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GIVEAWAY: Wryst Airborne Watch

GIVEAWAY: Wryst Airborne Watch Giveaways

Limited to just 75 pieces total, the Wryst Airborne FW3 is one of those modern-looking sport watches designed with passion and destined to evoke pleasure (or the opposite) in the eye of the beholder. Modern timepiece design is all about polarization, when historically it was about conservatism. With a partially skeletonized DLC black coated 45mm wide steel case, the Airborne looks like nothing else on the market. The FW3 model comes with a green strap and dial accents. Inside the watch is a Swiss quartz chronograph movement. It is weird, it is avant garde, and it is something you’d only see in the watch industry. Price for the Wryst Airborne FW3 is $825, and you have a chance to win one this month on aBlogtoWatch.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment mention whether you like your sport watches conservatively or wildly designed – with an example or two.

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2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook like all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on May 31, 2013 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Wryst Timepiece the sponsor of the Airborne watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

About the Author

Fueled by an unshakable love for horology and a general curiosity for intricate things, Ariel Adams founded aBlogtoWatch in 2007 as a means of sharing his passion. Since then, ABTW has become the highest trafficked blog on luxury timepieces, and Ariel has become a contributor to other online publications such as Forbes, Departures and Tech Crunch, to name just a few. His conversational writing style and inclusive attitude brings a wider appreciation for watches the world over, and that's just the way he likes it.

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  • kapurkk

    Always like my sports watches  conservative but with bold features such as interesting straps and materials. Examples of two are the Hublot Big Bang with Ceramic bezels and rubber strap and  the Omega Seamaster with a refined Croco strap and folding deployment clasp ( not the regular metal strap ) . Its always great to have at least one ultra modern sports watch like the Wryst Airborne FW3 for the days you just don’t want a traditional look about you .

  • KatNoir

    I love a wild design. I’m more about how the watch looks and works. My favorite watches of the moment are my Invitca Lupah watches one is a white ceramic with gold skeleton face,  the other is a bright orange corain. In a perfect world I would own the HYT H2 Hydromechanical Watch, now that watch is a beauty! I like watches that catch the eye and stands out. It’s not just a time piece its a work of art on my wrist.

  • drhrva

    I prefer a conservative-looking sports watch that packs a punch. My all around watch is the Citizen titanium aquamount JP3050. I can take it anywhere, from the depths of the ocean to high up in the mountains. Its light weight does not hamper movement for most sports. And from the beach or the boondocks, I can go straight to a formal wedding without having to change watches. A suit would be necessary though.

  • NigelLewington

    This reminds me of something Kermitt the Frog would wear. It is something that I like and something I would wear.

  • DanP

    Conservative all the way! You cannot go wrong with a sub, but until I will buy one, I use my gshock whenever I get the chance.

  • timslaughter

    I like my sports watches to be conservative in design similar to the Rolex and Omega.

  • Lord Teshima

    I lean towards conservative designs, but I enjoy bright colors like some of the watches in the T-Race line by Tissot.

  • Michlimkb

    I like the conservative style as I am getting older and my eye sight is failing. But, I will continue to lead an active lifestyle with a good, clear face to tell me to seize all the time ahead.

  • LordotU

    My ideal of the sport watch is Casio G-Shock Mudman or Riseman – the coolest sport watchesm, yeh.

  • loueichjr

    Generally I prefer a conservative looking sport watch.  But I really like the look of this watch.

  • JauneOrange

    I’m more classic. I have an Invicta Russian diver, an Invicta Pro-diver ceramic and a Strumento Marino.

  • DanielCabalRamirez

    Gotta have this!!!

  • koningfelix

    Yes, new giveaway!

  • spsall

    My preference tends to the more conservative, my sports watch is a G-Shock DW6900.

  • dbkinne

    Honestly, the wilder the better for me but I am currently on a dive watch kick. Couple wilder examples would be 20th anniversary Aqualand from Citizen and Pierre Kunz Automatic Spirit Diver. By the way – been looking for a watch with the color of this contest watch 🙂 I work for a marine animal rescue facility and that green color is the color of our shirts. Good luck all.

  • Jmruppert300

    I prefer a more conservative look; Link Calibre 5, or a Carrera. I prefer a sports watch that may also be worn semi-formally if required. I cannot get enough of the Trainmaster series by the Ball Watch Company.

  • MarkJHeftler

    Conservative, something staid and black with a splash of red, perhaps. Partial to a simple G-Shock when knocking around outdoors.

  • FerdinandAngeles

    I want mine conservatively designed like the Seiko Orange Monster. But something like the Airborne watch is very much welcome!

  • TimelyOne

    I can’t believe I like a green watch! This is a really wild design, but when you study it, all the elements serve a useful function. Put my name in the hat…..

  • sackmeister

    Wryst timepieces are awesome, I would love to own one.

  • omrivm

    I love a wild design watches. My favorite watches of the moment are Invitca Lupah watches is a white ceramic with gold skeleton face. I love to own the HYT H2 Hydromechanical Watch! I like watches that catch the eye and stands out 🙂

  • whythehack

    Sorry Ariel, but this is the first watch i would NOT want to win….. looks over-engineered and coloured with crayons by a 5 yr old !

  • vferrava

    I started out preferring conservative style sport watches, explorer I, royal oak, and as I have learned more about watches I find that I am increasingly interested in more radical design, Big Bang, etc.

  • PatrickDiSanto

    It does not mater I like both. I have beem wearing a Bertucci A2-T classic for awhile and love it. If I where to own a wild design Wryst is one I have eyed for awhile the shape is very cool.

  • Dan Baxter

    I suppose I prefer more conservative watches.  Most all of mine are fairly sedate looking.  Probably the most “out there” would be my ChrWard C11 Makaira Elite.  That being said, the Wryst model looks like it would be fun to wear.

  • watchman323

    I like my sport watch conservatively designed.  Like my Zenith Stratos.  It has three dial and it has a simple background.

  • ericlikeseatin

    i prefer them conservatively styled, like the orient mako i own.

  • AIrish

    I enjoy both a conservative and a wildly designed spors watch.  I currently own a Cartier Santos 100 with a rubber strap (conservative) and a Breiling (wild).  Love them both. It just all depends on the look I’m going for on  a particular day.

  • Apdl

    I typically only have an eye for conservative watches i.e. the Submariner (flame suit on)

  • Bob Sebastian

    I usually like my sport watches to have flair. Sometimes a little bit, like my Chopard Mille Miglia, sometimes over the top like my Graham Chronofighter. I have plenty of conservative watches too, though. To ask us to chose one over the other? What, is this Sophie’s Choice?

  • jaydub_

    I like conseravtively wild (I guess?).  Wearing a white Ironman right now…

  • This watch looks really cool. I like the design and the green color. I don’t have any “fancy” or really expensive watches, but I wish to be able one day to get some good time pieces. Great initiative to give away a watch like this. Bravo, ABTW!!

  • johnro6659

    Never saw this brand before but I like it.  This is right up my alley. I love watches with a unique look and this watch will attract attention.

  • jcollege

    I love the wildly designed sport watches, my two sport watches are a red G-Shock and a black Oakley.

  • jcharlson

    I prefer a more conservitive simple watch

  • Jimym3

    I like a conservative sport piece such as burberry chrono and victorinox chrono

  • I prefer more conservative, but am open to wild designs as long as they’re done tastefully. Have an all black G-Shock and some divers including Laco Ninja and Benarus Sea Devil PVD

  • Wild design… this is going to look amazing on my wryst.

  • Nivola

    interesting design: avant guarde, but not too over the top… nonetheless, prefer the conservative, timeless design of a Rolex SS submariner for a sport watch.

  • karsonb

    Really edgy design, I love the case and colors chosen.
    It looks sweet!

  • AJayHall62

    I like something that gets noticed for the right reasons. Not just because it is bright and loud.

  • Sports watches should be wildly designed.  As a golfer, many of the outfits are bright, and are pushing away from conservative styling, so the watch should match that.  Currently I use a Nixon Lodown in neon orange which is comfortable for golf use.

  • canada_doug

    I like this design. I usually prefer more conservative designs like a citizen or an omega, but this could change my mind. I’d love to win it!

  • danbouchard

    I’m pretty fine with wild designs on sport watches. There’s nothing wrong with fun and color. Save the subdued silver/gold/blacks and antique/simple dials for the boardroom or a date.

  • alpost1

    I like wild designs on watches, such as limited ed. G-shocks, Dee and Ricky in black or white. In higher end the Ulysees Nardin El Toro.

  • phredless

    Great looking sport watch, and with me trying to lose a few pounds, it would stand out when riding the bike.

  • RHF

    I love the AP Royal Oak, I would consider it conservative by todays standards. However for a watch actually worn during sports I prefer something bright from Suunto or a Casio.

  • 2crazy2stop

    wild designs for sport watches.  Personal fan of the G-shocks my self.

  • DrMcRoberts

    As I am new to watch collecting, I try to keep an open mind about all the different styles.
    Also, I find that an appreciation of a watch on screen can be very diferent than once on my wrist.
    That’s why I would love to try the Wryst watch hands on, althought at first glance, It’s not a watch I would buy.
    I could be surprised…

  • jgun1


  • bp72520

    I definitely enjoy more interesting designs for my sports watches.  I like when they look complicated and futuristic.  The G-shocks are a good example of this.

  • JDurocher

    I prefer a simple design, my tastes long for a speedmaster but my budget keeps me happy with a Seiko monster (about as wild as I care to go)

  • Dugger

    For sports i prefer to have a watch that can handle it and I’m not too worried if it gets destroyed (think gshock and quartz movements). In my day to day I am more of a fan on wearing a conservative design (submariner, royal oak).

  • Kar Wai Law

    Feels like it tried to be Urwerk…the result to me is more like ‘uuueergghh’..

  • ilia

    I like to go with fairly conservative. A basic dive watch or driving watch will do. I am a big fan of the Edmund Pole Guardian though.

  • Jttuck

    I like both, but I tend to lean a bit more towards the conservative side.  Examples of conservative watches I am drawn to are the Superocean and the Speedmaster.

  • Thierry

    To me, sport watch means free design. This Wryst Airborne FW3 falls into that description, with that green flashy color and the rubber band…
    If I have to think about sport watches, G-Shock first comes to my mind, even they are more “rugged” than really sport, to me. The other brand is Swatch. These are pure sport watches to me. Plastic or rubber case and band, flashy colors 🙂 , general flashy look, extra slim, extra big, or extra “something”.
    Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  • samumingo

    I like to have a mix of both conservative and and wild designs, this way I have the opportunity to wear something with how I feel. A conservative watch would be the Rolex submariner in my opinion, while a wild watch would be an orange scuba swatch I got many years ago.

  • DCWolf

    I have been eyeing Wryst watches for a while. For daily wear, I definitely like a conservative sports watch, like a diver or something. But to actually wear IN the gym? I would want something wild! Wryst is where it’s at, and would be my number one choice for gym wear.

  • Phillyfilm

    Over the years I’ve come to appreciate uniqueness and creativity in a watch design.  Though I usually wear more of the rugged-conservative styles, I’d like to add more unique pieces to my small collection, like the Division Furtive Type 40 I ordered via Kickstarter. The Wryst Airborne is very cool–I like the modern, aggressive look!

  • It just depends.  I do not like something being out there for the sake of being out there but certain watches just look better with “busier” dials or with alternate color combinations.

  • PaulElam

    I’m a big fan of tool-ish dive watches. I prefer a clean, simple dials, but distinctive styling (Seiko Sumo, Halios Bluering, Doxa, Ball).
    I liked Wryst of FB and I’ve already liked ABTW! Please sign me up to win this cool Wryst watch.

  • NolanKubbernus

    My first impression is that Wryst timepieces look unique and original. Prefer conservative sports watches like Citizen or Seiko.

  • Andre Fortin

    I really need a
    colored watch in my collection; this one would be perfect, especially for
    summer 🙂

  • Invic

    I tend to like sports watches that follow along in the Suunto and more conservative G-Shock variations though I have to say this Wryst Airborne makes a compelling design statement

  • Chicity_ED

    For a weekender sports watch I want something more fun and different.  I just recently bought myself the new Seiko Orange Monster as my fun weekender watch.

  • PaulAtkinson

    Love the skeletonized black. A real attention getter on a great design.

  • bichondaddy

    I am probably in the minority in what I like in a watch….as 90% of my collection is made up of very unique looking sporty type watches. I have been a fan of Wryst’s designs since I first heard about them.  I like for my watches to be noticed…and this one would for sure get noticed.  Some of my favorites are the Graham Chronofighter Oversized Black Sahara, the IZOD line of watches by Ritmo Mundo…which are very sporty and very reasonably priced.  I also was given…yes…I will say the name…an Invicta Bolt Sport that has an orange dial and strap that is really sporty looking…and always gets compliments when I wear it out.  It’s especially appropriate to wear when I got to Austin, TX to see the University of Texas play football.

  • stevenkelby

    I love wildly designed sports watches like my Seiko Orange Monster
    or a brightly colored G Shock like a red GX56. Thanks for the chance!

  • RejBlou

    I really sport watches both conservatively or wildly designed, depending of the mood I’m in 😉  Like my Casio G-Shock Multi Band 6 ‘MUDMAN’ all black  or my Seiko Solar Divers Orange dial.  For sure this Wryst Airborne FW3 is an eye catcher, nice watch  😉 Tks for this chance to win this very nice giveaway!   Rej.

  • Humanloop

    I think I lean to the concervative side. The most wild I have is an orange seiko land monster and a stealth g-shock. I’m not opposed to more wild watches, just can’t really spend the big $$ for the wild ones I like…linde werdelin oktopus, hautlence, that kind of stuff.
    I do really like the skeletonized case design on this watch.

  • scoopster42

    I’d prefer something a bit more conservative than the one depicted. Then again, till you see it on your wrist, you don’t know.

  • MajorHavoc

    Lately, I have been drawn to more sporty watches.

  • Luckie

    I prefer conservative but further watches. Like the Omega.

  • MattHeninger

    I love watches, especially sporty watches.  My favorite of all time is the Rolex Submariner date.  It a classic piece and very conservative.  The new bezel and clasp are amazing.  Some of the more “wildly designed” types that interest me are the Corum watches and the IWC brands. I own an Omega Seamaster Great White, but I think it’s time for a change!

  • aloutside

    For me it depends on the situation.  I like a watch that makes a statement – people stop and say “what is that you’re wearing” while also being functional.  Love the looks of the Wryst and the eye-catching color.

  • glgray

    I love sport watches, but I certainly don’t like the looks of all of them. For example, I own a Victorinox Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Titanium and I love the classic, simple look. On the other hand, I also like Casio G-Shock watches, which are bit more out there. With that said, I do like the Wryst Airborne FW3 shown above. It is just wild enough that I love it.

  • chinginud

    Conservative with a dash of color: Like the Omega PO in pumpkin or Breitling SO

  • jasontstong

    For me, sport watches should be conservatively designed, but with a bit of flair and wild design features. Panerai’s Luminor 1950 comes to mind.

  • LapYoda

    I tend to like the more conservatively styled sport watches, but not because I don’t like the bolder ones.  I just find that the more wildly styled ones with mechanical or automatic movements are either well out of the range of affordability, way too large, or conversely, cheaply made, like many of the Chinese-made brands that flood the online markets.  In looking for quality timepieces that will last for years and are impressively made, the choices are relatively limited to well-established Swiss or Japanese brands that tend to run more conservative in their designs, or else go vintage with amazingly styled watches from the 1970s.

  • CG

    I like semi-conservative sporty watches with a dash of design and color: Chronoris, Seiko Sportura Honda Racing, Tissot MotoGp Ltd Ed, Edox WRC Rally Timer etc the FW3 is a huge departure for me… looks like it comes with a rescue beacon and winch cable gear!

  • Paulie1988

    I like sports watches wildly designed with bright colours. I love this piece and the rarity makes it cool too.

  • pbates99

    I look for durability and utility in my sports watches.  Give me a basic Casio or Timex since they can take abuse and keep the costs low.  if they have a wild look and look great, all the better.

  • TyPhilips

    I prefer sport watches on either side of the sport spectrum:  Very functional and shock proof like my classic G-Shock 6600 with a steel cage crystal protector which dates back about 15 years now and still looks terrific.  Very cool looking (perhaps like the Wryst Airborne model?!) like my Bell & Ross BR01 93 with Orange and Black face.   Thanks for the contest!  *fingers crossed*

  • From my Seiko orange mini urchin to my desired, the new introduced platinum rolex daytona, to my Garmin 305 running watch, I love them!

  • MarkFD

    I generally prefer the classic dive watch look, but occasionally a wild one will catch my eye if it looks solid and clearly is made of quality materials. I like this Wryst model.

  • lloydpark

    Sport watches are the perfect venue for something more avanteguard; naturally one should have a white dial leather strapped, dress watch in the line up to offset the more wild look that are naturally accepted for everyday and sport activities. More important for some purposeful sport watches is functionality, clarity, and durability. Wild looks are nothing to boast if the other criteria are not met. Like they say all it has to be both brains n brawn or looks and smarts. Thanks again for the opportunity to try and win an interesting timepeice.

  • mmaloney

    I’m on both ends of the spectrum. You can never go wrong with classic dive style watches from old Casio Diver to modern variations like Helson. I have a few Citizen Eco- Drives that are very sporty and then prefer Suunto and G- Shock for the more techno/wild side of design and sport. I’ve been a fan of Wryst since there inception, thanks for this opportunity and sponsoring this contest.

  • falon

    I prefer wild, like an Orange Monster.

  • Jetman89

    I like both styles. It really depends on my mood. That is what makes watch collecting so much fun!

  • daswickerman

    Certainly an interesting watch. I appreciate that it’s very readable despite being avant guarde in its design.

  • ConorMcCorry

    Very cool looking watch… I’ve been looking for a rubber-strap sports watch so this would do very nicely.

  • ChuckyMiller

    loving the watch… win or lose, i want one

  • Spaceguitar

    Sport watches should be loud. My first was a T-Touch, and I have to be honest…before even fully understanding the gadgetry involved I was drawn to the bright orange rubber strap and dial highlights. Last year in a pinch I picked up an inexpensive Freestyle dive watch (the Hammerhead), and got it with white dial & strap.
    With precious metals and all shades of black & grey dominating the market a sport watch”shines” when past its function it’s as bright and eye catching as possible.

  • ilovesandwiches

    A quality watch with some style.  That’s what I need.

  • WatchOgler

    That’s a bold looking watch.

  • MikeKlemarewski

    I enjoy loud sport watches.  I’ve got a luminox 3083.  I love the bright green on it.

  • nilsalb

    Really Cool watch! A sports watch needs to be as bold as possible.

  • azrml

    very cool!

  • terpxxx

    Prefer conservative watches such as two I currently own, a Sinn 203 Arktis and an Omega Seamaster.  But I am always open to knew ideas and fine watches.

  • CoffeeTime

    I prefer self-assertive and wildly designed sport watches…a good sports watch needs to be either bold in design or complicated in nature…preferably both if I have the pennies!
    The FW3 looks more comfortable and is far more entertaining than a Casio ProTrek/G-shock.  In contrast, I also love the Blancpain X Fathoms, which compensates for its blandness via a complicated mechanical depth gauge, if you ever do one of your “what if” crossovers again I’d like to recommend the X Fathom crossbred with the FW3!
    Love the FW3 & thanks for the competition, Ariel.
    All the best, Tom.

  • tresd

    I lean toward a more conservative design.  The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is a great looking watch.  Of course for a little more pizazz (and a lot more money) you can’t beat the Richard Mille Nadal Watch.

  • MatLac

    I like my sport watches legible so I would have to go more with a more conservative style for the most part but I feel there is always a place for these crazy designs.  It really depends what you are looking to do with it.  and can you really go wrong with a G-Shock as a beater?

  • Stokpot

    I prefer a conservative watch like a Seamaster or Submariner.  But this is a nice watch kind of reminds me of the Reactor Heavy Water my one wildly designed watch.

  • SamMorales

    It would be awesome to win one of these watches, I been collecting for a while but don’t have one on this shape or color, I’m more in to the round and classy look.

  • treefroga1

    I like sport watches mild and wild from the Omega Seamaster to the Gshock. More important is functionality.

  • tre

    I think you need both bold and conservative in a sports watch. You can mix it up a bit. I feel this is a great new look for a sports watch and would definitely wear it.

  • scurry

    It’s an original watch. Count me in! Am I going to be the first european winner?

  • jeffbuzzell

    I just have a simple casio sports watch.  This would be my first wild watch.

  • tambun799

    I prefer sport watches that are classic but with a complication like the GMT Master 2, especially the new black and blue dial. My other watch would be a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chrono.

  • bcichlid

    I hope this watch comes in black or maybe blue as well, the lime green is a no no, the strap looks cheap, make it nato asap.
    aviation theme is the only positive in my opinion.

  • Jus_ad_bellum

    I like my sports watches conservative, plain as oatmeal, mechanical and preferably swiss, pick your decade seamaster or submariner, the tissot t-sport is my idea of razz matazz
    that said I have plenty of shlocky watches, a waving mao, swatches etc

  • philray

    I have always felt that there is a time and a place for different watch designs. Wild and crazy looks ( for are for a night out on the town or a day at the track. Simple and plain designs ( are for work and day to day life.

  • SimonJohnPowell

    Really nice looking, love the contrast between black and crazy green.
    I usually prefer more sober sports watches like my g-shock ga100 in stealth black but this is very tempting.

  • Neil C

    I like my conservative Seiko Diver most, but for a bright and wildly designed watch a Linde Werdelin Oktopus or a colourful Android automatic would be great.

  • Goalerjones

    Love watches, always have alway will but I am also very hard on them…

  • 02Byerly132

    Really love the character and color of this watch. Watches always accentuate one’s personality, (some examples would be Luminox’s Colormark Series and Vostok-Europe’s colorful offerings) and this one is no different.

  • Goalerjones

    Favorite watches have to be conservative, if price was not an issue Tag Hauer were always my favorite…since it is Seiko comes to mind

  • mattsh

    I am perfectly happy with wild sports watches.  Even conservative designs should have a splash of color in them.  I have a watch/heart rate monitor with some neon coloring.  For me, this would go great with my black and green road bike.

  • jamesrobertsaffinity

    My favorite watches tend to be coservative I love  bell and ross Though I have just gotten a Vostok Europe which is not as conservative

  • jjrock

    I can appreciate many different styles from mild to (almost) wild in watches. I enjoy my Breitling Windrider as much as my Seiko Orange Monster. Depending on what is happening on a any given day determines what type of timepiece I’ll be wearing.

  • JRGougeon

    I prefer a conservative sports watch like the Submariner.

  • mikesr


  • erikdy

    In general, I would say I have more conservative tastes in watches, but that’s a love for classic design coming through. If it’s wild, it better be executed well. The FW3 perfectly matches a bracelet my daughter made for me yesterday – I guess that means it’s executed well! 🙂

  • Sotirios

    I like my sports watches to be over the top and not conservative at all. Much like any of the richard mille watches.

  • PLC

    I like sports watches to be striking. and a bit ‘out there’. Something different from the trad dress watch. Favourites include the Omega ploprof and AP ROO. Also anything by Richard Mille. Love the Wryst in the pics. Cool summer watch.

  • DG Cayse

    …needs more bling…perhaps some flickering LEDs and an hourly buzzer…and little spinning things.

  • Bdraguts

    That would be the exact opposite of conservative


    Freaky looking watch…but in a good way!
    Would be an interesting addition to my somewhat safe collection.

  • drautodan

    I like a wrist watch that screams “I like to be noticed and a real trend setter” like a Richard Mille or MB&F. This is what the Wryst Airborne FW3 does.

  • richardiap

    I prefer a conservatively styled watch but my current fav sports watch is a Graham London, so its probably a mix of both!

  • JMcTavish

    Im usually a fan of more conservatife stuff like the Submariner, but the Omega Speedmaster X-33 is fantastially cool too.  the old Accutron Astronaut is a neat vintage sprt watch with a cool look too.

  • JoseCristian

    I like my sport watches to be wildly out there as they offer something different from the traditional dress watch. My fav. include anything by Richard Mille and for the low budget watch enthusiasts i offer up Android watches as a step away from the norm.

  • NWP

    In my opinion the Wryst Airborne FW3 is an extremely wild design. I normally like my sport watches to not only be conservative but be “vintage” conservative as well. The best example of a new watch with a vintage conservative vibe is my Tribute to Polaris ’68. Another sport watch (the original sport watch) that has a vintage conservative vibe is my Reverso Tribute to ’31 US edition. I wear both of these watches in standard rotation and would not be adverse to include the wearing of the Wryst Airborne FW3 in said rotation.

  • frankwhite

    I like conservatively and wildly styled watches but if I had to choose one I would say I prefer the wild stuuf. A couple examples would be the lw spidolite and anything from Richard mille

  • OC_Rob

    I like interesting watches. Pieces that balance being different and wild without looking gaudy or cartoonish. The Wryst is a nice balance and I’d love to add it to my small collection. Thanks for continuing to offer killer giveaways!

  • mgluck

    Conservatively. Casio G-shock.

  • Shawnnny

    For me, it just depends on the watch and what I am doing. I like my simple Debufre pilot at times, and sometimes I like to wear my black or silver Citizen Nighthawks. But, I’d be proud to wear a Wryst watch any time.

  • joel f

    If this is polarizing, put me down firmly on the ‘positive’ polarity.  I love the acid green band and accents and I love the shape.  this is a winner.

  • Kerby23

    I’d say more conservative, but variety is always nice.   I mostly stick with Chronographs and Divers.  Current favorites include:Jaeger-LeCoultre SEAL watch, Omega PO Chrono and Spacemaster Z-33, Bell &Ross BR-1 Chrono, TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulumS (though that was a concept from Basel this weekend), Seiko Marinemaster Darth Tuna…

  • Dan A

    There’s a fine line between conservative and boring, as well as between eye-catching and gaudy.  The speedmasters are (almost all) a rock-solid choice but the TAG Grand Carrera 17rs is pretty dang cool too, and a little bit different.

  • DoMo2117

    Wilder The Better

  • AussieMagyar

    Depends on my mood………One day it might be the Sub the next the bright red G-Shock.
    The Wryst Airborne FW3 would match my Norco Aurum Dowhill Bike perfectly and all you would see is the flash of fluro green flying down the side of a mountain !

  • JordanDanishDesign

    for me I like things a little outlandish but still luxurious. in my eyes the carrera is a fine example of a balance of the two.

  • RobertoValenzuela

    Wow. That’s unique to say the least. I like my sport watches more conservative, like the Heuer Bundeswehr chronograph or the Breguet Type XX

  • willin

    I like my sport watches more conservative, like the Heuer Bundeswehr chronograph or Casio G-shock.But i could easily try the Wryst Airborne on my wrist 😉

  • I like conservative designs (a sapphire sandwich Speedy Pro being my go-to sports watch), but something as unique and out there as Wryst would be a great change of pace.

  • Robert L Murgu

    I like my sport watches conservativelydesigned with simple colors like G-Shock GWA1000D-1A and Victorinox Swiss Army 241356 Dive Master 500 Mecha. Wryst Airbone FW3 is not too much wildly, if i can change the strap to a black one i will digg it very much.

  • dogzbone

    I only have a couple of sport watches at the moment, both are Seiko “Moster” watches (Orange and Black) and are on the “conservative” end of the spectrum.  The Wryst Airborne FW3 is different enough for people to notice but not too outrageous that you would feel odd wearing it.  I like it and think it would make a great addition to my collection!

  • dave1971

    i tend to like more conservative designs for sports watches. There’s something about the simplicity of a well designed watch that appeals to me

  • Andre Fortin

    When it comes to
    sport watches I like them wildly designed, like some Oakley watches or the Vostok
    Lunokhod-2 orange color (which will probably be my next watch). I need a nice
    bold/wildly designed summer sports watch and this Wryst watch is just it !!

  • Anjobe

    For me sports watches should be bold and eye-catching.  Some favourites would be Clerc Hydroscaphe, Linde Werdelin Spidospeed, Hublot King Power.  I can’t afford any of those, or anything close, so the Wryst would suit me just fine.

  • Kris C

    Depends on the scenario I guess: I would consider my Panerais and chronographs to be sport watches, and they are not wildly designed, but I also like a colourful G-Shock as well.

  • pmspice

    For me being a ‘DILETTANTE’ my watches have been conservative  but with the Wryst FW3 it would get me airborne. My past love has been a Eterna Kontiki Sports L/E . Equipped with this new millennium design watch, it could be a new beginning not the end.

  • mjromock

    In general a conservative style like a Casio Wave Ceptor is my preference. The watch up for grabs would be cool to where out to the beach or on the water.

  • benwhite22

    I like sport watches that lean more to the wild side; bright colors help.

  • CJchristian

    I tend to gravitate towards the conservative side for sport watches themselves but like to liven them up with a colorful strap. Anytime you throw around “limited edition” you have my attention!

  • Sunnymay

    I tend to bend towards classic or conservative watches.  This sports watch pops with color and has a bold pared down look.

  • MLR13000

    I really like the looks of this watch! I think its pretty sharp looking. Recently, I have been wearing pilot/military watches for the most part. I guess you would have to classify that as conservative.

  • MLR13000

    I think this watch is very sharp. I love the colors. Since my job has me dressing more formal then causal, I was say I wear more conservative watches for the most part.

  • craqus

    this is a cool watch.  I don’t have any rules about conservative or not, but I do like this watch, so I guess I like wild sport watches?  Richard Mille anyone?

  • maded

    My wildest sports watch is a Casio G-Shock in yellow 😉 Interesting watch. Thanks for the chance.

  • pappagris

    I prefer the traditional divers, but this is ok.

  • darkmoon_95018

    I like the idea of protecting the buttons but i think it detracts from the style

  • Torben754

    crazy green! golf watch

  • BK1017

    Way cool watch. I am a physical therapist working with kids who have sports injury, so my job requires a durable watch but one that is also “cool” to the kids. This watch fits the bill. I also want to get a purple Casio G Shock.

  • martinbblank

    Sport watches should be wild in design – Nixon’s The Block or the Pininfarina designed G-shock

  • Fraser Petrick

    I deserve  a Wryst Airborne FW3. First, not only do I have a wrist, I have two of them; second, I had an uncle who was in an Airborne Regiment in WWII – he’s dead now; third, if the band is green I’ll feel so…sustainable.

  • oblit918

    I prefer a conservative design, but I wouldn’t be too picky over winning a wild one…

  • bigwig

    Good looking watch, and love the crazy dial design.

  • AndreBraz

    Interesting design ! I like odd watches like Swatch and Hublot.

  • CBM

    This watch will fit perfectly between my black G-Shock and my old school Strokes score keepers watch.
    I generally like conservative watches, but variety  is the spice of life.

  • berniesiao

    Nothing wilder than say my Casio GShock

  • Hispaniola

    the green band match my dream Lambo super car.

  • FalconerInd

    Although i prefer a more conservative watch most of the time i prefer i wilder design for a sport watch. This is certainly a conversation starter

  • galka

    I like both versions of sports watches. Each has its own charm. Each has its pros and cons.

  • WirasatriaMdHusni

    To me it’s got to be wild. If it involves rough and tumble stuff I’d go for a G Shock. If not, anything by Richard Mille thanks.

  • shameless1965

    This is a great looking watch, I spend endless hours looking at all types of watches and this one  would fit right in with a Hollywood sci-fi movie.
    The Newton by NIXON and the ToKyoflash Aeon LCD are both great future looking watches. I would love to dress my wrist with the Wryst Airborne FW3

  • JamesSemaj

    I like my sports watches to be conservatively designed and functional like the TomTom Multisport GPS watch.

  • SparkyEOT

    Really depends on mood. G-Shock GX56 in orange or CREPAS cayman 3000. Both ends of the spectrum!

  • StanOster

    A great looking watch.  I like functional sport watches e.g. G-Shock GA 100 or Invicta Subaqua series.  I wouldn’t mind owning and wearing this one.

  • Chloe86

    Hello everyone!
    Well I think that a sports watch should be designed wildly! If i want something conservative, i can buy a classic watch! Brands like Richard Mille or Urwerk took the sports watch to a new level! When you see guys like Raphael Nadal playing with a tourbillon on his wrist, that is some serious and very wild watch!

  • mrpong

    I like the bright “neon” colors of most sport/dive watches. This green is an eye-catcher and would love to own it!

  • Charlesstenker

    I think sport watch should be wildly designed ! Sport technologies are getting more and more important at high level and watches are just a great expression of inspiration ! Nowadays the craziest features are becoming the most valuable ! Airbone is such cool one !

  • Mike M.

    It depends on the watch and activity.  For example, when I’m running, I want a digital display with large numbers for ease of reading while bouncing, Timex’s Ironman is very nice for this function.  Swimming and diving, I want high contrast, wild colors and designs.

  • werewulf12

    I personally like my sport watches simpler. Several Oris models, Suunto and Tissot T-touch. As I spend quite a bit of time in the woods, hilly outdoors, I dont want to have to “work” to see the time, time at night, altitude and compass any harder than I have too. However, the Wryst Airborne appears to be easy to use and for “urban” outdoors it is very unique and would be a great watch to wear and prove to be a great conversation piece. And, being left-handed, would look great on my right wrist.

  • Rmafive

    Sport watches definitely should be designed wildly! Though I would prefer a simple watch for excercising. All other sporting activities can have a wildly designed watch! I can’t think of any examples off the top of my head.

  • bos3ood

    I love sport watches and I don’t mind a wild design. Sport watches should be creative and fun. Some of my personal favorites are the Tissot PRS-516 Chronograph, Alpina Diver Automatic, and the Techno-Marines.

  • Quite frankly, I have Doctors that have issues reading because the letters or numbers are not big enough on their watch…..thus, my company, Doctors With Dings, Inc assists them with issues that have been created because of this malady.  Wearing this watch will wildly reduce the readability of the timeframes evolved in the daily routines as they go about the business taking care of us, the patient.  Day~Date~Time and Stylish Tooo!
    Dan R. Friesland-Founder & President

  • DavidRainey

    I think the style would have to depend on my surroundings.  I actually don’t own a sports watch, so I’m kind of like a fish out of water.  The watch I do own has no name on it, and the hour markers have mostly fallen off and swirl around inside the watch!  From reading ABTW and a few other similar blogs I have come to appreciate beautiful watches, both for their aesthetic beauty and their mechanical beauty.   Normally I tend to favor a more conservative approach, such as the beautiful Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 36 Racing Chrono.  I also find the Omega Speedmaster Racing equally stunning.  One thing is certain, although they have their place, I can not stand digital watches.  They seem cheap.  The Wryst Airborne FW3 doesn’t seem all that wildly designed.  I think it has a great design to it.  The dial has a nice balanced symmetry and it is easy to read. It may be bright, but it does work.  I would be proud to wear such a watch.

    • Fraser Petrick

      DavidRainey I, too, thought I hated digital watches…until I got my G-Shock. Now it’s my everyday watch. Love it – except setting the time and date is a bugger (for this techno-dinosaur), what with four buttons to push. And now I’ve got an alarm going off once a day and I can’t figure out how to disarm the whole alarm function.

  • korbindallis

    Two watches comes to mind the Rolex submariner and good chunky G
    This is in between smart and sporty 
    again if i win this goes to the mrs 🙂


    I like my sport watches conservatively designed  – with two examples being my Tissot Seastar 1000 and Steinhart Ocean.

  • wbilly

    Depends on the watch and the occasion. Conservative: the Rolex Submariner. Wild: U-Boat U-51.

  • iDolo

    I like conservative designs, like a Rolex submariner or an Omega Speedmaster. But I have no problem wearing an biger more modern watch while actually doing sports…

  • KennethCusse

    I like wild designs, and the more color the better.  U Boat makes some great large wild designs, but I am very partial to bright colors, like orange or the Wryst in that hot lime green.

  • eddieuribe

    A classic look on a watch is always great like a Xetum but if I could afford something like the Hublot LaFerrari, I’d wear the heck out of it.

  • manivelle

    So remind me what Cléo does between cinq and sept; for that reason I think of the Hermes “temps suspendu” as a …sport…watch.

  • RonanMcGoldrick

    I prefer a more conservative style such as an Omega Seamaster, but like something a little more racy from time to time.

  • spark1928

    I love the wild design and colors of the Wryst watches…there’s no other watch that comes close!  At the same time, however, I like to mix it up a bit.  I love having a more conservative watch to wear on occasion, like many in the REACTOR line.  I’d be a happy guy to have the best of both design options….I want a Wryst !!!

  • jimmatt

    That neon green is an amazing look!!!

  • ElJohnny90

    I think I’d go both ways with sport watches. On the conservative side an Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch suits me. But on the wild side, something like this Wryst Airborne looks great!

  • Emperius

    Looks great, not heard of it but whatever.

  • sean_r_wilson

    My collection leans towards the conservative. A Seiko Chrono in stainless, an Omega Seamaster Pro Chrono in stainless, a Suunto, a Citizen Eco in Titanium and a Junkers Chrono in Stainless along with an assortment of beater watches that I’ve gathered over the years. Now on the “Wild” side, I do have an old TAG in all black with gold accents on the bracelet, dial & crown. Now this Wryst would be a total departure for me but it would be a great addition especially with summer around the corner. I can just imagine the looks I’d get wearing that at the beach!

  • EdwinGiovanniCalderon

    Comment for watch giveaway, Checked!
    I like my watches wildly designed like
    Wryst Airborne Watch and U-Boat U-51.

  • Yvan Gaga

    I like my watches wildly designed like Wryst Airborne Watch and U-Boat U-51.

  • z841

    I like my watches wildly designed… interesting and functional.

  • RandyTorres

    Mostly, conservative, but with a “wild’  component, like for example a Seiko Ananta chrono with a spring drive movement, or a vintage Russian Poljot chrono.

  • sixspeed

    Quite frankly it came to a point when I’m finding most watch designs boring, especially the case design where everyone seems to be so lazy and use what’s available. You have brands like Harry Winston with deliciously nice dial and face and everything else but just lacking in the case design. Why? 
    Love how Linde Werdelin takes the effort to make the case and strap exciting.
    So yes, more brands should make their watches ‘wildly designed’.

  • AdamFunk

    I usually tend to the more conservative watched for work, but for play all beta are off. I love bold looks and shapes. I like the looks of Bell&Ross and the creations by MB&F, or the Hamilton Ventura and cartier roadster I own. This watch completely captures that bold look, I would love to see it on my wryst!

  • books45

    What a cool watch!  My favorites are analog-digital and mostly not wild, except that I seem to accumulate red ones–Armani Exchange and Nixon Unit.  And I do have some multi-color, which I guess borders on the wild.

  • Psycho4watches

    My sports watches tend to be a little more on the conservative side, but I still like the wildly designed watches.  Sports watches include Suunto Core and Casio Pathfinder PRW2500-1.

  • SimonKiani

    That green looks so nice! WANT:D

  • doitruong

    The conservatively designed sport watches always attract me, like the Planet Ocean from Omega 🙂

  • GonzoSamaniego

    It looks really solid but very lightweight at the same time, it’s a definite Like from me!

  • AtotheG

    I tend to think of my tastes as conservative (well, conservative when compared to the likes of something like MB&F), but I’m entering this giveaway ’cause I really like the look of this watch.  
    That new black ceramic Speedy looks pretty sweet, too!

  • AnthonySturley

    I think I prefer my sports watches relativley conseratively designed. I’m not sure if you’d class an Omega Planet Ocean as a sport watch, but I like their clean lines, yet rugged design which means you can wear it for casual and formal events.

  • lampee

    I really love the design of this watch and I would proudly wear it every day! The wild design of this sportwatch is what gets me and alltogether I like the wild designs like the Casio G-shocks etc.

  • zequa

    I really love the design of this watch and would love to have one! The shade of green is one of my favorites and I love how it combines classic elements like analog chronograph along with wild designs such as the color. Overall, I like wild designs such as the Devon Works Tread 1 and Urwerk Torpedo.

  • DavidCook

    Green is my favorite color.  I really like the skeletonized design.

  • shappy

    Cool looking sport watch, I would wear it!

  • German L

    I usually prefer my sport watches simple. I own a black and a white G-Shock. This watch would be a total 180 in regards to style and colors. I would definitely rock this watch with pride.

  • Zeros

    I prefer my sport watches to be conservative, as I usually wear them at work.

  • Ironhead66

    I prefer sport watches that with a little more flair. Wether it’s a white G-Shock or a Green Suunto Core, I like sports watches to stand out a bit. The Wryst is a perfect example of a sports watch done right. It’s not meant to be hidden under a sleeve in a boardroom – this watch is a side kick for adventure.

  • Sergio Magos

    I like my wrist watches eye catching and innovative. I like my sports watches with a small flare; with something no other watch company has in it; my friends & family at times expect from me. This Wryst watch would be perfect for me. My favorite color is green & it has the right amount of flare for me. I like to thank the Wyrst watch company for the opportunity & good luck to everyone, thanks again!!

  • As with most things in life, variety is the key. Some conservative, some modern watches are the key to a good watch collection!

  • mktcrasher

    I like sporty watches with a little flair.  Chunky with good features.  Enjoy my G-Shock for times at the cottage, jump in and out of lake with it and with no fear of banging it off anything.  So definitely some toughness is a good thing for outdoor activities.

  • JasonHagberg

    I can go to both extreams when it comes to watches, why limit yourself. I wear ZenIth to Graham. I do like the style of this Wryst it is very cool and i could see wearing it with jeans and tee shirts. I love this web sight and love everything about watches. This sight and i have to give some props to chrono24 also Watches Watches Watches.. I wish I could try some out for you..if i can be of service let me know…..

    • Fraser Petrick

      JasonHagberg I too would like to offer my services to try out Rolexs, Omegas, Hublots, Zeniths, Phillipe Pateks, Bremonts, Breitlings, IWCs, Girard-Perregauxs, Breguets,Vacheron Constantins, Audemars Piguets, hell, even Bell & Ross’. Jason and I could be a two-man focus group for all these watch makers who are waiting breathlessly for our assessments. We’d give each watch a one-year trial run. Life’s a bitch, but someone’s gotta do the work. I’m Canadian, so I could give a frozen point of view.

  • jojowasher

    I like watches somewhere in the middle, dark colors with a splash of color, a splash of crazy, I like the Tissot Gp line, fairly standard chrono with that you can get with a crazy yellow strap. I also like when watch companies make somethign completely different, like Tendence with their line of watches, very different, very cool.

  • DaTruth52

    This watch looks so awesome.  I Must have it.  I like my sport watches pretty crazy.  I enjoy the large sport watches like U-Boat, Bell and Ross, and others with some eclectic choices.

  • MarcWinNJ

    cool looking watch. I like colors, orange, green. something a little flashy but not over the top

  • Sarfa

    I guess it depends on what one thinks is crazy. I’m probably more of a traditionalist, (Omega PO is one of my favorite watches), but I love Bell & Ross watches as well. I don’t think of them as wild or crazy, just different in a good way.

  • brentkious

    I wear a sports watch all of time (because one never knows when one will have an opportunity to do something sporting!), but I like to choose which sports watch based on the activity.  I prefer something relatively muted and conservative if I’m headed to the office, but something with a bit of punch if I’m hitting the slopes or the mountain bike trail.   I very much like the Wryst, and, importantly, it would match my skis.

  • cableman

    I usually prefer more conservatively designed sports watches (something like the Omega PO), but can swing in the wild camp – I like the Seiko Orange Monster, especially the new one with the shark teeth. Admittedly, this one is way more out there than both of these.

  • _JDB_Belmont

    Sport watches- they should be FUN- active- edgy… colorful is good- have fun- conservative is boring- this would match up well with my TW Steel Special Edition 607 Dario Franchitti Target Racer Special. Will it be as effective as a Lab puppy? Perhaps….  send one my way and I will let you know!

  • GabrielBB

    What a watch !!!!! Awesome look. I love it and this one, I really love to win it.  I love sport watches wildly designed like Linde Werdelin Spidospeed and Oktopus moonphase. This watch will fit excellent in my activity as a loss adjuster in agricultural field. Thanks again Ariel, for this amazing giveaway.

  • watchguy

    As a
    rule, I prefer conventional design, like Breitling Chronomat, Rolex Daytona,
    and even my Heuer Daytona, but I have to admit this watch does catch my eye in
    a positive way. Not sure what it is, but it is a neat watch.

  • Fraser Petrick

    Many people have been saying they want a sports watch for when they go hiking, rock climbing, sky diving, and so on. Phooey. I’m retired and a sedintary slob. Whether it’s a Wryst Airborne or a Phippe- Patek Tourbillon, when I’m sittin’ on the porch, all I need is to know when it’s time for my four o’clock glass of cheap Chianti.

  • MinhTa

    I prefer the sport watches with “versatile” designs, I want my watch to be weared at many occasions. Some of my favorite design: The Daytona and the Speedmaster Pro.

  • SeanDJ

    This is a very striking watch!  As far as sports timepieces go I definitely like a splash of color.  Some of my favourites are the Tissot Racing series or the Suunto Sports watches for their great features.

  • thefortitude

    I prefer conservative watches when it comes to sport watches. I wear sport watches on the regular since I can’t afford multiple watches. I wear them even on interviews so it is nice to have an all-encompassing sports watch. My favorite sports watch is the Casio F91W-1.

  • Gatakamsky

    I love my sports watch wildly designed. Two of my favorite watches include HYT and Ressence Type 3. Both bring the complication of using liquid inside the body of the watch and cost a fortune. Owning these watches serves as the motivation to earn a lot of money 🙂 I also like the classic Tag Monaco! I would love to win the Wryst Airborne FW3 giveaway.


    Great look to this watch. I like anything concord, hublot, anything tourbillon. But this is striking!

  • ripshop

    I like a happy medium…not too wild, not too boring. Sport watch wise I’m really into the Momo Design Pilot Series & the new Magrette Moana Pacific Professional. I would love to win this watch!

  • ThatGuy25

    For the most part I like my watches somewhat conservative, but have no real firm preference in sport watches. My current favorite sport watch is the Citizen Perpetual Chrono(AT4008-03E); yeah I consider that a sport watch.

  • eba3eb

    I like a balance between the two. The Vostok-Europe Anchar is one of my favorite designs currently.

  • drummie01

    Interesting watch and the detailed description certainly gives a feel of what you could expect if you owned one! As a watch fanatic it would be a great addition to the collection! (0:

  • Mattothepeerless

    Hope that the odds are in my favor for this one!
    What a good looking watch, I typically don’t like my sport watches wildly designed but this one manages to pull the look off quite well. I am more into more neutral colors with a brushed metal case, possible with ceramic on the bezel or carbon fiber on the dial to give it a high quality, rugged, sporty feel. Hope this watch will be on my wrist soon!

  • natanya200

    I’d always go with the wild sport watches. The FW3 is a great watch and really any great integration of a tourbillon is always a winner.

  • wajih

    Been a fan of G-Shocks for their toughness and toughness but always found them lack visual presence.. But this Wryst Airborne FW3 ticks th e box for having an avant-garde design along with sports watch’s toughness.

  • SteveA2

    The design of the F3 is unique and exciting.  There is no reason that a sport watch should not be aggressively designed as long as it remains functional and easy to read while competing.  It’s a real step forward compared to something like the average G-Shock.

  • DoctorB

    I think the F3 does a very good job of making the essential sports watch statement: “When I’m working out I’m too busy, sweaty, and macho for anything dainty on my wrist. Give me something big, bold, and eye-catching to match my own hot bod.”

  • topherwright

    I love the design of the F3.  Iusually like my sport watches to be a bit aggressive looking.

  • Kunal1982

    Very nice. Would consider buying it at that price point but would obviously would rather win it… Would also probably change it to the gratis black strap rather than the green….

  • ihatedavid

    I was not aware of this brand of watch. Interesting concept, going to go look them up

  • j_levine19

    I love this design of F3. It’s so edgy and futuristic. my fiance would love to have this on his birthday. 🙂

  • This watch is really nice I love nice big sport watches, I have an invcta Zeus watch they are big as well. this one would look aswome on my wrist, and would wear it will become my daily wear.

  • liveforever8

    Love the futuristic design on a bright green strap.  Very cool!!!

  • gte717v

    I like my sport watches conservatively styled, but with a single unconventional feature or color added. I like the oversized pilot watches from IWC, or the Marathon Cobalt with is all-lume face. Conservative and smooth, but for one feature….for style.

  • socabaptist

    I love this watch! I love the fact it is DLC and not PVD, I love the bright green band, and I love the design. Controversial for sure but most watches are just clones of each other. I would love this watch just to enrage the traditionalists. I will definitely check out this company! Thanks for the interesting watches Ariel you introduce some brands I’ve never heard of before.

  • socabaptist

    I love this watch! I love the fact it is DLC and not PVD, I love the bright green band, and I love the design. Controversial for sure but most watches are just clones of each other. I would love this watch just to enrage the traditionalists. I will definitely check out this company! Thanks for the interesting watches Ariel you introduce some brands I’ve never heard of before. 
    Forgot to mention I am getting the Tissot T-racer and I tracked down a Lowin Oak Cologne which a big 47mm diver with roman numerals and a non – rotating bezel (I think the guy made 5 of these). I really like Richard Mille’s watches – not that I could afford them – so I like my watches a little wild and a little colorful.

  • NoleenELT

    I like something in between. Unique enough to get noticed, but not too wild so that it goes out of style after a few years.

  • Panagiotis

    I never win anything but.. here goes!

  • airjaded

    mean and it!

  • Longshot

    While I normally prefer more understated watches like Halios or Xetum, this watch looks very interesting.

  • CarlosRego

    Hulk v2 ? love it

  • LoranLindberg

    I love sport watches they are always very distinctive as well as being very distinguished. You can always set the mood or the style of the day with a very cool sports watch. And being a conservative I don’t try to let the unusual styles get past me either when I have those days when I just want to be different.

  • Fraser Petrick

    The response to the Wryst Airborne giveaway suggests – not an original observation – that, though we all lust for $15k – $35k watches, even the ridiculously wealthy cannot internally justify spending those amounts of money on…a watch. Now, if it were someone else’s money, I’d be the first to accept a gold Rolex or Omega. But, even if I were moderately wealthy, some internal Protestant in me would raise an eyebrow at the thought that buying a car and buying a watch could be within the same $ neighbourhood.
    The first priority in acquiring a watch is its accuracy as a timepiece. From that threshold on, considerations include aesthetics; that is, the jewellry factor. (For some conspicuous consumption wonks, it’s snob value.) I have a $65 Timex that is accurate, but not much on looks, and certainly won’t be listd in my will. I have a $150 Seiko that is deadly accurate, but from  a jewellry point of view is a mere bauble. I have an Omega Seamaster that is tolerably accurate, looks sensational now, and will thirty years from now. (I bought the Omega during a fit of pecuniary irresponsibility: the devil made me do it. So what if we now live on Kraft Dinner and think Denny’s is haute cuisine!)
    I’d appreciate hearing from others on “the threshold” factor in watch acquisition.

  • Skidude

    I dig it. Watches like the G-Shock, while very practical and affordable, are not very inspiring. While I may want a sport watch with some panache, I can’t afford Linde Werdelin either. Great design here without trying to copy someone else’s design.

  • I really love the case design, very industrial. Multiple piece cases are really cool. Case is a perfect size and looks well balanced. I would proudly wear this time piece.

  • crkline2

    I like the look of the Wryst Airborne FW3’s face.  And the green band is
    loud, but fits the image of this watch.  I normally do not buy quartz
    movement, but it seems to fit the look of this futuristic watch.
    I am also more likely to buy a conservative watch such as a Grand Seiko GMT or the Rolex Submariner, but I have also acquired other watches with a more unique look, like the Prometheus Ocean Diver.  Hoping to win this watch, so I can see how it looks on my Wrist.

  • t33to

    I like traditional, conservativelydesigned, sport watches, for example Stowa Prodiver design is nice.

  • PedroQuaresma

    I love this watch. I normally like more conservative sports watches like the Casio G-Shock, but this one is beautiful!

  • JamesWhite1

    Big and colorful like the Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mecha. Definitely not conservative.

  • wcse69

    I like conservative designs in analog watches, such as the Tudor Pelagos.  In digital I do like some G-Shocks.

  • bernardos70

    I can’t tell! I’m a big fan of the Casio Edifice series. But this watch is so unique!

  • spgood

    Let’s hope my luck works out well!

  • jchovanjr

    I usually like conservative watches….I have a Timex Ironman model from the movie Stranger than Fiction, but my favorite color is green!!!!!  I’d wear the Airborrne with pride!

  • escahoe69

    i usually go for big watches like sub aqua noma 3 or 4’s

  • kh777

    I usually prefer more conservative sport watches such as diver watches or perhaps some type of Casio Pathfinder, but this Wryst FW3 is a really interesting piece.

  • CalinManea

    I don’t think sport watches should look conservative. This model fits just fine in my preferences along with models from Invicta, Oakley, Reactor…

  • Alex CBR

    Yeah, sport watches should be wild. If the classic watches should look the part, why not go for something outrageous for the sport. Take the Casio G-Shocks for instance.

  • jeanrossouw

    Sport watches should be wild, big and interesting to look at.

  • JohnWilliamson

    I like them to be out of the ordinary

  • sarambi

    I really like the green strap!

  • Jamsie

    Hi Ariel!You most likely don’t know me, though I have been featured in such great films as “Honey I shrunk the watch”, “A watch in Paradise”, and “Charlie’s watches”.When on set filming, or being featured in such magazines as Watch Time, I’m the guy with the LARGE Seiko Astron.I always find that a true action hero needs his sports watch wildly designed for that 2second cameo shot and marketing plug, thus I start my day on the wild side, slapping on a watch that makes men of petite wrists weep.Now, if you were giving away that new Chronograph Sahara……….I would write something really funny!

  • arthur5011

    I falling in love with this watch on first sight. The bright green make the watch so stand out. I would definitely wear this watch for my sports activities if I win it..

  • zerojason99

    amazing piece I love the uniqueness of the shape of the case good brand good watch..

  • zerojason99

    when it comes to sport watches there is no conservation I mean cmon its sport…the crazier the better…big watches that draw attention like the graham chronofighter or something like a  colorful hublot would be my kind of sport the office then conservation is key but sport not at all

  • Cmartin26

    This looks really cool

  • ak476977

    nice watch
    love and prise from India
    keep up the good work
    godbless and 
    take care

  • caynriver

    I generally dont like watches that arrive in the room before I do, but I got to say this watch has some kind of pizazz that just does it for me.  I guess the older we get the more conservative our views and opinions but I would like to think that Im good for at least one good wild and sporty watch. This may be it!
    I have many sport watches from Breitlings, Bremont to Tag Heuers and Casios.  I like them all, they are all part of my collection family and would not give any up unless i needed to.
    Love the ABTW, I read all the time.

  • DanielCabalRamirez

    Unconventional…but I really wouldn’t mind if I got one FREE!

  • Straw15

    Awesome looking watch, Usually prefer something tough like a G-Shock but would definitely wear this. Let me win!

  • WatchMyWatch

    I personally like my spot watches conservatively designed because I really do use them for spots such as running. 
    For that matter the usual design is the best sport design there is today.
     In my opinion the Wryst Airborne FW3  is more of a fasion/car racing watch… I don’t want to know what happens to it when it is
    exposed to sweat and shocks that you expirence while doing spots.
     Another thing is the price, I wont run with a 800$ watch, I would prefer a 100$ G-shock or a simple 10$ Casio watch.

  • EDWiNQ

    Sports watches should incorporate both classic and modern features in their design.

  • cumminsracing

    Love the look of the Airborne! Have to have a sports watch with a wild/distinct style, something like the Monaco 24 Calibre 36 or the Hublot Masterpiece MP-05…love the barrels!!!

  • AbhishekMEHRA

    sports watches should always look edgy n be big n chunky!
    my fav being the zenith defy series or any casio g-shock!

  • jcschi

    Sport watches should be conservatively designed with bold color splashes to play off your own unique qualities.  The recent trend in traditional men’s shoes with bolder soles comes to mind.  Some of my favorite sport watches would include Nixon’s The Corporal SS or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore.

  • matte88

    I like sport watches which straddle the line between conservative, such as the Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 ACM Limited Edition or the Tag Heuer Monaco Heuer Steve McQueen Calibre 11.

  • RainMAN777

    I think this is great question, and bit complicated. As I became older like different types per design of the watch as long as the design has meaning. But in general I like conservative. I just bought a bell & Ross vintage BR126 which very classic, and I love it. I also purchased a Rolex GMT few months back that I love. On the other hand my Ball TMT is not conservative but super sporty.
    I have to say FW3 looks super cool like the option of band changes and different color options. Great job wryst

  • DerekBingham

    The first thing I noticed about the FW3 was the build of this timepiece. This watch has a good appearance that allows the host to make a statement without being to flashy, yet it still allows a person to standout and show a bit of eloquence. Since I am a person that leans more toward a well-built conservatively designed watch, I feel the FW3 fits me perfectly. This watch also reminds me of the Swatch watch but delivers something new and sexy to industry that will invite eyes to admire your style. I call that my “WIN FACTOR”.. LOL  
    I myself appreciate a good quality spots watch and this piece does exactly what it is designed for. The money green choice was also appreciated and is attractive to the eye but still has a bit of class that would tastefully compliment anyone who wears it. I enjoy having a collection of timepieces that allows me to diversify my gear and the Wryst Airborne Watch personally does it for me. Thanks ABTW you guys are AWESOME!

  • mdpro2er

    I like sport watches that are durable enough to handle an active lifestyle and have the flair to turn heads. Much like the LaFerrari by Hublot and the Airborne FW3 by Wryst

  • wujuboy

    For my daily wearers I really love my Sinn 756 or Submariner which are considered sport watches or tool watches. I like to keep my watches in relatively good shape,  therefore when I go running or workout I wear a Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic. This Wryst is a great combination of sport/ruggedness while still being analog.

  • Nervous_Robot

    An explosion of style making for a highly visible timepiece.

  • RobertDub

    Oh wow…this is absolutely striking! I picked up a sporty Breil last time I was in Europe but it just cannot compare to this! I’m really feeling the skeletonized design around the edges and the bold coloring, but when it comes down to it I’m always a sucker for a pretty face. I would love to be able to sport this for the summer!

  • FlederMausMan

    Cool, even though it has a plastic band.

  • Ace028

    This is a very neat looking watch. I like sport watches both conservative and wild, or a mixture of the two. Sometimes a wild watch shows character and stands out, and is fitting for the term sport. Sometimes a conservative watch is more fitting for a formal sport occasion. I think it really depends on the person. Wildly styled watches do show creativity which I think should be commended, it shows outside the box thinking.
    I do not have a real sport watch, I have wanted one but just haven’t bought one yet, however I would be proud to sport this watch if I won it.

  • Peterhf13

    This is a perfect boots and jeans watch….beautiful.

  • Patmore83

    I like my sport watches to have a bit of color either in the dial or straps or both. I used to love large wild designs but have developed more conservative tastes with age.

  • ClumsyCoyote

    I like an aggressively designed watch, but I want to to be easy to read. This watch is great. The shape of the case is cool, and it doesn’t go to wild with layout of the dial. It seems like a great balance between youthful and practical.

  • JDCronin

    That is a bizarre looking watch; I tend to like my sport watches more on the conservative side. The two I have that I consider “sport watches” now are a Garmin 610 and a Pebble, if you want to count that.

  • rich1983

    I like my sports watches loud just without the speaker. I don’t wear conservative clothes when playing sport although I am no Hull FC kit from the 92-3 season. My Garmin forerunner is good but plain and runs out of battery. Anything without a rubber strap is useless for sport so there goes my old leather omega. loud is good!

  • When it comes to sport watches I lean toward the traditional such as Omega Speedmaster and the Zenith Pilot: Big Date Special – calfskin strap of couse.

  • grahamd3

    Conservative or Wild? Depends on the day. Some days an Omega “Speedy” is the choice, on another a red and gold Casio, it’s all relative and it’s all good. This watch is definitely conservatively Wild. Very Coll.

  • DanFrost

    Striking watch!

  • audemarphilippe

    This is a very nice watch!!

  • NickPipitone

    I like watches big and loud. The Zenith Defy Xtreme series is top on my want list.

  • hab72

    Another cool looking watch featured on this site

  • GaryGrumble

    I like the classic look like the Speedmaster or Nighthawk. But wild is nice too!

  • ivan088

    This watch is bizarre but nice…I would change the color strap..

  • drrone

    It is an interesting watch. I like the design. I always liked the original g-shock or pro-trek when they first came out, because they were different (for the time) and stood out.

  • utonic76

    I normally like relatively conservative watches, like my Casio G-Shock, but I’d wear this puppy in a heartbeat.

  • nextaipan

    Amazing radical watch design with green strap.

  • lukekenzi

    I have a GPS Nike Sport watch and I like the style of the band with all of the holes. I like the size it isnt too big or too small. I love my Vestal Destroyer (blue) watch because it is very light and still very stylish. I like how it is see through and how stylish the actuall time area is all blacked out.

  • ckhong

    Normally I wear my g-shock for cycling, hiking and fishing, while seiko monster for swimming and diving. Never come across a sport watch like this before. It would be cool to wear one like this during sport. This watch will definitely change my personality.

  • odoles76

    The watch is so stylish I need that in my collection. You have a new fan.

  • SunKenRock

    i like it wild just like the Wryst Airbone

  • XAMfed

    Normally i go for more conservative like my Lum-Tec M14, or my Tag.  This thing is so wild i love it.

  • ratchet

    Normally, I’m stuck using my plane old timex ironman triathlon for anything that would be deemed “sporty” (sailing, kayaking, hockey, time in the woods, etc).  I try to avoid wearing my automatics for anything that has a high level of impact (especially contact sports).  That being said, my preference would be to have something a little more wildly designed; my time (and funds) have just been focused more on normal-wear watches as of late.

  • chiliredlotus

    Most of my sports watches are pretty conservative with “normal” case shapes but colored dials or straps.

  • pqstetson

    That is a ingenues design one that I have never seen before. I have Casio g-shocks  and thought they took the market with there retro design and feel for the watch market. hands down I would love to wear such a beautiful peace and donate my g-shock to someone who needs a watch. I actually had 3 G-shocks and gave 2 away to my buddy bc he smashed his. Would love to have that watch in my collection..

  • roadhand

    While watches like the one up for comment are interesting they do not have the same appeal as a Ball or a Bell and Ross do.
    Primary reason has to do with how busy the watch is in short it has become a distraction to the primary duty of the watch, that is to tell time and that is what it is all about for me.
    From my first watch a Timex mechanical windup at 14 (1963) to my current an IWC Mark XVI I picked up from an estate sale for $40 it has always been about time and accuracy. If I can’t tell at a glance what time it is then I quickly loose interest in the watch.
    That is why I like my IWC and my daily watch a Seiko diver. They tell me at a glance what time it is followed by a readable second hand and the date. While a simple Casio digital will do these very things it does not do it with a certain style or flair that a analog watch achieve.
    The watch up for consideration while an interesting example of the watchmakers art the bussiness of the design makes it difficult to read almost as bad as a diamond encrusted Rolex.

  • jt534

    As a personal preference, I enjoy my watches more conservative in design.   When wearing a sports watch, I feel information that is easy to locate and process is key to the function of the watch.  For example, when I am running I use a simple classic casio digital or an ironman edition timex.

    • roadhand

      When I worked as a inspector in construction I often needed a stop watch and used a old heuer and later cheap casio .

  • MathieuRobert

    Don’t matter, as long it’s digital, because the process time is faster. It need to be easy to switch between the options/setup and have chrono and timer. Also, I prefer inexpensive to repair/replace models. I have a Diesel but casio g-shock/timex would be fine.

    • MathieuRobert

      The time can be analog, but the chrono/timer has to be digital.

  • MarkFenimore

    I think sports watches should be attention grabbers, something that stands out from the pack and makes people say something. Why else wear a watch? Let’s be honest, most of us are passionate about watches and wear them for more than just telling the time. We want to strike up random conversations with strangers and try to convey our passion for watches and maybe convince someone else that just because their smartphone can tell the time, there are a million other reasons to wear a watch. 
    I have a Croton Super-C and it always gets comments because of its colored carbon fiber pattern on the dial, and I love that about it. The Wryst Airborne series is nothing you’d find at your local mall, and it’s basically guaranteed to generate comments from people who want to know what it is or where to find one. I think it’s a great design that melds playfulness with functionality. The case design is one of a kind, and the dial is still legible even with a chronograph. 
    A well done watch for someone who isn’t afraid to be daring enough to wear it!

  • DuaneLawrence

    I like both wild and conservative styling. There are times when I’m not looking for lots of attention like church, but when I’m out I want that watch that grabs everyone’s eye and starts conversations. Not fond of digital time pieces at all.

  • doxiedad

    I tend to like my sports watches conservative, but if it is wild enough I can dig it

  • MichelDaoust

    I mostly like conservative, but I would really like to own this piece and broaden my horizons. I have what I would consider a basic sports watch: digital Timex Ironman  which I’m not concerned about abusing outdoors or  doing jobs around the house.  I want a somewhat dressier sports for work, I’ ll wear my Invicta analog diver-looking type of watch.

  • acme2077

    I like the more wild designs, there are several versions of the g-shock that really stand out.I generally don’t wear a sport watch to work or in social settings so why not wear a wild one if I’m just working out?

  • pugwng

    I usually prefer conservatively designs, but recently I’m looking for some ‘different’ styles. In fact, I bought the gshock gwa1000, but I still would like to wear something crazier. For sure, this green watch is odd. I liked it,  It seems perfect to wear during work outs and even all day long.

    • pugwng

      Lets see how easy or hard will be to read an analog watch during sets.

  • Chris88

    I prefer something inbetween wild and traditional:  love the G-shock GW-a1000 just reviewed on ablogtowatch!
    This watch would be great for weekends hiking and hanging around town!

  • kjpIII

    For me my the amount of uniqueness I want in a sports watch depends on my mood and how active I am. Some days I will look to wear a tissot t- race and other days I will go for something a bit more wild.

  • fourhoursstanding

    I like to have a bold and different sport timepiece. Sometimes it isn’t appropriate, therefore why I have a dress watch for business meetings. One of my favourite casual watches is still my G-shock mudman

  • paul_w

    Unique and EYECATCHING – sensible head usually goes for conservative Tissot and Seikos, heart tells me to go for the wildly colourful red and white G-Rescues …. but the Green Eyed Monster inside me is wildly shouting “I WANT ONE!”

  • ivictoras

    I mostly like conservative wathces. This one… I don’t want it… just kiding. If you love watches I think you like equaly all kind of “true” watches.

  • kuntphace

    That is one ugly-ass watch 😀

  • RayeAng

    Wildly design sport watch rox!!! Red and black COMBINATION is the killer!!!

  • Chaosbeam

    Watch with unique looks always makes people look your way ;D

  • MichaelVelardo

    Already subscribed so it won’t let me enter.

  • J0

    I prefer wild designs. I think people become more interesting using wild watches, clothes, glasses. Its not more of the same, its unique.

  • Gerlo

    cool watch.

  • wesleygua

    Conservatively watches are fine, but the wilds RULES, ever.

  • ktai

    For sports watches, I’d rather have wild designs. For instance, I own a couple of Oakley watches that are anything but conservative.

  • Lesthepom

    Hi the FW3 looks like it would be a hole lot of fun to ware looks good value and the green is like nothing I have seen before on a watch
    I am starting to get in to big watches and I think this would fit in my collection as my funky Friday watch

  • jhaggett

    For me I like them fairly conservative, but, with a bit of flair.. A good example is the IWC Aquatimer Boutique Edition (Orange/White).. A nice low key watch with a splash of Orange really makes the watch stand out, but, is timeless so it won’t be tacky after a few years.

  • ojasp

    Hi! The FW3 really does look spectacular and is well out of my budget too!! 

    I prefer Wild designs for Sport watches! Make for more interesting conversation starters besides looking great!

  • Eyfz

    I like my sports watches pretty conservative. My favorite one is Omega Seamaster 2254.50,  but i think this Wryst model is unique and I would love to experience it 🙂

  • harti361

    I prefer a wild design. it attracts the attention of people and is more unique – I like it very much to be addressed on a clock. a nice way to start a conversation …

  • taylor883

    Green I like green great design and a chronograph as well I love it.

  • rustyrussell

    I prefer my sport watches conservatively designed, but sometimes its nice to show off 🙂

  • bmoritzasu

    Mainly a conservative preference when it comes to sport watches I think the sporty look of the Wryst is pretty sweet.  I’m a fan of the Tissot sea touch and would love to own a Ball NEDU.

  • Gamer35

    I should definitely agree that the design of this watch will definitely stand out in a crowd and the green color adds that extra attention to this watch.
    Not sure about the specs but this one definitely is a good one to wear on casual trips 🙂 
    Thanks ablogtowatch for introducing this watch.

  • MenachemSelent

    I think for lesser known watch brands a non-traditional design is the best. Why would I want to get an  watch that looks like a less expensive version of a top tier watch? The airborne is a cool summer watch that has some lasting power.

  • tomalaerts

    It looks fun and wacky. A watch to go clubbing with.

  • rkm001

    FW3 is a nicely designed watch. I believe that sport watched should be wildly designed. I like the design of Hublot MP05 and Devon Tread 1 Exoskeleton

  • The Wryst Airborne FW3 is a class act, it’s very rare in look and color theme is awesome, Cheers

  • RGM

    I like my sport watches in the more conservative looking as in, my 30 year old Seiko 5 dive watch and any old Seamaster/Rolex Submariner style watch but this watch has a funky, fun looking style to it. Thank you.

  • RileyJBrown

    I always prefer a more wild design. Conservation limits innovation.

  • theonlydac2013

    Generally I think sport watches are good to be a little more wildly designed.  I go for round faces myself, but the Tag Heuer Professional Sports Watch is pretty eye catching though I don’t really go for square 🙂

  • bleenhe1

    Conservative but bring on the flair once I punch out for the day.  I like my sport watch to have an attitude that reflects what I’m doing (cycling, crew, trail running, skiing). I love what Oakley is doing with some of their watches like the Elite FMJ and Time Bomb 2.  Sadly, my only sports watch right now is my back-up timex ironman dual-tech…boring but easy on the wallet and almost bulletproof.

  • nesta39

    My favorite sport watch is Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso Squadra Polo Fields… so… conservative with a touch of techy design

  • fearlessleader

    (I’ve tried to find if I’ve posted before or not, but can’t find it… so here goes).
    Sports watches can easily be either conservative or wild — it really depends on how usable / readable it is.  And then, some sports watches can be worn as dressy watches.  Some Swatch Musical watches are fun.  And this FW3 looks like it would be fun too.

  • rrinawat

    I  prefer sport watches that are wildly designed. Conservative designs are more of a dress-watch kind of thing.  Right now I”m a big fan of G-shocks

  • shulterbrandt

    I personally enjoy my sport watches with a bit of the wild side to them. One of my favorite watches that I wish I had is the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE. I think the overlaying dials add a bit of character to the face of the watch. My enjoyment for more eccentric watches is one of the reasons that I do not enjoy Bell & Ross watches. (much to the frustration of my brother) They are well assembled and a good company but i am simply not a fan of there large simply style.

  • AMHH318

    Definitely prefer wild designs that shows character especially for sports when people will surely notice. G-Shocks are great but more recently, I have been into Vostok Europe which come in great colour combinations and perfect for sports!

  • ZachAgur

    When it comes to sport watches I like them to be wild, durable, and with a touch of class. Personally I like the Casio Aviation series. Lots of stuff going on and an analog face; best type of sports watch!

  • MaxM

    I tend to prefer “wildly designed” sport watches – recently bought a Citizen Eco-Drive Aqualand as well as a REACTOR sport watch; love the REACTOR, almost indestructible. Also looking at a Zuriner, but not decided yet.
    The Wryst Airborne FW3 looks interesting – cool design, nice layout; not sure about the specs though.

  • pswillner

    I like an atypical watch option. There is nothing better then wearing something that few others have, and the added benefit of the durability the Airborne offers is just icing on the cake!

  • ThelemaVeritas

    Usually, bright colors should not go on watches, however with the Wryst Airborne, the colors work in the watches favor. They give the watch an attitude that transfers over to the wearer. Combined with the unconventional shape of the watch, the Wryst Airborne gives the wearer a sense of power and wildness that a conventional watch just can’t.

  • MichaelVelardo

    I don’t always wear sport watches, but when I do, I like to have won them in any style.

  • GaryFarrington

    I too tend toward the conservative, but have been looking at the Christopher Ward C7 and C9 blue or British racing green faced watches recently. I’ve also been a fan of the Omega Planet Ocean, but they’re far too big for my wrist.Given a bigger budget, the Richard Mille watches wold get my vote.  I love the look of the Wryst, especially as it isn’t so big looking across the lugs due to the oval design.

  • shrimpyhead

    I think if you’re going to go all out on a watch then it should change the way you relate to time itself. Either by elaborating a point about sport, speed, or simply life’s hectic schedule. I know my examples aren’t sport watches per se but they are redefining one’s relationship to time… eg.  from the Hublot Classic Fusion Skeleton Tourbillon to my fav liquid time of the  H1 and now the HYT H2.

  • Arvinj

    Love this watch! Hope I win. I like both wild and conservative design. I like the NIKE designs and the Wyrst designs.

  • azawalli

    When it comes to sport watches, the wilder the better. I bought a Cadence Wrist Rocket big sports watch because it has huge, easy to read numbers, and it was orange.

  • kwanstep

    I like both loud and proud, like the Suunto Everest special edition, and subtle like the Suunto X6 HR

  • Ryan B

    I wear conservative watches like a G-Shock or Timex weekender. I’m afraid if I were to wear an automatic I might screw it up somehow.

  • ianjoyce

    I tend to favor wilder designs. The analog G-Shocks count, I suppose.

  • waterfield

    Prefer conservative as a rule, but do not mind somewhat decorated sports watches – Favorite is any TAG Heuer Cerrara model, especially the chronographs, which is not to say I would not wear this Wryst Airborne if I was fortunate enough to win it.

  • waterfield

    prefer a conservative sports watch as a rule, but do not mind a bit of decoration – favorite would be any TAG Heuer, preferably Cerrara chronagraph – Dosen’t mean though, that I would now were this Wryst Airborne if I was fortunate enough to win it.

  • ihdunton

    I have recently been drawn to the more extreme styles (like Wryst) but have more conservative in my collection (like the Tag Carrera)

  • Bucky Katt

    Like most things, it all depends.  I like the Linde Werdelin Oktopus series, which probably lean towards “wildly designed” by traditional standards . . . On the other hand, I’m currently wearing a Hamilton BelowZero, which is more conservative in its approach.  So I’m going to wildly fence-sit, and say that it all depends on execution.

  • Jgattesco

    Nothing’s more classic and enduring than the look of some of the classics, tag and breitling are deffinate favorites.

  • jeremymsnow

    I prefer conservative sport watches, like a traditional dive watch.  Give me a Luminox or a SeaMaster and I am a happy man

  • LieutenantDan

    I’m a fan of conservative sport watches rather than the more wild and eccentric designs, though its impossible to deny the impressive design of the Wryst watch above. At the end of the day though, I love the classic designs that are found in Omega watches and most Seikos

  • lawmarc

    I like something that is not too out there, but with a bit of pizzazz, like a Seiko Orange Monster, but I also love my  Chase Durer Special Forces 1000, which is almost all black, but has a yellow/red seconds subdial for a little color.

  • curtinnd

    The color of the airborne is a bit bolder than I would go with a sport watch. I would prefer maybe a blue or black color scheme. I don’t mind something out of the ordinary, as I have a Tissot T-touch as my current sport watch. Plenty of functions that don’t get used often such as the baramometer and thermometer, but I have used the compas and altimeter several times. The carbon fiber face is cool too.
    All in all, I could see myself wearing the airborne wryst FW3.

  • JeffGallup

    I lean towards the wild side… certainly something that stands out… the Wryst looks very cool!

  • JohnKim

    Reminds me something out of the PS2 video game Wipeout Fusion. Definitely something one of those drivers would wear, or could even be the dashboard of one of those crazy vehicles! An abstract and modern alternative to your everyday “classic” Swiss motorsport chrono.

  • VonSharkington

    For work I prefer something subdued and conservative, like my Citizen Eco-drive. As for play, I definitely go loud and wild and durable, my purple Nixon Newton digital is a grand example; three years running and its still going strong. Not quite on the same level as this, but it does the job.

  • markoa

    I prefer
    conservative style like Seiko divers. Although would not say to Nadals Richard

  • Jacquess

    I prefer wilder styles, such as Formex with their silly suspension. Can’t forget the KonTiki Diver either, or its Porsche Design brother.

  • dex381

    conservatively.  Traditional old school like my dad and grand dad used to point out to me in shop windows. 
    Rolex submariner black face, with the date detail.  beauty

  • NivashenAppasamy

    I am a fan of conservative sport watches such as the rolex explorer and the seiko divers (skx range). 
    The watches of Richard Mille are out of this world and I am a definite fan!!

  • mkss55442

    Bold yet restrained. An unusual design that will turn peoples’ heads.

  • mukkly

    A little wild is great, but it’s so hard to find nice ones at an affordable price. Linde Werdelin’s  OKTOPUS II TITANIUM YELLOW is sweet. Easy to find conventional watches that look great. Orient’s MAKO (blue) is my fave affordable sports watch

  • 4jessad

    I like the color choice, this bright green is great to be seen.  My current sport watches are the usual black or grey w/yellow.  My Wenger is my favorite, but I could get used to the “Wryst Airborne FW3” I’m liking the limited number of pieces!

  • floatingalph

    I love generally any kind of watch..from the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari to the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean! Or the Tag Heuer Monaco V4 to a present IWC Pilot Mark XVII! The simplest of a Casio G-shock I’d be happy to place it on my wrist!!

  • I love both wild and conservative watches, but give me gadgets any day of the year.  I am playing with my Pebble watch right now and waiting anxiously for the iWatch to be released by Apple.  I have an old purple faced Omega Seamaster that I love but my dress watch is always my RGM 601.  I love the look of the Wryste and would love it even more in Purple.

  • nbonnem

    For the most part I enjoy my sport watches conservative and more focused on functionality. Such as my Garmin Forerunner 405 used for running. But I must say this Wryst Airborne FW3 really caught my eye and would be great for summer wearing. Really like how much that green pops.

  • shinytoys

    You know I love my Casio’s, buy have been recently using my Seiko’s as well. Pro-Trek and the Orange Monster. The Casio’s being flat black and non-showy, the monster in orange, well, it is a bit bright. I like my Luminox too. I still use my Citizen Aqua Master to dive with, and that baby is 15 years old and still specs out with my Edge Diving Computer. Plus, I don’t own a green watch 🙂

  • AndreBraz

    I love exotic sport watches specially with colored dials like Seiko Monster and Orient Poseidon lines.

  • proto99

    A sport watch that is wild but not hugely thick.  The Tag Heuer Monaco 24 is one I’m liking right at the moment.

  • johnrooke

    Great looking watch!!!

  • mohney

    My husband’s sport watch is rather conservative (Swiss Army). He likes it, but I know he would think it fun to wear a wilder style sometimes. The geometric shapes in the watch itself are unusual compared to what I see most of the time. The bright green is eye-catching. It goes with the bright colors popular in running shoes these days.

  • mihaljevic22

    The Watch is BEAUTIFUL….

  • mikeormoe

    I generally go for more conservative sport watches. Omega’s Planet Ocean is one of my favorites.

  • EthanWong

    May be it is me.  But a conservative can last longer if I will choose a sport watch.  Wryst Airborne FW3 to me is leaning toward to conservative side which is my preference.  Thanks.

  • MarkNatm

    I like my sport watches conservative in design and flashy in color. Right now my favorite is a Vostok Reef Diver with an orange bezel and a luminous face. Its built like a tank and the one I have is remarkably accurate. My next favorite will be my Orange Watch Company Milsub that is on order with a Soprod movement. This watch would be a departure for me, but it is definitely has a killer look to it.

    • MarkNatm

      When I say this watch, I mean the Wrist Airborne. I’m really liking those green accents and the funky case design.

  • tce001

    I generally go for more conservative chronograph watches, but adding more interest in style and color would be welcome, too.  My current favorite is the Jorg Gray 6500, but I like the humor of the Cadence 4:20 chrono as well.

  • eitan

    May be it  the time for me to have that grate color and exotic  nice sport watch

  • Watchesr4life

    I would love to win this watch.  I normally go for more conventional style sport watches like the Suuto M4 or the Casio Pathfinder, but I do love the design on this watch.

  • EnryoKarateClujNapoca

    Gorgeous watch!!! I like it, I want it…. oh please….

  • manuelz

    I like conservative watches mostly such as the Rolex submariner or Sinn model 103 though my taste has been expanding of lately.

  • dayili

    i like funky ones

  • raspringer

    This watch is different and very sporty looking.

  • Luckie

    I like my sports watches conservative but will gladly wear a free one.

  • Luckie

    I prefer conservative sport watches but would be glad to wear any new one.

  • paulyap28

    The only sport watch i have is G-shock which is abit boring.
    As for a man, i always like my sport watch to be wild and exotic design. but so far there ain’t any design like Wryst Airborne FW3. Simply awesome !!!.
    Keep it up Wryst!!!

  • morcheeba

    So I waited until the end of the month because this watch looked too wild for me. Honestly, I prefer more sedate looking sports watches (e.g. B&R Hydromax), with my wilder ones being more-functional GPS/heart rate monitor ones that I don’t show in public. But I clicked on the Wryst website and when I saw this watch with a black strap, my jaw dropped — oh-my-god it’s gorgeous!  I love the technical details on this watch, like the unique hollowed-out case (reminds me of the exposed skeleton of the Richard Mille RM001), and also appreciate the things that make this likely to be actually used – a shatterproof crystal and the tough DLC coating.

  • Paul E Murcko

    Love the watch but hate rubber wrist bands.

  • BillyC

    I like “mainstream” sport watch like those from Omega Seamaster. AP ROO and Rolex Submariner. Richard Mille is in my opinion king of sport watches. Wryst Airborne Watch’s tonneau case is interestingly designed. Just hope it had an automatic movement.

  • JonnyD

    I prefer more conservatively designed sports watches. The new Bremont Supermarine S2000 is just beautiful and classy. I am also partial to the sportier styles from Linde Werdelin, such as the Spidolite. I would like to go jogging with the Wryst Airbourne.

  • bluecontrarian

    Well, the green will certainly stand out.

  • ehansen42

    Love both conservative and unusual watches.  Examples would be Omega vs. Invicta.  But Wryst has a nice unique design that’s definitely not conservative!

  • SteveECrane

    Conservative or contemporary. tasteful or wild?  Neither!  It’s innovation through-and-through – whether innate, explicit, obvious, hidden or subtle – which horological aficionados actually care about, so long as it combines aesthetic appeal with engineering excellence, I’d venture there’ll be an informed customer somewhere. 
    As for actual examples, I’d go for something akin to this Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor, given a free choice:
    purely on simplicity and engineering excellence; or, if I wanted to wear something a little more traditional but still ‘left-of-centre’ and with a bespoke ébauche, then I’d go for FP Journe’s Centigraphe:
    Then there’s the ubiquitous Valjoux 7750-equipped piece, in another example of classic design – the IWC Portuguese:
    versus Alain Silberstein’s Gallic cheekiness:
    Given one of his designs was one of the very first outlandish but ‘proper’ watches I ever saw, I have a long, unassuaged, soft-spot for them, despite their unquestionable quirkiness.  And so on to the re-invented ‘granddaddy’ of them all:
    especially as it’s another Omega timepiece that gets me close to owning and wearing a design by George Daniels (one can never own too many Co-Axials, IMHO).  Thankfully, this one lets you see the movement.  But, let’s not forget the one chrono I own already which is, quite simply, an absolute icon of the sports chrono (so why no images on ABlogToWatch!!!?):
    There’s not really that much to say – just look at it!  Timeless.
    I’m not really a fan of Breitlings or Tags – the ‘traditional’ sports watch – I think both brands were heavily devalued and their intellectual capital undermined somewhat with me-too derivatives, ill-conceived designs, and mass- and/or series-produced items (in the same way a Rolex Daytona has entered the public psyche as rather too ‘commonplace’ for a luxury item) and, I believe, many of their products simply became a combination of either ugly, boring or overly busy and ergonomically flawed.  However, you cannot fail but to be impressed with this as an example of simultaneously inventive and classy sports-watch design from the Heuer stable:
    The Wryst reminds me of a Nooka I own – something that took a while to get used to but which I now enjoy wearing.  Nevertheless, if I had to choose one, it would probably be the Zenith El Primero moonphase chrono – it’s the one I wear most … or I would if it wasn’t in dire need of a service!  
    PS  Any UK takers?  Any informed advice on quality/VFM service agents? – Unfortunately, LVMH let me down with the last Zenith they had in for a service by scratching it heavily and denying all responsibility, despite dated photos to the contrary!

  • I like them wildly designed like the Nadal’s Richard Mille

  • TANJ

    This is a really interesting watch and it doesn’t hurt that it’s an amazing color.

  • Cmartin26

    I like green!

  • krk21

    First time on site.Great article about vintage Omega s I enjoy all types of sport and vintage watches, from a Seiko monster to a Omega speedmaster,.The Wryst would probally look just as good on the moon as the speedmaster did,great color cool watch would love to own one

  • JoshjoshRaschiraschi

    I think it is a great idea.  I like unique watches.

  • BlackMastedGhostShip

    Sport watches – YEA!
    Love them wildly 😉
    Wanna know why… – sport watches are about… well… sports 😉 They are for people of action, for the bold ones, for those who are not afraid to make a stand! Wryst Airborne Watch is GREAT – audaciously designed with great color strap – it looks and feels wonderful!

  • keone

    I hope I win.. I never win anything ever!!!

  • keone

    Oh I like sports watches as I’m very active not too fun of wild kinda watches. Thanks

  • Fraher

    This watch will match my lime green eyes. Thanks

  • amirrock

    Airborne watch is a must have.futuristic and cool design!

  • jhanlon475

    A bit wild for me… but I have to say, if I won it I’d wear it.  It is quite cool looking!

  • 24fanatic365

    I like wildly designed watches, like the HYT H2. Something that doesn’t look like any watch from any other brand. I’d say the FW3 lives up to that!

  • flatoutbroken

    I would wear this riding my neon green ninja bike as my mullet gracefully tickled the air. No but seriously, I would be happy to win…as would my mullet.

  • Livehard

    I would wear this airborne watch on my next airborne jump! Flying in style.

  • Depends on the day.  If I’m kite surfing, I want something that is wild and radical, like this Airborne.  However If i’m on the golf course or tennis courts something a little more conservative like my yachtmaster or submariner.

  • gabogdl

    For sport watches depends a lot of the situation, if im going for surfing or hiking something like that, i prefer a wild designed watch

  • bgp

    Although I prefer more conservative watches, I sometimes enjoy wildly designed but classy watches.

  • AlexV76

    Nice sport watches, much better my old conservative sport watches.

  • iecheverriabcn

    Such a wonderfull watch!! Seems from the future! 
    I want it!

  • flameboy

    I prefer a conservatively designed sport watch but with some extra spot touches, like the seiko sportura

  • kash3838

    I like watches like the rolex sub. timeless classics

  • RobertDouglas1

    I like my sports watches to be a little wild and conservative . Depends on the watch For Example, I like the Tissot T-Race but I also like the traditional Rolex.

  • Sir Douglas

    I like watches that look very complicated like a Richard Mille , Urwerk and Ulysse Nardin

  • Sir Douglas

    I would much rather wear this watch than the ones listed in my comment below. Great color.

  • JenniferEssad

    my favorite sport watch: Tissot T-Touch 2 – I go for bright bands and color on the face if possible ie the numbers being outlined.  I like digital for quick glance or when calculating time.  Would love to sport this watch in the giveaway-being a limited numbered piece is an awesome plus for any watch!