature mention that it’s a Japanese movement to try and allay fears that it is a low quality watch but the movement may be brilliant, and the thing could still be poorly assembled.  It’s a shame really because several Festina models are pretty good looking, although that’s probably due to their creating homages to more expensive designs.

  • CG

    Fun Bags! Always… oh and watches too!

  • KumarMt

    so nice..

  • CG That’s quality commenting right there!!! 😀


    MarkCarson It may have been Armitron that, like sardines, arrived packaged in plastic cylinders.I saw lots of them @ a now defunct chain of discount outlet in the 1980-1990’s.

  • Ryan B

    Even though we probably will not see a high end dive watch sitting in water for months on end, it sure would be fun to see what would happen to a few if somebody tried.

  • LapYoda

    Great idea for packaging a dive watch!  However, I’m not feeling the design of the watch itself.  At this price point I’d go for a Swatch Scuba Libre and use the extra $50 I saved for a steak dinner.

  • aleximd2000

    I want too see Richard Mille 21 grams watch floating in water filled bag with swarowski crystals!!!

  • Shawnnny

    I think it’s a very cool looking concept. Would I buy a watch in a bag of water? No

  • DangerussArt

    A little hard to try on though.

  • Fraser Petrick

    I (think) I bought a watch in a bag of guacamole in Playa del Carmen, but it may have been my own Timex Expedition and after more than one Margarita.

  • Kris C

    I ordered one online, but all that was delivered was some soggy cardboard.

  • DG Cayse

    MarkCarson As BIGCHRONO mentions…I also think it was Armitron brand. I remember that promo also.
    Interesting info about the Festina Group/Soprod (and Perrelet) connection. Seems rather…uh…’odd.’

  • DG Cayse Makes one wonder if Festina (the watch brand) was using Miyota movements prior to Festina the group purchasing Soprod. Or perhaps the Swiss Soprod quartz is simply too expensive for these low end watches. But still seems odd to me.
    Ahh… Armitron, those fine watches I see at the jewely counter at Wal-Mart. Looks like their parent  company E. Gluck Corporation also makes Ann Klien branded watches. My wife bought an Anne Klein watch with a ceramic bracelet (for about $200) and the bracelet broke in less than a month. Figures… (and no she did not ask me what to buy).

  • Zeitblom

    I’d love to see one of those ultra-tacky ultra-expensive Van Cleef and Arpels horrors packaged like this. “Romantic Wish: the two young lovers fall into each other’s arms as they drown in the Seine.” Or how about those equally ghastly Jacquet Droz birds trying to sing underwater.  Finally a way of getting some amusement out of that junk.

  • DG Cayse

    MarkCarson DG Cayse Anne Klein…funny you should mention that. Several years back I was flying home and thought I might bring a “peace offering” to the wife. Popped into the Duty Free shop and selected an Anne Klein “tank/tourneau” style quartz on a nice leather strap. About US$225 or so at the time. She, for reasons only she knows, refuses to wear it.
    I should have spent the money at the bottle-shop I think.

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