The existing 1966 Chronograph watches come in both 40 and 42mm wide variants, while the Integrated Chronograph debuts in the 40mm wide size. It goes without saying that the GP03800-0001 will find itself in a range of GP watches produced in various sizes. I am also pretty sure that an automatic is in development. The dial of the watch is also indicative of a transitional model. The sleek classicism of the 1966 collection is altered by a bolder, more modern dial. You even have lumed hands. The unrestrained nature of the design may be a sign of what is to come as Girard-Perregaux seeks to discover a new sense of brand personality within its more classic collection of watches.

Today, as it was in the past, Girard-Perregaux is very dedicated to its three watch collection pillars. Those being classic watches, sporty watches, and high-complication watches. We are seeing an increasing level of attention to developing each of those areas, especially the classic and sport watch families. In a sense, Girard-Perregaux is trying to do something a bit complicated when it comes to product differentiation. The traditional perception behind producing classic watches was to more or less replicate designs of the past with your name on it. Girard-Perregaux seems to be hinting with a design like the 1966 Integrated Chronograph that it is testing neo-classic designs which point to the past without living in the past. Where they go from here is yet to be seen.

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Girard_Perregaux_1966_Integrated_Chrono-9 Girard_Perregaux_1966_Integrated_Chrono-11

For fans of Girard-Perregaux and modern Swiss watches, the future seems bright. The new GP03800 movement is great looking and will satisfy many a collector. The debut collection in the 1966 Integrated Chronograph comes exclusively in 18k pink gold cases with either a silvery (ref. 49529-52-231-BA6A) or slate colored dial (ref. 49529-52-131-BABA). Each is bold, legible, and yet very much a “1966.”

The near future will likely see additional executions of the new 1966 Integrated Chronograph as well as new uses for the Girard-Perregaux GP 3800 integrated chronograph movement. The watches are available now, and they look quite lovely. We still feel there is a lot to love about the existing 1966 Chronograph models, but the more choices the better – in our opinion. Price for the Girard-Perregaux 1966 Integrated Chronograph watch is $37,400.

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