GIVEAWAY: Mark Carson Hawaii Ka La Watch

GIVEAWAY: Mark Carson Hawaii Ka La Watch

GIVEAWAY: Mark Carson Hawaii Ka La Watch Giveaways

Summer continues as we offer one lucky reader a Mark Carson Individual Design Hawaii "Ka La" timepiece this month on aBlogtoWatch. Mark Carson designed and assembles each Ka La watch in Hawaii, with their unique design yet classic composure. The Ka La watch (hands-on review here) collection includes about a dozen versions and is based on a unique 43mm wide steel case with large arch lugs. The case is available in a brushed or PVD black or rose gold finish. Various dial choices include a range of colors and can turn the Ka La into a dress watch with Roman numerals, or a sportier watch with round hour indicators.

Inside Mark Carson Ka La watches are Swiss 2824 automatic movements, and the dials have sapphire crystals. Ka La watches are available on a range of straps, and the winner will be able to choose the precise case and strap combination they like. The special made-to-order Ka La with the Koa wood dial is not available as part of the giveaway. Mark Carson Individual Design Hawaii Ka La watches retail from $1,100 - $1,400. Enter for your chance to win one below only on aBlogtoWatch.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment mention if you plan on buying any watches from independent watch makers in the next year (not from larger brands).

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2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook like all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on August 31, 2013 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Mark Carson Individual Design Hawaii, the sponsor of the Ka La watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Joerivg

    I am intending to buy a watch from the smaller independent watch makers.  In my collection I have some top pieces but also smaller brands.  Prefer smaller brands to go diving and as a daily beater watch

  • markm1111

    I really like the idea of smaller, independent watch makers. I intend buying a watch from a one man band in Melbourne, Australia, and if the funds allow soemthing from one of the smaller European houses.

  • DavidJGreenspun

    Love Mark Carson’s designs!  There’s something very personal about wearing a timepiece crafted by a watchmaker you have met.  Given the opportunity, I would absolutely buy from an independent watchmaker!  Bravo and Thank You for introducing us to the Ka La Series!

  • ricsif

    If NOMOS count as an independent, I have a plan to purchase one for my fiancée.

  • Chris88

    I’ve actually had my eye on mark Carson. My father recently retired to Hawaii and need a watch for his days in the sun!

  • PatrickBes

    I have not been exposed enough to smaller brands but would consider buying from them if the watch intrigued me.

  • I plan to pick up a watch from another Hawaii brand: Bathys, specifically their 100 Fathoms.

  • stelakos

    i would like to buy pieces from individual makers because i think they give their watches the all needed attention

  • Bob Sebastian

    I have been following several companies but have been stymied by limited availability of the model(s) I desired.

  • JanZilliacus

    These watches look great! I have no plans to extend my watch collection, but you never know…

  • ExperimentJon

    The only small watch brand that has ever appealed to me is Bathys (another Hawaii watch brand).  I have a black on black 100F that I love, and just wish they had more models…or made their midsize moonphase in a bigger-than-midsize case.  If Mark Carson changed the name on his watch to my own name, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.  😉

  • YoniAlon

    I really feel that independent watchmakers really create some unique and creative timepieces. They are a breath of fresh air to the constant recycling that the big names do. A new bezel color on a Rolex Sub doesn’t make a new watch in my book; it is still a 60 year old watch.

  • lynxdream

    I do admire the work of a number of independent makers, such as F.P. Journe, Philippe Dufour, MB&F, Speake-Marin, Hajime Asaoka, Habring and Grönefeld, although I don’t have plans to buy these watches in the next year.  It would be awesome to own one or more of these watches someday.  🙂

  • ArthurZzz

    There are a few independent real watchmakers with some outstanding work. Like the dutchman Fred Dingemanse. I hope to wear one of his watches one day….

  • Desp1

    There are many independent watch makers such as Philippe Dufour, MB&F, F.P. Journe that make watches that i would love to have in my small collection but currently i can not afford any of their products. I am hoping that sooner or later i will be able to purchase a couple for the collection.

  • WatchWatcher

    I’ve admired the Ka La watches since I first saw them on this blog.  I like the novel interpretation of the standard 3 handed watch and the use of raised elements on the dial to give the watch as strong 3 dimensional feel. The lugs really add an original flair to the watch design.
    I actually bought a watch earlier this year from independent Swiss watch maker John Isaac.  Matter of fact it was the exact watch that Ariel reviewed, the Icon XL, that I bought.  I feel the small independents are doing doing all the really original and different work in the watch world these days.  Rolex may have the prestige but their designs don’t really push the envelope.  Many of the independents also sell their watches online which are great value for money.

  • htfzrk

    I prefer older brands. They have history behind their watches!

  • Sever

    I have been admiring the work of many independent watchmakers lately, such as Halios, Helson, Prometheus. Unfortunately my budget is very tight so i couldn’t afford one but now i have a chance to own this beautiful Mark Carson Hawaii Ka La Watch :))

  • JonnyD

    Independent brands generally offer a greater degree of
    customisation, I prefer buying independent when possible. In the recent
    review of American watch makers posted on July 4th, I came across the
    Field watch from Weiss, which I intend to buy this year. I don’t have a
    manual wind in my collection yet. Nomos is also on my radar.Speaking
    of F.P. Journe, I tried to find one of his Ateliers in Paris recently,
    time was against me and alas, I had to give up the search.

  • Petar Penev

    I am willing to entertain the possibility of buying a watch from an independent brand should the price/quality ratio be reasonable and if the design is (at least a little) extraordinary. No point in going against the mainstream if you do not stand out!

  • Hacker4748

    Oh I wish I would be able to afford watches like the Ressence Type 3. Except perhaps for Lum-Tec which I don’t know if it counts as an independent watch maker I don’t have any on my list for the near future.

  • Oelholm

    I’ll have to say no. My singular large purchase this year is a Omega Speedmaster, and I don’t think that I’ll splash out on other watches… That said, I have only seen very few watches from smaller firms which have appealed to me – the Individual Design being one of them.

  • My plan is to, although the year is getting away from me!  I am limited to the cheaper end of the spectrum.

  • thenlec

    Some independent brands offer a great value and unique design!  That said, with a child in college at the moment, its unlikely I’ll have the spare funds available for a watch purchase in the next year.

  • aslogar

    OK, another fine watch to win.  I always keep my eye on the independents.  The pricing is more reasonable and the designs are more of what a customer wants to see.

  • ivictoras

    Nice watch. I hope to win this time :). No I don’t plan to buy a watch this year from any independent watch maker. In fact I’m planning to buy a watch every day but I can not aford any of the watches I really like :). Good luck to everyone.

  • Racerseven

    i keep abreast of what my favourite manufacturers come up with. lats year i got a couple of steinhart’s, they are wonderfully crafted watches. this year i am seriously looking at extatico from spain, their designs are unique.

  • lightningslim

    Variety and “Something different” is the hallmark of my watch collection, and independent manufacturers mostly strive to be seen amongst the staid established brands by being different, I salute them! I don’t usually “Plan” to buy watches, I get inspired and then, somehow it just happened! (Again!)

  • vferrava

    Nice watch. Do not have any plans to buy a watch in the near future.

  • armidoro

    Yeah I am looking to buy me a Bell & Ross or a Seven Friday!!!!

  • LapYoda

    I would like to add more independent brands to my collection.  I am interested in an older Anonimo (before they switched owners) as well as an Alpina.  I can’t afford anything by the high-end independents like Christophe Claret, MB&F, or Ressence, but a bigger independent with a lower price range is attainable.

  • JRGougeon

    Thanks for the contest.
    At the moment I have no plans for a new watch.

  • WelcomedRain

    Not planning on any purchases from independent watch brands this year but I am a big fan of small well made brands. I think you often get the best value there.

  • sobrnola

    Beautiful watch! I have my eye on a few independent makers but no real plans to buy just yet.

  • omrivm

    I prefer older brands. They have history behind their watches!

  • There are dozens of new watches I covet but I fear budget constraints will keep them from me for the foreseeable future.

  • hank123

    only if it will be real special

  • rich1983

    I am very tempted to look at a Schofield in polished steel. I like the small unique brands.

  • bremersm

    I am not sure if I will be buying any more watches this year, but I would love to win one of these.

  • Jonathanwesley

    I don’t have any PLANS to buy an indi watch this year… but there is still much time before the end of the year.

  • PatrickDiSanto

    These are hot,  I would be lucky to own one, and yes I would buy an independent watchmaker within the next year or so.

  • braddyNOTbrady

    Our wedding at the end of this month has tapped most of my watch funds so no new watches for me…unless I win one!

  • cervantor

    Very nice looking watch! As far as buying a watch from an indie company, if something catches my eye, then definitely…

  • drhrva

    These look interesting. It would be great to have one. Though not planning on buying a watch in the near future, I would get at least one from an independent maker. The only thing that scares me is having to send it through mail when servicing is needed.

  • rbmbb

    Beautiful watch!! I will be buying at least 3 more watches from boutique brands, as I prefer the customer service interaction and find it more personal.

  • ConorMcCorry

    Really unique! I’ve never seen another watch with circular lugs like these before. It would certainly get some nice remarks!

  • JDCronin

    That’s a sharp looking watch! I plan on buying a Nomos watch later this year, I’ve also been looking at the upcoming Halios SS, so two different independent watch makers.

  • jparks24

    more than likely I will buy from an independent watch maker just because it is lees likely to see someone else with the same watch.

    • antjay


  • Chr0matin

    This watch looks amazing, I was actually thinking of buying one!  I’ll definitely be purchasing something from a boutique brand this year, maybe Archimede or Helson.

  • TimelyOne

    Innovate or die..this is the motivation for all small specialty manufacturers. I have liked this design from Mark Carson since your original review. I would still like to see the seconds disk made from frosted silicon to reveal a ghost of the hands below. And yes, I try to purchase from innovators like Mark when I have the means to do so.

  • stevej2001

    I absolutely would buy from independent watchmakers. In fact, I seriously considered getting one of these when the review was up.

  • erikdy

    If I can afford a watch this year, it will definitely be from a small, boutique brand.

  • bnabod

    it is nice to see something different for once and not something in the crazy pricey range

  • To mark my 23rd birthday/1 year out of college I bought a Ball Master Engineer Master II – Officer.  I fell in love with it and would buy from an independent company again over a larger conglom.

  • JamesSemaj

    I’m not planning on buying any watches from independent watch makers in the next year. However, I would be very interested in getting one if my budget permits me in the near future.

  • BrianCP

    I love the Ka La watches. Any true collector knows, as do I, that the most exciting pieces in their collection are those special watches which come from independent designers.

  • Wow. Hadn’t heard of this maker before, but thank you for introducing me to them! They look gorgeous! As far a buying from a independent watch maker, G. Gerlach m/s Batory with “Big Date” is on my radar. Segull movement, but produced in Poland.

  • orzano12

    Love the design of this watch!  I definitely plan on purchasing a watch from an independent watchmaker in the next year.  I have a few on my radar and now I have to add this Ka La watch.  That is of course if I don’t win this giveaway.

  • JDurocher

    The PVD model is a really nice look. I just bought one of those Eone Bradley’s for me and my girlfriend, other then them I may buy something from a independent, but nothing is planned.

    • MarkCarson

      JDurocherI also ordered an Eone Bradley (and I don’t buy many watches these days) and I like the look, the magnetic technology and the great cause of helping the disabled. Especially disabled veterans. Regardless of how one feels about any particular conflict, patriots (of any nation) who make these great personal sacrifices deserve respect and our help.

  • mikesnow

    I am not planning on it this year, however I would love to own a few as time goes on.  Thanks, very nice watch.

  • tcoomber

    I’ve been thinking about both the Boschett Cave Dweller and the Magrette Tiki.  Neither has been released yet.  A larger company just released something that I really like so I may be lured away from the independent purchase.

  • Freddy_C_Two

    I don’t plan on doing it this year, but my next watch [purchase will be from an independent watch maker.

  • benjaminbun

    been giving shinola a hard look as of late.  I may pick one up this year

  • nickjorge

    I would like to stay away from bigger company names. After reading your watch purchasing guide for low to mid-range watches it seems more practical in getting a watch that is more valuable. spending a smaller amount of money on a big company watch it seems you are paying a lot for the name itself. In doing so you don’t get things like quality design, sapphire crystals and such. Ironically, i had been looking at some Mark Carson’s recently and due mostly to their seemingly wonderful quality as well as good pricing had been thinking of getting one. probably not within in the year, but eventually.

  • JayM

    If I buy another watch this year, Nomos is front and center.  I’m falling in love with their new Tangomat GMT and I also like the sportier Ahoi.  If they could combine the look and lumed hands of the Ahoi with the GMT complication I would jump at it.

  • carolyn h

    Yes, definitely I plan to buy a watch this year and, excepting vintage watches, I only purchase watches from independent makers.

  • Kar Wai Law

    Hey my name has Ka La in it! A Speake-Marin will be a very nice addition this year..

  • watchman323

    I would buy an independent desinged watch, except I don’t know any brands that is considered as independent and I don’t know where to look.  I wish someone can suggest a brand.

  • aacarter

    I find there is value in the smaller brands, versus some of ‘big name’ watchmakers. There is always going to be a place and time for an Omega or Rolex, however, I don’t want to have to ‘save and wait’ for 3 years to put their watch on my wrist. I find the my biggest bang for my buck is in the independent brands. One of my favorites, Lum-Tec, which I own a Bull-45, I find in my weekly rotation of watches. Why? Because its unique, not everyone has one, and I know I am supporting a smaller brand in wearing it.

  • rwillardphil

    I also prefer older watches.

  • Tighran

    Pretty unique and captivating design. As a college student with limited funds, independent brands tend to offer a much better value than some of the big names. I’ve been debating getting a Techne for a while and haven’t managed to talk myself out of it, so that will likely happen soon…

  • AJayHall62

    What beautiful watch! I am intrigued by independent manufacturers. Unfortunately, I can’t purchase more right now.

  • socabaptist

    Hello Ariel,
    Well a man can dream. I am currently saving up for a
    Habring2. I really love the I really love this brand although they
    don’t create their own movements they do make extensive modifications to existing
    The other watch I am looking at is the Nomos Zurich
    Weltzeit. Nomos makes their own movements and I think this is an interesting
    iteration of a GMT timer. Very understated and elegant.
    These are the two watches I am looking at this year and I am
    saving diligently and keeping my eyes on the prize.
    I am focusing on small independent watchmakers that work on
    their own movements. Good luck to everyone this is an interesting watch.

  • mikesr

    That is one beautiful and captivating Mark Carson watch!  I am really impressed with the design, the 2824 movement and the case / strap combinations available!  This is one super watch from Mark Carson and I am thankful for this giveaway.  If I notice a design that I like from an independent watch maker and it is affordable for me – I will purchase it!

  • lionstan

    Beautiful watch.  There are some great independent watchmakers out there, and they should be supported.  Some of the established brands have become stale and boring.

  • weijie90

    What a beautiful watch, I’m interested in getting a watch from independent watchmakers, problem is, I’ve no idea where to acquire them in my quaint little country…

    • MarkCarson

      weijie90 I can ship to most any country via UPS, FedEx or a Postal Service. Independent brands love direct sales (keeps costs down for the customer and maintains a closer relationship with them).

  • danbouchard

    What a great time to be alive as a watch enthusiast. So many new boutique brands coming out with fresh new designs and pushing the technological envelope. Very exciting new line from Mark. 
    As for buying new watches this year, I’ve already tried my hand at Kickstarter (Original Gran and the Agent smartwatch) and my buying habits tend to almost exclusively be smaller brands (Helson, Bernhardt, etc.). I truly believe you get a great bang for your buck with smaller brands and new brands looking to make a name for themselves. 
    Best of luck, Mark! Looks like you have a winner on your hands!

  • manivelle

    “designed and assembles” sounds like someone living in a dual time zone;  there’s a whole lot of value-added interest in buying from indies, and even more when they’re from your own country.  Even, as in this case, from a time zone far, far away.

  • tresd

    That Mark Carson watch is very nice, and unique, looking.  I am not currently planning on purchasing a watch from an independent maker this year.  I do think the independents offer a lot of value and are often more daring in their designs than the larger brands.

  • CoffeeTime

    Yeah I plan on picking up an independent watch this year if I can afford it.  Saw lots of independents at Baselworld, which I recommend to anyone looking where to find and learn about some of the independents out there that you may not have heard of. 
    Hopefully I’ll win this watch!  Never won anything else in my life!

  • Zee2008

    What beautiful watch! I am intrigued by independent manufacturers. Unfortunately, I can’t purchase more right now.

  • robrm07

    I think I might pull the trigger on a RGM Model# 801 A this year, although Bremont’s MBII range is a consideration, too. I dig this Mark Carson, though, and it would be a nice addition to my small stable.

  • Pugsley

    Great looking watch with the 3 circles, and the second hand disk is a unique touch.
    I’m looking to pick up a Shinola Runwell as a birthday present to myself (Once it’s released). They are a new Boston based company that are making some nice timepieces.

  • rogerdude

    I plan on buying at least one independent, or at least low-volume, watch this year.  I’ve got my eyes on either a Sinn 656 or Nomos Club.

  • stevenkelby

    Yes I plan to buy a watch this year and thanks for the contest, great looking watch 🙂

  • Spaceguitar

    Yes I plan to buy a watch this year, and am watching a local Denver CO startup to see if their production models will be ready before the holidays.

  • Spaceguitar

    Yes I plan to buy a watch this year, and am watching a local Denver CO startup to see if their production models will be ready before the holidays.

  • Spaceguitar

    Yes I plan to buy a watch this year, and am watching a local Denver CO startup to see if their production models will be ready before the holidays.

  • ripshop

    W/O a doubt I’ll be buying from independent watchmakers. Shaka Brahda!

  • Thierry

    Nice watch!
    I’m not very into independent manufacturers (I mean… I don’t have a real clear idea of what an independent watchmaker is), although I strongly think they offer really nice and interesting products. For example, if Lum-Tech is an independent, it’s clearly appealing to me.
    My 15 years old Navihawk from Citizen just died a couple of weeks ago, and I’m still trying to figure what I’m going to buy. I gonna have a look at what you call an independent watchmaker (criterias and so on), and I’m sure I’ll end with one.

    Again, thanks for the contest.


  • mgoldbergliu

    Not planning on buying a new watch this year, but my next purchase would definitely be from an independent watchmaker to complement my Omega PO 8500 XL!

  • johnro6659

    I am a watch collector I buy all kinds of watches from any manufacturer if I like the style. This brand looks promising , I like the looks and specs.

  • Apdl

    No plans for independant or any thing else at the moment
    I would love to have this one!

  • drautodan

    Mark Carson’s Ka La is a beautiful timepiece that I would be proud to ware. I would like to buy a watch from an independent watch maker this year but I lost my job and I am not sure I will be able to purchase one this year.

  • Duchead

    The Hawaii Ka La watch is beautiful!
    After I read the full review on this watch a while back, I seriously considered buying one.  I have bought at least one watch from an independent maker, so I don’t have any qualms with that.  Unfortunately for me, money is tight right now, so I have no plans to purchase another watch.  If funds were not an issue, this watch would be in my collection.

  • Nice watch in this giveaway!!! I have purchased in the past years watches for independent manufacturers, are great and fabulous deals. Any big brand was independent in its start and just with support of the customers having a great product they were able to grow. We need to give the benefit of the doubt and support the guys that with passion are making the watches its path in life.

  • EvilTuna7

    Beautiful watch, would love to own one!

  • CG

    Mark Carson is a lucky SOB, living in freakin Hawaii, surfin the big ones, checkin out the bikini babes, drinkin rum gimlets on the beach just workin on that tan! When does he find the time (pun here) to make watches? Nice watch! And yes I will buy from an independent maker sometime this year.

    • MarkCarson

      CG I used to hang glide, not surf and a cold brew or a nice chianti is more my style. I hope not to get caught by my wife checking out the bikini babes but yes I really do enjoy living in Hawaii. Aloha.

      • CG

        Nothing quite like a superb Sangiovese grape! My wifey knows I look but if I’m too obvious she always has a sarcastic biting remark about an “old guy” thing… such is life! Hang glide! What fun… as a flatlander in OH I’m jealous, no volcanoes or cliffs to jump off here!

  • PaulCarfoot

    The  Hawaii Ka La  from   Mark Carson .  Has a very ditintive look.  Yes I do purchase watches from the independent  Watch producers.   P.C.

  • TomCanedy

    Beautiful watches. Yes I buy from anybody who produces time pieces like these.

  • JCrewDrugRug

    I don’t plan on it, they tend to be outside my budget.

  • EngEeTan

    Yes, Halios Tropik B, as soon as it is out

  • Sherif

    Another great contest, thanks ABTW.  Recently all my purchases are from boutiqe brands or non-mainsteam companies.  I feel they are more creative and not the typical hum drum stuff that the larger brands put out.

  • Neil C

    Mark, I enjoy reading your comments and very pleased you are standing on the plate with this giveaway.  I have a Mustang 50th Anniversary (by Shinola) on order, despite some egregious design foobars, and will be receiving it later this year.

  • antjay

    Nice work Mark , would seriously concider one of these . Saddly “she who must be obeyed” would consider your very reasonable asking prices a ridiculous amount to spend on a watch .
    It sucks being the only watch geek in the house.

  • NotSoGosu

    Small brands are the way to go! Too much money for bigger brands, maybe one day.

  • treefroga1

    I’ll be sticking with mainstream brands for now.

  • ClumsyCoyote

    I would very much love to buy a watch from an independent maker, but most of my disposable cash is wrapped up in food and rent right now.

  • phredless

    Love the look of this watch, it is somehow both formal and casual at once.  I’m a fan of Hawaiian shirts which at their best seem to share a similar feel.  There is an immediate nautical connection with this watch as well, can’t put my finger on it, but makes me think of sailing.  Independent makers offer the greatest ability to reach a niche, which frequently means the most interesting and remarkable watches.  These watches evidence that, not mainstream enough to sell the big numbers a large brand needs, but elegant enough to attract those who seek a striking watch.

  • Jdemaagd

    Very nice. I just purchased a watch from Magrette last month. I love the value and personalized service you get from small independent brands.

  • cadillacman

    Most independent watch makers are out of my price range so I will probably stick with mainstream watches.


    I plan to buy watches from independent watch makers in the next year.  These watches are unique and draw attention because of it.

  • KumarMt

    hope can win it…

  • rhythmichael

    More than half my watches are from independent makers. I can guarantee that I will continue to purchase from them, and do so in the next year!

  • AlexanderZharkov

    Interesting design. It slightly reminds me the thermometer which was hung behind the window in my childhood’s home… I’d like to have one as a memorabilia.;)

  • lloydpark

    Thanks again for the opportunity to try n win a terrific, not so well known watch. The Mark Carson Hawaii Ka La is a great looking watch, very interesting features with the combination of rotating dial hour marker and long prominent minute arm. Really unique looking and very conversationally stylish. Would love the chance to wear it and have someone notice and ask about it. Got to play to win, right? Here’s hoping to have some good karma to win. Thanks n best regards.

  • protiago

    I’d love to get other watches from independent watchmakers.
    Thanks very much for the giveaway!

  • LordotU

    Yes, I want to buy Precista and maybe Magrette watches.

  • 4Runner

    No real good dealers here local to buy from independents. Would always consider if budgert permits

  • TyPhilips

    Really love the unique case and dial on these.  The rose gold is very classy looking.  I just picked up a MC Frederique Constant recently so no upcoming plans to purchase a timepiece from an independent watchmaker.  
    Thanks for these terrific giveaways Ariel.  It’s nice to dream one can *still* collect some amazing pieces through these cool contests of yours!

  • Schpeeves

    I’ve been eyeing an RGM watch, but I have no plans to buy from an independent watchmaker in the next year.

  • damienmcgurn

    Interesting new collection, although the “Ka La collection” doesn’t  have a very good ring to it. with the choice of the ETA 2824-2 workhorse movement, whats underneath is a great start. 
    I like the out of the ordinary lugs on the case and the design would really look good with bi-metal
    Size is good and the Black PVD is quite funky, would like to see a stainless steel with black face. 

    recently purchased the Montres Militaire Bronze and will probably purchase a few more pieces from independent watch makers in the next year.

  • MatthewGrosack

    Really like the watch.  Looking to purchase a Xetum watch in the coming months.

  • Piero

    I would like to buy a watch from an indepemdent watch maker, but unfortunately my budget presently doesn’t allow it…

  • tbego1

    Very interesting watches, I would love to have one on my wrist.  As for buying a watch from an independent company, I am looking to get Obris Morgan’s new dive watch when it comes out in September.

  • Jamsie

    Independent watchmakers are the way to go, it’s just been a matter of finding something unique whether from Sweden, US, Beijing and so on…that still meets that PRICE POINT.  I would definitely consider purchasing from an independent watchmaker, finding something that has an ‘ocean or nautical’ theme would be nice, and seeing this company is based out of Hawaii has me thinking of the beach & tasty drinks already!

  • ffggyy23

    Very unique watch. Currently I won’t consider buying an watch from an independent watch maker due to my budget.

  • harti361

    i’m still in a phase to build my collection of watches i’ve ever dreamed of. So the well known and big names come first. But the more i’m falling in love with watches and especially well crafted mechanical watches i have more and more an eye on smaller brands and their beauties.

  • bockzilla

    Very interesting piece certainly has a wrist presence and for the price point it certainly has great attributes. I would love to buy an FP Journe in the next year, all I have to do is win the lottery.

  • mattsh

    I buy almost all my watches from smaller makers, and some start-ups.  I am wearing a watch I bought off kickstarter right now.  I am not sure if I am buying anything in the coming year, but if I do, it will most likely be from a smaller watchmaker.

  • Albi

    I’m definitely planning on buying a watch from an independent company soon: a Stowa Marine Original. Arabic numerals, blue strap…I just need to decide if I want a polished or brushed case… 🙂

  • 2crazy2stop

    Very interesting watch.  I do not plan on purchasing a watch in the next year from an independent watch maker.  Mainly due to my budget.

  • Torben754

    Love the watch! I may pick up another independent in next year wearing a Magrette today!

  • frips1000

    im thinking about buying a muhle glashutte!

  • jeffbuzzell

    i bought a smart watch through kickstarter but it will not ship until January….next year.  No other plans for buying a watch through an independent watchmaker.  I am pretty spontaneous though so that could change.

  • WatchOgler

    Alas, my tastes in independent watch brands exceed my budget.

  • stereoblue

    Saw this the other day and was just wowed!!!

  • bichondaddy

    Those are beautiful watches…but sadly, no room in the budget for a watch from an independent watch maker.

  • halfacat1

    I would LOVE a NOMOS Club, if they can still be categorized as “indie”; otherwise, I’m looking for a marine chronometer style watch and a flieger, and those things are well-covered by indie brands.

  • StoicaMihailSorin

    I’ll stick with big brands.

    • aleximd2000

      StoicaMihailSorin go ahead

  • karsonb

    I love independent watch brands…in fact I actually work for one! (Dakota Watch Co.)
    One of my favorites is Xezo…they have some VERY high quality watches for very cheap. I will continue to buy from independent watch companies, I think it’s a great thing to have access to. 
    Big brands are great and all, but they’re a dime a dozen. There’s something really unique and cool about independent brands that make them so appealing to me.
    In regards to this watch, I LOVE the organic lines of the case and the uniqueness of the lugs.
    Also, my name is Karson so I think I would be perfect to own this watch! 😀

  • johnrooke

    Cool watch, great movement, and YES I will continue purchasing watches from Independent Watch Makers…

  • Stokpot

    I think I will purchase a watch from an independent maker this year. There a a few I have my eye on.

  • aleximd2000

    I am in the aftershock of big spendings but as soon as i recover I will by one.
    It is beautiful , nice and is made with heart by someone who loves watches

  • ArjunRudra1

    Yes, hoping to buy a Habring piece this year.

  • Christofear

    I’m planning to buy next year from a small watch brand, we’ll see…

  • Ifor T W Baynes

    ***it’s soo my turn to be the one in line for the giveaway, i think i’ll
    cry, especially this brushed Koa wood, with  maybe a red band…
    i just bought a Sisu from California, which was pretty humongous, so
    a little subdued won’t do no harm, pleaze, pretty pleaze (is it obvious that
    i’m begging now – i know, i’m shameless)…
    thanx anyway…Ifor T.W. Baynes***

  • SimeonWeinraub

    As much as I understand the appeal and feel the marketing pressure from the big brands, I think that most of the real value in watches is in what the independent brands have to offer. It seems like most companies are just using variations of the same movements, and the same cases, and the same components. I don’t mind paying for quality, but I do mind paying for myth and marketing. I would rather give my to someone with enthusiasm and a vision, so that I can associate my watch with my own story. When I can afford it, I will buy a watch from Daniel Dreifuss, hopefully at the Maurice de Mauriac atelier in Zurich. I will also buy watches from people like John Patterson at Bathys, and Jeff Kuo at Xetum, just to name a few from the top of my head.

  • MenachemSelent

    I think independent is the way to go. Everyone is either using the same basic movement or doing something in house, which is cool, but expensive. I don’t see a lot of boldness and experimentation from mainstream watchmakers which makes sense. I will most likely pick up a watch or two from independents next year.

  • TJClifford

    I usually buy from independents as I feel they represent better value. Currently I have my eye own a few pieces including Habring, Benzinger and Dornbluth. Christmas may be expensive this year if I can’t decide on which one.

  • Mister_w

    I’m already on the waiting list for a DMH watch, one of the smallest of independent companies. Unfortunately I have another 3 years to wait… patience is a virtue.

  • droo

    Talking about independent watch makers, I was amazed to see how difficult it can be for them to be succesful sometimes. I own a Maurice de Mauriac from the early ages, a watch I am proud to wear, magnificent dial and hands, I own a damasko chronograph, one of the best military (if not THE best) timepiece I ever saw, I also enjoy a Kobold polar surveyour (I was wearing today) and I am over pleased to wear those instead of a Rolex, or an Omega. I will always look twice at a manufacturer offering something out of the average, I am not buying a watch with the hope of speculating on it. The Marc Carson line is awesome, attractive, eye catching, and elegant. The design of the Ka La serie reminds me of the 1960’s mystery watches like Zodiac, Longines and such with a futuristic touch never seen before. Cheers to this innovative watchmaker !

    • MarkCarson

      droo And Daniel Driefuss of Maurice de Mauriac is also a great guy. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Basel and visited his shop in Zurich, had dinner together, etc. I loved hearing the inside dirt on the Swiss watch industry too, ha ha.

      • droo

        MarkCarson Well… I had the opportunity to talk to him on the phone some years ago, he’s a brilliant and speedy mind, and quite talkative too. What is noticeable about his own design is that the chrono line is out of time ain’t that (bizarre for a watch ?), not aging a bit.
         I have the feeling (but I might be wrong) that a good design has to be out of time. I sense that the ka la designed with no numbers on the dial fits the profile. I don’t know well enough your work, I will get deeper into it, I swear…

  • rpsmith01

    These watches look pretty impressive.  Very unique styling.  I will absolutely be buying a watch from an independent maker this next year.  I have purchased several before and have been very pleased.

  • JMcTavish

    Depending on how my job goes, i definitely want to pick up the Halios Laguna in the coming year.  Deep Blue makes some very nice divers too.

  • Zplace

    I’m definitely in the market for an independently made watch like this within the next few months. I’d love to win this one and add it to the collection

  • dogdoc89

    I prefer independents. Sometimes they have better styles

  • sosoulful

    Stylish watches! Will go great with my suits in stead of my Emporio Armani. Not planning on buying one from an independent watchmaker dough. Just saving up for an Oris Aquis Date!


    A style/fashion watch as opposed to tool. Nice to see. And any tie to Hawaii is a good one. 😉

  • Kris C

    If Alexander shorokhoff (sp?) counts, then yes, I am. I’m quite taken with the chronograph regulate u r, and have only not pulled the trigger because I enjoy 2 of the dial/colour options almost equally.
    Having had the pleasure of handling one of the I’D cases recently, I would be more than happy to own one. Mark, we should have coordinated on this one, I would have been happy to contribute a strap for this giveaway, if only to help promote you and this blog. Great giveaway.

    • MarkCarson

      Kris C Well I’m certainly not giving up either one of the 2 straps you made for me!!! Yeah, that is a great idea – watch and a new custom strap you make. Maybe when Ariel has another open giveaway slot we can do something like that. Maybe a Ka La watch with a Hawaiian Koa Wood dial next time and one of your bespoke and totally one of a kind straps.

      • Panagiotis

        MarkCarson Hawaiian words sound so cool!

        • MarkCarson

          Panagiotis But some are a mouthful. The state fish is Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (which is a small colorful & striped trigger fish). One of the main streets in Honolulu is Kalanianaole Highway. Or how about the state motto (which took me quite a while to memorize): Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono (the life of the land is perpetuated through righteousness).

  • jjrock

    I certainly will be buying watches from independents this year as I have done in the past. They seem to be built with love and with their buyers interests foremost in most instances. With so many options out there, I feel like the boutique brands, the independents, have the one time buyer and the collectors in mind when designing and building their timepieces. This is what I appreciate most from them. Although I’m not familiar with Mark Carson’s “Ka La” timepieces, now that I’ve seen the rose gold with the white dial I’m in love with it. This is a wonderful giveaway and thanks for a chance to win one… my fingers are crossed.

  • GregHall

    Like the disc style of this brand. As for my own purchases for this year, looking at a Magrette chronograph from NZ

  • htbishop

    I prefer the steel case without PVD/gold for this model.
    My watch buying plans this year are all established larger watch makers

  • pet.a

    I’ll buy a Sarpaneva Korona K0, when I can afford one. I would be lucky to do so in the next year. I hope it will still be in production when I get there.

  • nilsalb

    Personally, I think that watches from a large manufacturer will retain value longer. That’s what i’m going for

  • ilovesandwiches

    I like the independent watch companies because the casual watch fan don’t know anything about them.

  • jls8382

    There are a few independent watch companies that are on par if not better than a lot of the larger manufacturers. I’ve been looking at Ochs Und Junior and RGM although they are higher end still very small production.

  • eitan

    I would like to buy a watch from an independent maker on a fair price and that  Mark Carson watch looks really nice on my hand hope to have that  “KA LA ” love it

  • Yes, I do plan to buy 1 or maybe 2 watches from independent watch makers.  
    Their design it’s more bold, unique, vivid… not some result from a board of directors.    Mr. Mark Carson has managed to create an appealing Retro-Tiki design.     I’m daydreaming right now with a Ka La Classic Silver dial blue alligator strap…. and a Noni  juice!

  • craqus

    another great giveaway, thank you!  I do plan on buying at least one watch from a smaller independant company in the next year… or more, depending on how much innovation I see.

  • Omegaguy

    What a unique and awesome looking watch. Thanks again for another great give away. I love watches, and do plan on buying a watch from an independant company over the next year.  Just waiting for one to speak to me 😉

  • 1bigfish30

    I plan on buying a watch from one of the smaller independent watchmakers this year.

  • dayili

    i actually wasnt planning on buying any watches this year 🙁

  • NWP

    The “KA LA” timepiece is one beautiful watch and comes from a very beautiful part of this world. I do intend to buy a MKII watch either before the end of this year or as soon as Bill produces the model I want.

  • fbing

    I definitely plan on purchasing from an independent watchmaker this year.  From what I’ve seen from some of these independent companies, there seems to be more drive towards innovation and new styles.  The Ka La is no exception.  Its a beautiful watch with awesome design.  Hope I win!

  • ewingde

    I hadn’t even thought of buying a watch from an independent watchmaker until I saw this watch.  If I don’t win this I will definitely be looking at this company’s products.
    Looking forward to months end!

  • MariusPanaitescu

    I don’t plan to buy any new watch this year. I usually buy and restore vintage watches, but I really hope I win this one.

  • DanielCabalRamirez

    There’s been a lot of good watches coming from independent watchmakers this year, but I don’t think I’m getting one. Not for 2013, anyways…

  • BrianSchiele

    I like this watch!

  • br pk

    I have a plan buying an independent watchmakers watch  this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Speedcult13

    I would consider buying from a startup company, if the design and craftsmanship appeals to me

  • berniesiao

    Definitely.  I recently bought one from Indiegogo.

  • German L

    Unfortunately this year i will not be making any watch purchases due to financial difficulties.

  • watchmaker12

    I plan on buying watches from independent makers, fascinating to see different designs almost like avant garde art Dievas, Kobold and designing my own custom watch. But still open to classic vintage pieces.

  • BigNin

    I have just bought a watch , a Magrette, from an independent maker. I am planning on purchasing another watch this year, also likely from an independent brand. Not decided on which yet though.

  • wandimarco

    I am considering my second piece now and one of the brand that caught my attention is Linde Werdelin.
    Both Spidolite and Oktopus look very good. Still cant decide until now.

    • MarkCarson

      wandimarco I saw the Spidolite at BaselWorld a few months ago and fell in love with its intricate case. One of the owners was wearing a gold Spidolite (which I got to try on) and that one ‘knocked it out of the park’ for me.

      • wandimarco

        MarkCarson Seems like both of us caught by Spidolite 😀 
        I tried both Spidolite and Oktopus (both in blue color) at the AD here in Singapore, both look good on my wrist, both have their own beauty in terms of design. As for the price, Spidolite slightly more expensive, but when you look at the case, the price difference is totally justified.

  • j01270

    Yes, I do. In fact the last 5 watches I have purchased have been independent including 2 which were custom designs.

  • wfh47

    Definitely planning on buying my first mechanical watch this year, although I am still learning about all the independent makers out there (and this blog is certainly helping me further my knowledge).  Would love to win one of those Mark Carson’s!

  • jaydub_

    I would love to buy a watch from some smaller company.  I doubt finances would allow such an event, though!

  • Uncle Phil

    Interesting case design on the Mark Carson. I also like the face, it fit’s the feel of the case well. 
    I have a my next purchase planned from a small German manufacturer. After that…  tbd.

  • Jttuck

    I would love to buy a watch from an independent designer, but the likelihood of that happening this is is pretty slim.

  • falon

    I definitely support independents, but probably not buy a timepiece in the next year.

  • IanMcEwan

    Nice one, Mark Carson! I buy from independents regularly, when they have a track record and not otherwise. Next purchase – I have my eye on a GMT from a small but exceptional independent in the UK within the next 10 weeks or so.

  • everafter

    I like this watch.

  • lomarti

    I would like to buy from an independent watch maker but this year I am not buying, Just taking a break.

  • jbiss

    You guys always give away the most interesting watches.

  • Thanh Cong Truong

    i probably not buy a timepiece in this year

  • TerryN

    I plan on buying a few different watches this year. I am settling an estate which will give me an opportunity to satisfy my wrist disease and buy a new watch or two. The watch that is being given away this month is beautiful.

    • MarkCarson

      TerryN “wrist disease” – how funny. I have never heard of that one before. At least you know the cure.

  • jtfremont

    No plans on purchasing this year, but if the design appealed to me I’d consider purchasing one from an independent watch maker.

  • Andrej Grgic

    Wonderful timepiece You have here – a truly unique design!
    Buying from an independent watch maker – WHY NOT!
    Maurice de Mauriac springs to my mind…

  • nachiketayadav

    i don’t think i will buy watch this year

  • What a gorgeous watch! I like that it’s Hawaiian-made. I’d love to buy a new watch this year, and I’d definitely consider an independent watch maker over a larger brand.

  • Babookie

    Definitely a Magrette and I was looking at Ka La online and love em so was actually the number 2 on my wish list after getting the Magrette

  • LeoKoeken

    I am very interested in Christopher Ward as an independent brand, but this Mark Carson also attracted my attention now!! Different, but in a good way: I like it

  • RainMAN777

    I like the fresh look of the watch, nice way of using the 1/2 loops to connect the band and hide the lungs. I like had they using standard ETA movement and modifying. unlike other brands that just pop  a standard ETA movement and call it new watch.

  • FalconerInd

    It s quite a good looking watch and i wouldnt mind getting my hands on one. 
    I m planning on buying another watch this year (finances permiting) and it will most probably be from a smaller manufacturer, maybe steinhart has i m longing for a pilot watch right now

  • NoleenELT

    I don’t have any independent brand watches that I’m looking for right now, but I never know what I’ll become obsessed with next!

  • damdam

    I will definitely buy a independant brand watch as soon as possible. They need the support and put really much love and quality in every single part of the watch.
    It’s too bad many of them use quartz movements.

  • Fraher

    I would like to add a Speake-Marin to my collection over the next year or so,

  • Luckie

    I would love to buy a new watch from an independent maker but funds are limited this year.

  • imachucas

    Always prefer indie brands they offer the best bang for the buck , an yes i will buy a new watch this year from an independent wstch maker

  • Fraser Petrick

    I’d be too cool in my Ha-why-an shirt (undone to the navel, gold chains resting in a nest of rusty red chest hair, white capri pants (revealing my knee-replacement scar which I will pass  off as an old skiing injury), $800 flip-flops, all the while drinking from a hollowed-out pineapple and wearing a Carson watch. To top the image off : a fanny-pack (symmetrically centered) and polaroid flip-ups. Don Ho, where ever you are, eat your heart out.

  • doobygeek

    Would love to add a watch from an independent maker to the collection, but not a lot of them around here to actually see and try on, so probably won’t end up getting one this year.

  • Khuyngh

    Just bought a watch from indi company triwa and chr ward… Trying to find good quality watches that are not big companies give me more appreciation for the watch

    • Fraser Petrick

      Khuyngh Triwa and Christopher Ward are on my short-list of desirables. Do you like them?

  • blue_quartz

    Maybe a Stowa for me…

  • sitnstew

    I nice watch from an Independent maker is going to have to wait until next year when I finish med school and can afford it.

  • sdeyer

    Will always buy indy.  First nice watch was a Chr Ward Trident GMT.  Love the Prometheus brand and am thinking about getting the new sailfish.

  • PaulElam

    Very unique design of the Hawaii Ka La! I haven’t seen it – it’d be great to check one out in person.
    I am a big supporter of micro brand watches and have owned several: Bathys (another from Hawaii!), Halios, Helson, Benarus, Korsbek, Bali H’ai. It’s great to support the little guys. Plus the designs are usually pretty unique and get somenoticeon the wrist .

  • GabrielBB

    I am planning to buy new watches in the next months, especially from independent watch makers. I think that indie brands offer a very good quality, new look and new design and of course the price is affordable. Maybe a Boschett Harpoon, H20, Vostok Europe or Prometheus for me in the next months.
    I love the case of the Hawaii Ka LA watch. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  • SeanDJ

    Nice timepiece.  I especially like the silver.
    Wont be buying any indy watches this year.  Need to build some capital before I can start my collection.

  • tegart

    I probably won’t be able to afford to buy anything from an independent watchmaker this year, unfortunately.

  • SoonerTA

    Thanks again for the Great Giveaway!
    I have quite a few independent watch brands in my collection.  They offer great quality and design for a great price. 
    I do plan on buying from independent dealers this year.

  • ihatedavid

    Nice looking watch. Going to do a bit more research on the brand.

    I have been becoming more interested in the independents lately as  I find their design more original. Own a few now and will definitely buy more in the future.

    Thanks for the chance to win

  • largo_kent

    Will always buy indy.  First nice watch was a Chr Ward Trident GMT.  Love the Prometheus brand and am thinking about getting the new sailfish.

  • largo_kent

    First nice watch was a Chr Ward Trident GMT.  Love the Prometheus brand and am thinking about getting the new sailfish.

  • Cooldad11

    I have been looking at Independents for the past few months after researching for a new watch. I bought a Baume & Mercier this time, but plan to keep looking at independents for my next purchase.

  • Elannbe

    I’ve been wanting to get a unique watch for my husband this Christmas, so I’m shopping around, reading reviews.   Still not sure if I’ll buy from an independent, but maybe.  🙂   Stumbled across this blog in some searches.  Thanks for the giveaway!

  • jonesjs85

    I’ve loved the unique look of this watch since I first read about it in your earlier review of it. It was on my “list” but, seeing as I’ll only be getting a watch or two a year it was near the bottom of the list. Speaking of the “list” most of them are independent brands, most of which I heard of because of this blog. I hope to add either a Magrette, Halios, or one from any number of other brands in the following year.

  • turboscott

    I really like this watch.
    This year my watch purchase will be from a larger brand.
    But this watch is now on my list.  I normally don’t like gold tone but I like this one better in gold than in silver

  • msirinsky

    I love this watch…and have been looking at it for a while now.  I definitely plan to purchase my next watch from an independent watch maker…especially because there are people like Mark Carson and his team out there doing absolutely wonderful, and innovative things!

  • koningfelix

    If an independent watchmaker makes a really nice watch, I’d probably buy it. But I prefer larger brands.

  • jmjones29

    My purchases are based on what I like without regard for manufacturer!

  • DG Cayse

    Aloha nookie nookie…lovely and well made watch. Circles within circles in the eternal loop of life.
    Yes, I do plan on buying a piece from some independent maker. Quality levels have risen dramatically in the last several years. Feel quite comfortable with a purchase such as that.
    Good Luck & Cheers !

  • Jecopo

    I like it a lot. Good looking and more intesting than most in this price range.
    I am likely to buy an independent in the next year. I think there are some interestingnwatches coming from the smaller brands and I’m pleased to support the small guys..

  • cbruno

    Definitely purchasing from an independent this year — I’ve pre-ordered the forthcoming Magrette Tiki.  Strongly considering one of these, as well…

  • JoseCristian

    Yes, all the way w/ an independent this year. Ya’ll should check out the new NFW Timepiece coming in December.

  • nils444

    I will not buy any watches from independent watch makers in the next year.

  • Jimym3

    I may depends on the style and maker of the piece

  • SGStoned

    Strongly considering the Magrette Moko.

  • I`m on the market for a new watch and due to costs i`m looking to stay away from the larger brand name(s) whilst still having the feeling of a decent but different watch. Probably going to settle on the Zeppelin Hindenburg Automatic

  • Good!
    I like it a lot. Good looking and more intesting than most in this price range.

  • frankwhite

    I plan on buying watches from independent watch brands this year. A lot of the independent so-called boutique watch brands have many attractive models that represent some of the best values in the industry IMO.

  • rrinawat

    I would love to own a watch from sevenfriday, xetum, or  individual design…buying it on a student’s budget is a bit different though

  • winterwold

    I will probably be buying a halios watch later this year. Their tropik models are just great.

  • jbesson

    I like and support independent watch makers. Currently, larger brands seem to provide a better bang for the buck but I am open to any independent watch.

  • staplejj33

    I like independents.  I know Oris is huge now – and over a century old – but I like knowing they are still independent and making watches just for their fans.  Small is the way to go now, and let the people decide which become successful over the next century.

  • APAC07

    I might buy a Nixon watch later this year. However, I don’t know if I can afford a watch from independent watch makers like Vangarde cause of a student budget.

  • skeester1

    Very cool.  I like this design.  I only buy from Independents and Microbrands,  I have/ will purchase multiple watches this year.

  • Yvan Gaga

    Cool watch.  I’d like to purchase a watch from Xetum this year.

  • dp45

    Love the watch and the place it comes from.  Yes, I hope to buy from some more independents this year.

  • Ironman007

    This Mark Carson Individual Design Hawaii “Ka La” timepiece is looking very unique. I like that the centre part of the pointing hands are hidden from view by the disc which is the second hands. The blocked out view by the centre disc makes the face of the watch looks like a speedometer dial. I really like the black one with red straps, which features a red-black colour scheme as my Ventura W77 Ltd Edition. But having said that, It would be good if for a variety, I could win either the golden one or the silver one.
    For the next year, if funds permit, I would like to purchase a Type 46 from Furtive Division. That’s a watch designed by an individual and caught my eyes in terms of its ingenuity. It’s really limited so I hope there would still be one of the 46 to get when I am ready.
    Lastly, I hope to win this one. I have been participating but was never lucky. In fact, August is my birthday month. It would be a nice sweet surprise if I get to win this. May God have his favour on me this month. Thank you.

  • larsgrafik

    I do not plan any watch aquisitions the next couple of years, because I’m going back to school again. This leaves no financial room for watches, sadly. Otherwise I would definately get a seven friday P3 or maybe a Greg Stevens! But the Ka La oleases the eye too 😉

  • Jeffster

    I’m planning on a watch from an independent in the next TWO years, when I finish grad school!  Nothing in the next one year though.  Love these pieces here; I’ve never heard of Mark Carson before this.

  • Dharmik Mehta

    its an amazing watch  with one of the most beautiful design and finest quality strap

  • Peterhf13

    I have always wanted a brass watch, this is a watch I would purchase. I am eying a Graham, in the next 6 months.

  • dlawphotog

    just found this site and very impressed. definitely interested in acquiring watches from independent makers, hope to match style/design and budget within the next year. the ka la watch discussed here is very much something that caught my attention. love the variations in face, case finish and strap. i am fascinated by the seemingly endless variety of mechanical construction and finishing design.

  • trk

    Love the ancient design of the dial – looks like a sun clock.
    Large arch lugs give it more space design, like a solar eclipse.
    Will definitely buy Bulova Accutron Calibrator this Christmas.

  • vcarriereok

    I’m planning on buying a couple of watches this year. The Obris Morgan Branco in definitely on my list. Its mostly sub 600$ watches.

  • matt12

    I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a website. I have an obsession with watches, and I spend hours upon hours researching over the internet before I make a purchase.  I plan on buying another watch “for myself” by December of this year.  I often support the smaller, more independent watchmakers for 2 main reasons: 1) they are often of unique design 2) they often provide great value for the price.  This fantastic website is a great example of how ABTW enables people such as myself to learn about new watches & designs very effectively, and with great attention to detail.  This attention to the finer details is what I appreciate. Thank you for that!  And thank you for showing me another watch that I previously had not seen or heard of…the Mark Carson watch.  Fabulous design and details as well.  Great job on the watch…and great job on this website 🙂 Matt

  • llouie68

    I haven’t considered independent brands in the past, but I suppose if there is value I would consider it.  id for example has a Swiss ETA movement, a known commodity, and a very unique design at a reasonable price.  Those are my main criteria when I consider adding to my collection.

  • DoMo2117

    I am waiting for my Halios Tropik B and recently backed the Bradley from Eone. Really want a Schofield but that depends on how the rest of the year goes financially. This Ka La watch is pretty cool, especially the PVD with roman numerals and tan strap. I also appreciate the reasonable pricing though winning one would be clearly preferable. C’mon Watch Gods!

  • bigwig

    Interesting case design. Guess i’d have to see how those arched lugs look when its on my wrist.

  • migakol

    I will buy an independent watch for my next birthday (the next summer).

    I love the design of this watch.

  • Holker_01

    Very unique looking watch. I’m planning to buy a watch from independent watch maker next year if I manage to save the money. Maybe from the Finnish watch makers S.U.F Helsinki or Rajamäen kellotehdas.

  • Dan_N

    Even tough I sometimes find myself tempted to pull the trigger on a watch from an independent watch maker, I don`t have the nerve to do so… one day, maybe..

  • MikeTeng

    looks cool count me in

  • DavidRainey

    The Kala Classic Silver Dial in stainless is a very nice looking watch.  I could totally see myself wearing it.  Another independent watch company I would love to be able to buy from would be RGM Watch Co’s 801E.  I don’t see myself buying any watches in the near future unless I win the lotto.

  • Jozell

    It’s a beautiful timepiece, would love to win it.

  • MikeRB

    I’ve not heard of these before but I like the watch a lot, and would love to be the proud owner of one.

  • coryc

    That is a great looking watch! I am not specific on brands as much as I am style and quality. I actually am considering an independent watch currently. Hopefully this would be added to my very small collection as I am fairly new and looking to move up in level and quality!

  • jnyman09

    great watch.  love how you can customize it to your liking with different materials and such.  as for micro brands, most look wonderful but are too outside my comfort zone to buy.   the only one that i may end up buying before the end of the year would be some model from deep blue


    I do support independent watch makers mostly because they offer interesting designs and the Ka La is certainly a unique design. I do plan additional purchases from an independent maker this year.

  • thefortitude

    I do plan on purchasing a watch from an independent maker from my country as it boosts the domestic economy. Only if I can afford it though. Beautiful watch. I hope to win it for job interviews.

  • victorarmd

    I would like to buy a Flieger for a long time now but just can’t afford it for the time being. 
    Great job with the Ka La design!

  • Hussain_Ali

    As someone who doesnt own any luxury watches yet, I dont think I would buy a watch from an independent maker next year as i plan to have a watch brand with a big name first.

  • GZ

    Highly interested in buying watches from some independent brands this year! I have been considering picking up a Helson Skindiver or perhaps a Christopher Ward 38mm trident.

  • lukschwarz

    I love independent brands, I bought a john Isaac last year and I’m planning on buying more watches from small and/or independent brands. If only it was not so hard to discover them…

  • TT4419

    I love independent watch brands.  Going to buy the March L.a.b. JC1 banker or Archimede bronze pilot with ETA 2824 movement.  Alternatively the Oliver bronze diver watch look just as good.

  • petermuldrew
    I don’t own any independent brands but I have seen some indie production watches on watch-forums that I have liked the look of!

  • Redline2007

    Ariel – thank you for your continued effort on this site. I enjoy it a lot.
    The Mark Carson Ka La piece looks to be almost art-deco. I like it. I like to support the good independents as they push the envelope on design more often. I am looking to buy a J.S. Watch Company piece this year in Reykjavik Iceland if my travel schedule will allow it.

  • ilia

    Yes, I’ve been looking at Helson watches for a while and can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • kwanstep

    no plans to buy any watch of any description in the next year.  Hoping to win one from you guys though.

  • nstano

    I don’t have any plans set in stone, but I have been looking at NOMOS Glashutte and Frederique Constant. I’m leaning toward the NOMOS Ahoi.

  • CDN In London

    Great give away Ariel! I really like the dial on the Ka La timepiece. I’ve already bought two new watches this year. So, I’ve kind of hit my quota. Neither of them were from small independent companies. It’s too bad the Koa wood dial is not an option. It may need to my third purchase of the year. Quota be damned…

  • Data08

    Very interesting case design. Glad to see a boutique brand doing something different.

  • pdij

    A nice piece. I am always interested in independent watch makers – I like the look of Unity Watches and ahd thought about one of those this year….

  • brainwise

    I collect watches from years that mark specific milestones in my, or a family member’s, life. i do need a 2013 watch, so I have been looking at several independent watch makers for my next purchase. I must say, the “Ka La” would be perfect for this purpose.

  • Gaddiel

    I don’t have any plans…or the budget to buy anything from an independent watch maker. Though I still enjoy looking at models new and old. I was recently drooling over a piece by Roger Dubuis that I would need to sell a kidney or two to afford.

  • rlv

    Sure i have. My last 2 watches were from a brand that if not considered “independent watch maker” sure is still a small brand as far as world recognition. Christopher Ward. 
    That has opened my eyes to a lot of small brands that more then quality can offer a somewhat exclusive watch because of the small production. If the budget doesn’t allow me to get the high-end exclusive pieces, i’ll go for the independent and boutique watch brands.

  • jasontstong

    If it fits my needs and has nice design, then I would think about purchasing from an independent. However, I think it’s safer to be purchasing a watch from a larger brand first and then learning more about your own tastes and transition into smaller independent brands.

  • ZL

    When independent brands are competing with major brands at a similar price point, I will probably be more likely go for the larger brands. This is not because of the name on the dial, but many major brands have a certain refinement as well as established reputation. Also, I am probably just much more exposed to big brands and they just get in my head. Of course, independent brands are more unique and interesting than the other stuff you see all the time.  That’s a big selling point for me. For a unique, competitively priced, high value independent watch I fall in love with, I would have no hesitation.
    So will I be buying an independent watch in the next year? Probably not unless I come across one that sufficiently distracts me from my current obsession (a certain Hamilton).

  • alienfighter

    Of course I will buy any watches from independent watch makers, especially those with the unique, one-of-the-kind , and/or “rare” designs. I bought myself a ChronoTech Revolution because this reason, and of course an eye catching watches are always sought my attention. Not to mention, independent watch makers normally really easy on the wallet, without compromising the built quality and feel.
    But it will be much better if I win this Mark Carson Individual Design Hawaii “Ka La” timepiece, so that I can save my money to buy more watches 🙂

  • gshb

    not sure what qualifies as a big brand, but as a watch connoisseur i find it much more fascinating to see what smaller, independent makers have to offer. kind of similar to the world of wine, scotch, leather bag designers, etc. do i plan to buy my next watch from a small watch maker? absolutely. itll probably be at the end of the year and probably somewhere like hong kong. theres no mb&f boutique in nyc sadly…

  • Cmartin26

    I bought an XNY watch this year, which I believe to be a newer brand.  Certainly not high end as it was roughly $140.  I would like to learn more about other unique brands as they tend to set you apart a bit more … regardless of price.

  • temfyg

    no plan to buy any watch this coming year, big name or independent.

  • SarthakSharma

    A JLC Reverso will be my next purchase. Mainstream I know but it’s pretty much future proof.

  • Alex CBR

    Heh, it’s hard so say about buying from independent. It’s quite nice to support the little guys but I can’t think I would spend 1000$+ on a boutique brand…

  • mundo b

    Very cool design!
    I’m not sure that a watch purchase is in the cards this year, but I always consider independent makers when it’s time. So, I’m not “planning” to buy a watch from an independent maker, but you never know.

  • mr_blonde25

    I’m not sure whether I will be buying from an independent this year but am always looking out for new innovators

  • positivelynegative

    I would buy from independent manufacturers if the watch fits what I want out of a watch and has desirable visual aspects. But unfortunately with where I live in the south of New Zealand, it is hard to find out those sort of manufacturers outside of the internet. But that being said, if I find a watch in the next year or so that suits and is in my price range, it would be something I would probably buy.

    • MarkCarson

      positivelynegativeWhile it would still be an Internet sale (vice from a retailer), if
      you have a desire to support a local brand you could contact  Magrette. I
      don’t know if they have a showroom in Auckland or not. Then again I’d
      be happy to sell you a watch too!

      • positivelynegative

        MarkCarson positivelynegative Wow, those are impressive. If I wasn’t a relatively poor student, I would consider ordering one of them right now. I would be interested to know if they do have a showroom, event though I’m at the other end of the country (Dunedin,) just so I could stare at them…

  • captain99

    A Boschett will be my next purchase. Or maybe a Reactor Atom. Or maybe one of the Deep Blues!
    I have been involved in high end audio for many years. But the watch world is a rapidly growing passion for me. It is a beautiful hobby, lifestyle, and way of life!

  • Waltermaximus

    I’d love to buy from an independent but a watch is a Look & feel kind of product, and there are no retailers in my country that carry any brand of independent watcmakers

    • MarkCarson

      WaltermaximusWhile it would still be an Internet sale (vice from a retailer), if you have a desire to support a local brand you could contact  Magrette. I don’t know if they have a showroom in Auckland or not. Then again I’d be happy to sell you a watch too!

  • stkras1

    Great looking watch hope to win the contest. No I do not plan on buying any new watches from independent watchmakers anytime soon.

  • WirasatriaMdHusni

    Nice unique watch. Yup, I’m always on the lookout for solid watches regardless of the brand. I bought one from an independent watch company last year and look forward to their offerings again. Cheers and good luck to all.

  • olliesanderson

    Love this watch!
    Well, having read aBlogtoWatch for a while now, I’ve learnt all about what’s inside the watch, which – before I actually started to become passionate about watches – didn’t really concern me before. Now I would not even think of buying a watch purely going on aesthetics – I have to know what’s inside, and I have to know if that is a reliable mechanism, and one that I’m going to enjoy. 
    With this in mind, I think it is safe to say that I’d most definitely buy from independent brands in the next year, provided I knew everything about the watch I was looking to buy, and was happy with all aspects of the timepiece. 
    The beautiful thing about independent brands, is that, while those with a lot of cash to spend, but little to no knowledge or interest in watches or horology in general, buy their Rolexes, Cartiers and Pateks, because of the price tag, you can have on something that sometimes costs just a fraction of the price, but know you’ve got on an incredibly solid and beautiful watch, that’s almost, or just as ‘good’ as some of these watches. Also, I enjoy how unique you can feel wearing a timepiece from an independent brand – I see so many Tissots, Tags, Rolexes etc. around (not to say I don’t love some of these watches), it is so nice to know you’re wearing something different.
    Sorry for waffling haha!

  • Ryan B

    I will be buying from an independent watch maker but not within the next year, gathering the $$  to make it happen is a long process for me. I’d say within about two or 3 years from now I will have the funds to acquire my first grail watch.

  • TheNewMatthew

    I’ll probably buy an Oris watch next October as a birthday present to myself. I actually really liked the Ka La watch when I read your review, so I’m excited for this month’s giveaway.

  • mimiju

    I am extremely intrigued by the design and the story behind these watches, and would definitely love to win one! As a big supporter of independant watchmaking, I wish all the best for Mr. Carson and his small company! 🙂

  • Snoprojman

    I would say independent all the way! They have great variety and it’s awesome to support people instead of corporations. Another great giveaway ABTW

  • garneau565

    I will be buying from an independent watch maker but not within the next year, gathering the money to make it happen is a long process for me. I’d say within about two or 3 years from now I will have the funds to acquire my first grail watch.

  • whythehack

    Im having difficulty distinguishing who is independent, and who is not ? Also, does it really matter. The quality is far more important to me that anything. So if a good movement is used with great finishing and workmanship, then YEAH independent it is !!

  • nmcan1306

    Great looking watch hope to win the contest. I have a plan buy a dive watch of independent watch maker in this year (not decided which name yet)

  • davemsmith

    Really unique watch, I’d love to have one in my box.  Consider me entered.  Money’s tight, so while I would like to buy from an independent maker this year, I won’t be.  Or from any other maker for that matter.

  • TheeMime13

    I Do Not Plan On Buying Any Watches From Any Independant Watch Makers.I Really Like That Watch And How Different It Is From Any Watch I’ve Seen Lately.

  • KumarMt

    i love every watch  i saw from ABTW…

  • cableman

    I do plan on buying a time piece from an independent watch maker, I already selected a couple of pieces and like the idea of supporting smaller businesses.

  • SparkyEOT

    Most definitely. Have on inbound, in fact!

  • joel f

    A gorgeous watch, with a lot of clever 3-D effects going on.  I just got a watch from an independent – Lum-Tec – so I probably won’t be buying another this year.  But I’d love to WIN this one!

  • azrml

    Neat looking watch!

  • noahj

    A watch made in Hawaii… now that’s interesting.

  • GaryGrumble

    Probably not buying from independents this year.

  • arikkal

    not this year

  • thedonn007

    I may be purchasing a timepiece from Lum-tec within the next year.

  • MathieuRobert

    No, but I have 2 on my wishlist : this one ( which is since it was in pre-production ) and JS Watch – Islandus 1919 ( which had a publicity banner on this website )

  • kungfulambchops

    No plans to buy this year, but that might change if I were ever face-to-face with a Xetum.

  • leokhan

    i am not planning to buy independent watches this year, maybe in years it will be possible for me. as of right now no

  • claesea

    A gorgeous watch by an independent watchmaker. I am in the market for my first ‘real’ watch; my repertoire consists of quartz Casios. I would like my watch to be something from an independent watchmaker since they are breathing new life to the industry.

  • liu3wood

    I am planing buy Frederique Constant Slim Line Black Sunray Mens Watch FC-220NG4S6 next year.

  • zlabbit

    I like the look of the Shinola Runwell and will probably be purchasing one later this year.  Though I’m also strongly considering a splurge on the Nomos.

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  • roblloyd23

    I’m going to pick up a Christopher Ward to celebrate the birth of my first child and my completion of my first degree.

  • sub2013

    I looking at purchasing watch from Wilson Watches Works in the next 10-months.

  • M0m0

    I am probably not planning on buying any watches from independent brands this year, unless I see one that really catches my eye.

  • I had not considered small makers until I saw the huge selection available through your blog.Yes I would consider an artisinal timepiece.

  • Oklahomaultrarunning

    Mark Carson built a nice watch, but I’m so new to watches, I’m sure I can’t fully appreciate the craftsmanship , but the visual appeal is evident. I would like to become better educated on independent watchmakers, and the choices before i select a purchase .

  • mule_variant

    I’m looking at a Helson 40mm diver later this year. Maybe a Shinola. The Ka La is a neat looking piece!

  • nuschk

    I’m still hoping for Steinhart to release something akin to their (not publicly available) Black Sea watch. Yes, I would definitely buy it.

  • arzmerchant

    I am planning to buy one  good watch this year. but I am not sure what will be the choice. some independent watch makes have impressed me through this blog. so will consider them before I do my SHOPING.

  • Vhough

    Most of the independent watch makers I know trough this blog. I have seen a few pieces that caught my attention. But I am not sure if I’m going to buy a watch from an independent brand this year, maybe next year.

  • Lesthepom

    I do like the look of Marks watches and would love to get a watch from an independent but I have a small wrist and I like to try watches on and the small we don’t have the smaller brands represented in the watch shops locally so it would be a bit of a gamble purchasing one blind from the Internet I may have a go at purchasing some thing from the Internet may be even one of Marks if I don’t Winn this one
    Thanks ABTW and Mark Carson for giving us the chance of getting one of these good looking watches for free

    • MarkCarson

      LesthepomYes, size ia a completely valid concern. There is a link to a PDF (so you can print actual size) which may help you decide if it is too large for your wrist.

  • pswillner

    I really like the unique shape of the lugs. I appreciate the attention that went into the case design.

  • Dan Baxter

    A unique look, which really sets this off from non-indie brands.  I believe I’m done buying watches this year, independent or otherwise.  Blew my budget earlier in the year.  That being said, things could always change.

  • JayPr

    I am interested in buying watches from independent watch makers if the design and features are appealing but it also depends on whether I can afford it.

  • mktcrasher

    I already own a Lum-tec which is probably considered an independent watch maker by some definition.  Really like the watch and enjoyed the Lum-tec 300M review that was on ABlogToWatch recently.  So it is a possiby I would grab another one from them.  Also, this site opens my eyes to watches I have never heard of which may pique my interest and cause me to buy something I wouldn’t have known or considered before.

  • tau_q

    I do not intend to buy a watch from an independent watch maker. I do not intend to bay any watch in the next year.
    But if this comes as a gift, I will humble accepted !
    Thank you !

  • Nicja

    I have been interested in a Jordi Swiss Icon. Maybe I will pull the trigger in a couple of months. Also I already own a U-boat, I don’t know if it is considered an independent or small brand but I like their designs.
    Thank you!

  • Bodensee

    Am considering an Alpina/Frederique Constant watch.

  • dave1971

    While I don’t have a definite plan to buy one, I keep a list of potential purchases and add to it when one catches my eye. Your review of the Rotary Jura made it to the list which is a small independent manufacturer. Very nice watch & I do tend to like something a little unique and different.

  • doxa111

    I must say I do really like the design of the watch.  Even better it has a solid movement as well. I’m always on the lookout for watches. I’m currently debating  between the automatic vs manual wind models of the NOMOS watches. I would really like to add this one.

  • somethingnottaken

    A rose gold plated watch would fill a hole in my collection.

  • wbilly

    I buy almost all my watches from independents – just waiting for the right one this year.

  • AwsmSpaceMonkey

    I might pick another one up from Christopher Ward this year.

  • syl89via

    I really want to have a watch made by an independent watchmaker, but I’m not sure if I’ll buy one… But maybe someday.. 🙂

  • MatthewHofbauer

    I’m interested, but not in a financial position to do so at the moment, so no. Hopefully that will chance.

  • litlmn

    Most of my watch purchases are primarily from independent watch makers, and I plan to buy a couple more this year as well.

  • DaTruth52

    I am planning on it at some point when I can save up the funds, but as of right now, it’s probably far down the road.

  • mesa13

    Trying out my luck : )

  • DrGonzo47

    i have bought 2 debaufre and a steinhart in the last two months im hooked the debaufre 42mm ocean 1 is amazing and the 47mm pilot what a f…n monster, and to Ariel keep up the good work your a legend,also looking to buy a mark 2 but hard to get also very keen on the shinola  anyway you cant have too many watches

  • othello_37

    That is a beautiful watch. As for independent watch makers I absolutely plan to purchase one if the price is right, one of the best being Octopi AviatorSS, check it out.

  • Avvocot

    A beautiful effort at a reasonable price. I’m looking at 2 independents whose watches I plan on buying this year and probably an Aatos Tiago.

  • jcarmack

    Beautiful watches, would love to add one of these to my slowly growing collection.  It would seem that I’ve developed a passion for well crafted, elegant and sophisticated watches.

  • mohammedzoh3

    Very cool and an exotic watch. I may buy a watch from frederique constant because it fits my budget.

  • fearlessleader

    Aloha.  A very nice looking watch.   Yes, independent watch makers are the way to go…  ok, or vintage.

  • kasunkt

    Very nice watch Elegant yet chic

  • twilighthobbit

    Love the watch design and very much love the name that represent beauty and strength. I would show off that watch everywhere and did not plan on buying from independent watch maker this year,
    Aloha from Los Angeles.

  • Vicerex

    An absolutely beautiful watch, would love to have it in my wearing rotation of mostly vintage and divers. Certainly would “class it up” on a grand scale! I have been searching independent makers but am so afraid of getting a “fly by night” maker.

  • KirillGorbenko

    Interesting watch. I plan to buy in the next year to watch GAF44 BLACK

  • azy12

    Been eyeing the SevenFridays, just have pulled the trigger so far.

  • larrybarry

    I don’t tend to buy watches from smaller independent brands too often. I have a limited spending budget for my timepieces, so I tend to keep 1-2 larger name Swiss pieces around, 1-2 well known, but less expensive Swiss pieces, and the occasional Japanese or Chinese movement. Because I tend to trade in my watches after I’ve enjoyed them (I’ll even go back to them later if I miss it) that makes the independent brands a slight turn off to me. If there’s a nice watch from them with a great movement, and I happen to have the money to spare on it. Sure I’d consider buying it. Though I tend to stay away from trendy colors and styles. There really isn’t a yes or no answer to the question, too many variables to count upon.

  • thetraveler

    I don’t plan to buy watches from independent watch makers in the next year.

  • RaoMak1

    Living on a low budget in a country whose currency exchange for a dollar is more than 100 times, obviously it becomes hard to purchase the original watches. I have been purchasing and enjoying the copies for a long time and longing to one day own or buy an original without devastating my budget. Though I have inherited an original westendwatch company’s Swan from my grandfather and love it.

  • ThomasJE

    I have bought watches from independant watch makers in the past and I plan on doing so in the future.
    I believe it’s a great way: 
    A) to help passionate people follow their dream of making high quality watches
    B)  to own a time piece that will be different, rarer, and more special that what you see everyday
    . Love the case & dial design on this Mark Carson.

  • robertdomarkas

    I plan on buying watching watches from independent watch makers next year, because of several reasons. First of all, some (NOT MOST) watch makers can take bigger risks with their designs and at the end of the day they can end up creating more unique pieces. The fact is that there are a lot of engineers and designers working at more established watch companies (not going to name any names) and the fact is that these guys would love to start being more creative and work on something more remarkable, but the fact is that that the management is not willing to take any risks. Flooding the marketplace with same designs is the path of least resistance and this is the path that more established watch companies end up taking.
    Now, I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. I love classic designs and watches that have changed very little over the decades, but I would love to see big watch companies making bolder moves in innovation. IMHO this is why independent watch makers are great. Their hands are not tied in bureaucracy, they can innovate and this is why some of these independent watch makes make some truly great pieces and this is why my next watch will come from an independent watch retailer.

  • doxiedad06

    Lovely watch. Would be great in my collection

  • BAW220

    Great looking watches.  As of now, I do not plan to buy any watches from independent makers in the next year.

  • That’s a good looking watch…especially the rose gold version!!
    I usually do not plan to buy a watch…I buy if it catches my eyes!! Having said, I am becoming more interested in the independent watch makers because the Chinese copier don’t copy their models!!

  • bleenhe1

    I do not plan to buy from any independent watch makers this year, unless some of the budget opens up unexpectedly, then game on!

  • andrema0710

    A beautiful effort at a reasonable price. I’m looking at 2 independents whose watches I plan on buying this year and probably an Aatos Tiago.

  • GraymanStole

    It is a very interesting design. Not sure exactly how I feel about it yet, but if it’s on my wrist I’ll have plenty of time to study it and form a more solid opinion. As for purchasing, I would love to buy from an independent maker this year, but furloughs and other obligations must come first.

  • MarkCarson

    GraymanStoleBelow is a link to a PDF (so you can print actual size) which may
    help you see how it looks on your wrist (but only in 2D of course). Are a U.S. Government employee currently being subjected to furlough days? I have a lot of friends in that situation. If that includes you, send me an email and I will quote you a special price in appreciation for your service and current situation.

  • GraymanStole

    MarkCarson GraymanStole Thank you for the PDF, I do appreciate it. I am a government employee, and I do thank you for the offer. I think my wife would probably kill me if I bought a new watch right now though. Still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I might win one.

  • msirinsky

    This is a truly fabulous watch.  In reference to some other earlier comments about size, I’m a pretty thin guy and a bit on the short side…but after trying it on, the watch looks quite nice on my wrist.  It has a presence to be sure, but it isn’t completely overpowering.  A great design!

  • EricHK

    Very unique and interesting piece. If budget permits I do plan on buying from an independent watchmaker in the next year.

  • Stitches

    Such a unique and beautiful watch. I like the lug design.

  • saxychef

    Very cool watch.  I love independent watch makers and the uniqueness of their products.  I plan on buying from one as my next purchase.

  • Esox Lucius

    I plan on buying watches from independent watch makers next year, because of several reasons. First I’m on a budget and independant watch makers offer their watches often for a reasonable price, to compete with other brands. Second I’m always searching for stuff that nobody knows. I like it when people ask “Wow what is that?”

  • BrandonPearce

    I always love reading this website. I probably have a snowball’s chance in hell but hey no harm in trying.I am not sure I will purchase from an independent watch maker cause I am relatively broke.I love watches and am always looking unique pieces to add to my collection which I am just now starting.

  • Dharmik Mehta

    i would love to win this

  • EranR

    Cool watch, this. Personally i definitely intend to look more into independent watches, vs. big brands. Recently bought an Alexander Shorokhoff – great value for a unique watch (manual Poljot movement inside and fantastic dial design) – that is the sort of things i’ll be looking for in indie watches, which i hardly expect to find in any affordable piece from a big brand.

  • DonavanRatnasingam

    A big hello to everyone and to the Author’s of, I am quite new to this blog but I am definitely not new to watches, I have been a fan and my passion for watches grew even more after subscribing to this website and its subsidiary YouTube channel. As for my plans for a watch from an independent watchmaker, I would like to say after reading the review on the Schofield Signalman, I immediately was a fan, I love how its English roots is captured in a beautiful lighthouse inspired design and the overall look of it. It is certainly a watch for me this coming year, another watch that I have recently had my eyes on is the Linde-Werdelin SpidoLite II TItanium Gold, I shall not say more about that due to it being slightly on the pricey side, but if I had to say one thing about it, the way it is skeletonized is certainly one of the main selling point for me. Finally, why I decided to comment on this giveaway, why a sudden spark in interest for Mark Carson? It is after reading where Mark Carson designed and make his watches; the tropical island paradise of Hawaii. That to me started everything because being a watch aficionado who used to stay in a tropical Island off the coast of Malaysia called Langkawi, it makes me feel that this Swiss watch is really one of a kind and it was as simple as that. Of course, I haven’t started on why the design immediately attracted me, but I don’t want to write an essay although this is pretty much an essay already :). Thank you Ariel Adams and his team from and Mark Carson for providing us enthusiasts for this great opportunity.


  • Wagawa

    This watch is awesome. As far as independent brands, I’d love to get a RGM, or a watch from Bozeman Watch Company as I grew up there and love the style of their “Schofield” model. But most likely the next watch I get is going to be the more attainable Frederique Constant as I don’t make enough during my residency program

  • yweic

    Very elegant watch, I love the simplistic look and feel of it with a great sense of elegance.
    Absolutely yes,   I love independent watch makers and the uniqueness of their products.  I’m definitely planning on buying from one as my next watch.

  • couldnthaveknown

    Interesting looking watch
    To be honest, I am not a true watch collector. I love the idea of having just one watch that can go with me where ever I go. Having said that, uniqueness is a very attractive quality. In terms of independents, I have been looking forward to buying a vdb piece in the next half year or so.

  • gojiB

    yes! considering dmh actually. possibly ehf..

  • Shawnnny

    I really can’t answer that question. I buy one good watch a year. I usually spend a couple of months deciding on what I want. But, I definetly would have no problem buying a watch from an independent maker. In fact this particular watch is beautiful. And, once I win it, I’ll wear it with pride.

  • BryantLai

    want to, but no money

  • Khur

    Im a huge fan of independent watchmakers but I can’t justify the price on these…
    They seem rather overpriced?? 
    Man…I’m sure people will disagree and even hate my comment but please understand this is just my opinion.
    And what makes is worse is that I can’t even express what it is that I don’t really like about it.
    Arched lugs with the strap sticking out of nowhere?
    Polished crown on a brushed case that looks…I dont know..
    I think the entire watch would look better if the crown was either at the 12 or the 6 and even compliment the arched lugs.

    Either way, much respect still to Mr. Mark Carson for being able to do what I wish to be doing one day.

  • MarkCarson

    Khur No problem. I knew it would be a polarizing design when I first sketched it out. Cheers.

  • lonegoose

    This is an interesting watch, and while it would never make the “every day” list, I would love to bust it out for the curiosity it would arouse in others….
    Hard to say if I “plan” to buy an independent watchmaker product in the next 12 months.  I buy 1-2 watches a year,  usually because there is something within their design or functions that I find inspiring or just useful.  To be honest, a reputation for quality is the most important thing….

  • BogdanPetrache

    That is an interesting design. I really like independant makers, my all time favorite is Nivrel (German)

  • jtritlla

    Really nice watch with an interesting design. I wonder how it will look on my wrist. Looking for watches, I was thinking about buying a Laco (Germany) watch at the end of this year.. a kind of auto-gift for my 50th birthday!!

  • ASUTAX91

    I love the design! The dial is very interesting I would love to see it in person to see how it looks on my wrist! I’m not sure if this counts as an independent watch maker but I am considering purchasing a Titanic DNA Watch in the next few months. I have just gotten into watches as I recently graduated college and am entering the professional world!

  • LuisAmaroLopez

    on black its best

  • FredfromSwitzerland

    Wow, these look quite cool! I like independent watchmakers. So far, I own only one watch from an indie watchmaker, but its awesome and I like it a lot. Its from Gilbert (JS Watch Co.), a brilliant guy in Reykjavik who just happens to be very good at making watches on top of being a great fisherman as well. I might really well purchase more watches from him in the future, as I’m very likely to return to Iceland shortly and will certainly stop by his shop and say hello.

  • JuanTrujillo

    I’m planning on buying the AGENT smart watch once it comes out for sale.

  • Yvan Gaga

    I’m planning on buying a XETUM.

  • bluewatchblues

    I haven’t been very interested in independent watches in the past, but some of them do look interesting. If something peaks my interesting I might go for one. These watches look very cool though.

  • mcv1973a

    It’s a very polarizing design, judging from most comments so far. You either love it or hate it. I rather like it, and I am always on the lookout for new designs. Let’s be honest… if I wanted a watch that looked like everyone else’s, I’d buy something from a big box store.
    I only recently purchased a Hexa K500 this spring, and while I love it as a excellent quality dive tool, it’s not the dressiest watch to wear for a night out or work functions. Mr Carson, as someone else commented, you are to be commended for doing what most of us only dream of. And even though only one of us can win this watch, I wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors!

  • Psycho4watches

    I plan on buying a watch from an independent watch maker this year, specifically I am looking at the Boschett Cave Dweller and Harpoon.

  • kq

    I definitively would support a small, innovative brand, if I just can afford it 🙂

  • RaghunathanKrishnan

    My first visit to your blog. Looks like a nice place to be. I love watches but as of today can only afford the ones below $ 1,000. I believe there is a lot of quality among smaller and independent brands which takes some looking. Its like the best plots most times come from small independent film makers. I do wish Mark Carson loads of luck on his watch brand.

  • the8thbit

    I’m currently in the market for my first luxury watch which has brought me here. I can’t thank you enough for the great wealth of knowledge that you’ve imparted on me and the rest of your readers as I know that I’ve personally become much more interested in watches since learning of your blog. At first I thought I’d end up going for the typical Omega Seamaster or Rolex Submariner as a first, but I’ve since come to realize the value in independent watchmakers and would be honored to display the Mark Carson name on my wrist to promote his great work and the added value that independent watchmakers bring to the market.

  • mikeymusic

    This a great time to be interested in affordable(relatively!) and innovative watches. Small start-ups and existing independent watch makers are outdoing themselves in offering products that I have to say “I want!”. This blog is a crucial component in my determination of my next Watch.
    People ask “What is your favorite Watch?”
    My reply is “My next One!”

  • Phil Muller

    Will be buying from a non larger shop – time line is defined by other life journeys..

  • captaina16

    Pretty cool looking watch. If a wild enough independent maker provides irresistable new design I would buy if funds are available

  • Tarheelvolvo

    Very cool looking watch! I’m always after a unique design 🙂 I definitely plan on purchasing in the next year. In fact, I have my eyes on a nice watch I might have to pickup this weekend!

  • springerrob

    I love the Koa wood model. I am watch shopping as I type and wish there was a place local to view Ka La watches. Next time I am in Hawaii I will have to come by and see them. Buy myself a Koa wood watch black on a black strap.

  • Scoottss

    hi , i am going to purchase the Bradley timepiece this month and most probably WC sports from Wave collection next month.

  • basnobua

    I like independents, but Mark Carson hasn’t been on my radar, its a good looking watch, and it seems to be built to a fairly high spec for the price point, but it would most likely not be near the top of my watch wish list . I would say it is pretty likely that I will buy at least one watch from an independent in the next year, but only on the more affordable end of the watch pricing spectrum. Of particular interest are the Techne Sparrowhawk I and the  Magrette Regatarre Chronograph, but I will first have to reconcile my fear of Seagull movements with their $500 pricetags.

  • JeffJenkins

    Nice looking watch. I do plan to buy a watch from an independent watch maker in the coming year. About 80% of my watches are acquired this way.

  • rawdesignhouse

    I don’t plan to purchase any watches in the coming year. However, perhaps two to three years from now I will buy my first “luxury” watch after saving up. Though I have fallen in love with the likes of Hublot, Audemans Piguet, and Breitling…I’m sure I’ll be going with a more budget-friendly maker, as my funds will likely never allow for the aforementioned brands.

  • ArielPino

    This is my firs post in your blog, the watch is nice, but out of my budget for the moment, for the same reason i don’t plan to buy  for now watches from independent watch makers, maybe I will buy a Seiko Monster in a couple of months

  • Jatlifefyre

    Maybe a Magrette

  • mattspierce

    I’ve been very interested in American boutique watch makers.  If I had the money I would prefer to buy a watch designed and made here in the USA.

  • Eyfz

    I must admit that I have seen some beautiful timepieces recently that was designed by independent watchmakers, but in my case I still prefer the leading brands in the market….

  • droo

    As I promised, I went to Individual Design website, to know more about Mark Carson’s work. Interesting visit indeed, everyone shoud go there once… The concept is one design with multiple variations. Looking closely, the case iis unique in watch history, bizarrely feminine because of the streamlines and futuristic and masculine since it is a big watch (I wonder why there is not a lady model as far as the case is involved). The dial design has been designed multiple times with and without numerals, my favorite remains the KaLa classic black dial but I have to admit that the silver dial is really a success of elegance and readability (I don’t own more than 1% of white and silver dials in my collection). I discovered the PVD case giving the watch a hi tech llook, I did not expect this option on the Carson’s line (I don’t know why) but the black PVD case with black dial instantly became my favorite.  Last point to mention, there is a wooden dial watch that is really really great, To end  this too long comment, the price is not cheap but the watch line is different to what you normally see on the marketplace and the manufacturing quality looks high (difficult to see on pictures), so the quality-price ration seems really positive here. The only thing I would avoid (yes there is one) is to mention “Swiss Movement” on the dial, it must be for basic marketing reason, I would prefer “Made in Hawaii” all the surfers in the world would buy it 🙂

  • BillyC

    If these independent brands offer value for money and
    interesting designs, then I might consider purchasing their watches. By and
    large, those independent brands whose watches interest me are priced beyond my financial

  • jmsherer21

    The “Ka La” looks very interesting I like it very much.  Sort of the Chrysler building go to Hawaii.  I do not have any immediate plans to buy a time piece from an independent brand.  However, I will keep my eyes open and read this blog and see if anything really appeals to me!

  • msirinsky

    Lots of people have commented on the look of the watch..especially in regards to the lugs and dial.  The elipsis in the case, and the dial..particularly the Roman numeral version,  remind me of an orrey.  Definitely an astronomical feel for me, as well as a nice blending of old form and new contemporary looks/details.

  • Abner 05

    I have been a fan of independent watch manufacturers. They represent the old values of watch making. Attention to detail and passion for individuality. Having said that I plan to buy the magrette regattare this year. It is not only beautiful and masculine, it represents value for money. Truly kiwi in ideals! This particular watch on giveaway is a beautiful unique piece. I would happily happily accept it!


    I like the designs of the individual-smaller watch makers.  It seems as thought the larger-older houses are re-releasing designs that have been out for years.  If I find something interesting enough and that I like I will certainly buy from an independent watch maker.

  • Gianko

    maybe this time I’m the lucky one to win this great Ka La watch !
    all the best

  • delaroya

    i just stumbled on this website today and by god I was flabbergasted on the number of independent watch makers i was not familiar with.  Living and working Dubai were big and luxurious watches are available anywhere, some of them are too pricey while the others are just too common.  I definitely would be purchasing a watch as a gift to myself on my birthday, I’m really interested in Seven Friday and Chris Ward watches then I bumped into this post.  Mark Carson’s Ka La series is one of those simple yet unique watch design, this will look good as a dress watch.  The blue on white detail is stunning, i’m already searching if they have a distributor here in UAE as I can’t wait to get my hands on this watch.

  • juliennnnnnn

    I don’t think I will buy a watch from an independent watch maker in the next year. In 2 or 3 years, yes probably, but not before.

  • hoffy

    I love smaller independent watch companies. I feel like you get so much more from them since they are mostly unproven and want to go above and beyond what major brands normally do for their customers. Not to mention that most that I have dealt with you end up talking with the owner if you have problems. I WILL be getting a watch from Prometheus for their upcoming “Sailfish” model. I am checking my email every hour so I can finally pay for the rest of my pre-order. So yes, I will be buying a watch from an independent company very soon!

  • slcbbrown

    These watches are interesting looking.  I had not heard of Ka La prior to seeing them in this blog–  thanks.  I recently picked up a Wilson Watch Works watch that uses a favorite movement (Unitas 6498/7).  I like a variety of watch options, so look for less expensive, interesting watches to go with the pricier ones.  I used to be able to claim GP and ML as independents, but that doesn’t work anymore.
    I’ll probably buy at least one watch from an independent during the next 12 months.

  • placibel

    Mark Carson watches are unique,stunning and with a very evergreen looks,pricewise they are quite resonable.I would prefer to buy watches from independent watch companies,who can focus more on individuality,quality and value for money,though i’m a big fan of Rolex,Omega,Breguet,Vacheron Constantin,but sadly they do comand astronomical prices,which very few can afford.

  • European_Bass

    Unique watch! Would look great wearing it on the stage 🙂

  • delaroyaI don’t have a distributor in the UAE at this point. But I can ship directly to you via UPS, FedEx, etc. In case you are not the winner of this ‘Giveaway’  contest, I will start a special (watch plus extras) starting the first of September that might interest you. Keep reading aBlogToWatch and my Facebook page for more information on this upcoming special. Cheers.

  • jalico

    As a young university student, I have made it a goal for myself to set aside money as a future investment in purchasing my first true watch. I have been saving up for almost 3 years. I would consider my dream watch to be the OPUS 7 Harry Winston designed in partnership with one of my favourite designers Andreas Strehler. It may not be this year, but I hope to one day have the opportunity one of his beautifully crafted timepieces!

  • RHF

    Not within the next year but definitely will purchase one from an independent.

  • AnthonyKearney

    Nice watch with a unique design.  
    It is unlikely that I will be purchasing an independent watch this year but I certainly have my eye on one or two for the future

  • MerijnMommers

    Looks pretty cool!

  • Sunnymay

    This is a unique watch and especially love the rose gold around the perimeter.  It makes a bold statement that will draws compliments and good comments.

  • Shaney

    Wow that watch looks good! I’ve been trying to find a cheaper swiss made watch when i bumped into the Steinhart ocean 2. Beautiful in the back or white colour-way.

  • andrewmsalisbury

    What a good looking timepiece. At this time I don’t have plans to get a watch from any independent watchmakers.

  • CBM

    I plan on getting a high end watch in the next 6 months, my birthday. I’m not sure if it will be from an independent manufacturer or a larger “more established” company. Independent reviews help, but there are not many long term reviews on smaller manufacturers.

  • gabogdl

    i would like to win, love the details in blue.
    Im planning maybe in buy from a indenpendent watch maker because usually they offer even more over other brands.
    I mean they use better movements in cheap watches normally

  • Kwasi Fredua

    I think Independent watch makers represent a niche market which is very appealing to those who are against elitist ideals plus i find they are usually unique and more adventurous in trying out new stuff. I will certainly not mind buying a watch from an independent watch maker like Ka la sometime next year.

  • Patmore83

    I have purchased in the past, have just purchased a new watch and plan to purchase more watches from inderpendant watch makers. The good ones represent great value and excellent workmanship while also presenting some fresh design ideas. Plus you’re not wearing just another TAG et al.

  • rustyrussell

    Most of my watches are big brand names though I hope to be able to get an independent watch within the next year, as I like to support a varied marketplace.

  • peetee3

    I love the independent watch makers.  They are my bread and butter of my collection.  Would I love to own the latest GP Constant Escapement L.M, why yes I would!  Could someone lend me half a million please?  No, Im already on the waiting list for a new Shinola and am glad the ind. craftsmen are out there for colectors who have a taste for craftmanship AND a budget.

  • nealdives

    Nice to see more independent watch companies. More variety the better.

  • yingyug

    I love the variety that independent watch makers buy. New designs are always welcome in addition to classics. However, I will probably to sticking to mainstream brands to save up for the future.

  • ulfkdn

    I would have preferred a watch made by an independent watch maker when I received my Tissot Ballade watch from my wife, now some 12 years ago.  It’s now worn out and it would cost more to fix than buying a new watch.  I’m now retired and able to purchase a more expensive watch and are contemplating to finally make my “indecent watch maker move”.  I do enjoy your site, with all the various types of watches and the fact you also have pictures, videos and written reviews.  It is also helpful to have reviews on old models dating back some time to compare and see the makers developments and continued ratings.  Thanks.

  • darkmoon_95018

    The independent option is enticing, but i find that larger companies maintain similar quality levels vs. price. If quality movement and unique design can still be combined with value then either is an option for me.

  • peetee3 I’m with you on the GP Constant Escapement. I got to see it up close at BaselWorld 2013 and it is a visual treat to watch. A more interesting wrist show than a tourbillon IMO. Totally hi-tech and just a great and novel solution to an age old problem. And you don’t need a full million for one of these beauties, but they are still 6 figures. Cheers.

  • TimeLord57

    Let’s face it, the majority of luxury brand watches depend on the same ebauches like ETA for the guts of their watch. Basically TAG Heuer, Cartier, CHANEL, Versace, Chopard, IWC, Omega, Oris, Tissot differ because of the name stamped on the dial. YOU ARE PAYING $$$ FOR A NAME! (The list of companies that rely on someone else to build the heart of the watch is BIG.) I own a Sea Dragon made by Mike Padgett and Don Ingalls, out of Georgia. It has a 25j movement from ETA but at least it is assembled in the good old US of A. Although Rolex is a manufacturer, only the Tudor line breaks away from the tired Oyster design. I know people with Rolex imitations that could fool a watch maker, but why bother?  
    I want to buy American, so I have been looking at some boutique watches like Shinola, d. Freemont, or Bernhardt. Their designs are clean and attractive. BE different don’t buy a watch because it appeals to the masses or people will think you have money,  buy from an independent watch maker and celebrate your difference.

  • DanFrost

    I love independent watch makers for my collection. The can be very creative, beautiful, and unique. Maybe i’ll be lucky enough to add this watch.

  • I love watches that are from small companies, I have omega, invicta, tag, and bulova   and they are all good but I love my watches that are from small companies. I have a lum-tec watch which is made in cleveland, and i am going to purchase a watch from the company Bernhardt. I would love to add this watch to my collection.

  • dariusd20031

    I like watches from small companies. Haven’t really had much knowledge about independent watch makers to make it into that arena.

  • Oetang

    My collection consist of only watches by small independant companies and I love them one by one, they are unique and I’ve never ever spotted someone else on the street wearing the same watch. Thats a win for me.

  • drhenderson83

    This would make a great groomsman gift for my brother

  • jimHartsing

    Need to get on island time.  Then my days will be brighter.  Plus I love supporting Hawaii based business such as Bathys, Olu Kai, and Crazy Shirts.

  • brianmazanec

    I’d love to win a custom watch from this unique company!  I do plan to get a watch from an independent watch maker/company in the coming year… just got a Prometheus watch which has opened me up to this new world!  This Ka La would be a great next addition!

  • Envino

    Hi Mr. Adams
    Thanks for setting up this giveaway!
    I’ve just gotten into watches within the past few months.   I am really enjoy the elegance of mechanical watches, these Mark Carson watches look amazing. 
    I am definitely in the market for a watch from an independent watch maker and plan to buy one within the next year.  I’m not so interested in the larger watch companies, I feel that the independent watch makers offer greater diversity and distinction in their watches.  
    These Ka La watches are my ideal time peace (beauty and rugged), unfortunately they’re a bit out of my price range right now.
    Here’s my email:
    Thanks again!

  • Jacquess

    I’ll be most likely buying a watch from either Obris Morgan or G.Gerlach, or even both. On the short list is also Vintage VDB, but those are a bit pricy.

  • mew30

    The designs of the Mark Carson watches take a bit of getting used to, but the build quality seems top notch in the price range. I like that they’re based in the U.S.-Hawaii and use a Swiss 2824 movement. I’d love to win one!

  • cmwiggen

    I dont plan on it but I would say that I have been looking more and more at watches from smaller shops. These are not high end small shops but more small shops that make tool or unique watches.

  • sd39

    I would love to buy from an independent maker, specifically Richard Mille.   As my budget does not allow it, my answer to the question is no (for now).   The next one in the collection is probably going to be an IWC.

  • MikeFig

    Well, I hadn’t planned on buying any watches in the next year, due to the fact that I emptied why watch fund for the IWC I’m wearing as I type. But, who knows? I can say that if I were to buy a watch within the next year, it would almost certainly be from an independent, such as Nomos Glashütte or Bremont. I would certainly welcome the chance to own something from one of the smaller entrepreneurial brands, such as this piece from Mark Carson. We’ll see how the cards fall…

  • sgerard

    Funky watch! glad to learn about them now. I bought myself a Chris Ward watch recently and really like it, will definitely consider getting another this winter.

  • GregOlson

    Cool looking watch! I could really use another watch

  • dandoro

    Mark Carson watches look cool and yes, I would buy from small, independant watchmakers. Good luck to all of you! 🙂

  • books45

    What a cool watch?  I can’t afford watches from independent watchmakers but would buy them if I could.

  • ElBarto

    I wanted ID watch since i saw them first on ABTW. I plan to buy one of the Xicorr watches this year.

  • RickAdams1

    very cool watches!  I do plan on buying at least 1 watch from an independent watchmaker this year.

  • patricksteidl

    Love the rose gold. Time to start saving.

  • majordesignmike

    The Ka La Watch from Mark Carson looks awesome! I plan on buying myself another watch from boutique/independent brand Magrette or the Helson Buccaneer before Christmas!

  • korbindallis

    This is a simple but elegent watch would look great on my wife’s wrist
    Don’t mind getting the blue hand silver dial one 🙂

  • DavidCook

    Looks very unique.  Would love to win one.

  • MaxM

    Do I plan on buying any watches from independent watch makers in the next year (not from larger brands)? Sure, have done so this year (Reactor, Aeromatic) – and will do so again if something interesting comes along (looking at RALF TECH at the moment). 
    And re Ka La Watch from Mark Carson: interesting – I like the “round lumed hour markers” design (black PVD, silver or black dial).

  • I have a soft spot for independent watchmakers. I’d rather pay for the movement than the marketing!

  • CrushedD

    Great looking unique watch.

  • malata211

    Great looking piece cant wait to get my hands on one. Independent horo is way to go!

  • loueichjr

    I had been planning on buying a Helson or Magrette.  But if I don’t win this watch, then I may just buy one.  Beautiful watch!

  • MattWatch

    I have just bought a Halios watch actually, so that’s the beginning of buying independent  watches. First one, hoping for another!

  • ehansen42

    Great looking unique watch.

  • esanjay

    Good luck all.
    Checkout the Chris.ward watches , I am.

  • OmniRak

    Very interesting design.  I’m not particularly planning on buying any watches from independent watch makers in the next year but will absolutely do so if the “right watch” comes along.  I like all types of watch. Be they big brands or independents.

  • SecuringTheLead

    I’ve never seen lugs quite like that before! Makes for a very interesting look. I’ll probably be adding another Christopher Ward or Helson watch in the next twelve months.

  • Cbarbieri

    Fantastic island time! I’d love one!
    Great blog btw!

  • DrMcRoberts

    Love the watch. Would love to own one. Planned on checking out his boutique if in Hawai one of these days…would not mind getting it another way…
    Will be receiving a Bradley watch in december.

  • Straycoug

    Really like the looks of these watches. My next watch purchase will most likely be from an independent watch maker as I’d like to have something not many do.

  • bluecontrarian

    Interesting design. I would certainly consider an independent maker next time out.

  • Mr Roth

    Interesting design, I’d love to add it to the collection. I’ll probably get a new watch for Christmas, and it’ll be from an independent house.

  • poetryor

    Great watch ! Interesting look .. planning on buying a watch from independent maker .

  • Woopwoop

    Good watch is good. Would wear

  • Woopwoop

    I would buy soon, but I lack the funds to do so. Maybe when I have some spare cash

  • sammychong

    I particularly like this watch. I would prefer if it was 2mm smaller. 
    This  year I plan to get a Nomos Glashutte Orion Datum OR Orion 33 – I can’t decide whether the lugs are too tall on the Datum

  • Klaus Johansen

    Unique design. Especially like the contrasting colors between the hands, dots and the dial in the Ka La Classic black version.
    Just bought a Glasshütte Sports Evo. Are considering a more classic looking watch – from smaller and less known producers. Something custom made from Dingemans Mechanische Horloges, a a Habring2 Doppler 3 ( or a Dorneblüth & Sohne Q-2010 ( Dingeman has a unique approach to movements and design, Richard Habring offers the nice one-push button double chronograph, while Dorneblüth has finally made an in-house movement to complement his classic looking watch collection.

  • Grinnie Jax

    I like Magrette and Precista semicustom watches. And I would definitely enjoy this one)

  • faxsor

    Looks quite nice 🙂 I wouldnt mind one. I would probably buy a watch from an independent watch maker if I had the money to do so.

  • germy_wermy

    Unique looking watch! I am thinking of a custom Typhoon from Dagaz. Good stuff, that.

  • benny801

    looks cool, I”m planning on Itay Noy x-ray

  • MarijnSomers

    Awesome watch! As a watchmaker in training, I am constantly looking for independend watchmakers or customized pieces!

  • jrwenn

    Interesting watch. Have been looking at watches from Chris Ward, Laco, lew and huey and steinhart.
    Will probably buy from one of these in the next year.

  • joshuarmiles1976

    Art imitates life, or life imitates art.  Good to see some watchmakers not imitating, but creating art.  Beautiful piece.

  • Zguy

    The blue hour and minute hand together with the rotating second hand is a really unique combination. A very original design. Also like the watches from Seven Fridays. Especially the cool looking P3. Plan on getting them once getting approval from my missus.

  • DavidSund

    I’m saving up for the Zürich Blaugold by Nomos. Another small brand I’m interested is Louis Erard, I have been trying to get hold of one of their Régulateur Réserve de Marche but their newer pieces have no presence in Scandinavia nor online : /

  • charlesvmi91

    I enjoy the unique products from independent watch makers.  I have some watches from the larger brands but I prefer to  have a mix of watches.  One of my favorites from an independent watch maker is the Lum-Tec 500M-2.  I continually explore the unique styles, design and movement of these independent watch makers and I will buy from them again over the next year.

  • bmoritzasu

    I’ve been saving up for a Nomos Glashütte for awhile now and hopefully by years end I can pull the trigger and get one.  In the meantime I will enjoy reading and looking at all the great stuff on ABTW.

  • chriswatchlover

    Refreshing watch design.definatlely plan on get an independent watch brand in the next 12 months possibly benarus sisu boschett.

  • paigemont

    That’s a pretty good looking watch.
    I’d definitely like to buy a watch.  I’ve had my eye on a few different Nomos models.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to save up enough by the end of the year, though.

  • egznyc

    I do like the great variety of different models, from sporty to more formal.  As for my buying any watches from small, independent watch makers in the next year, that’s unlikely, mostly because I’m a little risk averse and I like to go with brands I’m familiar with to at least some degree, that have been in business for awhile and have a good track record for customer service and quality control.  Don’t get me wrong; I love looking at and reading about independent watch makers’ products.  Buying them is something else.  But since this is a giveaway and I like the look of this brand’s products, count me in!

  • lionstan

    If I win this watch, I will go to Hawaii and buy a couple watches from independents.  More fun than the large brands.

  • estwest

    Like the watch – stands out of the crowd. 
    Planning to buy a Christopher Ward diver.

  • svirecruiting

    I think it a great watch…even if i do not win, i would consider a purchase …

  • chrisyen

    Love the arch design to dead!
    This year winner for sure

  • MarkFenimore

    The Ka La’s are some really great looking watches – it’s hard to stand out from the myriad of different watch options out there right now but these are still unique. I love how the designers blended a fun-factor with class – this watch would look just as good dressed up as it would be jeans and a t-shirt. 
    Due to budget restrictions, I have always and will continue to purchase watches from lesser-known independent watch brands. I love the fact that I don’t wear the same Rolex that every business man in my city seems to wear, and I’m sure my cheaper but more unique watches get just as many if not more comments than a typical mainstream watch might garner. This watch has successfully brought my attention to the Mark (great name!) Carson brand as a potential for a future purchase.

  • MarkQuigley

    Unique looking watch. No more watches this year. Stop the insanity.

  • yeah i love them

  • skeester1

    Very cool, I want it.  I will be buying many watches for small watch makers.

  • JacobYoung

    I’m just getting into watches, but would consider getting a quality watch from an independent maker, but that’s unlikely to happen in the next year.

  • treefroga1

    Beautiful watch! Unfortunately.I won’t be buying next year.

  • MarkFD

    Pitched in on kickstarter and got on the waiting list to get a Bradley (by Eone) tactile watch.

  • watchman1

    Good lucking watches with definite design flair present,independent watch makers need everybodys support and backing,variety is the spice of life,if funds permit would love to buy an independent brand,here’s hoping!

  • monkeygrenade

    Interesting Case and hands. It would be wonderful if Ka La would make their own movements, right here in America. Only seems to be a small handful, which makes me wonder why we ever lost to the Swiss in the first place.
    I wonder which category of watch types it will fall under?

  • stoyanpetkov

    Just like watchman1 said it – independent makers must be supported. Most of the best things in life are made from independent passionate professionals. Incredible designs. Looking to get one of these jems in the near future.

  • ExperimentJon

    I’ve actually tried on one of Mark’s watches at Honolulu Time Company, and it was much more attractive in person than in pictures, so I’ll throw my hat in the ring for one…would love to pick it up from Mark himself too.  Right now, I have no plans on buying any watches from independent makers in the next year…or any other makers as I’m trying to save money to go back to school.

  • monkeygrenade So far as I know, RGM Watches is the only American maker who produces their own movements (in some references,others use ETA base movements). Yes it is a shame but at this point it is a very capital intensive proposition to start new movement production anywhere (especially in a developed country where labor rates support a decent standard of living). Aloha.

  • ExperimentJon Thanks Jon. Yeah most watches look different on ones wrist than they do in photos. Good luck and if you win, I’ll be happy to personally deliver it to you (on Oahu that is).

  • dbakiva

    Very sharp design. I’d love to,wear one. As for independents, I have a Halios Tropik B on order, and really like the idea of watches from small and innovative entrepreneurs.

  • OscarSilva

    Amazing looking watch and design and I really dont know about purchasing a watch from an independent watch maker mainly due to the fact that I dont know many.

  • NWP

    I will definitely be buying  the Tornek Rayville from MKII this year or as soon as Bill Yao can build one, which ever comes first.

  • AngelLChiclana

    I love that it is so unique from everything that is out there. At once it is casual, sporty and dressy. I’ve been eyeing something from Raymond Weil for awhile now. I may buy myself a piece for Christmas.

  • bartmanhi

    I do plan to purchase one or more watches from independents in the coming year, should resources permit.

  • jsementi

    Just getting into nice watches. Would love an in dependant. And have been watching Nomos, Damasko, and Xetum. Just need to learn a bit more about the other ones out there.

  • sschork

    Just got back from Hawaii, and saw advertisements for this watch, but couldn’t  find a shop with them in stock.
    As for buying from independent watch makers, I am interested in buying them, but probably wont do so this year. I often feel that they inflate their prices too quickly, particularly for the movement they use.

  • mikeormoe

    I have purchased watches from independent watch makers, but I don’t plan to purchase one this year.  I love the creativity they add to the industry.
    Great looking watch, I’m feeling lucky.

  • sschork Honolulu Time Service Co (corner of Kapiolani and Piikoi  near the Ala Moana shopping center) has about half of my references on hand at the moment. Next time you are in Honolulu, give me a shout if you are still interested in seeing my watches. Aloha.

  • chrishiew

    Unique design!! 
    I do have plans getting one from independent watchmaker. Hopefully it can happen next year, now saving up funds for it!

  • mgluck

    Beautiful watch, by the way. But not planning on an independent watch myself – can’t afford it!

  • Cmac1031

    I have a few indys there interesting usually quality is higher because of low runs the ka la very interesting n well designed kudos to mark not only regularly contributing here in btr but executing his vision. Great job look forward to your new designs bud congratz

  • williamvd4

    Just starting to get into watches and looking for my first. love all your videos and the information you provide. I have yet to look at indys but that will be the next step

  • Watchlover

    The Ka La is a beautiful design. The watch industry needs more designers like Mr. Carson to keep watch collecting as an exciting as it can possibly be. I have learned so much from this blog ( yeah, I’m a novice ) and seeing all the interesting facets of what watch building is all about. I would love to purchase a watch from an independent watch maker in the next year or perhaps maybe even in the next few months if my finances allow……till then, I will be reading your articles and expanding my knowledge on all things in the watch world.

  • natanya200

    I love timepieces I think the creators are geniuses. They have perfected the art of design and functionality. However my passion for timepieces requires deep pockets it order for me to satisfy my appetite. Unfortunately I can only dream of owning the watches I dream about, and I am not necessarily talking about extremely expensive watches. So far all I have is the watch passed down to me by my father.
    I wanted to get a new watch this year one of the options was an independent watch maker, I was considering Mark Carson or Habring, I am not sure I will be able to fulfill this need because of our financial situation but for now dreaming does not cost me anything.

  • john_anthony

    The rotating second hand is an awsome idea! I love this watch, especially for this feature. I’m planning to buy at least a watch from an independent watch maker in the next year. They are less known maybe but the design and the features are there.

  • hernancortes81

    I am intending to buy a watch from the smaller independent watch makers.  In my collection I have some top pieces but also smaller brands. I’ve admired the Ka La watches since I first saw them on this blog.  I like the novel interpretation of the standard 3 handed watch and the use of raised elements on the dial to give the watch as strong 3 dimensional feel. Cool design!

  • mikeburdine

    The design of the Ka La watch is unique and attractive. The dial reminds me of the Howard Miller mid-century wall clocks that were popular when I was a child. I’m unlikely to buy a watch from an independent maker in the next year. I do not purchase new watches very often. When I do, your reviews are very useful to me in making my choices.

  • RoyChronoPassion

    I’m just a 20 something man who just (suddenly!!) got addicted to watches. I learned a lot about mechanical movement watches; people involved, years of hard work and sacrifices. I am now starting my journey as a watch collector but ofcourse, i couldn’t afford those “real deal” watches just yet. Hehe.. I read about this topic’s independent designers watch and i am very interested on buying one cos who knows, i might buy something that would be a classic collector item which i can even pass on to my next generation as part of my legacy! I do hope to get that Ka la watch in addition to my still small collection 🙂

  • rimas

    I have a few watches, but none yet from any independent makers. I plan to take a look at more of them over the next year getting something unique. I do like the design of the Ka La watch – I would love to what else Mark Carson comes up with.

  • GaryFarrington

    Not likely to buy this year, as I’ve just treated myself to a secondhand Zenith Port Royal, but I do keep an eye out for interesting marques and have looked at Mark Carson’s designs after reading about them on aBlogtoWatch. Keep up the good work all of you as it keeps the interest going.

  • kevinwcs

    I would definitely consider watches from independent watch makers, but ultimately a preference for classic and iconic designs would make me lean towards the Speedmasters and Monacos when it comes to buying a watch.

  • onthewatch

    The Ka La is an interesting and fresh design; I am sure we will see more watches from Mr. Carson in the near future. I am planning to buy fromindependent watch makers, probably a nice diver next year.

  • Don’t normally sign up and post, but these are very cool designs! Always great to see a small watchmaker really try to set themselves apart and create a unique aesthetic with their cases and dials.
    This year I’ve bought and traded for a Halios Tropik B (go Canada!), Benarus Moray 42mm, and the upcoming Lüm-Tec Cobalt 40mm. Love to support these companies and fantastic work they’re doing.

  • EvanBrom

    I would like to have a new watch

  • vancekoh

    Hmmm, very unique lugs and always been a fan of mercury silver with a sun burst design. I like what you did with the hands by partially hiding it away behind the center second disk to give it a touch of minimalist. Furthermore, I think the theme of “Ka La” gels very good with the term Sunshine as seen in the design. If I am not lucky enough to win one, I will just buy one:) I would like a “bubble” on the date to improve its readability.

  • curtinnd

    I like to get a hands on with a watch before I purchase one. There are no independant makers represented in my area. The closest I can think of is the Bozeman watch co. and they are too spendy for me. I do like to check things out on the web, maybe take a chance one day.

  • curtinnd A completely valid concern for lots of reasons (size, fit, quality, etc.) and a number of direct sale independents (myself included) offer return policies so you can often buy a watch and return it within a specified period (like a week) if it  does not rock your world. Cheers.

  • Lexicorn

    Yes do plan on getting a watch from independent watch makers

  • TANJ

    Yes, I have been following a couple of new companies and am anxious to get one or two 😉

  • MarkNatm

    Yes, I have a watch on order from Orange Watch Company in Australia. This is the only watch purchase I have planned for the coming year.

  • Dharmik Mehta

    i love this watch its amazing

  • JeffWilson1

    I like the idea of buying from independent watch makers.  This way, I think they have the ability to be creative and make a timepiece that is different from what’s out there.  I would wear this watch for sure!

  • norbman

    Yes, this year I will try one from a little german brand called Steinhart.
    The Ka La watch here is fascinating: A watch designed that modern, geometric and clear looks better with roman numerals on the dial. It is a contrast that watch really needs. Great!

  • peoplem1

    the best watches ever.

  • Markus_ah_um

    Nice piece.

  • JordanDanishDesign

    I am paying off my hd3 slyde in the next few weeks so hopefully that counts. I love the design on this watch also, such a pretty little piece!

  • fabala

    I definitely love this concept, nice box, watch and pen. Nice girl to bring you the package ;-).
    I don’t plan to buy any independent watch this year but I’d love to like PSM…

  • Shawnnny

    I just received the email that I am the winner! Thank you Mark Carson and thank you Ariel Adams. It’s a very unique time piece and I’ll be proud to wear it. It’s Ironic that I just purchased my first watch winder yesterday.

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  • Deanbergstrom

    Very handsome piece

  • rosskale2

    Since I am from Hawaii of course I would like this unique watch. I do want to support Independent watch makers and I am going to try to purchase from Independent maker if my wallet allowed! Aloha!

  • rosskale2 This giveaway was almost 2 years ago, so you are a bit late for that. However, I’d be happy to sell a watch to you.

  • Hypermobilemam

    What a lovely watch I had never come across them before, I was planning to purchase a Christopher Ward in the near future but also liked some of the Helson watches. I think I might put Mark Carson high up on my list.

  • Hypermobilemam Just let me know what I can do for you.

  • DG Cayse

    I just came here from – am I too late?


  • DG Cayse Better late than never Dan. Maybe not a giveaway watch, but I can always do you a deal if you are interested in one of my watches. My new “Ka La Sport” watches will be ready in less than a month. Check them out on my website:

  • Dash13

    I have always wanted a “nice” watch, but until recently I had not dedicated much time to researching the intricacies of watch making. That search is what led me to this page, and to this particular watch. I noticed many watches in a giveaway category, but this one immediately caught my attention. The well-balanced design reminded me of an armillary sphere (look them up, they are pretty nifty). I know that I am way too late for the contest, but I like this watch so much that I felt inclined to comment anyway. I am fairly young, but due to declining health I will probably own a “nice” watch. However, anything is possible, and if things turn around, I will certainly be looking up Mr. Carson.
    Looking forward,
    “Life is not a requiem of that which we cannot do, but a celebration of what we can.”

  • Dash13 Hi Dash. Thanks for the kind words about my watches. Yeah, armillary spheres are pretty cool.
    I hope your health improves. If you ever get ready to acquire one of my watches, just let me know. Cheers and thanks for the comment.

  • Wait, isn’t Hawaii like 2 years behind as a timezone? Sooo, it’s now 20th July 2013 Hawaii time right?

  • Dash13

    Too much personal information, and even an inspirational quote. I think I will refrain from making 3am forum posts in the future. Thank you for the response, it was unexpected. I showed your website to my wife and she loves the watches as well. One of us will definitely be contacting you when we’re ready.

  • mellowatch

    This is a pretty sweet watch. I really like the unusual lugs, I can’t say I have seen anything like it before. I would love to support independent watchmakers, but sadly that is not likely to fit into my budget in the coming year.

  • mellowatch Well, when it does fit your budget, let me know: Mark AT MarkCarson DOT com

  • Jack Wise

    Interesting shape. I am hoping to purchase a new watch in the coming months (August is my birthday month ; ) will look to an independent watchmaker for something not seen on everyone else.

  • MD

    Nice watch, the individual design makes it different from other brands.

  • Julesv

    Great watch I’d love to win this for my husband. He love big watches and this is a beauty

  • Tom

    I have looked at some independent British watches and an Australian one. This is the first Hawaiian brand watch I have seen. I need more convincing with an independent brand, because they are not represented as well in the media. I would like to try one. In the next year I might buy an independent brand.

  • Thomas Sørensen

    Im saving up to buy the “Dietrich OT-3” watch, since it is a very different watc, and of course it also very high-end for it’s price tag. though it might take some time since i’m only 15 years old…

  • Zack Farole

    As a car enthusiast and lover of functional watches I’m planning to get the future releases of Stratton’s Curve-Chrono. Those guys have done a great job with their KickStarter and designed a beautiful watch. Can you imagine the green face Curve-Chrono on a black, leather racing band? Beaut!