GIVEAWAY: Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time Watch

GIVEAWAY: Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time Watch

GIVEAWAY: Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time Watch Giveaways

For April we have a very unique watch from Ritmo Mundo available for one lucky winner. This is the Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time. It starts with a huge 52.5mm wide steel case that has a middle section that "orbits" around to reveal one of two faces. The watch contains three total movements, each being a Swiss Ronda quartz. One side has two distinct dials each with their own time, and the other side has one time zone with the hours and minutes on separate dials. The architectural case has skeletonized lugs and an interesting style. Despite the large size, the Persepolis is quite wearable with the snug rubber strap and angled lugs. Retail price for most versions of the Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time is $3,600. Enter for a chance to win your choice of either the black or steel and gold tone Persepolis Triple Time watch below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment mention what makes a perfect travel watch in your opinion.

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on April 30, 2013 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Ritmo Mundo the sponsor of the Persepolis watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • briciur

    i want that watch

  • vferrava

    A travel watch should be easy to read and either have a day night indicator or a 24 hour display for the home time.

  • AresSK

    Interesting design.

  • MatLac

    Looks like the gold tone with roman is on a rubber strap?

  • Luckie

    A perfect travel watch can keep several times, so you don’t have to always be changing the time.

  • Dan Baxter

    The ideal travel watch has 2 or more timezones and is also lumed in a way that it’s easily read in low light.

  • WatchOgler

    A perfect travel watch has multiple time-zones and an alarm you can hear.

  • mrbrett1967

    Makes an excellent travel watch with the three time zones.

  • JRGougeon

    A perfect travel watch for me would have 2 time zones and an alarm.

  • AndrewKroculick

    Ideal travel watch must have 2 time zones, an alarm, and a visible/gorgeous movement (to look at on those long flights).

  • watchman323

    I would love this watch for travel purpose.  THe time zone purpose is perfect for me.

  • TimelyOne

    Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550–330 BCE). Persepolis is situated 70 km northeast of the modern city of Shiraz in the Fars Province of modern Iran. This would be a very useful tool. We all know it is very important to know when those centrifuge parts are arriving from other time zones.

  • AlexanderZharkov

    The most extraordinary watch I will possibly own!))) I like travelling and this watch would be a great acquiring! Good luck!

  • jcollege

    What makes a perfect travel watch is the ability to change the timezones, and be able to do that easily!

  • Hennie

    Intersting concept. Massive. Whether you are flying through 3 World Time Zones or want to know when to wake up your stock broker in Sydney, Shanghai or maybe New York just look at this Ritmo. Why stare at 3 wall clocks or interrupt your in flight entertainment figuring out the time………

  • Alex CBR

    That is one huge and interesting watch. Would go very nice on my hand. 🙂

  • Kar Wai Law

    This is not another April Fools Day joke right? Coz I would really like to own this watch!

  • Apdl

    Ease of Adjustment

  • Kris C

    A perfect travel watch would be one that is easy to use, offers the right complications, and doesn’t cost a fortune. I find that I am hardest on watches when I am travelling, so I don’t think a 5-figure+ watch is the right choice for me, but I also don’t like the concept of a ‘beater’. Middle ground exists, and its the right choice for a guy like me that takes on airports with my head down and elbow out.

  • johnro6659

    Great watch, 
     A watch like this is perfect for when I travel, it’s nice to have all the times set in parts of the world I am traveling to, It’s nice to be able to keep my home time set while have the times of places I travel so I know my own body clock is in sync, not having to set a watch several times a day in some cases while traveling is a big plus. Also when I am home doing  business and have to talk to people all over the world I like to know what time it is where I am calling so I can set the times to correspond with the time zones of the people I need to be in touch with. I own a Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso because I love the watch brand but I love the way it flips.I love the fact the Ritmo watch has the same options. I wear big watches a lot 52.5 mm is perfect for me. I love it when I wear a watch that is not the traditional style so many watches can be defined from one another this would stand out for sure.

  • A travel watch needs to be stylish, but at the same time can withstand any given condition. Must have the basic functions which includes Alarm, Automatic Timezone awareness, night-vision  This watch would be a nice pick when it comes time for travelling. It also stands out, so I know I would get some attention with this 🙂

  • DanielCabalRamirez

    I just want this.

  • Bob Sebastian

    A travel watch should be rugged, easy to read and have the ability to either chage time zones easily or have a clear indication for a secondary time zone.

  • DavidRainey

    What makes a perfect dual zone watch for me?  I think Ritmo hit the nail on the head.  My biggest dislike about dual timezone watches are constantly seeing two time zones.  I need to know the time in Spain quite often, as our parent company is located there, while I am in the USA.  But I don’t want to constantly look at the time zone in Spain.  With this watch, when I do need to know another time zone, flipping it over to find out is perfect.  I want my normal time zone separate, and this does the job quite well.  Thank you Ritmo for making this giveaway possible.

  • Tommcole

    Time Zones! Even if your travel is domestic if saves a lot of trouble. I live in the central time zone but close to the eastern time zone. Even when going shopping I have to remember the time difference but that is nothing compared to travelling overseas.

  • RukshanG

    A good travel watch should be easy to adjust while maintaining accuracy. Should be an all rounder that can be dressed up or down so that one watch will do.

  • stevej2001

    Obviously, having 3 time zones would be really helpful when traveling. One for where you are and, for us, the timezone of each of our children/grandchildren back home.

  • JamesSemaj

    I tend to use a tough and rugged watch when I travel like the Casio G-5600E because I think it has all the features that I need eg world time, 200 m water resistant, etc especially when I go power boating, diving, bike riding and hiking.

  • Chicity_ED

    Most important for me on a travel watch is easy legibility of home and destination time and easy way to change them.

  • watchguy

    Do a lot of traveling and a watch like this takes to place of multiple watches. 
    Easy to read, will look just fine no matter the level of dress, seems it would take the potential of various travel destinations.

  • The key for me is versatility. A watch that can be dressed up or down as needed and can easily show a couple time zones without confusion… If you are a prolific world traveler, the ability to switch between many time zones would preferred instead of always trying to set the second time zone to the flavor of the week…

  • erikdy

    I wish I had the perfect travel watch. I’ve seen a lot of requirements already mentioned – style versatility, rugged, easy viewing of multiple time zones. In addition, I would want a watch I could set while on my wrist without having to consult the manual!

  • rlv

    The perfect travel watch MUST HAVE the ability to tell time in diferent time zones, especialy if you do business in more then one time zone. So at least 2 time zones is the rule.
    It must have a versatile look that you can use in a  variety of situations to avoid having to carry multiple watches and of course must be comfortable to wear.
    The rubber band, the gold or pvd case and the separated dials do it all for me. Its confortable, can be dressed up or down depending on the situation and can tell time on diferent time zones perfectly.

  • ilia

    Perfect travel watch should be a watch that can do double duty as a sport/dress watch so you can wear a single watch no matter what you are doing while travelling.

  • Humanloop

    Very unique style. Kinda large, but cool. I’m in. For me the perfect travel watch has to have two time zones +, must fit with most dress styles (business/pleasure/etc.), and be durable. It’s going to be in multiple environments and situations.

  • oblit918

    For travel: obviously I need to tell time in multiple time zones. Comfort is also vital.

  • Fraser Petrick

    I’ve always wanted a Ritmo Mundo Persopolis so that I can say I own a Greek tenor. Also, when I fly to Vegas disguised as a retired teacher, the in-the-know crowd at Wynn’s will know not to mess with this high roller who can tell them what time it is in Kaladar, Wasaga Beach, and Wawa.

  • Ryan B

    2 time zones would be enough for me I believe, as well as the correct time.

  • Neil C

    Having different times zones, especially ones not limited to only 1 hour difference is important to me when travelling between Newfoundland, Tehran, Kathmandu and Adelaide.

  • Racerseven

    that is a wonderful looking watch, i love the big size… for travel i prefer a Watch that i am comfortable with, i don’t need the multiple time zones, etc.

  • phredless

    Really like this watch, and it is indeed one of the coolest looking multi-time zone watches I’ve seen, but I think of these more as a business watch, for someone with regular contact throughout the world or may travel to other locales regularly.  A travel watch to me must incorporate something that is useful other than just another time zone or two, best is an alarm or a light.  It’s just that one or two extra complications that allows the travel a little more comfort that really makes the difference.  A gorgeous watch.

  • Cmac1031

    Very diffrent the flip feature while a novelty at best helps this watch I have never owned a ritmo so this is as good a time as ever thanks and keep the good work blog to watch:)

  • For me the best thing about a travel watch is that it is something dependable with no need to worry about it. I love my Ball  EM II as the thing is built like a tank and looks great with everything.

  • KumarMt

    wow”so unique watch…hope i can have one…

  • galka

    Travel watch must hava a 24 hour diall and date indicator.

  • lloydpark

    Thanks again for the opportunity to comment and possible win another amazing wristwatch.
    Ritmo Mundo Persepolis, definitely an eye catcher. Multiple time zones is aways a plus for travel, but also for business to keep track of multiple time zones for which you do business, say US, and Asia, or Europe. “When are my collegues in Taipai, Taiwan or in Munich, Germany going to be online and available?” Quick glimpse of my Ritmo Mundo Persepolis and I know if it’s the right time to call them. Excellent.
    Definitely a create design and beautiful looking timepeice. Thanks again.

  • lionstan

    Great design and functionality.

  • Cmartin26

    Needs to be rugged and functional.

  • Mister_w

    A perfect travel watch should be robust to stand up to the rigours of travel adventures and stylish enough to prompt conversations with strangers.

  • samumingo

    I believe the perfect travel watch should have at least 1 extra timezone, so you can keep in touch back home. These type of watches are also great for international business!

  • bichondaddy

    I like my travel watch to at least have one extra timezone.  When I use to have to travel for business, I liked taking a G-Shock along that had extra timezones….just so I could set it to the time zone I was traveling to, that way I could make sure my other watch was set properly when  I got there.  I also like one that has an alarm also…just because I really never trust the hotel’s wake up service.

  • AnthonySturley

    The perfect travel watch should have a hour hand that you can change quickly, independently of the minutes hand. Like on the Omega 8500 movement.

  • trktek

    The travel watch needs to be easy to read and be rugged enough to stand up to the rigors of travel…this Ritmo is one sweet watch

  • rbmbb

    If ever there was a watch I wanted to win….this would be The One!  Great size and I the dial design and have lusted after this piece for some time.

  • Jimym3

    My perfect watch has to have dual zones and be sophistcated look

  • d_in_la

    I believe my travel watches first need to be functional, closely followed by stylish – assuming my travel is taking me to a place where an expensive watch won’t attract negative attention.

  • microiden

    Nice watch, want one!

  • sjducks

    Cool watch and great giveaway!

  • Having multiple timezone readings is nice for multiple flight segments through different timezones.  Especially having an easy to use layout like the mundo makes it easy to view your times.

  • JuanTrujillo

    Lovely…I want it!

  • RandyTorres

    Ariel…go ahead…send it my way!

  • Kerby23

    Very interesting design.  For travel, or doing regular business with people in other countries, it’s nice to have just a second hour hand to keep track of time back home or where ever you need to call.

  • RaoMAK

    It is unfortunate for me to not own an original yet except for a Westendwatch from WWII that belong to my grandfather. I always wanted to have one but end up with copies. This time I have a real good feeling I would be one of the lucky winners.
    In my opinion, a travelers watch should be elegant enough to shine at a formal meeting and at the same time macho and tough, which says I CAN PARTY TOO. Multiple time display is a must along with water and scratch resistance. 
    As for this watch, What more do you need? . Its a watch with its own personality, a true companion for travelling and a look which truly defines elegance. Time differences are no more a worry now, no matter where you go and when you go YOU ARE ALWAYS ON TIME. A real gem. This is the true travelers watch and I want it.

  • ilovesandwiches

    Sometimes I will stop in a city for a day or two then go to another city for a couple days before heading back home.  This would work perfectly for my sales job.

  • gerryjacoba

    I wish, I could have it, poor boy travel all around the mountain needs watch. time to go home.

  • rastafadda1953

    love my ritmo hercules

  • DavidAdamsbaum

    A really interesting looking piece!  I like to keep multiple time zones visible, so this would be a nice addition!

  • loueichjr

    The perfect travel watch is the Omega Speedmaster.  It traveled to the moon and back.  However this watch looks like it to might make for an interesting traveler.  I’ll take one, please.

  • Stokpot

    A watch with a GMT function or watch with several time zones would be perfect.  I hate having to change time on my watch when traveling.

  • Nervous_Robot

    Amazing looking watch. Keep up the good work Ariel!!!

  • Nadeem Sajjad

    Interesting collections of master pieces, one can dream about. Marvelous!!!!!

  • dino721

    automatic time zone correction


    What makes a perfect travel watch in my opinion is a watch that can keep time in at least two time zones (Current Location as well as Destination).

  • craqus

    amazing giveaway!  one of my criteria for travel watches is to not be too ostentatious, when I travel I like to not have to be too concerned about my personal security and safety.  also, something with 2+ timezones, of course.

  • kjpIII

    While it functionality use useful in travel in that there is no hassle or rush to adjust the timezone on a trip back home, the thing that makes this timepiece so great for travel is the conversation factor that it brings up. I can already see fellow passengers become intrigued as I flip the face of the watch during a trip overseas.

  • richardiap

    I would say having a watch that easy to adjust the time is the important quality. Some watches are require a great deal of effort to unscrew and adjust the time.

  • PaulAtkinson

    I figure sooner or later I’ve got to win a watch as cool as a Ritmo.

  • FerdinandAngeles

    For me the perfect travel watch can be adjusted to different time zones easily and must be very water proof!

  • MrJones

    A good travel watch is something not to big or heavy. And something that is easy to adjust the time if you travel into another time zone. Or even a watch that has different time zones on there for you.

  • AaronThompson2

    The perfect travel watch would be either an automatic or quartz so I don’t have to remember to wind it when suffering jet lag. It should also be ridiculously easy to set to another time zone, or to flip it over to view an alternate time zone. Oh wait…Ritmo Mundo already thought of that! Genius!!

  • MarkCarson

    A perfect travel watch for me has to be over 50 mm so that I can use it as a coaster. That way cold beers from around the world can be kept off of tables where they might leave wet rings.

  • GregHall

    time to plan some travel

  • JoseCristian

    A perfect travel watch for me is an inexpensive Timex.  If i forget it in a hotel somewhere – i won’t be crying over how dumb of an idea it was to travel with an expensive watch on hand. One love…money doesn’t grow on trees.

  • FayEz

    A Perfect watch for travelling is a watch with different timezone or GMT functions(with 24hr bezel) and adding an alarm function would be great too! Quartz will make it alot easier to save the trouble winding the watch every few days. Lovely watch indeed!

  • TANJ

    I love watches that have multiple faces you can set for different time zones. They are so much easier to read and the fact that they look really cool doesn’t hurt either!

  • berniesiao

    Whenever I’m setting off to travel, I tend to reach for my Casio G-Shock.  It’s not flashy, solid, and dependable.  It tells me the time in different time zones, has solar charging for the batteries, etc.  It’s just a no worries watch.

  • Psycho4watches

    A perfect travel watch is any watch with dual/multiple time zones so you can keep your home time and your travel time.

  • Bucky Katt

    A travel watch needs to have a second time zone hand.  Maybe a GPS tracker, in case you get kidnapped for ransom.  But you probably won’t need the GPS, and definitely need the 2nd time zone hand, so you know what time it is for the suckers back at home.

  • hoyaeldridge

    Though I love the simplicity of a GMT hand – keeping the dial clean – I am intrigued by world timers that have the city ring if they were within my price range.

  • waynwo

    RITMO MUNDO  only the best will do .

  • LordRandall

    The key to a perfect travel watch is simplicity, reliabilty and the ability to be in many time zones concurrently.  I have a Phosphor world time digital watch and it meets all of my criteria.  The Ritmo, on the other hand so to speak, is a muh more elegant and classy way to be in three places at the same time.  Add to that a steel and gold color tone, it’s a match made in horological heaven

  • Ron04

    Do most of my traveling when on holiday so no real need to keep track of the time back home (the gap between Europe and Australia is massive anyhow) so I like an attractive watch with date and time easy to change.

  • injinuity

    we generally complain of form over function, when it comes to watches. The ritmo is made for travel, and is a beast at it but alas a part of me feels that a tad facelift may have been opportune at a cosmetic surgeon. But nevertheless a worthy watch in any connoiseurs collection.


  • willin

    The only watch i need is a god looking one  with dual/multiple time zones so i can keep my home time and mytravel time. 😉

  • TyPhilips

    A watch with dual ( or triple?!) timezone is great for travel so I can at least reference the time back home from my destination. Oh, and it’s gotta be elegantly sporty, so i can wear it during the day and for those magical nights on the town in a foreign city!

  • damdam

    Multiple timezones is a must for a travel watch! And good looks are always a welcome plus 😉

  • shahtirthak

    At least two time zones and the ability to switch between time zones quickly – these are a must in a travel watch.

  • Hacker4748

    Well, it needs to be water resistant, durable and perhaps sycnhronize with a radio signal and feature an alarm.

  • mkss55442

    The watch has to look good enough to wear to a fancier occasion while being sporty enough to use it as an everyday watch. It should also be easy to set time zones, have an alarm and a nylon or stainless steel/titanium band.

  • koningfelix

    Water resistance is important, but different timezone is handy aswell. If it is a business trip it has to look fancy too.

  • treefroga1

    Multiple time zones and an easily readable dial.

  • SeanDJ

    A travel watch should be very robust, reliable and waterproof.  It should also allow you to move from a casual to a more formal setting, but not be too flashy as to bring unwanted attention.  Ideally it would include barometric pressure, temperature and provide easy time zone adjustment.

  • Panagiotis

    Me likey!

  • Obviously multiple time zones work well for a travel watch. Being water-proof is a bonus as well! I also like a travel watch to be versatile – able to wear with jeans, shorts, or a night on the town.

  • lomarti

    I Flipped for it.

  • ihatedavid

    Interesting dial concept, as a guy who does travel somewhat frequently a dual timezone is a must for me in a travel watch. Something is rugged that can take a few hits and easily discernible between the different time zones is what makes a perfect travel watch
    Would love to win one of these contests enentually

  • Adam E

    Definitely one of the more unique watches i’ve seen on here.  Massive case!  The mechanics must be pretty amazing too.  Owning this watch would surely guarantee that your collection would be unlike any other.  Needless to say I’d be very interested in acquiring a piece like this!

  • acme2077

    I always grab a quartz watch to take with me when I travel. I leave the automatics at home unless I know I’ll have cause to wear one. Otherwise the peace of mind in knowing I don’t have to be particularly careful is worth more than any benefit a multi-time zone or other complication can offer.

  • Bdraguts

    Never seen a watch like that. Pretty cool

  • manivelle

    You’d like to have two timezones, and an automatic, stylish enough without being too valuable to risk losing.

  • MathieuRobert

    It has to be light and comfortable. If you travel in another timezone, and have people to contact, multiple time zones become a must-have.

  • benleyland

    Versatile, waterproof, and on long trips that require multiple watches, manual wind so that I don’t have to take a winder!

  • Ifor T W Baynes

    ***hi Ariel,
    it’s been a while now, since i’ve written,
    but i just couldn’t let the Ritmo Mundo pass without making a
    grab for it – the watch i use when
    traveling is still my trusty bright yellow / or black Casio GA 100A, which gives a
    reasonable reading, and can still take a
    beating – the Ritma Mundo definitly won’t look bad on my wrist –
    besides that, the Dutch home-
    time won’t look bad either…***

  • iDolo

    The ability to show at least two timezones at a time, easy to read.

  • larsgrafik

    Waterproof, day and date, and GMT. If possible a ceramic for scratch resistance and lightness. PAM335 is perfect IMHO.

  • mikesr


  • mikesr


  • avramd02

    A watch that keeps the time at your start location easily read and your second time zone easy to change to such as the ulysse nardin dual time zone 42mm.

  • yorick123

    The water resistant capacity will come in very handy when I’m taking a nice Sunday afternoon stroll along the beach side this summer!

  • sam4

    Must be easy to change time zones, easy to read, comfortable to wear all day and a reliable movement.

  • 01flame

    A good travel watch should have the ability to show two timezones and have a look that can be worn in varying situations.

  • RobinJansen

    I don’t travel very often so I will be different then the others and set all 3 timezone’s at the same time and will never be late again for sure because with a watch like this Ritmo Mundo I’ll check my wrist al the time 😉

  • thefortitude

    This watch is ridiculous. A perfect travel watch is something with multiple modes of time, and insured so if lost it won’t be devastating.

  • Jimhowe

    This watch looks amazing and covers three time zones is perfect

  • RussellCapell

    this is a perfect for people who travel, or just as a watch for bragging rights

  • OwenMenendez

    A perfect travel watch is oriented towards simplicity of use and comfort to ease harsh travelling days. The Ritmo is especially good this way because it displays the time zones separately, and by extension clearly and straightforwardly. As for comfort, I like the choice of strap to compensate for the size of the watch. As a bonus, the Ritmo’s steel on black is conservative enough to go with nearly any choice of outfit, but not enough so not to be classy, in perfect balance with the character given by its huge size. It could use an alarm, though.

  • ZL

    A perfect travel watch depends on where you’re going. Some places one would not want to attract attention with expensive items, especially when in unfamiliar surroundings. Watches can also take a beating moving luggage around and whatnot. So cheap beater watches are usually the best for that. Functions for different time zones is good. And of course one needs to account for the Coriolis effect when flushing toilets in the southern hemisphere 🙂

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  • FalconerInd

    No more having to get the manual of my g-shcok when i m traveling and need to see a second timezone. 
    Pretty please

  • Hogard

    Its perfect since it is almost as clumsey as your suitcase. 😀
    For me it would be perfect though, because I need to keep track of multiple timezones. My smartphone does a good job at it, but hat has way less style then such a wrist klock.

  • stevew1965

    love this watch..amazing look!!

  • JonnyD

    It would have to be the ability of the hour hand to go forwards and backwards in hour increments independent of the minute hand, the seconds to keep running and the GMT hand to remain static. The co-axial 8500 Omega series is a good example of this.

  • DavidCook

    A good travel watch is easy to change, jump hours forward or backward.

  • JDurocher

    To me a good travel watch has to be durable, something that can be dressed up or down, and have multiple time zones.

  • beckmn1

    Looks like a great travel watch to me too. It looks great even when not travleing!

  • RichCastrillon

    great looking and functional watch.  I like it

  • Jus_ad_bellum

    I’d be all over that, but it’s not what I’d call a perfect travel watch because I don’t travel by yacht or private jet. A perfect travel watch for me is something that’s got good lume, is water proof and doesn’t look like something people want to steal. I’m partial to mechanical watches so a good plain dependable diver is what I’m saying.
    This watch however would be a welcome addition to my collection as its sale price is well over the amount I’d ever consider worthwhile spending on something not named Rolex.

  • MarkJHeftler

    Perfect travel watch? Durability, legibility, and preferably solar powered.

  • Xnode

    The perfect travel watch for me would have a great lume and big hands.

  • Sergio Magos

    A second time zone is extremely important in a watch. You can keep the time from your home. This comes in handy for business transactions or simply to contact your relatives. Several time zones are important for conveniences and for appointments. A large watch, like the one Ritmo Mundo is offering is extremely helpful. With large face you can keep track of the different time zones. It is very convenient and utilitarian. I tried getting a Herculis model Ritmo Mundo, but they sold out. Thank you, and good luck to everyone.

  • GabeMo

    The perfect travel watch needs to be comfortable and versatile for different occasions. Multiple time zones and other options are nice but not necessary required for me.

  • grahamd3

    The perfect travel watch will show you where you are, where you have been and where you are going. Making plans, catching planes and trains in different time zones along with being able to call your kids and the wife without waking them up is a big, BIG plus. Three time zones is brilliant. Cool looking watch too. I have a trip coming up and that watch is just what I need. I will wear it proud, the bigger the better.

  • output01x

    My favorite travel watch is also my favorite watch in overall.  Its a beat up, well-worn Casio Pathfinder.  Some would consider it cheap, boring, or “run-of-the-mill.”  But for me, it exemplifies everything a watch should be.
    It was the first gift my wife gave me after we got married.  It is also the watch that got me into watch collecting.  It might not be the most expensive, or the most extravagant, or the most unique.  But every time I look at it, I can’t help but smile.  Because every quick glance or extended stare reminds me of everything that one watch has been through with me.
    It was on my wrist when we bought our first house.  And when I ripped out every scrap of carpet and installed all new hardwood floors.  And when my driver’s side door fell off my car on the highway.  And when I tore the bathroom down to the studs and replaced everything.  And when my wife and I traveled to D.C. for our first anniversary.  And it will be on my wrist for many more important moments in my future.

    One day my Casio’s lifespan will end.  But unlike most timepieces, it will not be discarded and forgotten or sold for spare parts.  Even though I will no longer be able to look at it on my wrist and smile, it will find a permanent home in the very fist slot of my watch box.  That way I can still see it and smile at the beginning and at the end of every day.
    I will never own a watch simply because of the name on the dial.  Or because I want to impress someone else.  Every watch that i put on my wrist is a watch that makes me smile, whether its because of a specific memory or because I simply like the way it looks.  Be it for business, travel, leisure, or sport, the most important part of any watch is how it makes you feel.

    • Fraser Petrick

      output01x Beautifully written. A true watch person. The only person I want to impress with whatever watch I wear is an old boring fart, myself.

    • Fraser Petrick

      output01x Help! If I want a Casio for travelling through time zones, which of the two million versions would you recommend?

      • output01x

        Fraser Petrickoutput01xAssuming a budget of $1000 USD and under, I would definitely recommend the  Its rugged, sporty, classy, and fashionable – making it right at home on a wrist in the boardroom, night club, or basketball court.  The accuracy of +/-15 seconds per month and programmable alarm are perfect for a regular traveler.  And on top of that, it makes doing those overly-complicated time zone conversions look effortless.
         Flying from New York to Hong Kong?  No need to pull out a pen and paper and risk human error.  Simply type your current time, the ‘-‘ button, then the number 12.  Then, if the result is negative, simply add the number 24 to the result.  And now you know what time it is back home.
        But wait, there’s more!  Not only does this watch have a stylish, timeless look, fantastic accuracy, dependable alarm, and the ability to calculate time zone differences with ease, but it also calculates currency exchange.  Simply type the asking price then divide by the current conversion rate.  That’s right, no longer will you find yourself a sucker spending $50 on a painted seashell because you made a silly calculation error in your head.

        • Fraser Petrick

          output01x Fraser Petrick Will it start my coffee in the morning. If yes, sold!

        • output01x

          Fraser Petrick output01x No, but it can help you get a bigger return on your taxes.  You can then use that extra money to buy your morning coffee already made!

  • gary0482squash

    The perfect travel watch has to be comfortable on the skin and suitable for all weather has to ooze style but not be in your will shout pure personal favourite is a chronograph style for my rugged job. The perfect watch would have sapphire crystal with illuminating dial.

  • GovernorCedricThompson

    Ritmo Mundo … Rhythm of the Earth … Vision of Ali Soltani continues to defy cutting edge design and innovation by thinking outside the box. The the Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time continues in this heritage. Whether you are a globetrotter, tech lover or watch collector the “Triple Time” is a Triple Treat. Thanks Arial, for ABTW and it’s unique perspective on Horology.

  • karsonb

    That watch looks AWESOME!
    If i had anywhere near that much money I’d buy it!
    I want this watch Arielllll.

  • rsdenny

    The perfect travel watch is one that you don’t know you are wearing but would be lost without.  Very nice Ritmo Mundo, this would be great to own!

  • johnp33

    I like the look of this watch. I think the perfect travel watch is one that has dual time zones and looks great but doesn’t scream steal me!

  • mktcrasher

    The perfect travel watch has to versatile, can be kind of dressy and kind of sporty.  Depending where you are going and for what purpose wearing one multi purpose for whole trick works well.

  • mikeymusic

    A Travel Watch must, most importantly, be unobtrusive! The bad guys will pass you by. It must also be multifunctional, sporty as well as dressy, and have easy time zone adjustment and readability. Good looks are also an asset.

  • NFroman

    Wow! This a a very unique watch. I would love to own it.

  • fearlessleader

    I’d like to travel with this Ritmo.  Looks quite interesting.
    And for the question: a perfect travel watch has to be easy to read, easy to set to new time zones, and can track a home time zone.

  • taylor883

    Yes I open the giveaway section never knowing what is on offer and this Ritmo Mondois great. my current personal Grail for travellers is the Rolex Skydweller. But the Ritmo is still very impressive in design and ingenuity

  • awundrin

    A good travel watch to me should feature a rugged case and luminous hands. It also should show the time in two places – where I am and where I am heading to.

  • jtritlla

    Strange time machine… probably useful if you travel a lot.

  • Patmore83

    A great travel watch should be able to display mutiple time zones, be rugged, and a bonus would be an alarm .

  • alpost1

    A great travel watch should have the main dial change with the time zones and a sub dial showing your home time.All automatically

  • pSymon

    Although many multi time zone watches are usually what many travelers look for in a watch, I think at the end of the day, something that is durable, reliable, and easy to read is what is essential.  Often times when I travel, of course I would like to know immediately what time it is back home, but nothing a simple calculation can’t do.  But what I often find myself worrying about is being robbed of any nice time piece in lands unknown, or that sometimes these multi timezone watches are too busy and not elegant enough.  Perhaps most people think travelling is always with a backpack, but often times I find that some of my travel watches with multi time zones just aren’t dressy enough.  Unless one is traveling via climbing over rugged mountain ranges, I feel that most travel watches are rugged enough these days for travel wear and tear.  The elegance of combining it into a easy to read time piece is what I see beneficial.

  • paul_murcko

    Multiple time zones.

  • MenachemSelent

    Simple GMT works the best. I’m not a big fan of worldtimers. And as others have commented illum is probably the most practical feature of a good travel watch.

  • cleaner007

    Awesome watch, multiple timezones are great for travel, and also i liked his size and rubber bracelet. Orbital case is also pretty awesome…

  • Turb

    What a uniquely designed watch! A good travel watch that features multiple time zones in simple and easily readable layout of the dial. Good lume is also a great feature!

  • nextaipan

    Multiple time zone watch with an amazing  hour and minute retrograde hands and a nice rubber strap.

  • tce001

    For me, the nicest feature in a travel watch is the ability to switch quickly between showing the time in one location or another.  This watch seems a perfect mix: two movements when traveling, one split movement when at home.  I like it!

  • jonesjs85

    I unfortunately don’t travel enough to need multiple time zones too too much, but I would say the easy transition one time zone to another with easy visibility of multiple times at once. Bonus points if it’s a reasonable size so as not to take up too much room in the already small seats.

  • tanguero1019

    a perfect travel watch would be ideal for any type of time zone, region, weather and terrain,in other words would my best companion, a precise machine which i could rely with in any outdoor expedition.

  • Nayazi

    Love the design aspect and it serves my imminent needs of multiple timings because I am an expat leaving in another country and traveling to other countries on official visits.

  • GabrielBB

    a perfect travel watch in my opinion, is dual time watch or multiple time. This one is perfect for people who travel a lot. In the same time, is unique, and stylish. I really like it. Thanks again for this giveaway

  • ThomasTJ

    This one looks crazy and  I like it.
    A perfect travel watch should wear comfortably with a nice bracelet / strap, be water resistant & dual time. 
    It should look smart but low-key at the same time.

  • cbpm3602

    Nice watch, I love the idea of flipping case.

  • BradyBiedrzycki

    A perfect travel watch to me is one that keeps me on time where ever I’m at.

  • userengel

    Personally, dual time is a must for travel. I’d also say that a watch that adjusts its self to the time zone you’re in would also be amazing.

  • A good travel watch needs to be durable, versatile and suitable for all weather conditions. It can be worn for dress occasions and outdoor use.

  • errol20

    It’s a good watch for a traveler but I also like the fact that it has a unique case. Will look good along with the usual travel gear.

  • MichaelKHChan

    This watch is good for when travelling overseas and Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time have a special look

  • Jamesmntr

    Great looking watch, and I love the three time zone aspect.

  • Gianko

    This will be perect for me, as I’m always travelling all around the world for my job, with this one on I’ll never ever lost the contact with my family !

  • Willem Lensselink

    To my fair opinion The Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time is unique and the ideal watch for travelling like me from Amsterdam through Europe and East European Countries.  With this watch around my wrist it will be a pleasure for me to show everybody this gtreat watch with the result that I make easily contact with people and easily have a good start of the conversation. And than last but not least, the size is for me perfect, easy to read in all circumstances. 
    The Ritmo Mundo Persepolis “THE BEST THERE IS”
    Willem Lensselink

  • bcichlid

    Very unique and modern design, looks elegant  and sits well on your wrist.
    Easy to service with it being Swiss Ronda quartz.This watch can be good addition to watch collection.

  • 2_5_2

    What makes a perfect travel watch is one that is wearable, durable and can fit any outfit when travelling. It will complement jeans and a t-shirt just as well as a suit, take every bit of punishment thrown at it and still remain reliable and keep time. Displaying more than one time zone or self adjustment is a great feature too!

  • sdevashis

    Would be interesting to see how this watch fits on the wrist. The flipping case is unique … A 3 time zone for me goes to US, India, Kiev
    A perfect travel watch for me would be
    1. Two timezone watch. Main watch/time radio controlled and adjusts time to where I am. The second timezone should be NON-Radio controlled and can be configured to home 
    2. Both the time windows should attach to a timezone and correct on daylight saving changes
    3. Displays the GMT difference and the closed timezone city
    4. Has a alarm/notification approach to alert a timezone change
    5. Should have enough water resistance. Or how about Silicone oil filled to make it even 5000m
    6. Should not weigh more than 150 grams considering the watch always sits on the wrist during travel
    7. Should have a digital compass for trekking
    8. A barometer 
    9. Themometer
    10. Altimeter

    Most important: The watch should be solar or thermo or kinetic powered. Or should have an indicator or remaining battery life.
    Did I miss something guys to make it the THE PREFECT TRAVEL WATCH? (Considering there are millions other lesser requirements like sync with phone for text and email alerts :), a gps hidden somewhere… etc

    • sdevashis

      I forgot … 
      11. A tritium gas filled hands for readability in dark and a backlit dial on a pusher for reading other measurements

  • Twinbarrel

    The perfect travel watch to me is big in size, much like most of my watches so I will definitely notice not having it strapped on my wrist before leaving the hotel. Three time zones is useful for some people I know who travel for their business over different continents while staying in contact with their partners, remaining on those locations visited. For myself, two time zones will do just fine.
    As a Panerai fan, I do like the size and the non-frilled design. It’s strong design features clever adaptations which might make one wonder if you travel with more than one watch.
    What share of wrist time would this Ritmo earn among my watches? At first, I will probably wear it all the time, traveling or not. Afterwards… Probably competing time with another future Ritmo.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter into this contest. It did made me turn to the Ritmo website twice since you launched the contest. Many fantastic designs!

  • JoshCassano

    my perfect travel watch is a medium size watch (44mm) that is comfortable, the piece would be simple but a very classic and iconic look (panerai) i would want to be good looking but not flashy, avoiding bold colors such as gold and other vibrant colors.

  • andrewmsalisbury

    The ideal travel watch for me would be simple to set for regularly changing time zones and have a GMT indicator that has an independent setting crown position and moves independent of the primary time zone.

  • NoleenELT

    The ideal travel watch for me tracks 2-3 time zones. It must be legible, and versatile (wearable in any conditions from casual to semi-formal). Most importantly, you must be able to change the main time without affecting the hours and minutes. This is what I’m searching for right now.

  • Ilimi

    The ideal travel watch is the cheapest quartz.Who hasn’t heard the stories of cut wrists?

  • jozz

    A perfect travel watch should have a second time zone, high quality built, water resistant, luminescent dial and must be some sort of metal bracelet strap.

  • bpage

    The perfect travel watch must be versatile, or suitable for all occasions. Able to wear to a business meeting or for a night on the town. Able to track at least 2 time zones is a must. Metal strap plus being water resistant so it can be worn in even inclement weather.

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  • Mike123t

    A great travel watch has:
    1.  A second time zone. Maybe a third time zone too.
    2. High quality materials. Scratch and ding resistant. 
    3. A compass, barometer, thermometer,  luminescent dial and altimeter

  • morcheeba

    I good travel watch is one that is rugged and reliable, with some familiarity to remind you of back home.

  • kidlat

    The perfect travel watch to me is versatile, able to dress appropriately for the occasion.  Can be worn in business attire but ready for a rugged use; whether in the boardroom or snorkeling.   It should be able to keep 2 or 3 time zones.  It should have alarm functions.  I would also like environmental functions such as barometer, altimeter and compass and night illumination.  Now that is a watch that is ready for travel.  If I’m traveling, the less to bring the better and an all purpose watch keeps it simple.

  • syangtan2630

    hi! this month’s winner is am

  • Michael Walters

    Perfect travel watch? Generally I prefer taking one of my divers. For the most part they have much better lume. I also won’t bring my favorite/most expensive watches, just in case.

  • BlackMastedGhostShip

    I travel a lot and, in my opinion, a perfect travel watch should be build of quality materials, it should have several different time zones and it should look elegant and smart – after all it is made for those who travel, and when you are away from your home, you should look your best. Persepolis has it all – quality build, 3 time zones and once on your wrist – it makes you look&feel better! Mission accomplished, Ritmo Mundo!

  • CBM

    I like the design of this watch. Although I think that the dual faces may be a bit small. But if I was to get it for free…..

  • ConorMcCorry

    Love the flipping case design… Like having two watches.

  • korbindallis

    This is quite a sober looking watch which looks nice, compared to the other models that Ritmo has in its collectionif i win this its going to the wife 😀

  • Petar Penev

    In my opinion, the best travel watch needs functionality to calculate time in different time zones.

  • Pilot747767

    Elegant watch with a lot of functionality.

  • drrone

    Multiple time zones is a key feature I would look for in a travel watch. Other useful characteristics would be versatility and comfort. 
    This Ritmo is an interesting watch that I would be happy to own.

  • stanchiang23

    equal parts durability in build, elegance in design, and functionality in use

  • NateMag

    a great travel watch for i my opinion is one that has at least two time zones and is durable for whatever adventure lies ahead. something that can take some water exploration is a must. Ritmo is a cool design and the size will fit me perfectly. good combination of engineering with elegance. Cheers!

  • freddylam

    For sure durability and nice simple, clear design. GMT is a must and a E6B function would be nice. I found it very convenient to set it for currency exchange.

  • JordanDanishDesign

    holding accurate time in a good automatic movement in a rugged and durable case. an elegant design doesn’t go astray

  • btbamfan

    A perfect travel watch has automatic movement, sapphire crystal, with probably a leather or rubber band. Some sort of crown protector, good night time luminosity, solid enough to take the occasional bump. A slide rule might come in handy if you know how to use one. Something made by Panerai or Brietling, imo.

  • MarcWinNJ

    A perfect travel watch is sharp to look at, waterproof and easy to read

  • books45

    I love multiple time watches for travel and have purchased them when traveling abroad or even to another time zone.

  • MikeFig

    What makes a perfect travel watch? On the surface, the ability to tell local and home times is requisite. However, I would argue that a slide rule is even more important, since it can be useful for on-the-fly currency conversions. Overall, however, what really matters is that the watch is beautiful, rugged, and has an enduring style that is capable of accruing memories through the years.

  • Cmartin26

    Any watch with 3 time zones will be a great travel watch.  The style alone makes it wonderful.

  • JMcTavish

    Multiple timezones are a great feature for a travel watch.  a nice modern flair doesn’t hurt either!

  • cjmaiocca

    Hi Ariel! A great travel watch will be the one you can sell for the most $$ depending on where you are going 🙂

  • what makes a good travel watch is A GMT function with world time because then i can travel to different also very durable because you might be hiking also.

  • AJayHall62

    I need the watch to be reliable and one that I can read in the dark.

  • 1.  I like world timer watches for my travel timekeeping.  I like the world at a glance.
    2. ?
    3.Waiting patiently. ?

  • cableman

    The perfect travel watch should have a second time zone, be relatively rugged and waterproof, and not too flashy.

  • Paul_Bunyan

    I would love to win this watch!
    222 comment means I’m lucky!

  • DaTruth52

    awesome watch.  gimme gimme.

  • jimmatt

    My perfect travel watch would be light weight, have atmic sync, have two or more time zones, easy to set, not flashy.

  • sdmgu

    My perfect travel watch is rugged, reliable and not flashy. I guess having a GMT function or other multiple timezone capability is handy. However, to be honest, I never change time to local when I travel and instead keep my time the same. It is my piece of home with me on the road. Besides, I am not so busy that I can not quickly calculate time. Cheers.

  • WEB_War4

    I find different time zone settings to be convenient

  • JeffNielsen

    Light weight tool watch with 2 timezones…

  • mjolner

    easy to read in any lighting or time of day and not too bulky to get the way of good airplane sleep.

  • DoctorB

    Dear Ablogtowatch:
    For the average traveler, a good travel watch must meet two basic requirements. First, it should have multiple dials instead of multiple numbering schemes on a single dial. The latter requires concentration and fine vision, both of which may be in short supply after 14 hours in the air. Second, and for the same reason, the dial faces should be clear and easy to read. The Ritmo Mundo Triple Time Watch ably fulfills both of these requirements and would be of great use to the business or pleasure traveler. Just imagine how much more they would mean to a traveler bent on preventing a nuclear disaster. 
    Let me explain. 
    As an agent for a certain superpower’s most secret international security force, I am often called upon to undertake dangerous but strategic missions around the world. This June I will be infiltrating a politically unstable East Asian country (rhymes with “hackistan”) in which a delusional rogue army general has taken command of an armed nuclear silo. He plans to launch the missile on June 1st at precisely 7:46 in the morning at a North American target intimately associated with the career of Justin Beiber. Disguised as an itinerant dholak player and relying on my flawless command of Pashto and Balochi, I will find and “neutralize” the general and his men that very morning and then attempt to disarm the warhead before the launch time. 
    This is when the Ritmo Mundo Triple Time Watch could prove invaluable. 
    The disarm codes are in the possession of an international terrorist–codename “the daschund”–who is presently living in Tartu, Estonia. Another of our agents, the beautiful and mysterious Sonia P, will entrap the daschund using her “charms,” “neutralize” him on the evening of May 31st, and secure the disarm codes. These codes, which are themselves cryptically encoded, must then be wired to the home of the greatest code breaker in the world—code name “Captain Numbers”–located in Guayaquil, Ecuador. From there they will be transmitted to me for input into the warhead. Split-second timing between the three time zones is crucial since we intend to leave everything to the last possible minute for maximum dramatic effect. 
    If all goes according to plan, I should receive the disarm codes just as the missile countdown reaches 10 seconds. To ratchet up the tension I shall fumble my first attempt to input the codes, only succeeding on a second try and freezing the large countdown LED display (standard equipment on all nuclear warheads) at 3 seconds to launch. The Ritmo Mundo watch, with its three time zones (set to Northern ‘hackistan,’ Tartu, and Guayaquil), will prove invaluable in this tricky, multi-continent, nuclear-Armageddon cliffhanger of an international espionage adventure.
    And once the threat has been defused, I will use the watch to time the various dishes I shall prepare for the celebratory “meal” that Sonia P and I will be sharing at my apartment in a certain romantic European city (rhymes with “harris”).

    Yours in vigilance, 
    Doctor B


    a good watch should be easy to read and keep good time.

  • paulgirvin

    Neat looking watch, its got a steam punk vibe.

  • ChiaChristopher

    Let me win, I want to own this “conversation piece”!!!

  • philray

    The Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time Watch is perfect for a select few of us. I ride sport bikes for recreation and the tripple time would really make it easy to keep everyone’s times. Travailing from track to track in different time zones makes setting time tedious. The design is simple and easy to read as well as very masculine and not fragile. All in all I really like this watch!

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  • nbailey

    For me a perfect travel watch allows you to see both the timezone you’re currently in, and your home timezone.  I travel around the world frequently and find that to be a very helpful and important function, even with the constant availability of cell phones and other time keeping devices.  

  • willisnjchristopher

    I think what makes a good travel watch is that it has the time if where you are and where you live that way when you call up family you don’t call them up at like 4 in the morning. what also matters is if your comfortable with the watch like it does’t strain your wrist I would like it so its easier to when to call my family when I’m away on trips. so i think this would be a fine addition to a traveling person.

  • zianox

    I think a good travel watch needs to have a lot time zones available to check in a glance because you won’t wake your family or your significant other in 2 in the morning to check on them.Also it shouldn’t be too heavy because it’s going to be on your wrist the whole time duration of your travels and it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.Finally it needs to be tough ot else you are going to end up with a beaten watch after your first trip.Greetings from Bulgaria.

  • RGM

    The perfect travel watch should have the following options (1) Two to Three time zones  (2) At least One alarm (3) Awesome Lum
    (4) here’s reaching an Automatic (drop one time zone) (5) Water proof NOT water resistance (6) Two strap options with the watch
    (7) High grade Stainless Steel 904 L to hold up to the hazards of travel (scratch, dent, water, dirt) (8) EASY to read. MMM, i don’t think i can afford this  watch.

  • bradahj

    A good travel watch should be durable and able to withstand many different conditions including temperature and humidity levels.  Stainless steel is best in my opinion.  In addition, it should be easily readable and waterproof.

  • wilford_brimley

    I look for two must-haves in a travel watch. The first is obviously multiple time zones (durr) but what I also look for is a clean and legible dial. Most GMT or world time watches seem to be attempting the opposite. I’d have to reserve final judgement until seeing it on the wrist but this Ritmo Mundo is in contention for the perfect travel watch, no doubt!

  • NikkiMitchell

    The perfect travel watch displays at least two timezones, with mine set to Beijing and New York.

  • Perfect travel watch needs to be durable and have multiple time zones.

  • drautodan

    The perfect watch for traveling is one that is comfortable
    to ware for long periods of time. It should be able to keep time in a number of
    time zones and not need upkeep (winding etc.). It should be verse able and able
    to ware for dress or sport.

  • keithylias

    The perfect travel watch for me would be one that has more than one time-zone, is not uncomfortable, and has versatility in terms of sportiness/professional looks.

  • DanFrost

    Something sleek, sexy, durable, flexible (multiple time zones, easy set up), and look good with Vasque hiking boots on a Patagonia trail or New & Lingwood loafers under a pre-opera dinner table at L’Arpege.

  • Jmruppert300

    Interesting watch. To me, a perfect travel watch must be durable, as it is likely to take abuse during travel. If travelling between time zones, multiple timezone tracking is a must.

  • seabeast

    A perfect travel watch is durable, very water resistant, has a bracelet or rubber strap (or maybe waterproof leather), not too flashy, and preferably dual timezones and a date complication.  I usually wear quartz watches if I’ll travel outside cellphone reach, just to make sure I don’t accidentally let them wind down and lose the time.

  • CarlosRego

    A perfect travel watch is simple, understated so it does not call attention to itself on less safe countries and has at least two timezones

  • Alexlux18

    A perfect travel watch is reliable and comfortable. You want leave your cell phone behind and rely solely on your watch to tell the time.

  • tt7970

    A perfect travel watch has multiple timezones.

  • tmk2288

    A perfect travel watch has incorporates comfort with unique style and time-zone versatility.

  • deropus

    Cool watch!

  • GCLane

    I believe a perfect traveling watch should be large and clear enough to read day or night but, not be overpowering or so that it’s heavy or unable to blend into the screen, it would have the date and be weatherproof. Although people use their phones for time mostly today watches can still add enough class, flash or fun to make people want to see what time it is without needing to know ( I love watching the workings in a skeletal watch ).
    If I were to win this I would proudly advertise and post for those involved.
    Thank you for letting me attempt to win such an exquisite piece of work.

  • strikers89

    My perfect watch as usual is first the Unique look , secondly The Best and finally Company doesnt matter if they are selling it for 10 $ or 1000$ . This piece is worth buying because of its unique look and perfectly designed

  • armidoro

    In my opinion the perfect traveling watch should incorporate legibility, durability and design. I should obviously be comfortable to wear  and have dual time functionality.

  • This is some thing very special, a rare design and features, will looking good on my wrist

  • shaj22

    A perfect Travel watch – Its purely a personal choice.. a watch should not over power the bearer meaning.. it should stand out but not overwhelm, should enhance the personality of the wearer and not just for the heck of showing off. boost confidence of the wearer when ever he/she looks at it says… ” THIS IS MY TIME NOW” and smile..  I like to look at some really cool, bold, futuristic design and elegant watches.. but when it comes to wearing them and owning one.. i would have just shut my EGO.. 1- Can i carry this time machine.. 2- I don’t want to be judged basis on what i wear..3- will it suit the occasion.4 – How does it actually look on my wrist 5- Value for money 6- There is never a perfect machine so are humans.. 8- Is there a WOW factor involved or its just that i need to show off ( later – i would regret that decision) 9- There is a subtle amount of elegance, panache, aura the watch creates for the User.. so can i handle it.. 10 – If it looks good on me and i know the Value of Time.. then i know what ” watch” time machine is best for me…. go ahead enjoy your time ….. Its my time now… !!! … shaji

  • bmoritzasu

    The perfect travel watch is used only when traveling.  Its the special watch that only gets worn when you decided to experience someplace new and exciting to emphasize the luxury of the watch.  Not everyone travels all the time, and when we do travel it’s an experience that isn’t forgotten.  Much like putting on that perfect travel watch.  Each time its worn it should feel special and be remembered.

  • Kjones80

    The perfect travel watch is one that enhances each and every experience that you happen to wear it. Whether travelling abroad with family/friends or taking in the sites on a business trip. The perfect travel watch travels where you do.

  • alharris91

    The perfect travel watch allows for multiple time zones to be displayed. It must have a rugged case so that it can withstand the excitement of each adventure, but it also has to be versatile  enough to be worn into the mountains or at a gala without being too conspicuous, just conspicuous enough to display your refined taste in timekeeping.

  • dbw1412

    watch to travel eh I personally have always worn divers style usually a Seiko or a citizen I had a rolex and sold it as I didn’t find that the quality  was as good in my opinion. Anyway I always where a dive watch as they look good in any situation.

  • walfisch

    The perfect travel watch would be one that is able to be worn as a classic dress watch, yet sturdy enough to handle the weekends R&R. A minimum of 2 time zones is a given =)

  • jjrock

    For me a perfect travel watch is one that I can tell 2 different time zones with a simple glance, without doing any calculations.

  • cardiffscotty

    For me the perfect travel watch must make me look like james bond and make me feel like a rockstar!  Simple, Bulky, Durable and above all stylish….

  • jasontstong

    A perfect travel watch should have qualities that are similar to a trusted travel companion. Both should be open to adventure and should prove to be flexible given the elements of travel. The perfect travel watch should adjust to the tempo of the situation and demonstrate its versatility according to the environment – be it skydiving from 7000ft above the clouds or scuba diving at 80ft below sea.

  • kh777

    A perfect travel watch in my opinion is a nice mechanical watch with GMT hand and a rotating bezel.

  • ClumsyCoyote

    A good travel watch is simple. You shouldn’t have to stare at the watch face for 30 seconds trying to process what time it is. Arabic numbers for the hours, and minute numbers in five minute increments. And something to display the date.

  • Shawnnny

    A good travel watch should have loads of functions.

  • TehGalvanator

    Beautiful watch!

  • ChrisNaylerMartin

    The perfect watch depends on the type of travel,
    worldwide traveling would need to cater for different time zones or have the
    ability to locate your location and adjust the time accordingly. Something
    lightweight, strong and an alarm for those occasions when you want to nap while

  • nanotwi

    A truly beautifully crafted piece. The subtle play between tones and the case size and lug size is amazing

  • At least two time zones.

  • theStorm

    A good travel watch needs to be cheap (depends where you travel) but realible, with two time zones, Date and easy to read in bright light and at night too.

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  • ChiragMahajan

    A travel watch in my definition should be able to watch my travel in all respects.Simple..

  • jpangos

    To me, a perfect travel watch is impossible to make. On one hand it needs to be easy to read/set, beautiful and elegant, but on the other hand it needs to be complicated enough for its user to read local time, home time and increasingly so in this modern global world, at least a third time zone too. A “perfect” watch would strike just the right balance between all these factors, but of course everybody’s definition of the right balance varies…

  • iondubai

    i usually take two watches with me one automatic and one quartz but i like both to have a function of  giving a second time zone.

  • hugov

    An ideal travel watch should show 2+ time zones clearly and unambiguously, be robust and strongly build, water resistant (5atm+), comfortable and light, and be automatic or self-charging (eco-drive or similar) – nothing worse than batteries dying while you’re abroad!

  • Ldonley

    A perfect travel watch in my opinion is a watch that has both style and functionality. Having to adjust your watch to different time zones, particularly when you frequently travel, is a bit of a hassle so having the ability to have multiple time zones is very helpful. Style is still important though, you don’t want to have to sacrifice it in order to get the functionality, a good travel watch would have both.

  • villeovirtanen

    A perfect tracel watch has a gmt hand  and a rotating bezel so that one can track 3 timezones. It would also need to be universally designed, something which can be worn everywhere in the world without it being out of place in any culture.

  • benjamin0723

    Strange looking watch that will surely be a great conversation starter for any horology geek


    A perfect travel watch must be have the ability to tell time in multiple time zones and be maintenance free.

  • Kungpaochicken

    Definitely needs different timezone and a comfortable snug fit on the wrist!

  • NickoT

    I have to say a travel watch needs at least two time zones, easy to read, comfortable strap (preferably not metal), long power reserve and lightweight as you could be wearing for long periods of time. A thought of mine is your travel watch should be your every day watch that looks good in the boardroom, in the evening and even feels at home on the beach.

  • Chr0matin

    Love this watch!  So – a perfect travel watch should have a GMT or world time function, which must also be easy to read and easy to set.  I usually travel with only one watch, so it needs to have a neutral look that works with any outfit – which for me would mean a white, black or silver dial, stainless steel case and bracelet.

  • KellerWilliams

    I work across multiple time zones every day and having instant access is a huge plus.

  • FlederMausMan

    It should be rugged, as stuff gets bumped and slammed.  It should not be too valuable, or at least should not appear to be terribly valuable,  so as not to attract a robbery from the locals.  I don’t much like automatic time zone changing, but it could have multi-timezone or be very easy to change the hour without changing the minutes or seconds. It should be readable in very low light.

  • dino721

    multiple time zones

  • ivan199800

    I love a two time zone watch.

  • arthur5011

    A perfect travel watch has incorporates comfort with unique style and time-zone versatility just like a trusted travel companions

  • curtinnd

    Interesting time piece. I would love to have a hands on experience with such a unique watch.

  • DrMcRoberts

    Not your every day watch. Would be cool to win.

  • btgxcell

    Nice piece. Multiple time zones a must for a travel watch!

  • Phikes

    I’d say a good travel watch is distinctive enough give others a good impression of the person wearing it but not flashy enough to make that person a target.

  • Sumanr1

    My ideal travel watch is rugged, not too flashy but not too “active” (something like a nice tool watch), world time function or at least 2 time zones to track home time, waterproof to at least 100m for those unexpected boat rides/snorkel trips, and either a rubber strap or bracelet. SO…something like the Sinn 857 UTC S…yep, perfect.

  • dezcel

    Must be able to take a few bumps and bruises…you never know what you’ll run into or what you’ll be doing away from home.  An additional time zone is a nice addition.

  • drhrva

    Sturdy for the outdoors but elegant for a formal dinner. Not too flashy to avoid theft. No need for battery changes (mechanical or solar quartz). Water proof. At least two time zones with date display.

  • WirasatriaMdHusni

    Must be small enough to not draw attention to itself (thieves), water-proof (snow and rain), automatic or mechanical and able to show multiple time zones (at least home time).

  • OmarB

    Perfect travel watch – 
    – Not a watch I am going to worry about dinging/scratching (e.g. 
    – A GMT or something like this Ritmo Mundo!

  • J f

    lightness and a GMT complication at least!

  • Luckie

    A perfect travel watch is a comfortable watch, automatic with either a GMT or world time dial.

  • RejBlou

    Nice watch to have in your collection! 
    … Swiss Ronda quartz does add to this unique watch.

  • joel f

    This is an utterly cool and unique watch.   The orbiting feature is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

  • jsementi

    Perfect travel watch needs to flexible, functional and look good dressed up or down.  This would definitely fit the bill.

  • MLR13000

    I just got back from Vegas. Instead of constantly trying to figure out the differences between the time zone I live in and the one Las Vegas is in, I could have used that watch!!! If I win, it will give me an excuse to take a special trip back there to utilize the watch.

  • I would go for multiple time zones and alarm, to avoid oversleeping or being late at meetings.

  • johnp33

    The perfect travel watch is one that isn’t too shiny and attention getting but is unique and beautiful. As well as dual time zones of course.

  • JamesAinge

    To me, the perfect travel watch would be one that could display a minimum of three time zones… #1 Home, #2 the time zone you’re currently visiting and #3 the time zone you are enroute to.

  • MarkFD

    For me, the perfect travel watch needs good luminosity, like my Traser big date pilot.

  • mikeormoe

    I would go foe a robust GMT. I don’t want to have to worry about a ding or a scratch.

  • KennethCusse

    time zones, weather resistant and the ease of reading the dial for a travel weary watch wearer make the most sense to me.

  • tresd

    Very interesting watch.  For me, water resistance, date, and simple to set, all make for a good travel watch.

  • ripshop

    Ideal would be to have a dual time zone watch. The Ritmo is certainly an interesting case..I can’t imagine running into someone else with this unique timepiece.

  • GaryFarrington

    A good travel watch should be comfortable,  easy to set, have a clear view of two time zones and have an easy to set alarm.

  • patnisiddharth

    A good travel watch must accommodate time zones based on GPS, home time zone being constant.. Must be rugged and light at the same time.. Needless to say other features like alarm, water and weather resistant are a must!

  • PandaBeat

    Perfect for travel?  worldtime function, obviously… reliable, comfortable… I have a watch in mind: in case the plane crashes in the Andes or the boat sinks leaving me floating on top of a piece of wood, I want to be wearing a Breitling Emergency II.

  • nwar7

    Well,to answer the
    question, as a watch enthusiast I’m asking myself this question:

    What features should a wristwatch have to be the
    perfect travel companion?
    And my answer,since I’m an aviator it should be…
    …have different time zones
    …have an alarm
    …automatic or solar powered so u can’t run out
    of battery while traveling
    …looking cheap and understated to avoid being
    mugged for it
    …digital or analog or both
    Well, I’m in the mood
    for something new.. Just in case I crashed in the Atlantic, hope Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Triple Time Watch makes it PERFECT all day long buddy !!!

  • MrJones

    Nice watch. I really like the idea of the different time zones.

  • ShervinMirshahi

    The perfect travel watch must balance function and form. It should be a conversation starter, but should not detract from its surroundings. It should provide utility (i.e. the ability to follow multiple time zones simultaneously), but be versatile enough to wear in any situation that may arise.

  • llouie68

    For a travel watch I would look for something comfortable but durable, easy to read and adjust.  For any collection I appreciate unique designs something that is not similar to something I already have.  The Rimo Mundo Persepolis certainly fits these criteria.  Thank you again Ariel.

  • Paul E Murcko

    My Tissot allows me to change only the hour hand.  Very useful when changing timezones.

  • nikhil1307

    a watch with dual timezomes, should be easy to adjust, should be cofortable and tough…

  • It should be unobtrusive and capable be being worn without having to be taken off for sleeping washing etc

  • T_I

    A perfect travel watch for me would be:
    – tough (no scratching, water proof to some extend)
    – light (not to heavy to wear)
    – not to big (< 44 mm) or to thick
    – good contrast between hands/hour indicators and the dial. (easy to read in bright sunlight as well in darker places)
    – mechanical (not depending on a battery or sunlight to keep it running)
    – nice (IMHO an almost clean dial)
    With a watch like that you can travel and see everything you could want to see.

  • MarkSmith4

    Hi , perfect travel watch must be simplistic in use & dial reading , ive come across so many watches which are hard to read , too much going on on the actual watch . Must be water proof , easy on the wrist to wear , but above any of the above is the time keeping of the watch .

  • dandoro

    A perfect travel watch should be comfortable but durable, waterproofed, with dual time-zones, of course, easy to set, with a dial easy to read in different light conditions. I like this Ritmo Mundo watch and I would wear it even in my own country, not only when travelling abroad.

  • ericpoupier

    I’d love to wear tha one!

  • Perfect travel watch would be easy to see home time (ideally with day night indicator), be tough (when I am drowsy I bump my watches), big and easy to read and look unique (as I like my watches to be distinctive)

  • jdveterano

    My perfect travel watch is one that can be worn with multiple attires and durable enough to never leave my wrist when I am abroad. Multiple time zones work well too 🙂

  • Sherif

    Must be rugged, comfortable and easy to take off/ put on.

  • RickHoover

    Uniquely designed, this would be an ideal timepiece for the traveler.  Having owned a RM Centurion, I can assume that the quality is superb as are the fit and finish.  This piece would definitely stand out in a crowd.

  • jwoodsy

    A perfect travel watch is one that is legible, and easy to read.  It shouldn’t be like deciphering the da vinci code just to tell what time it is in 2 (or more) time zones.  The watch should also be rugged and up for adventure while away on trips, but also stylish enough to wear to formal meetings and dinners.

  • ZoretMan

    I would go for multiple time zones and alarm, to avoid oversleeping or being late at meetings.

  • MarkFenimore

    Perfection in a travel watch can be summed up in a few simple characteristics. The watch should be legible, and not only easy to read but easy to set. That’s what I find intriguing about the RITMO – it takes all of the effort out of setting and resetting time zones for travel. I would set an east coast , central, and west coast US time and be done with it! A good travel watch should also be comfortable enough to wear on long days, and durable enough to stand up to whatever job or task its wearer has to perform on the regular. I would wear this one with pride on my travels!

  • brava

    A perfect travel watch shows 2 or more timezones LEGIBLY and is easy in operation.

  • Redrum72967

    A perfect travel watch, first of, needs to keep impeccable time, in multiple time zones..  It should be rugged (where are we traveling to, and what are we doing?), easy to read, mechanical, and versatile.  It should be able to transition easily between boardrooms and impromptu hikes.  Waterproof would be a large plus, as would a low profile.  An alarm is essential, as hotel wake-up calls are not always reliable.  Comfort is a must!  In short, Ritmo Mundo would be the obvious winner!.

  • about150percent

    A perfect travel watch is one that automatically sets itself when a new time zone is detected.  The problem with that is there is no way to incorporate atomic technology with a mechanical watch.  So then the perfect mechanical watch needs to easily read for multiple time zones, and needs to be easily set.  Legibility is also key.  I will enjoy wearing this watch, as I travel regularly across the 3 time zones.

  • omrivm

    Uniquely designed, love it 🙂

  • ratchet

    A perfect travel watch must be readable in lower light, comfortable, and water resistant in the event that you get caught in the rain.  It should be able to handle both casual and dressier occasions, and look fantastic.

  • Rodgone fishing

    I think it would be great to have while dealing with meetings at my present location and web meetings in different time zones. It would keep me from panic times when I’m in different time zones.

  • Tsar_Bomba

    Very nice.  Quite a unique design.

  • Mike_Bookhardt

    Hi, and thanks for providing this GiveAway!
    The perfect travel
    watch for me, depends on what type of traveling I would be doing. 
    Flying to a nice hotel, in a resort area, would require less
    consideration than traveling to the jungles of the Amazon.  In either
    case, the watch would need to be as near water ‘proof’ as could be, and
    also an automatic.  I would want to be able to keep the watch on me at
    all times, through different environments, both hot and dry, or wet and
    humid and I don’t think there will be too many watch battery stores in
    the Amazon.  For that matter, the strap will need to be as resilient to
    the environment as the watch, so a Nato, or a maratac type strap would
    also be necessary.

  • watchesrm

    A perfect travel watch needs to incorporate multiple features. Depending on ones needs, travel watches need to be durable, waterproof, have multiple time zones and ultimatley withstand ones endeavours. For example as a watch enthusiast i personally travel with a breitling emergency.

  • espressomac

    Two features I’d love in a travel watch:  
    1. Your current time can advance (or retreat) one hour at a time easily.
    2. It has a one “reset back the ‘home’ time” button.

  • In my opinion the perfect travel watch would be water resistant to 300m, since you never know when your plane may be shot down, and you may end up in a very large body of water.  The watch should also have a GMT movement, so you can always be aware of the time in the country you will not be able to go back to since your raft was captured by the North Korean military.  This perfect travel watch should also have an emergency beacon, so that you can keep your hopes high while waiting to be rescued. and a smooth surface for “hiding” the watch. so it will not be taken away from you while in a North Korean prison.

  • kapurkk

    The perfect travel watch must be able to keep the time in at least two timezones. Without that, you really cant call it a travel watch !

  • RCrockett

    Accurate , water resistant , durable and stylish .

  • joshuarmiles1976

    Easy to read.  Multiple time zones, of which the time zones are either:  A. auto correcting, or B. easy to adjust.  Comfortable.  No need for a 50mm dial, but not a wimpish 32mm dial, either.  Atomic.

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  • Cindysrooster

    Perfect travel watch with the time zones feature, comfortable and absolutely stunning in looks!

  • Adarsh Verma

    It HAS time zones feature, comfortable and absolutely stunning in looks!