Fortis B-47 Calculator Watch Has Amusingly Busy Dial

Fortis B-47 Calculator Watch Has Amusingly Busy Dial

Fortis B-47 Calculator Watch Has Amusingly Busy Dial Watch Releases

There is something comical about just how busy Fortis made this B-47 Calculator watch. Even the name is silly. When you hear the term "calculator watch" you immediately think of something digital quartz, and Japanese. I've had calculator watches when I was a kid. I loved those. I wouldn't wear them today as I am a grown up, and I don't know if I would wear this comically designed watch either. With enough stuff going on to make a weak-minded person tremble. "I just wanted to know what time it was.

The fact that the 47mm wide steel case frames what is in actuality a tiny dial for the time is even more funny/cute to me. "Aww, look how Fortis managed to fit in those time hands. Just the normal sized ones!" A full GMT watch dial on a large watch, in miniature. I didn't think that I would ever say that, but I did. Fortis is aware that this is a quirky (to say the least) model - and because of that the B-47 Calculator is strictly a limited edition (or 2012 pieces). Seriously, with all the watches Fortis is doing as a limited edition of 2012 pieces,  something awesome better come from them in 2012.

Fortis B-47 Calculator Watch Has Amusingly Busy Dial Watch Releases

In addition to the large count-down timer style bezel - that also has GMT time indicators on it, the watch has a second crown for rotating the inner slide rule. Wow, rotating bezel AND a slide rule! So often I have needed both of these (shakes head, "no I haven't). In the middle of all the black and white, and numbers is a pretty standard looking Fortis dial with the time, date, and red 24 hour hand.

An interesting point to make is that the Swiss ETA 2893-2 automatic movement contained inside of the watch is only about as big as the time dial. The rest of the space in the case is used for special secret Fortis purposes (hot air). Such hot air is really popular in watches actually - Swiss and otherwise. It is a special ingredient in horological design and manufacturing that is often referred to internally as "luxury sauce," or "la creme de luxe" in the French speaking parts.

Fortis B-47 Calculator Watch Has Amusingly Busy Dial Watch Releases

So what are all the things the B-47 Calculator watch does aside fro making you squint and put many busy Breitling dials to shame? Well it has the time, date, GMT hand, another timezone on top of that, the slide-rule bezel with its many mysterious (and often tediously inconvenient) functions, count-down timer on the rotating bezel, and the power of many contrasting colors. For what it is Fortis did not mess it up. They did the best they could and gave it s slick Fortis tool watch design. I just don't really get it in the first place.

As a limited edition the B-47 Calculator will be available on a steel bracelet, and a few strap options. Those who want the most bang for your silly buck will want the watch on the available white silicone strap, which of course is also available in red. Fortis makes a nice watch and I really enjoy what they do. The B-47 Calculator no doubt has all the quality and attention to detail that the brand can muster. Having said that the design is cartoon-ish, and if you are going to wear one, it is likely for the novelty factor. This is going onto a life-size GI Joe action figure.

Fortis B-47 Calculator Watch Has Amusingly Busy Dial Watch Releases

Tech specs from Fortis:

Fortis B-47 Calculator limited edition watch

Case No: 669.10.148
Reference 669.10.31
669.10.31 K Rubber strap black
669.10.31 L 16 Leather strap with contrast stitching
669.10.31 M Steel bracelet brushed
669.10.31 Si 02 Silicone strap white
669.10.31 Si 20 Silicone strap orange

Option Folding clasp brushed for leather strap with FORTIS logo and “Limited Edition” engraved

Movement: Automatic Swiss Movement ETA 2893-2, 11 1/2 ''', 21 jewels 28,800 semi-vibrations per hour, Fine timing device and Incabloc shock absorber

Functions: Hour, minute, centre-stop-second, date, GMT 3 Time Zones 24 h display, calculator slide-rule, 60 minute countdown function

Case: Steel brushed, three-parts, 47 mm case diameter
Bidirectional turning bezel with 60-minute scale (120 divisions)
for countdown function and with 24 hour GMT display
Luminous capsule green afterglow at pos. 12 h
Sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating on both sides
Screw-down steel case back with engraving of temperature
conversion table from C° (Celsius) into F° (Fahrenheit)
Two crowns with FORTIS logo, individually numbered (xxxx/2012)
Water-resistant 200 m / 20 bar

Dial/Hands: Matt black, flange with Calculator slide-rule scale hands
Arabic numerals and indices with Superluminova white
green afterglow in the darkness
Second-hand white, GMT hand orange

Attachment: Leather strap brown padded with contrast stitching fitted to the case

Packaging: Leather box, pouch with FORTIS logo, instruction manual with certificate of limitation, international warranty card

Special Features: Limited Edition 2012 pieces, 3 time zones, date at 4 h
Slide-rule function with flange adjustable by crown at pos. 2 h, 20 simple calculations possible
e.g. division, multiplication, multiple conversions: Speed per hour, fuel consumption, height calculations. Distance during ascent / descent. Conversion table C° (Celsius) into F° (Fahrenheit)

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  • shinytoys


    I love this watch, but I loved in in it’s first appearance from Fortis some 45 years ago when it was also powered by an ETA movement. A few things have changed, but the face is very similar. Back then, it was expensive, and purchased by people like pilots and racers and such that knew the benefits of all those “tedious inconvenient” markings on the face. And yes, the same markings the you will find on my beloved Breitlings. This is a much sought after watch in mint condition in its original offering, I’m certain the newest iteration will be purchased the same way by the chosen few who can afford it and understand it’s purpose as a watch and a scientific tool.

  • kris c


    staring at the dial gives me the feel of falling into some bottomless pit of nerdiness and math.

    The only strap option not pictured here is the leather, and it has no high bar to jump over: the rubber looks weak, the silicone looks dreadfully cheap,and the bracelet looks like a folded-metal affair that was integrated by a first-year intern.

    I know people that fly planes (for personal reasons, not commercially), and others that enter car races, none of them would own this watch. I do, however, know that there is a dark room in this office somewhere full of bean counters that would line up around the corner to get thier hands on it. Problem is, they are quite twig-wristed (nice folk though they are, although a little hard to have a conversation with), and a 47mm watch would better serve then as a desk clock.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like Fortis, and they have goaded me into purchase in the past, but I guess everone has a bad day once in a while. They should call this one ‘the Monday’.

  • Ulysses

    An ugly but no doubt practical watch. They must have been thinking “how can we make this even less attractive? How about an orange synthetic strap?” I normally love Fortis designs and their watches are what got me hooked on the high-end watch scene but this is something only a few people could live with, who have a genuine practical reason for owning it. I’d make a crack about the hands being too short but in this case they fully reach the surrounding markings.

  • IS3515

    Ok, educate me. What is a count down bezel used for?

    • pretty self explanatory… counting down up to 60 minutes.

  • JM

    Normally I find your reviews dead on but on this one I am going to disagree. I am not a “twig-wristed bean counter” but I do like the slightly nostalgic feel to the watch. The days when a multi-purpose watch actually had several purposes that certain individuals would use. The run is small enough that I like to think that 2000 individuals will purchase it and appreciate it for what it is. And I do appreciate a watch company making a watch that fits into that small segment more so than just another $15,000 watch that even fewer can enjoy. Thanks for the write up.

    • Dean Grant Baker

      retail : from 3 000 – 3 900 USD.
      So for a 2893-a2, on a steel bracelet for 3 900 it’s a fair price. Especially with the koolness factor.

      — 900 bucks is A LOT for a stainless steel bracelet tho

      People that dislike true tool watches, dislike them because they can NOT figure out how to use them.

      A Watch is a tool; NOT a toy.
      Tools are for men; toys are for boys.

      Boys should stick to fashion watches
      At a Limited run of 2 000+; they won’t sell them all.

      Anything over 1 000 is a joke.

      • That is an awful lot for the bracelet option. I mean 500 tops, and that is for some AP quality shit. I wonder if Breitling still prices their bracelets separately.

  • I too can definitely appreciate what they did with this piece, although it is a bit comical. If you love the Fortis style, check out this new watch from Bianci Watches:
    It’s got a beautiful face with a 316L surgical stainless steel case with a see-through exhibition in the back. The pilot strap and super luminous dial and numbers make this watch awesome. For 20% off type in code: blogger7081.

  • Matt

    Ok so yes I do own (somewhere) a circular slide rule so this watch makes perfect sense. For the scientist willing to spend a lot of money on a timepiece, especially those who do a lot of field work, this is a whole lot better for quick simple calcs than burning batteries in your HP calculator or whipping out that expensive tablet/smartphone which you might just accidentaly give an unintended dipping into the Amazon. There are many placesd where a simple and non-electrical calculator will be handy. This, unlike all the gimmicky ‘flight’ or ‘aviator’ style watches is one that pilots and astronauts more like to really use.

    Well done Fortis – nice watch. I cant afford it but applaud you for producing!

    • Hey, so a good customer is found for this piece!