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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber Giveaways

In this aBlogtoWatch monthly giveaway, one lucky reader will win a Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber watch. Swiss watch brand Wryst makes some of the most unusual and eye-catching wristwatches out there – certainly for their price point. The wild case design of the Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber is the basic form around which Wryst has designed a number of watches and that defines the brand’s identity. The Motors line of watches is, of course, motorsport-themed with sporty red accents and a carbon fiber dial – and the automotive theme is also appropriate for a chronograph watch. Learn more about the brand in our aBlogtoWatch interview with veteran watch designer and Wryst founder Jacques Fournier here.

The Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber watch is 45mm wide in brushed DLC-coated stainless steel, water-resistant to 100m, with a scratch-resistant and shatterproof K1 mineral crystal. It should wear boldly, to say the least. The watch runs on a Ronda 3540D Swiss quartz chronograph movement with a battery life of 53 months. For this giveaway, the winner will receive the watch with two straps: a black and white leather strap, as well as a black and red double injection silicone strap. With a price on the Wryst website of $1,044, there are only 99 pieces made of the Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber watch. Wryst watches are quite unlike almost anything else, and you can enter to win one now by following the instructions below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention what you like about the Wryst Motors MS3 and how motorsports or cars add interest/enjoyment to your life.

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:


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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on October 31, 2017, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Wryst, sponsor of the Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • SH

    Very cool watch, looks like a futuristic dashboard. Driving one of my great pleasures, its not just about getting somewhere, especially in a classic vintage or for this watch a black and red Lamborghini.

  • Tea Hound

    I think you have taken the word ‘lucky’ to a place where it doesn’t deserve to be.

  • Raymond Berg

    Love it! Great styling, cool looking strap. Would be such a nice present to win this one!

  • Ovis

    Nice watch with very futuristic feeling. I would like to see their take on vintage watches based on dashboard design in the 60′ and 70’…

  • Paolo C.

    I like it! the design is really aggressive and original. About motorbikes, I remember when I was young I had a really good time with my motorcycle. At those times there was not a lot of choices about motorcycle brands, there were few.

  • Dominik Rocchi

    This watch is great – Wryst combines unique designs with practicality. I like them most of all, for beeing the official time keepers of th Isle of Man motorcycle races. That event marks a highlight in my calendar each year, since I am an enthusiastic motorcycle rider myself. The watch, for me, is the perfect connection from timepiece to road racing.

  • Sunny

    The design of the Wryst Mostors MS3 is super aggressive, futurist and just cool. I love it. I love going on road trips and exploring. A car really allows you to getaway – something that gives you more freedom. This watch would be perfect for a road trip

    • Mark1884

      The watch is too aggressive for me. But I would run it over with my car.


    Thanks but no thanks.

  • Philip

    I like the design of the Wryst because it appears durable!

  • Tim Archer

    No. Much too much going on.

  • Jim B

    Love that carbon fiber!

  • James Michael

    My favorite place to wear unique watches is Las Vegas. When you are at a table, your hands get all of the attention and someone always comments on a nice watch. The Wryst would definitely be a conversation starter. Pick me! and I’ll wear it proudly.

    • Mark1884

      Perfect!! You can give everyone at the table a good laugh!!!

  • George Gecko

    as a fan of motorsports I really like it and with carbon fibre super light, design matches with track and dashboard, very sportive

  • Brett Lintvelt

    Modern look – maybe. Would have to see it first hand to be sure.

  • Demonix

    Love the Wryst MS3 design, only carbon fibre I currently have is an enduro MTB and a repair in my knee for a ruptured quadriceps tendon. This prize would be a great addition!
    Would be a change to the usual ss cases of my other watches.

    • Mark1884

      Do you think this watch will help your knee??

      • Demonix

        No but a new time piece would cheer me up. You’d probably stick the uncomfortable hunk of metal and carbon up your ass before resuming licking the windows in the day care centre!

        • Mark1884

          You get it!!!!!!
          That is what the watch is worth!!!!

          EDIT: Keep on begging!

  • SuperStrapper

    Dont they mean carbon fyber?

  • manivelle

    Worn by all Terminators. Learning about slip angles, trail braking, and late apexes will enhance anybody’s drive, even if you’re just tooling down the turnpike.

    • Mark1884

      Yes, we keep dogs around to warn us if someone is wearing this watch.

  • Andreas

    Unusual material choice but well executed is what I like most. My enjoyment out of a car is being picked up at the airport coming back from work.

  • Chris Bos

    I’ll wear it when I drive to work with Max Verstappen.

    • Mark1884

      I’ll wear it when I drive with Max Headroom.

  • Sean Bradley

    I like the unusual look of this watch. I grew up near a speedway and every Sunday bbq was filed with the sound cars. Not necessarily exciting but i do miss it strangely.

  • Pete

    Inimitable watch! My enjoyment in driving is coming home from work on winding country roads.

  • mark

    I have to admit I don’t own a carbon fibre watch but this does look nice. Its a very unique design and water resistant to 100 meters. I think its a watch which wouldn’t look out of place on a pro drivers wrist.

  • Benjamin Sermersheim

    Driving is a passion for me, because it combines the beauty and design of auto makers, with the precision engineering we have all come to know and love. The same main elements apply to watches (beautiful design and precision engineering) to create a piece of functional art. This watch specifically blends the two even further, bringing the track to your wrist, at an affordable cost.

  • Mike V

    This watch gives its wearer an escape with its futuristic styling. Kind of looks like a sci-fi alien on your wrist while providing serious functionality.

  • Boryueh1

    Unique watch. Like in Motorsports, the advancements in technology such as using new materials to improve form/function is appealing.

  • N.D.C

    This watch is very cool.

  • Wilson Meeks

    It brings out my inner Fast & Furious!

    • Mark1884

      This watch is bringing out my lunch!!

  • Greg

    Great looking sporty watch, will go great with my black M3

  • Yan Fin

    Thanks but no.

  • Chazz

    Looks fast like a Ferrari, but runs on time.

  • Adrian Lessek

    Unique and futuristic design, carbon fiber case, a very nice watch which fits the color of my red bike 😀

  • Jack Sexton

    Like the red highlights and symmetry of the dial. I have been going to the Indy 500 with the same group of people for over 20 years. Motor sports can make friendships that last a lifetime.

  • aWtchslvr

    A bold watch I would be happy to wear whlie riding my Yamaha.

  • Branko Biškop

    The most crazy giveaway in history … I’m so close …

    • Mark1884

      So crazy!! I am close also!!

  • Jerry S

    Love the Wryst Motors MS3, I had no idea that carbon fiber has infiltrated the watch world. It would look great with my uniform at work.

    • Mark1884

      So you wear a carbon fiber uniform??

  • Craig Ogier

    Really like the unique style. An amazing timepiece evoking similar emotions to racing and supercars.

  • Uriar

    I like that it looks like a $100000 watch. Shows other manufacturers that you can be special without being expensive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • WatchMark

    An interesting case design. Looks like a Michael more expensive watch. The red chrono pushers are a nice touch.

  • Mitchell Bell

    The way the carbon fibre surface stretches between the band ends and lugs over the crown and case reminds me of the cowls seen on classic racing motorcycles from the 70’s and 80’s. The face combines modern features and relations of a technologically advanced automotive instrument cluster. The way the watch successfully juggles classic heritage with modern influence appeals to my interests and love of classic automobiles and progressive technology.

  • Randy Bradford

    Unusual to say the least. I like it! Reminds me of the hand full of super cars on the market. Looks as if it is made of unatainium and, a conversation starter.

  • Christine N

    Love the watch. It would be a great addition to my husbands collection. He collects watches like other people collect cars.

    • Mark1884

      So he has one watch in the garage??

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    Very nice and special watcg with a cool design!

    • Mark1884

      I also love the special watcg’s

  • Leo

    I like most of these watches having dashboard dials. Watches are no longer simply tools, and as jewelry, complications do add some appeals. But, I find most of the time, black plating worries me since they turn to fade regardless of the plating techincs that are used. Men love cars, motorcycles and watches by nature, and perticurlarly motorcycles. People say the closely experience to fly is riding a motorcycle fast. Of course, better with the watch on wrist.

  • Steve

    It’s cool, it’s modern and it’s color combination is great. It surely add value when wearing and driving the car.

  • Chris MoJo

    As a Formula One fan I definitely like the motorsport aesthetics of this watch.

  • Gary Aerne

    This wrist watch seems appropriate for racing sports. I am a fan of classic 2 seater sports cars. Think it would look good on my wrist.

  • Olaf

    The watch very well represents the dynamics of the race sports. Would suit me well next time on the race track.. 😉

    • Mark1884

      Yes, all the pro drivers are wearing it.

      • Olaf

        Unfortunately I am no pro driver. But I try to improve my lap times from year to year. Just to have fun and stay alive on ordinary roads. Saved my life once. No joke.

        • Mark1884

          Olaf, I wish you all the best!

  • Sean C.

    It is a very fast looking watch, just what I need while driving a desk all day 😉

  • Weird looking watch… not too bad, but also I don’t know if this look will feel very old in a few years…

  • Sheez Gagoo

    If I would win this watch, I would immediately put it on eBay.

    • Ranchracer

      Refreshing to read an HONEST opinion about a giveaway watch. Most are just sunshine blown up the backside, like people seem to think favorable comments will win them the watch. It’s a RANDOM GIVEAWAY people! Feel free to be honest and forthright with your opinions. If this were a sponsored post this watch would be getting trashed. THANK YOU Sheez!! ?

  • bert gillespie

    I like the black w/red strap as it brings out the dial and accents the design. I love looking at exotic cars similar to ABTW many I will never be able to afford but I admirer the design and unique features.

    • Mark1884

      YES!! Black with red straps!

  • Jeff Story

    I like the mix of materials and accents that are very similar to what you find in motorsport. I also appreciate the willingness to step away from traditional case & dial shapes. I enjoy motorsport for the chance to compete directly against others, as well as the technology.

    • Mark1884

      I would like to compete directly against this watch, in a hammer throwing contest.

  • Benjamin Braunstein

    The Watch has an interesting format.

    • Mark1884

      So does your 1st comment.

  • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

    I’ll be honest – motorsports or, for that matter, cars, don’t really add any enjoyment to my life. There is this youtbe channel, ‘mighty car mods’, which I really like – just two aussies messing around with cheap small cars – but other than that, I’m not a car person at all.

    When the electric car becomes an affordable, ubiquitous thing, then I might start paying attention. As is… MEH.

    The watch is, er, alright. A bit generic “motorsports watch” though, no? Btw, I don’t see how that retail price is justified, though. Like, at all.

  • Rafal

    Got to love the style of the watch.elegant and futuristic.neat?

  • 112010

    I love the look and I want it! Yes!

    • Mark1884

      They do sell them.

  • Ranchracer

    Richard Mille for the Everyman (or woman). Very tacky, and massively overpriced. My life has revolved around cars and motorsports for the last 25 years, and there is NOTHING about this watch that remotely reminds me of either. For some reason these manufacturers believe that gaudy bright colors on a “carbon” background automatically references cars and racing. Just shows how little they really know about the subject.

  • Mary

    This piece is indeed an eye-catcher. I like the square lines and the red in it, just enough. It reminds me my ’92 Prelude. ?

    • Mark1884

      It reminds me of a post meal deposit. That will catch your eye!

  • christopher jensen

    As a lifelong gear head, i always appreciate a good motor sports themed watch. I like the clear motor sports connection with this watch. Spend lots of enjoyable hours tinkering in the garage and this would make a great wrist companion.

    • Mark1884

      This would be a great watch to wear while rebuilding an engine. Who cares if you damage it.

  • Radium head

    Even at The Incredibles price of free pass

  • Franklin Ford

    Been following Jacques for a while and he is a talented designer

  • Kathy H.

    This watch is just awesome and my husband would love it because of his love and interest in motorsports! It is just classy and techy!

  • funkright

    Stunning. Liking the look. Love the mix of materials.

  • Omegaboy

    Cars (the ones that need drivers and use gasoline) are just cool, and they’re one of the passions I share with my 23 year old son. He would love this watch because of its sportiness, so if I win, he gets it.

  • mtnsicl

    Well, I like the fact that it’s a motorsports watch. I’d like to see more watches with this theme. I like look the carbon fiber dial and I like that it’s red and black. I’m disappointed with any quartz movement. What’s not to like about motorsports? It’s the best sport there is! And, hitting the canyons in your sports car is the best stress reliever there is.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Does nothing for me, thanks.

  • Terence Kuch

    Wryst is an in-your-face design that gets attention. Long ago I kept lap charts at Marlboro (Maryland) and other race sites, not having the eyesight (or the reckless enthusiasm) to be a driver.

  • Noah Joseph

    The only thing I love nearly as much as cars are watches – automotive timepieces especially. This one seems a little overdone, but I guess you have to do something to distinguish yourself in a competitive field.

  • Maxim Pyankov

    It is a unique watch, and is out of my regular comfort zone.

    • Mark1884

      You must be scared.

  • Frank Kotarski

    What do I like about Wryst Motors MS3? It’s overall style, shape and design, overall beauty. Very eye catching and I love different! Cars? Mode of transportation and the true relaxation of driving on the open roads. Freedom, and as mentioned above about the watch. Especially the classics!

  • Mark1884

    All you beggars can have this watch.
    It is $1044 worth of crap!

    • Berndt Norten

      You tell them Mark!

      • IG

        Will you go mediæval on the wannabe winners again?

        • Berndt Norten

          I think I’ll delegate that to Mark1884

          • Mark1884

            I cannot fill the masters shoes….. That was my one shot at the “only show up for something free” crowd.

            EDIT: Ok, maybe a few harmless shots.

          • Berndt Norten

            You’re doing just fine! Keep at it!

      • Yan Fin

        Nice to see you full of energy?

      • Radium head

        This reminds me of when I was a young kid going up to the Super Size gumball machine and I put my quarter in it and I turn that dial and I anticipate my price and the price pod would roll out the shoot & with great anticipation I open the top and find this and think to myself damn I wanted the silly putty

  • Love3570

    I love that this watch is high quality & looks very original. As far as cars, my family enjoys everything about them. We even go to car shows.

  • Tea Hound

    This watch is absolutely horrible and has to be literally given away, because no-one in their right mind would spend any cash on it. I think even eBay would refuse to list this.

  • JD Ouest

    I really like the carbon fiber finish and bold look. It’s great fun to watch super and hyper cars on Youtube, when they compete head to head – the rivalries seem to renew every year.

  • Alice Minx

    I love the look of these watches. Very unique and sporty

  • Darh109

    I like the blackness of it, and the fact that it drives the “purists” crazy. I’m no racing driver, but a little bit of spirited driving on a winding road is serious fun.

    • Mark1884

      You are driving me crazy with this black watch!!!!! Stop now!!!!

  • dlhoward777

    I like the design of this watch, and what’s not to like about cars?

  • Nixa

    I like the unique and bold design. I love Formula One and the black and red trim makes me think of a Lambo. However, at this price point it would have been nice to see a saffire crystal.

  • theairjens

    I really like the fact that is different, it is unlike anything I have ever seen and for that reason I wouldn’t mind winning. My inner car nut is also screaming because of the carbon fiber touches, I love it!

    • Mark1884

      My inner watch nut is screaming “make it go away”

  • Jesper

    Watches and cars, what’s not to like! Pretty cool watch

  • Prasenjit Enigmatic Nandi

    The design reminds me of a racing car and racing car demonstrates life. Just as the cars move at top notch pace our lives also tends to move at a rapid pace. The driver gets a small window for reacting and the same with life if you don’t react that the proper time then hell breaks lose. There are twists and turns on the track and the same goes for life. The driver needs to brake and accelerate at per need and likewise in real life we sometime need to hold on and sometime need to let go. So watches and cars are a match made in heaven and both depicts aspects of life in their own way hence intertwining a part of our heart with this unique timepiece!!

  • hawaiijack

    nice design – manly – I haven’t been wearing a watch lately, but would wear this

    • Mark1884

      you must really be into watches huh??

  • Tanj

    There’s nothing quite like being behind the wheel of a fast car. I think this watch would enhance that feeling.

    • Mark1884

      Only if I was driving away from it!!!!

  • Dragos Pana

    This is a really nice looking watch! I would give my Atlantic away for this one, i really like how the red and the black colour combines togheter.
    I’ve been from childhood a big car and motorsport enthusiast , i own a Seat and right now im learning to be a truck driver.

  • johnwithanh

    My car is a very boring Honda. However, I think MotoGP is one of the coolest sports out there. Razor sharp reflexes, strategy, and carbon fiber as far as the eye can see.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    Motorsports is the soul of my fantasy life. Safer than other common fantasies, and and safer than the “real world” sport. The design is fantastic, and looks like the quality is there. Perfect combination for a just in time win.

    • Mark1884

      You can fantasize about winning it and be happy!!!

  • Sandy Klocinski

    Awesome design. I would love to have this watch. I like look the carbon fiber dial

  • steve weber

    I love the design, super functional and still fancy. I drive a brand new Honda CRV 2017!

    • Mark1884

      Yo Steve what up! This watch would be perfect for your new Honda CRV 2017!

      • Yan Fin

        Berndt ?

        • Mark1884

          I have been possessed !!

          • Yan Fin

            Can it be… by this watch?

          • Mark1884

            God I hope not !!

          • Raymond Wilkie

            I don’t know who anyone is anymore.

          • Mark1884

            I am still just me.

          • Berndt Norten

            It had to be you…

          • Berndt Norten

            I’m still Berndt. I’m sitting this one out. The beggars are barking but I’m not biting. Let them eat internet giveaway fantasies.

  • Sam Anderson

    I like the way it has a very different look from average watches, but not a ridiculous price. I love being in new, sporty cars, although owning one is on the distant horizon!

    • Mark1884

      So is this watch.

      • Sam Anderson

        I can see that, for you, being a douche is a full time job. At least it comes naturally, so it’s probably not very taxing for you.

        • Mark1884

          Thanks for replying Sam, have a great night!

          • Raymond Wilkie

            Can’t sleep Mark ?

          • Mark1884

            Reports claim that Mark1884 is done for the night.
            Also, he is going to a sanatarium in Colorado tomorrow.

          • Sam Anderson

            No, don’t leave us, Humour Master. How will I make it through my day?

          • Mark1884

            Hi Sam, I was just having a little fun here tonight.
            I am packing for the sanatarium now.
            Have a great day!

            EDIT: unless you are being sarcastic….. then just have a day.

          • Sam Anderson

            Hi Mark. Glad you got your jollies at the expense of others. You’re about as awesome as Berndt. You guys just keep on liking each other’s posts. I bet you two have smashing parties.

            But thanks for the wish of a day–I will, and I’ll think of you all throughout it.

            And chuckle. Man, how I will chuckle.

          • Mark1884

            Hi Sam,
            I am writing from the airport. Glad you like my humorous posts!!
            While I am at the sanitarium, I will try and figure out which regular poster you are.
            It pleases me that you took the time to make up a new name, and read all of my and Berndt’s posts. You made my day!!
            The fact that you felt compelled to put so much effort into this really pleases me to no end.
            Mission accomplished!!!!!!!
            Have a day 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chemenger

    I love the design touches of this Wryst Motors MS3. The carbon fiber and red highlights on the face are right on the button and the way the chronograph controls are tucked away and also picked out in red is fabulous. Motorsport is something i enjoy very much, particularly F1. This watch would fit in nicely with the racing set.

  • Erik Sorensen

    The color scheme is quite striking and the design elements are certainly bold.

    I love cars and driving, even if I am currently driving a slow car fast!

  • Anna Mitchell

    What a sexy watch! I like cars because they are fun to drive. I love how luxurious Wryst Motors Ms3 look.

    • Mark1884

      You sure enter a lot of contests for free stuff.

  • Laurent Liu

    Hi, I would love to own this watch. I have never worn a watch made of carbon fiber, it looks really cool and futuristic.The shape and design match really well the brand’s identity. We can feel the uniqueness of Jacques Fournier’s creativity when we look at this watch.
    About cars, if I could afford it, I would definitely buy a BMW i8 cause of its futuristic design, colors and its electric!

    • Mark1884

      I am looking into your future…… I don’t see the BMW or the watch.

      • Laurent Liu

        I don’t need to look into your future to know that you are an idiot.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    3 watches in one day ( admittedly awful ) then a list of one comment grabbers for a whole day……………..maybe it’s just me

  • Sheez Gagoo

    I once had a spectacular car crash on the highway. A frontal collision with a Nissan X-Trail. Both cars were wrecked and car parts were all over the place. I even made it in the news. This watch reminds me of the wreck.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      So , do you want it or not ?

      • Sheez Gagoo

        Question answered on an earlier post.

        • Raymond Wilkie

          Am not going down that far, but i’ll take it as a no,

  • Buy and Sold

    I like the innovative and modern design of the Wryst Motors MS3. Cars add enjoyment to my life my enabling me to drive to beautiful hiking spots.

  • 0059mike

    love the watch with its bold, aggressive colours and design. Just like fast cars, they need to stand out in the crowd.

    • Mark1884

      Stand out in a crowd and be laughed at.

  • Daniel D.

    Color scheme. Go F1

  • Steve Jacobs

    I’m mofe of an outomatic watch type of guy but this looks pretty cool.

    • Mark1884

      I’m a mofe too !!

  • Mark ZuVerink

    Cool watch. I actually don’t care for modern motorsports at all, but vintage sport cars (and vintage racing chronographs) are quite fascinating.

  • William Flannery

    That is a serious watch that brands the wearer as a car nut. I not only want to see it on my wrist I want to read a full hands on review of this magnificent beast.

    • Mark1884

      Wow, 1st comment!

      • William Flannery

        Unsubscribe me please.

        • Mark1884

          Thats the spirit!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Unique and interesting

  • Bryan Arent

    I like the sleek look of this model watch. I enjoy Formula 1 and motor sports like most other competitions, and in the watch world as well, gives us a story and narrative over time to see how competitors manage strategy and execution to win. It’s an escape, and something to model.

  • Carlos Austin

    Cool watch very different from anything out there. Would like the one with red accents to match my Shelby GT500.

    • Mark1884

      Don’t embarrass the GT with this watch.

  • Sean Kim

    It is a bit too big for me but i like its unique design and sportiness.
    I don’t really care about motor sports but driving high performance cars is always exciting.

  • billy mclaughlin

    Nice watch. I would enjoy wearing it at next year’s Vintage Grand Prix.

  • Norbs K

    What in Gods name is this piece of…?
    It’s dysfunctional as a chronograph with its style. Also it looks like the chrono buttons are unreachable because of that extra metal part hanging over it.

    A useless piece of crap! And look all the idiots swarming over it.

    If I would win, can I have the Graham (Grenade) Chronofigther instead? Not because it’s way overpriced, but somehow still manages to look better then this. I promise I would wear that with pride for the rest of my life.
    Or maybe the Konstantin Chaykin Clown Watch???

    You know what…
    Just send the cheapest G-Shock you can find instead.
    And send this abomination to one of these beggars!


  • RahulMacwan

    Design is like only a mother would love but if i get it for free then im all game for that..

    • Mark1884

      Free is good

      • RahulMacwan

        Then i hope u get it..

  • Denis Danijel Puhar

    I like the unique look of the Wryst Motors MS3 watch combined with its usability & legibility. This is something that’s not so easy to achieve when ‘designing’ a watch.

    Cars are another story. I don’t have the funds to buy me a car, which is fast, safe & something special, one could even say iconic.

    But I don’t need to be rich, to enjoy sitting in my car and driving sometimes for hours on regional streets. Because the place where I live has all kinds of terrains (mountains, woods, lakes and even a see as example), I’m not confined to motorways, where driving can be a pretty monotone experience.

    This really relaxes me, especially when I’m under a lot of stress, and sometimes calms me down even more than any meditation would. And I don’t need to be fast, just fast enough, to hear the wind passing by me and enjoying the landscape which is around me.

    • Mark1884

      Dude, you need therapy more than this watch.

      • Denis Danijel Puhar

        In other conditions I would simply ignore you, because I have other things to do. And in Europe is middle of the night. But your insulting post really got my attention.

        What’s bothering you?

        The 2 sentences I wrote about the watch OR how driving relaxes me?

        • Sam Anderson

          I wouldn’t bother replying with any sense to this guy. He’s a troll, trying to be funny. There are a few on here who think they’re so much better than everyone else. It offends them that people would write comments to enter a competition to get a free watch. They’re above such disgraceful behaviour. And they show that they are real men of class by their excellent wit and erudite minds.

          I’d love Ariel to offer Mark this watch just to see what he says. “Do I cut off my nose to spite my face, or not???”

  • john dallas

    The design is sporty and the colors contrast well to give a overall sharp appearance. I haven’t really gotten into motorsports too much. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • gaknak

    The Wryst Motors MS3 is certainly unique. It reminds me of the pancake horizontal piston VW engine. While I’m not a motorsports fan I do enjoy well designed cars and watches.

  • William Flannery

    To wear this watch would take the same balls needed to wear a gold Rolex, some of us have them, some don’t.

    • Mark1884

      I have the balls for a Rolex, but too much taste for this watch.

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    Excellent prize

    • Mark1884

      Yes, for a shit eating contest

      • Berndt Norten

        You’re on fire! You got it going on!

  • Miguel -MO

    Ultra modern design & love the carbon fiber!

    • Mark1884

      Carbon fiber loving you back!

  • SD Miles

    Interesting looking watch. It reminds me of the Hublot Ferrari watches. My favorite part of the watch is that the dial looks like a steering wheel of some F1 cars (Williams and Toro Rosso in particular). I am a huge motor sports fan (F1, MotoGP, WEC, DTM, NASCAR…etc) and enjoy the details, raw emotion, frustration, heartbreak, excitement and overall spectacle of racing. I think motor sports and watches are a natural fit.

    • Mark1884

      Heartbreak and frustration sums up this watch.

  • Steven Servantez

    The mechanical looks of the watch make it very interesting. I own a vintage VW bus; this watch would go great with my ride!

    • Mark1884

      Perfect for a VW bus….. and just as sporty!

      • Sam Anderson

        Gosh, you are just so funny, Mark. Your friends must be so lucky to hang out with a great guy like you. It must be a constant party, with laughter, and jokes, and palling around.

        Please, keep commenting on here will you?

        • Berndt Norten

          You’re correct. He’s a great member of the ABTW community

          • Sam Anderson

            Hi Berndt. I mentioned you in another reply to Mark. The sad thing is, I think Mark’s trying to be cool by imitating you. Like a 12 year old running after the ‘big kids’, hoping they notice him. You know, all those awesome guys from high school who think they’re the greatest, and then turn out to be nobodies?

            Anyway, I’m glad you’ve jumped in to defend your pal: everyone’s gotta have a least one person who thinks they’re ok, right?

          • Radium head

            I guess he’s got a new Monicker. But the same ol speil

          • Berndt Norten


          • Radium head

            Who is Sam Anderson ?
            yo dinkee ?

          • Berndt Norten

            Don’t know who he is and don’t care. Just some nobody, nowhere man, the Man of Sam, Sir Sam-a-Lot. Maybe he’s Sean Penn?

          • Radium head

            My apologies I guess it’s just spam .have a good night I off to listen to tunes

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Enough already !. I Can’t Read anymore of these comments.

  • Fran R.

    it’s very modern and unique looking. I’m not much of a car person, but I’d give this to my son.

  • FilmEditorFL

    First, racing is exciting because of the speed and danger. However, it’a also fun to watch in person because you can actually feel the activity. The Wryst MS3 looks like it belongs at a Formula 1 event! If I win it, I will wear it to Sebring and St. Pete for races!

  • Whouse22

    This watch demands your attention! Extremely modern with the carbon fiber accents. The fancy chronograph adds a very nice touch.

    My dad and I are huge nascar fans and I could definitely see myself wearing this as we’re watching the Daytona. This would piece would certainly be fitting for a car enthusiast!

  • What I like about this watch is that you will probably never encounter another person wearing one. I’ve followed Formula One since I was a young man. Later I became interested in motorcycles and began watching all manner of motorcycle racing. I feel like the amount of skill required to pilot any of those machines will airways keep me interested.

  • Aman Khajanchi

    I love the motorsport-theme with sporty red accents and a carbon fiber dial of the Wryst Motors MS3.
    Motorsports take me to the edge-of-seat excitement as they mean a grueling test of both, Man and Machine

  • Krishna

    I love Wryst designs in general, especially the wide and flat profile. It reminds me of the seat bealts and recaro seats in a sports car. Cars, as in most men, has been very much part of my ambitions growing up with milestones for me to achieve. Place where I live is surrounded by motorways so I take every opportunity to rev it up (and collect some speeding tickets along the way!)

  • Tara

    Wow these are awesome! My husband would love to have one!!

  • David

    I love the modern look!

  • Gregg Turcich

    different but cool!

    • Berndt Norten

      I am cooly indifferent

  • Aditya Anta Taruna

    i always drive a black motor bike whenever i go to work, this piece of art will complete my black essential! black motor n black watch!

  • Justin Motes

    Pick me pick me!! I love carbon fiber. Such an advanced material

  • Hendy The

    I love the unique design of Wryst Motors MS3. It is cery sporty and it is made of carbon fiber. The design is very appealling to me and those who love motorsports. Would love to have one in my collections?

  • Jeremy Gunn

    would love it! simply unique!!

  • TresGut

    A very unique design. I reckon once I strap this thing to my wrist I’ll start saving for a BMW M3. It will be such a pleasure to drive the new car!

  • Bogdobbler

    I really like the styling of the Wryst Motors MS3, very sleek and interesting. Driving a quality car brings me the freedom and joy of the open road.

  • Alfredo Rivera

    What I love about this watch is the fact that you can get an exclusive design from a well talented designer and watch enthusisast that was looking to make an apotheosis watch at an affordable price; also I loved the materials used to make this watch, specially the carbon fibre, and the DLC treatment is something that I just like a lot.
    The Ronda 3540D is a really robust and reliable caliber, and the best of it is that it´s a repairable quartz movement, very interesting.
    I will like to have this watch because I always wanted to have an automotive inspired watch to share it with my dad because he really loves cars and motorcycles and I admire him a lot; so he loves cars, I love watches and this would be just perfect.
    Thanks for another great opportunity A Blog To Watch!

  • Daryl Okayama

    I like it! Carbon Fiber, legible dial, black and red sporty colors, 45mm, limited edition, checks off a lot of things I like in a watch. Love watching all types of motorsports especially F1, IMSA, WEC, Indycar, etc…

  • Brian

    Motorsports add nothing to my life and I will like none of those things on facebook!
    Please for to give watch at me. Many loving, many respect. You send me now, no wait November.

  • Kim Satterlee

    This would be my first carbon fiber watch and it be a favorite for a long time

  • Kumaran Ramu

    Who wouldnt like a carbon fiber watch…coming to the cars, i am crazy about cars, i can drive all day long. When it comes to the bikes, i would prefer bikes for a long road trips 🙂

  • whit

    Been looking for a motorsports inspired watch for a while now to round out my collection! All my others are “conservative” and would love something more unique. The Wryst Motors MS3 would look great with my new motorcycle!

  • Amirul Yeoh

    It’s a sporty yet stylish combination watch. It would be fantastic if I can wear it while riding my Yamaha mt07 . Sometimes i ride across the state without any destination during my offday just to clear my mind until I lost track of time. Boom.. that’s why you have to give me the watch and some gas money because I can’t get back home… ?COUNTRYYY ROADDD TAKEEE MEEE HOMMEEEE?

  • Claudiu

    Best features of the watch are its unique design, carbon fiber and DLC coating.
    I enjoy cars because there are in many ways just like watches – mechanical masterpieces, which will serve their purpose if you take good care of them.

  • Rupert Muller

    That’s a tough one…
    What I like about the watch? Hmm… the black/red color scheme is not too bad.
    How motorsports or cars add enjoyment to my life? That’s even tougher than the first question. The only answer I can find is “not at all” because I am one of the few poor people that do not even own a car. Wich, actually, makes me quite happy –> the total absence of motorsports and cars in my life add enjoyment to my life.

  • Vikram Kumar

    About the watch..
    Bold, Unique, Innovative, Pure!

    Its a challenge, its a fight, its about pushing the boundaries, survival of the fittest!
    Nothing can replace motorsport!

  • kukkuk

    Well, about the watch: what’s not to like?
    Granted, this is not your tuxedo matching, under the cuff, under the radar watch. It’s rather a star trek, agent of Shield watch, a 21st century piece which would not look out of place in Gibson’s Neuromancer. That is exactly what I like about it, In case it isn’t clear.

    I don’t particularly like motorsports, I get bored easily by the length of motor races, I do however derive a feeling of national pride (and the generally misplaced pleasure that entails) from the success of Italian teams, pilots and riders.

  • ann

    it would match my Camaro

  • waoo its so beautifull style are amazing well i like to buy for my hasband nice post…. 🙂 best wordpress themes

  • benjameshodges

    I like F1.

  • Sam

    The watch clearly tells its about motorsport, futuristic and exotic design, combined with carbon fiber model 🙂 Love to wear this with my track day suit and run a quarter mile.

  • stumpelriltzchen

    This is a bold design, like having a piece from the engine on the write. Wouldn’t wear this in the boardroom, I guess, but I’d love to wear this when I do Ralley driving.

  • Samuel Bourdeau

    this is an original design that would love to have in my collection of basically just subs

  • Martin Miguel

    I love the unconventional design of the watch. It evoques excitement and thrill, same as motor sports do!

  • Calum Leckey

    Just stunning, would certainly stand out in a sea of diving watches!

  • Tiago Nerone

    I love the design of these watches. I also love cars, driving and weekend kart racing.

  • mark

    I just like watches

  • Abdulrahman

    I am a big fan of the red and black combination, and what makes this watch even better is the aggressive look it has from the carbon fiber texture to the sharp angled edges

  • SPITX206

    It’s certainly unusual and certainly eye-catching and the motorsport theme is there in its red accents and carbon fiber dial. Being limited to 99 pieces also makes it a watch you won’t see on everyone’s wrist. Motorsports and devices used to time their performance go together like “whiskey and wild, wild women,” with a nod to Buck Owens. Apart they are great but together they are even better.

  • Daniel Harper

    Can’t pass up on entering for this unique and interesting watch! I love the low profile of the case and how it hugs your wrist. Very much interested in showing this off around the office, but I think it would look absolutely perfect on my wrist as I ride my black on black BMW S1000rr around the streets of Charleston!!

  • Art Leyenberger

    Wow. I guess if I wanted to call attention to myself, this is the watch to wear. Cool in one sense, but I doubt I’d ever wear it.

  • Adi Lungu

    it looks like it will help me fly! cool piece. Not sure about the size on the wrist…

  • Larry Holmack

    I love the Wryst brand of watches. A buddy of mine used to work for an online AD of theirs and I used to drool over his orange and black Airborne!!! I love any watch with a racing theme….since I have been a huge auto racing fan since I was a young fella…as my dad used to take us to see the Indy 500 on Closed circuit TV at a movie theater way before it was televised live on TV. I have also been collecting racing memorabilia since the mid 1990’s…and have a NASCAR die cast collection of well over 500 NASCAR vehicles….cars, trailers…etc…plus autographed drivers hats, autographed Die Cast, trading cards…and other stuff. I also try to attend the F1 race here in Austin each year….it’s an awesome race.

  • Dave Patey

    I especially like the carbon fibre detailing on the Wryst Motors MS3 dial, very cool and yet still quite understated. The watch looks like it would hug the wrist, like a racing car would hug a corner. Motorsports adds enjoyment to my life by showing me how a car should be properly driven, with skill and finesse.

  • Trond Bjørshol

    Should trigger a few interesting conversations.


    I love the carbon fibre details in the watch. Motorsports don´t really bring me much enjoyment as of late but cars…I love cars, a beautiful car is like a beautiful woman, aPleasuretoWatch!!

  • johnnyc40

    I like the styling of the MS3 although it is not normally the type of watch I wear. I work in the auto industry and know how much racing advances the ‘normal’ cars that most people drive every day.

  • Dominic Cloutier

    That’s style Is so sleek. I’d feel like a superhero every time I put it on. Hope I win

    • Dominic Cloutier

      I’m trying to get my license right now, so that’s my relationship to Cars

  • Definitely like the look of this despite it being quite out of the box for what I normally wear. Love seeing new and innovative designs.

  • Gord Hay

    I love the look of this watch as it evokes the same type of innovation formula 1 cars do.

  • Allen Ross

    Designing a watch with Carbon Fiber sounds super cool and on the Ms3 it looks great! Winning this watch and cruising around in a black ’69 Camaro convertible would be awesome??

  • Brian Kautz

    Alway like a innovative design

  • Jason Tucker

    It is eye catching for sure. Like the look. Can’t say I am a motor sports fan though.

  • Rafael Lirio

    What I love about the Wryst Motors MS3 is that one of a kind design.
    Talking about car, I’m trully astonished how its design influence all sorts of products, including watches, of course.

  • Dan Baxter

    Seeing as I drive a Jeep Wrangler, this is about as far from a sports car as I can get. However, I still enjoy sports cars and would love to own/drive one, along with this watch. Very cool look to it.

  • Baby Gorgo

    This is one good looking watch. It will fit my lifestyle perfectly. Kudos to a BlogtoWatch for offering it.

  • Kvks Kumar

    What i like the most about wryst watches is their bold and sporty designs. Motor sports aggravate my adrenaline levels making me get too excited

  • johan sahlman

    Intresting and a design you do not se on most watches. Truly would fit my sports car if I had one… but it would also fit with my family car!

  • Ed D.

    A watch that would look at home in an F1 paddock. A man walks up to a woman in a bar..lets his cuff slide up to reveal this watch on his wrist, while casually mentioning that incident that occurred last year at Monaco…….

  • Kyle Herret

    Really like the way they almost resemble a Uwerk without the massive price tag.

  • O Emmanuelli

    very modern, would look great with jeans, or leather jacket

  • Djsherif

    Red/Black combo is very motorsports inspired, not to mention the frame/roll cage effect and carbon fiber. Definitely makes you think of sports cars.

  • Goran Ilic

    Very unique, modern and eye-catching…. would like to have it.

  • Scot Aubrey

    Love the red and black combo… it lines up perfectly with my red and black cars, as well as my company logos. This would look perfect on my arm as I drive with the windows down. Great Job WRYST!

  • eboldo

    I liked the combination of the bracelet with the design inspired by the sports cars.

  • Mike C

    I like the use of the weight reducing cutouts on the case. as I enjoy vintage racers its fun seeing the style of moving material but still keeping the integrity of the piece.

  • D.C.

    The chrono complication and carbon fiber details give this a very race-inspired look. My father was a car guy, and I have the bug as well!

  • BrandonS

    Love the depth/layers of the dial.
    Racing? auto sports? Have always loved the sheer thrill of it. 1969 Boss 302 would be my dream “race” car 🙂

  • vasilis anagnostopoulos

    I like the Wryst Motors MS3 seeks to create a new a unique case. A case that is curved and vented liked Car Disc Brakes. Well, I Love cars, to me watches and cars go together. I like cars so much I get a car magazine regularly to keep my up to date on the automotive industry.

  • PAltares

    I like when designers think outside of the box as far as design elements and the materials used to make them. Especially when they are inspired by a specific activity, such as auto racing in this case. Seeing how the subdials look like belts and the case itself has an engine block-ish appearance, they certainly did a good job of it. While I’m not a huge fan of watching racing on TV, I’ve been to a few races at a local racetrack when I was younger and they’re certainly fun to watch. I’d really like to race a car myself sometime, legally of course.

  • Nick D.

    Motorsports or cars bring absolutely no enjoyment to my life. Although I can appreciate the nice design of old sport cars, I can’t help but perceive them as wasteful, noisy, polluting piece of disposable technology. I prefer to put my money on my wrist, and in my bikes! I do love the bold look of the MS3 and its use of carbon fiber though.

  • Collwyn Jones

    I’ve been watching touring cars and F1 for over 30 years now, in fact it’s thew only sport I do watch!! With the innovations of Carbon Fiber on modern sports cars this watch epitomises the sleek look of today’s F1 car designs. Thia watch ROCKS!!

  • jimley815

    I like to watch cars go fast. I like to watch cars zoooom by me at break neck speeds. not being able to watch cars go fast would be quite boring. I like the Wryst Motors MS3 watch becuase it reminds me of when I use to ride my old BMW motorcycle, that my wife made me sell when she got pregnant. This watch would help me feel like that again- since I will never get to own another motorcycle again.

  • Dan

    Love the design and car-inspired watches in general. Cars bring joy to my life because I live in Los Angeles and spend so much time in one. Might as well find ways to enjoy that time.

  • Lauri Mäkinen

    I love how different looking it is compared to the watches I usually wear. Might be a great addision to my collection.

  • Matthew Trn

    I have always liked the, for lack of a better term, “hollow bezel” look. It adds to the presence of a watch without making it overly bulky.

  • Roberto García Cela

    I love fast and powerful cars and those watches are the most awesome ones to people that loves motors

  • RBuschyX

    I like the design as it looks automotive. I have been a fan of Cars (thanks dad) since birth but am more interested in Racing (thanks Michelle from College) as an adult. Unfortunately I don’t get to watch many races as I have not had TV for over a decade.

  • br1ce

    I love both watches and cars, this watch is the perfect way to join two passions

  • Liutauras Balsys

    Such sports watch like this looks better on a sports car driver than anyone else. Innovative design is what makes it so different from other more traditional watches and most sports cars makers are also leaders in innovation.

  • M. Halay Tunceriki

    I fall in love with the design of this watch. About motorsport I just love the feeling of adrenaline.

  • Torgeir Bjelland

    Really cool and interesting watch!

  • David Lasky

    As somewhat of a car, I have always been interested in car or race inspired watches. I have always been impressed by their colors and complications (if any). Love the color combinations being offered with this watch.

  • Samuel Fedor

    interesting watch

  • peterg201

    Definitely an Conversation Starter

  • peterg201

    Definitely an Conversation Starter, Only 99 pieces made? If I win not sure if I should wear it or put it in a safe. (I’ll wear it to show it off)

  • Daniel Park

    Definitely a unique look and one (or only 99) of a kind

  • Tracy Davis

    Love this watch!!

  • Sam Ward

    I like the sleek carbon fiber look. Motorsports are a neat alternative to adrenaline sports.

  • Andrew Reittinger

    Cool, aggressive looking watch. Definitely see the racing inspiration. The choice of materials echo that as well.

  • Kevin Cullen

    Love the carbon fiber on the watch, big fan of F1, MotoGP and the sadly missed Group B rally….this watch would complete the set for me and go nicely with my TT and Shoreline Rose Gold watches 🙂

  • Reed Marshall

    love the carbon & the sleek design, always been a fan of Motorsport & cars in general, now also into watches 🙂

  • Tim Nicholls

    I love the red. Its attractive without overdoing it. Motorsport gets you involved….especially MotoGP !!!

  • Pepe Gar

    I love the modern and aggressive design, looking pretty attractive and polished. It’s a watch to use with my mini during sundays while going out to the beach 🙂

  • Barzuma

    Why a quartz? Why not an automatic? Just curious.

  • Joe Villamaino

    Great watch would love to owe it. Watch the car races all the time.

  • Calvin Lee Yiu Chung

    I love the red, carbon & the sleek design, always been a fan of Motorsport & cars in general.

  • Keith Ritchie

    Love the watch, love the sport, we live in the home of Daniel Ricciardo, Where? Perth, Western Australia

  • jeremy moldovan

    Love the case shape of the watch. love motorsport because it combines my two favorite things going fast and cars, well three favorite things… the watches aren’t too shabby either.

  • Alexander V

    I like the unconventional and futuristic look of the watch. Motorsports can just give a thrill to daily life and make me feel like a kid again.

  • Abigail Gibson

    Motorsports is exciting and super fun to watch! The Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber watch is high quality at its’ best!

  • gtbr

    Cool design, cars have a lot of elements that can inspire real cool watches.

  • Doober

    Looks like a high-end dash board of a sports car, and it’s a beauty. I have been into cars even before I got my license 40+ years ago. Had a couple of muscle cars from the mid to late 60’s, and they were a blast.

  • flsc

    Would be the most unique and awesome watch in my collection. The modern design and Sporty look is perfect! And like on cars – you can never have enough carbon fiber

  • Dave Ryan

    Having a vehicle makes accessing a variety of cool spots in the wilderness very easy.
    But truth be told I enjoy motorcycles much more.

    As an obsessively punctual person having a watch on my wrist provides a level of comfort. Furthermore being able to change that watch to suit my mood or outfit feels nice. The wryst would be a departure from my usual style and I always welcome change.

  • Humphrey Mar

    Very unique looking watch. Very contempo materials + look.
    Having recently had multiple rental vehicles recently of much newer vintage and features, I’m amazed and fascinated by vehicles these days. Also, I recently went mountain biking for the first time and I can now see better the thrill of the outdoors + speed.

  • Hargo W P

    Nicely designed to show how masculine the wearer with their motorsport life. The design just like an MID on the car, giving all clear information needed by the driver but in this watch version giving all the time correctly with a long life battery .. nice watch indeed

  • awildermode

    I work on cars everyday…no, not real cars…toy cars.

  • Scott Macmillan

    A watch with a design that suggests seriousness about motor racing.

  • Tomasz Sawka

    The watch combines the design of old cars revved up to modern times, and that is similar to my hobby – updating old cars with new technology, such as streaming music and films in old automobils.
    Many car enthusiasts will love this watch as it resembles the beauty of motorization.

  • Everette Eats World channel

    Interesting how the design uses carbon fiber. The material has changed racing since its introduction. And the watch does remind me of a formula 1 machine with its sleekness and structure. Now if you decide to giveaway a sportscar along with it…?

  • Ronald Schork

    Beautiful case shape, and love the way the broad strap just fluently goes over into it. Makes it even more a piece of statement jewelry. Can sure see myself wearing it, driving the sportscar, window rolled down, sleeve rolled up.

  • Ayreonaut

    Things about the Wryst Motors MS3 that I like: … Zero. Plastic robot turd.

    Ways that cars add interest to my life: Getting to far away places is faster in a car than walking.

  • gameonlock925

    Sleek. Innovative. Carbon Fiber…..this timepiece helps divulge my true love for Formula 1 racing and new timepieces. In a world were technology rules, the rustic carbon fiber look and design offer more than model race cars I try to make in my spare time. At least this has real carbon fiber ;).

    Instead of taking a drive in the my 1976 Stingray, I may just need to get this watch and take a walk instead.

  • Wayde Marriott

    This is a very bold looking watch. I love the contrast in colours and the seamless styling.

  • Andreas Mouskos

    Amazing watch. Love it in all aspects. May we all have luck and the luckiest to win!!

  • NC

    I love the hi-tech, sci-fi looks of the Wryst Motors MS3 and how it invokes F! and motoGP motorsport with its use of Carbono Fibers.

  • Douglas Weedman

    This watch screams speed and aerodynamics! It looks comparable to the Blancpain L-Evolution Super Trofeo and the Chopard Superfast Chronology!
    I grew up watching Chaparrals take on the likes of Ferrari and Ford. Love these. Was a track Doc at the Caesar’s Palace/Las Vegas Gran Prix in the 1980’s.

  • Shay buziashvili

    This watch looks absolutely stunning. The unique dial makes the watch look like it’s a baby Ferrari. It’s seemingly catches you eye with the uniquniess of the hands and the case.

    Looking at it, the only thing I think of is the old spice commercial. The only difference is that if you can’t be the formula one driver, at least wear a watch of one.

    Would definitely be the most special addition to my collection

  • Leland Williams

    I`ve been a motorsports fan in my whole life and have attended races everywhere I`ve been in the world. It such a thrill to watch professional drivers take their machine to the max.

  • Bryan

    I love the look and creativity of the Wyrst watch, pun intended. I go to the Grand Prix every year, and it would be great to go with this Wryst on my wrist.

  • I like that it somehow combines steampunk and modern aesthetics in a way that actually works. And watching motorsports isn’t really my thing, but driving a dune buggy over a sand dune is something I will never say no to.

  • MBacc


  • Steve Park Sr.

    Holy Cow!!!!… this is the Golden Grail… or Golden Sumpin’ !!! Owning a Wryst has been on my bucket list for MANY years! The motorsport look would make me proud to hang my arm out the window on long drives… DESPITE THE WEATHER! I spend over an hour commuting in my car each day, and with a Wryst on my wrist, I’d enjoy every minute of it!!!!!!!

  • Nikko

    definitely an eye catching piece. it looks like a car dashboard! i dont know much about car racing but i enjoy car restoration shows. thanks!

  • Rick Kerr

    Love the color combo of the watch; thank you for introducing me to Wryst!

  • gchahinian

    I like the overall unique look of the watch, wryst always brings super interesting designs.

    I used to be part of car clubs in my younger days when i had more sporty cars, and while i miss the camaraderie of, I definitely am enjoying having a family now instead of a super expensive hobby like that!

  • Gumbercules6

    I love carbon fiber themed watches and accessories that look like they belong under the hood of a race car, and this watch certainly fits that description.

    I’m obsessed with Formula 1 and would love to take this watch to a race!

  • Abdul H

    The watch looks like sport bike speedometer. It’s a head-turner. A nice complement for leather riding jacket, boots, and one of those Ducatis or Hayabusas . On the other hand, it also looks a bit like a toy.
    I enjoy MotoGP. This year’s competition is gearing up to be the best in decades. Hope Dovizioso win.

  • Ryan Willard

    I love the sleek mechanical look of that Wyrst watch, reminds me of an Italian Sports car.

  • Azhigaliyev Maksat

    I like the fact the dial looks like a dashboard of a motorcycle and that there are holes in the case. I also love cars and motorsports cause i do test drives on cars and bikes, so it will be more of a hobby owning this watch!

  • Won Matt

    The intricate, mechanical look of the watch makes it look like you’re looking prepped for a race. The speed and acceleration is always a thrill in a car.

  • Adam

    I think it’s the slick carbon fiber inlay that’s my favorite. Looks like the instrument cluster to a supercar I’ll never afford.

    If you can consider a non-racing motorcycle a motorsport, then it’s the unadulterated freedom that keeps me sane.

  • SeanM

    This is a very unique design. I like it.

    Not a huge fan of motor sports, but I occasionally watch on television.

  • Daniel Granville

    I like watches that have several hands–they remind me of all the gauges on a sports car. While I have always had an interest in sports cars, it’s an even a greater pleasure now that my son shows an interest.

  • Frobble

    For me, motorsport is where the engineers get the widest freedom to innovate, where they can build machines that operate right on the edge of what’s possible in terms of design, materials and technology. You end up with a product that looks out of the ordinary, that operates far beyond the realms of what is “normal”, and forces me to reconsider what is possible.

  • Matt L

    Motor sport and precise timing are a match made in heaven, especially chronographs and lap timing. I personally love when elements of cars and performance cars are shared with
    watches, the case and dial materials such as carbon fibre and design elements with black and red hues.

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    It is soooo cool watch. First thing that came to my mind was motorcycles.
    They really got to the point of things with this watch. Really would enjoy driving a car with my hand out of window, wearing this watch

  • Mike B

    I like the bold and interesting appearance of this watch. Not really into motorsports, but I am a big fan of being able to get around in my humble Honda.

  • treefroga1

    This watch makes me think of F1 racing. Sports car racing made me buy a Triumph Spitfire for my first car.

  • Rodney Stone

    Nice watch, i just love the original design and modern appearance, being a fan of motor racing, i think this watch surely conveys and represents that sport

  • Abjarv

    I love the case shape (reminds me of a DTM steering wheel). I love cars. They are my other vice. I get enjoyment out of them everyday. Therapy for my commute. Invaluable.

  • Walter Van Tine

    High tech look! Great!

  • Olivier Lassalle

    Awesome looking watch!

  • Jarrod Portwood

    This is a watch made for F1. It fits so perfectly with the fast-paced action and lifestyle. Since I started following F1 about a year ago, I read or watch as much as I possibly can on the sport as I find it extremely exciting and intriguing.

  • stushi75

    I really like this watch!

  • tazo157

    Very modern looking watch. I think it’s refreshing!

  • Sean Tan

    The MS3 has such bold looks thats as attractive as the curves and design of super powered racing cars..! In addition, for watch enthusiasts, the association with mechanics and the gears.. just a marvellous feeling that sets hearts racing.. 😉

  • David Humphrey

    I like the elegant hands and the red, black and gray color scheme. Motor sports and watches can lead to an admiration for fine engineering and inspire us to excel at what we do.

  • One of the best visually impressive design that I have seen in a while. Great curvature and symmetry together with the red accented features makes this one of my favorite watches. I would prefer an automatic movement for added character.

  • Shane Leifer

    looks so impressive, such a great style

  • Giulio Airaga

    I really like the watch, its different. I chose “I want it” mainly because I don’t have a sports/outdoorsy watch. I really enjoy motoring and I’m a massive petrol head. Cars a big part of my life and so are watches, so for a watch to encapsulate the two will be like owing something really special.

  • Andrew

    I love that the Wryst emblem on the face looks similar to what you would see in a name badge adorning the rear or fenders of a high end exotic. Its easy to imagine that rather than seeing a timepiece, you’re looking at the gauge cluster on the dash of a supercar.

    I am glad to see fine examples of motorsport-inspired watch making like this one. As a long time gearhead, I can’t count the ways that auto-enthusiasm has shaped my life. Its difficult to capture in words, except to say that there is truly something that touches the soul when you hear the crackle of a well tuned engine or run your eyes down the beltline of a timeless classic. A watch like the Wryst MS3 does a great job of capturing that feeling and strapping it to your wrist!

  • Pablitoz68

    Generic Richard Mille ha ha

  • TheM

    I really like the more technical design of the case and how it flows into the strap. With the weight-saving-holes in my opinion it really fits the motorsports-theme.
    I enjoy the “rougher” motorsports like rally/rally-cross and such. Not that much interest in the formulaa oh-no-he-came-to-close-to-me-disqualify-him stuff. I like that motorsports is about skill, not about beeing born with legs long enough to be a competitive runner.

  • at1time

    Unique, different,in Ferrari red and black. Grew up going to Trans-Am races at Laguna Seca,the drags at Fremont raceway and drove there in a rallye green 69 Camaro. Lucky me. Now winning the watch would complete my experience.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    I like the colour scheme of the watch. Either black and red or black and white.
    Motorsports and car add enjoyment in all men. No need to explain.

  • Chris Martin

    I did the colors and the references belt references on the face. Definitely inspires thoughts of modern day Indy cars.

  • Stephen Muscat

    The Wryst Motors MS3 is in trend with my designer suit while at the GP or even at the gym when training with the boys. Great design, great watch.

  • Tub Tubbie

    Reminds me of a F1 steering wheel and all the little switches on the inside. Very beautiful watch. Motogp and WSBK is where the excitement is.

  • A Simple Aussie

    Carbon fibre for weight reduction (or as much reduction as changing the face can do), symmetry for balance, rubber for grip, and sexy red racing lines, it’s like some old dude in the Swiss Alps pulled apart a formula one car and turned it into a watch.

  • Race Car

    That watch looks awesome. I might get one. It looks 2050′

  • Timb77

    cool watch, really like the carbon fibre and dashboard like display. Be fun to go for a drive with this watch and a convertible

  • Andre Braz

    Unique design !!! Reminds me the dashboard.

  • Liviu Florescu

    looks amazing

  • David Williams

    I like the fact that, despite the multiple visual elements on the dial, legibility appears to be preserved, so that the time may be seen at a glance.

    In addition to vicarious enjoyment of speed, motorsports also bring enjoyment to life through the transfer of styling and design cues from cars to watches such as this.

  • William

    The Wryst Motors MS3 reminds me very much of a Richard Mille design. Very modernistic design. Would definitely be a conversation starter as it is quite a unique looking watch. It would not be an everyday wear but I would enjoy wearing it. I have always enjoyed classic muscle cars and owned a ’73 Charger and loved it. Was unhappy when I had to sell it.

  • Wajahat Afaq

    Wryst Motors MS3 mesmerized me completely, this watch has a class and uniqueness, a rare design reminds you that MS3 has reached on that height of class where no one can reach easily, wear this watch along with Sport Car will complete all desires of life, the combination of Sports car and MS3 will make a sensational scenario for me, wish to drive a Audi R8 plus at high speed and during that journey i wear a MS3 on my wrist,

  • Matt Keating

    Amazing design. Grew up under the bonnet of Alfa’s, always fixing them with dad. I’d wear it in good health while thinking back to those days growing up…

  • b12k3

    Kinda nice and non standart watch, would fit very well to my Suzuki Moto and equipe.

  • HL


  • TD1380

    Having dedicated my life to the retail auto business, the overall styling of this watch speaks to me.

  • hatster

    A lot of watch in this category at this price point, for sure. There are clearly influences of Richard Mille, but the MS3 Carbon Fiber is a little more understated in many ways. Would be great to be wearing one of these on grey for an up-coming Aston Martin driving activity I am going to participate in…..

  • sam-b

    I like the unique technical design of the Motors MS3-watches – never heard about this brand before.
    Since I was a small boy, I love cars & bikes, driving, cruising – motorsports by contrast bores me!

  • robert g

    Out of the ordinary thats for sure

  • Christopherson Fujikawa

    This watch is kinda wild! I would like to have it in my collection.

  • Aravind Memana

    Mechanical engineer,automotive geek this watch is the perfect tool for me.The black matte finish ocatognal case,carbon fiber dial,red accents on the strap confirms it’s identity.waiting to try one .

  • Ashkan Garshasbi

    I like the design as it looks automotive. I have been a fan of Cars (thanks dad) since birth but am more interested in Racing (thanks Michelle from College) as an adult. Unfortunately I don’t get to watch many races as I have not had TV for over a decade.

  • James Fann

    I love the super unique design of this watch! I also love fast cars!

  • Ty Philips

    The Wryst Motors MS3 Chrono is a most unique looking timepiece with a design mojo that fits the fast car ethos. When it comes to motorsports, DESIGN, form + function are integral to a vehicles history, pedigree and ultimately, their success and timeless appeal. This watch faithfully encompasses all these elements while keeping a fine balanced sporty and elegant “Wryst” presence. I LOVE it. I’d love the opportunity to have it grace my own wrist on a fast, furious night on the town!

  • GKS

    This watch has an “Alien”-like brutality and modern style that would be a good fit with a McLaren 720S supercar. I like that it’s got an angry sportiness to it.

  • michelle

    I love the design of the Wryse Motors M3 Chrono…it’s unique, stylish, and one would almost consider buying a sports car to go with the watch.

  • phacepalm

    Nice, different design on this one. I like its industrial, post modern look. I want one!

  • Mark Hession

    Very nIce looking watch, being a big fan of Formula 1 and wrist watches this would be perfect for me 🙂 I want it!

  • Daniel Gilland

    Love the carbon fiber look. And I enjoy fast cars.

  • Monk

    I don’t have any carbon fiber on my Porsche Boxster, but this could change. It’s a very nice looking watch, now if I can get one with blue highlights? Give the Monoco a run for it’s money!

  • Peter Tokar

    I love watches that are different and that when people see them they spur conversation. There is alot of money spent on great timepieces that, while marvelous in craftsmanship, are quite plain. The Ms3 is a conversation starter for sure. I drive a Tesla so its the tech in cars that revs my “batteries”!

  • Cary Lewison

    As a car and enthusiast and amateur racer, I am always looking for race/car inspired watches for my collection. This is definitely a piece I would like to add. Great design cues. Bravo Wryst.

  • Fernando Padilla Romo

    This watch looks awesome in everyway, it is classy and casual at the same time. I would love to have it.

  • DerKlangmacher bin für alles d

    Just wow. Its a unique piece … The only thing i can say “it…is…awsome!”

  • frank m

    What a nice looking Carbon Fiber watch. Looks classy enough to wear anywhere. I have always been a car guy since I was in high school As I get a little older I gain more appreciation to the designs rather than the performance

  • PJ Dechaine

    Have always been into cars mostly 4×4 SUV’s like my 1976 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. like utilitarian design, though, Porsche & Ferarri will always look sexy to my eye.

  • Ibrahim Mohammad

    I absolutely love the carbon-fiber detailing. As for cars, I thoroughly enjoy driving manual — it feels like you are one with the car.

  • April Gupton

    I like the strength and beautiful style! And cars and motorsports are amazing! I love to drive and to watch drivers race!

  • Cele Celeste

    It looks very unique, like a piece of art!.

  • AllYourFache

    Generally I don’t go for these unusual-type looks, but this one is nice. I think it’s the colors. And the racing tie-in is a huge plus for me. Been a huge fan of circuit racing for a long time. F1, Le Mans, DTM, Supercars are my favorites. I didn’t know this until recently, but racing teams get some seriously dope watches. There’s an Oris Audi LM somewhere with my name on it…

  • Cars let me get to places so much quicker than public transportation.

  • Edward

    This one’s really an eye catcher. What would I do without all the left-hand turns

  • Lawrence Strick

    Very interesting style. Has a rough intriguing shape. Wearing the watch will draw attention and raise an eyebrow. Basically a cool watch. As for cars, I like mine electric.

  • matthew chen

    I like the cushion shaped case protection the pushers. I love cars for their mechanical feats, noise, and their ability to give us an adrenaline rush when we got a bit to fast.

  • Tom

    Looks interesting. I would have to get a sports car, one with straight lines and hard edges, to go with it.

  • Scott Macmillan

    Need a hot sports car for this.

  • Benjamin Denay

    The Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber watch is a neat looking design with racing inspirations. Car design is fun to look at just like watch design.

  • edmund0996

    I like the strong masculine look of the watch and it will definitely be a conversation starter. Need something fast to go with it.

  • Aaron O’Reilly

    Love the sporty black and red colour option on the MS3. As that’s the colour option on my car it would be a perfect match for cruising over the mountain roads..

  • ccofa

    Nice watch, inline with concept and credo behind Motorsports’ attitude. I would enjoy to own it!

  • LP

    i like the richard mille style look. motorsports add interest to my life by formula 1 filling up my weekend tv viewing

  • Elias Schön

    I like the carbon. I build racecars they are my life.

  • tazo157

    This is so cool looking. Made with modern materials. It has a sleek look to it. I like it!

  • stushi75

    I like the material it uses, carbon fiber. It’s a look that I really enjoy.

  • Kevin Dodge

    Very nice, it has the Formula1 race car feel to it. On par with B&M’s Shelby Cobra time piece.

  • Wm Anderson

    cool and sleek, would love to win

  • seth miller

    A unique piece that is daring an bold an would look good on my wrist going across the Sahara on my motorcycle or in a board room meeting. Sleek an visually eye catching.

  • Edward

    This watch is totaly cool, and so revving rare I can barely contain my excitement! how many horsepower cycles this beast? It seems like a dragster. No, perhaps an indy car with petroleum hormones purging through its fuel system. I want it, I want it bad. I want it on my wrist, its loping firestrokes conveying power through to my bones with every revolution of its tick tick tick! This is the one, the one I’ve been waiting for!
    The design of this watch reminds me of some of the cars I had used to own which were faster than fast and sexier than sex- well maybe not quite so on the last one but you can get my drift (no pun intended). But since college loans and starting a family, my rides have been neither fast nor sexy. lets just say I get from a to b sitting down and we’ll leave it at that. But a watch like this one sure makes me smile to recall those days when driving wasn’t just spending time traveling to and fro, stuck in traffic, withstanding pothole after mundane pothole, but rather, it was the time of my life going nowhere! It was the act of g force, downshifting up the rise of a hill, petal to the floor through a curve, taking the lines full power, pushing you through by the raw force and brazen muscle of an unstoppable, mechanical god! This is what a glance down onto this watch would mean to me.

  • Jorden Guest

    Want Want Want! and two straps, ABTW you do spoil us!

  • Wotan Petersen

    Richard Mille crazyness crossed with racing DNA makes for one really cool piece of maschinery. Eventhough the need to go fast with that thing on my wrist would probably prevent me from driving with it I would love to own it and drive my desk to new office records.

  • Azizi Ismail

    The advent of a great idea that drew ahead of time, a blend of aesthetic, unique and contemporary vision design with a significant color choice is the honest manifestation of the creator who innovates and values ??time. Jacques Fournier and Wryst Motors MS3 are likened to the greatness of Sebastien Loeb and Peugeot 208T16 to conquer Pikes Peak. With Wryst, every moment reflects the real future!

  • Alex Ba

    Looks intriguing. Wondering about the weight.

  • Ryan

    I like the red hands on this watch and how well the black and red strap matches. Cars are interesting to me because of the incredible designs – I like how old Porsches, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Bugattis, etc. are pieces of art as much as they are functional.

  • Benny Reidiboim

    I like the way the face and the wrist band are as one, and the way it will sit on my hand 🙂
    Cars, and Aston Martin in particular, are beautiful to look at and fun to drive around…

  • Hands90

    It’s a scary looking watch that’s perfect for halloween. It would be a cool watch to wear when at motor sports, especially on the side lines. It would fit perfectly with the racing, the watch has a techy look to it.

  • Michael W

    I like watches that don’t look usual – as long as it keeps readable. And this watch seems to fullfill both options.

  • Pete Pete

    the design sensibility of the dial feels like a combination of IWC and A. Lange & Söhne – both excellent brands to be associated with

  • m.a.s.c.h

    I like the carbon case and DTM racing. And i want this watch 🙂

  • Austin Greer

    I appreciate any watch brand that really steps out of the box to create something new. I have always been interested in cars and spent much of my teens and early twenties modifying pickups and jeeps.

  • Bob Rios

    Quite interesting.

  • Stefano Blandina

    This is a really eye catching timepieces! I think it would be perfect in my wrist ?

  • funNactive

    I like this watch because of how unique it looks – great conversation starter. Cars are fun – especially the fast luxury ones!

    • Tea Hound

      The only conversation started by this watch would be: “what the f**k is that sh*tter on your wrist?”

  • Trevor Hirst

    I like the look of the belt/track in the middle of the dial. I love to drive on some nice, winding roads with some great music and shifting gears.

  • Tea Hound

    This watch is utterly horrible from start to finish – there literally isn’t a single positive thing I can say about it, except that it probably hasn’t killed anyone. If, by some deeply unlikely chance, I win this watch, I promise you all that my review of it will make for exceptionally compelling reading, adopting a tone seldom seen here, and the photos will be of my hand, a large hammer and this watch: before and after.

  • Darren Williams

    I like that it is something different

  • A G

    I like bold styling, look is great! Not so much into motor sports though… only Need For Speed.

  • Sid g

    This watch has a really eye-catching design and its a great conversation starter for people new to watches and experienced watch collectors. I really like how it incorporates carbon fiber and red accents into the dial without making it too busy. I grew up watching Formula 1 and modifying cars. Still do it to this day so, cars are a big part of my life. I feel this watch would be nice in my collection as it’s a cool Saturday night watch.

  • Kyle Weber

    My favourite thing about the watch is the interesting materials used (shatterproof crystal and a DLC case). My favourite thing about cars is they can take you anywhere; they represent freedom.

  • Derek Schey

    This watch looks awesome. I love that it is unique but great angles. The contrast of the red and black really makes it pop. I would enjoy having this on my wrist! Cars just like watches have there very own feel to them. The same watch or car can carry a different feeling depending on the person wearing them. This watch makes me think of sleek style but with power. Like a muscle car or maybe a car with some punch that you wouldn’t expect.

  • chris

    Great looking timepiece love the carbon fibre theme. Similar in appearance to the Lamborghini Torino but more affordable.

  • Art Leyenberger

    An interesting watch. Surely an attention getter.

  • daxelkurtz

    I’m a cyclist. I ride short little races and I tour for days on end. I’ve been looking for a watch I can wear while I’m riding. The MS3 is light enough, sturdy enough, and modern enough – and it’s in my bike’s colors, black red and white.

  • Franklin Ford

    I’ve been following Jacques Fournier for several years and he always has some cool ideas for watches and doesn’t feel the need to conform to the standards of anyone else. This particular Wryst timepiece is made with components that would blend with most motor sports today. I personally think the Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber is another in the win column for Jacques and I would definitely wear this timepiece.

  • George Flammer

    While I’m no mechanic, nor do I know anything about how cars work, I have a huge interest in cars. I know every model on the road. I currently drive a blacked out Cadillac CTS. This watch would match my car perfectly!

  • les

    Finally a watch like me, super cool.

  • Josiah Webster

    I like how the watch has automotive elements. I am a car guy and would love to own this watch.

  • dmiller

    I like the materials used and I love driving cars – definitely adds enjoyment to my life.

  • davel

    Well, primarily the non-traditional layout and the shape of the case are what draw me to this watch; It’s really the first watch I’ve seen (or noticed) which would complement my Subaru 6 speed BRZ which has black upholstery with red trim! Thx fer the great watch site! Edit: My bad– don’t pick me–I don’t do mineral glass–even for free!

  • Holly Kennedy

    Very sleek design and the automotuve elements are such a bonus.

  • cepee

    I like the kinda slim design of the watch and would love to wear it, whilst watching a stock car race. Man, they are fun.

  • Christopher Vincent Møller Chr

    A nice watch for someone who likes to stand out!

  • Dan Harrington

    Interesting watch

  • Garret Thomas Mac Abee

    Very interesting watch.

  • Federico Mengoli

    I like it

  • Dmony

    I WISH!

  • dkopacz

    A nice looking watch!

  • Julian

    Definitely a bold watch. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Justin Margot

    A beautiful watch

  • Andrei Mihaila

    Its for sure an interesting odd watch. I would love to own it. Thanks for the chance.,

  • markahaviland

    A FAST watch that I can admire, while driving my SLOW car. Just the ticket.

  • David A Rainey

    I like how this watch doesn’t look like every other watch out there. That’s the same reason I like older cars, they don’t all look the same, unlike today’s cars. The Nissan looks like a honda looks like a mazda looks like a …

  • Oday Al-Hasan

    What I like about Wryst Motors MS3 the combination of its futuristic character and style a well crafted sport watch that has swiss movement ETA 2824-2, 25 jewels and 28’800 vibrations per hour. To see these put together that is pretty amazing.
    Me driving along on the highway- with no particular destination- not knowing where I am going, the music is playing, the window wide open and the sky is blue. All these gives you a sense of freedom. The sad reality is I’m in a bus stop late for work and it is pouring with rain!

  • Eli Munger

    What I like most about the Wryst Motors MS3 is that the sub-dials look like serpentine belt pulleys. My favorite part of driving is storming back roads and having the car behind you join in the fun. The fleeting connection you have with a complete stranger you will never meet is something special.

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    I like it very much, the entire design. For me the subdials looks like cogs in a motor. The case of the watch is unique, and even the numbers on the dial are inspired from cars indicators for speed.
    talking about cars, I like very much to have fun with family and friends in the car, driving in the mountains, listen music and have a lot of fun.

  • Chisholm Deupree

    BOLD ! I’d wear on special “sporty occasions” . The motorsport influence is over the top, but owning a carbon fibre timepiece with these accents, would enhance the imaginary trips around the circuit .

  • PC Kee

    Finally a watch that is not in standard shape. Love the color combination and surely its eye catching time piece. Many will adore it when I meet up with people.

    Love cars as much as watches and I love them to be unique just like Wryst design. I modify my own car to make it look different from others. I have chosen bright yellow during the purchase which is rare in the area I stay.

  • Tigran Khachatryan

    Horrible watch. That is all I can say.
    At least I am being honest, right?

  • Andrey Romanyutin

    Unusual high-tech design, sport watch for a special occasion. Just like good cars

  • David Fisher

    Interesting use of carbon-fiber in watch design and a new take on the racing watch. I’m a fan of car shows and automotive history, especially famous cars used in film and television.

  • F??? ?ž

    elegant and macho wearing this watches, sporty

  • Povl Lund Nielsen

    The thing I really love about this watch is how much my ex wife is gonna hate it.

  • Ancientclock

    I like the looks of this watch because it reminds me not to a normal car, but to a highly engineered race car, F1 or LMP1 style.
    My experience with cars/motorsports begun when i was a child. Every day my aunt bought me a little toy car. As i grew up i learned different stiles of cars, brands, mechanics and so. I even learned english thanks to car shows and car magazines. The car world gave me so much that if i won the lottery, i’d just live in a garage surrounded of my own car collection.

  • bastien koert

    This styling reminds me of an F1 car. Slick and functional. As for cars, i loved my Mazda 3, drove it hard and it handled great.

  • Steve Roberts

    The Wryst Motors MS3 looks fast, classy and aerodynamic. Clearly this watch has been inspired by motorsport.

  • Tommy

    I like extraordinary design and use of carbon fiber. Both of which are strongly connected to motorsports. I love classic sports car, that is why I plan to buy some classic, old-school chrono.

  • Bob Acoff

    I love the unique styling of the Wryst Motors MS3. Sure would love to have it on my wrist when driving around in my classic car.

  • Kevin Peterson

    i enjoy watching F1, and this looks like something out of F1. Very cool.

  • Adam Dilip Mutum

    This is definitely the watch to wear if you want to stand out in a crowd – and not in a bad way.

  • peacesun

    The watch is unique and looks like an engine on your arm. Cleveland had it’s first Cars in Cleveland event in October with 30 million dollars worth of cars filling Public Square. Bernie Moreno Companies was the sponsor and his Aston Martin Vulcan along with 3 cars belonging to LeBron James showed off the power, style and luxury of fancy cars.

  • David Davenport

    I love the speed of racing, and the freedom that driving brings. It’s like instant relaxation for me. Watches such as these remind me of the excitement and joy of driving, and it would be a pleasure to wear one on a daily basis.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    Bold and different. Looks fast …for motorcycling perhaps. Driving enjoyment? A car with instant feedback. Feedback & acceleration.

  • Bill Tallitsch

    This would be an amazing piece to wear

  • Robert

    The black and red will go nicely wih a Guards Red Porsche

  • ricsif

    Nice race watch, and vehicles save time for myself.

  • MJL599

    The Wryst MS3 has a unique and sporty design that is evocative of the combination of man + high tech machine that makes motorsports like F1 so enjoyable to follow.

  • JC

    The black and red looks really nice. Would be a great addition to any collection.

  • dadd

    Support Manchester United since 1988. Support Wryst watch from now…. my new red devil….

  • Andy

    Very few watches can be worn from work directly to the track. Wryst nailed this design and gave us a stylish and super versatile watch. Extra credit for providing 2 straps to change up the look!

  • Mike

    The watch is well cool & I’d actually wear it, not flogging it on eBay straight off like most ppl on here.

  • Lyndon Tan

    The Wryst Motors MS3 watch looks really cool, and I would love to own one (I don’t currently have any watch that looks like it). Motorsports are exciting, and I enjoy watching them!

  • penemio

    Just like a fine luxury automobile, I love the design and craftsmanship of this watch. I get much enjoyment out of attending classic car shows and am a huge Nacar fan

  • ivel1977

    The case and strap design of this watch is magnificent. It’s unlike any i have every seen. My enjoyment of cars entails mostly dreaming of exotic cars I can only hope to one day afford.

  • Josef Schmid

    I really like the hitech look of the MS3.

    Cars are meaning freedom to me also I am a huge fan of the formula one series and enjoy watching them race.

  • jameswilksey

    Neither watches nor cars have to be super expensive to be classy. The Wryst Motors MS3 has racing styling to stand out, like the racing-green Hillman Imp I will one day own!

  • Pedro Quaresma

    I love the futuristic look of the MS3! As for cars, I love driving 4wd cars on side roads.

  • John

    This is such a visually attractive watch in my opinion, I like the carbon fiber body… cars add enjoyment to my life by giving you the freedom to go almost anywhere your heart desires

  • Clinton bopp

    Its a looker. With a go fast attitude. I would love to wear it. Nice touch with the use of materials.

  • Ivan Machuca

    Bold design , love the motorsports theme.


    Absolutely Fantastic watch! Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber watch is uniquely bold that will stand out Among all others. The motor sports theme among the design pairs perfectly with many Motorsports Hobbies. Personally I like to go fast, whether it is on a motorcycle or exotic sports cars. The excitement and thrill is unique amongst all other Hobbies, just like this watch!

  • Anders Bastiansen

    It is a great looking watch and a value proposition if you want to have a Richard Mille’esque watch ?

  • Adi Susanto

    Be cool and unique one of a kind watch..

  • Linus Masimov

    I love the texture of carbon fibre on the dial. Revving motorcycles and speeding out of corners make my face put on a big smile.

  • Eric Huynh

    Nice looking timepiece! I prefer the white/black metallic strap combination myself. I like the motorsports theme as it is very clean and sharp. The symbolic removal of metal portions on the face is stylistic yet true to motorsport racing where weight savings anywhere and everywhere can make the difference in the performance of a vehicle. Cars and motorsport racing will always be interesting to me as it is a blend of cutting edge engineering, style and performance.

  • Boris Kharchenko

    What I really like about this Wryst piece is an unusual design. I mean really unusual. really appreciate timepieces which are noticeable and recognisable. Something that differs among the crowd.
    And the same situation with cars. I absolutely enjoy nice car. Cars that are indeed beautifully designed and perfectly crafted.
    I reckon nowadays we all need some cars and and watches with their own soul and character.

  • Matt L

    I just love how this watch literally makes me feel like I’m wearing a carbon racing motor car on my wrist. The case design and the subdials are awesome and really envoke the racing theme. I love motorsports because of the technical prowess involved as well as the skills and talents of the drivers, it is one of the few modern sports that has such a huge combination of both technology and human skills and talent.

  • Simon Chen

    As a sports car and racing enthusiast I can see how the MS3 compliments the need for speed. With its carbon fiber dial, stealth black case and band, paired with red hot lines, and odometer style chronograph – certainly puts the wearer into overdrive racing to the finish line as you zoom past the old lady crossing the streets. Love it!!

  • Aaron

    I like how the watch looks like the steering wheel of an Indy car–complete with red buttons to shift gears. Growing up my family made the annual pilgrimage to Indianapolis for the 500. It was our family vacation. And today I carry with me many fond memories.

  • Steve Kosovich

    I like the design as I am into futuristic looking watches. This watch looks as if it could get up and go.

  • Cathleen Nesheiwat

    wow. this watch is a work of art. it would look so badass on me when i tool around in my jeep. i love cars. they’re my favorite thing to obsess about

  • Daieho

    I’m intrigued by the design of the watch, it definitely is different without being so far fetched. The thing that I enjoy most about cars is the independence to drive anywhere at anytime. I’m sometimes reminded if the song The Wanderer by Dion when I am heading no where in particular. Freedom…

  • Steven Servantez

    I think it looks very modern and would look great with any sports car enthusiast

  • Clint Crowder

    Wow, a very unique timepiece! This brand is a new one on me, but I really like the stand-out design. It would make for great conversation with my other watch enthusiasts.

  • Aaron Kline Kushner

    This watch is a little out there, though similar in many respects to the Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden Limited I bought in the Islands several years ago. It’ll provide great contrast on my clutch wrist as I whip around town on my vintage Kawasaki.

  • Benjamin Sermersheim

    As I always say, cars and watches are ‘functional art’, since they are both beautiful in design, yet have a purpose and are made with precision to achieve that purpose. Wryst Motors brings this relationship to a new level, by making everything about their products be some type of a reference or reminder of a vehicle or a race, based on color choice, material choice, and design elements. I find racing itself to be exhilarating, since it melds man and machine into a dangerous, high intensity sport, which provides an adrenaline rush like no other for the participants.

  • Bob Sebastian

    I like a watch that makes a statement other than “bling”. The MS3 balances the look of a functional timepiece with some unique style. I’m a huge Formula 1 fan and love both vintage as well current automobiles. This Wryst Motors watch would fit my lifestyle perfectly.

  • Bob

    It’s a cartooning looking watch for sure. But unique is unique. That’s what makes it unique. I suppose that’s a good thing.

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    Not the kind of watch I would buy but it looks very modern and unique

  • jopez

    It’s a different watch, at leas of those I have for now. I like the way it looks, very modern and totally for a car lover.
    I love cars pretty much for the same reason I love watches: because of all of the engineering and mechanical work they carry inside, the precision of all the components working together. They are works of art.

  • Peter Jones

    9 hours ago
    I like the design as I am into sci-fi and this watch is very futuristic. It would pair jp with my carvery well

  • Stephen Thode

    I like that it is unique and stylistically closer to where motor sports are currently instead of vintage inspired. I love motorcycles and twists and turns. I’ve had many and many more to come I am sure. Truly a joy to ride an open road.

  • Eric Gordon

    I like the integrated strap/case design. It makes for a more integrated whole. I have been into F1 racing, especially since I attended the inaugural US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. Auto racing is one of those sports that is better in person, in my opinion.

  • Adam Goldstein

    Really like the unique look of this watch. Great integration of case and strap. Just love the enjoyment of driving and the semi freedom it entails.

  • manivelle

    Well, dunno how much I like it. But participation in motor sports gives you a chance to combine exactitude in technique with the ability to react smoothly to miscalculations. Not saying I do this all that well, but….

  • morcheeba

    This is a neat combination – I like that it is flashy, but without excessive branding. It’s the same with my motorcycle – it’s bright and attention-getting and iconic for its brand, but it doesn’t scream “race replica” or have me pretending to be a famous racer. This watch evokes the passion and exhilaration of the road well, but without the politics of a specific team. Well done!

  • kibbyster

    I love the sleek lines and colors like cars. cars are in every aspect of our lives and helps to get us places in style.

  • Joe Villamaino

    Love the design of the watch.With the red and black rubber band. also i like the print on the numbers. I have had many cars and all of them i took great care of. Always like to switch up my rides to try out new ones

  • Daryl

    I like the design of the dial. It’s different from your everyday watch. There’s nothing like driving down an empty freeway with no distractions except the sound of your engine.

  • Luc Slechten

    Nice design, I would love to wear one driving one of my new GT4 cars on PS4 ?

  • Must have the Wryst Motors MS3! Just got back from an exotic cars meetup with more than a few dream cars — Lamborghinis, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes AMG among them. Speaking of Mercedes AMG, the F1 title went to driver Lewis Hamilton for an historic 4th title, a sport I’ve followed as long as I can remember. How do they add enjoyment? Who doesn’t enjoy sports and technology, people and machines on the edge of performance?! Wryst watches, precision movements, and the infusion of motorsport technology (like carbon fiber) are the source of interest and excitement since childhood.

  • johnnyc40

    I like the MS3, totally different to anything I own. I particularly like the black and red colour way.

  • Sergio Leung

    Love the different design of the Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber. Always liked that kind of watches which look different and technical combined with exotic materials like carbon and titanium etc. Have a own Instagram account about cars and watches as well as another for RC cars. Always loved exotic materials like carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium etc. Either in real cars or in RC cars.

  • Tarek

    the Wryst Motors MS3 looks so powerfull, just like max verstappen yesterday

  • J.A. Haynes

    That’s a fine looking time piece. Carbon Fiber should make it quite durable.

  • Mark H. Englert

    Thanks for the very cool watch!

  • Michael Stephens

    A beautiful watch for the money. Somebody is going to be very happy with this piece!

  • David

    I love the shape and color combinations of the Wryst Motors MS3 watch. It is amazing how switching the bands from Red to White changes the look. I have a White Lexus IS350 in the same color combination. White exterior with red leather seat and cabon fiber interior trim. The MS3 also reminds me of a brand that far exceeds my ability to pay.

  • MB

    After all the great vintage-style watches here we have a watch for the modern racing-fan. Well done!

  • Michael Gonzales

    It’s a beautiful watch that I would love and can’t wait to wear everyday

  • Michael Gonzales

    this watch is a fantastic representation of a vehicle. It shares ties with a vehicle with the carbon fiber and the contrast of colors (black and red). Being a car salesman and enthusiast this watch is one I cant wait to wear as an everyday watch with me at work.

  • Rahul Shinde

    I think this watch has got all the essence of the car. The design is sporty and certainly attracts youth. I would love to have this watch as my primary one, this will certainly add value to my personality.

  • William Wallace

    I love watches that don’t look like something you see everyday. These watches are very innovative. Cars and motor sports provide such a great design element.

  • rusty Anderson

    Nice watch, unique.

  • Michelle H.

    I like the design of this watch. It is eye catching.

  • Erin

    I love how it looks like a gear, the band isn’t like any other watch i’ve seen.

  • Ray Ntagozera

    The design is like none other,its unique and mostly like its futuristic look.i have always liked cars especially super cars,this watch is a celebration to the modern car designs and i can’t wait to win it.

  • DrFrancky

    I need that for my spaceship.

  • Alexandre Afonso

    I love how it isn’t like any other watch i’ve seen.

  • Jennafer211

    This watch is so cool, my husband will love it. Thank you!!

  • Bold9

    the watches looks great , will be the most reliable daily beater

  • Leela

    Very unique!

  • Carl R White

    …mention what you like about the Wryst Motors MS3 and how motorsports or cars add interest/enjoyment to your life.

    I simply like that it looks cool…the chicks dig Wryst!

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    Now you Be a pal and give me the damn watch. LOL!

  • William C. Smith

    Nice watch.

  • Jerry Marquardt

    I appreicate the great review on this product line and especically the Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber. I like that it is of utmost quality.

  • Rhonda Tenderholt

    I love the unusual design, that it’s light weight, made of carbon-fiber, my son would LOVE it.

  • Christian Alejandro

    I like the sleek unique look. Keep up the awesome posts and reviews.

  • joy venters

    I really like that it has a scratch-resistant and shatterproof K1 mineral crystal – I have broken watch crystals before by swinging my arm too forcefully. I look forward to the Indy 500 every year.

  • Rachel B

    Very nice clock

  • Carrie M

    I love that it has a battery life of 53 months! The way my husband races through watch batteries is faster than he drives his challenger SRT8. Cars add enjoyment to life in that they are fun to drive and look at, we love to go to car shows as a family.

  • E J Boyce

    I liike these a lot!

  • Shica

    I think that this watch would be awesome for my boyfriend. He is very active! I love that it is lightweight. I also love watching motorcross and catching a NASCAR or Indy Car race every now and then.

  • musa

    I love watches and i love cars.

  • Desmond Templar

    I really love the design on the straps as well as the small cutouts along the sides and bottom of the watch. They add a nice uniqueness, and that triangular logo is pretty cool as well.

  • Buddy Garrett

    I love the design of the watch and the sturdy construction. Motorsports add excitement to my life.

  • mrmaxzaiss

    Being honest, the exterior design is really nice, but I’m not so convinced by the dial..

    No matter if I am enjoying a nice afternoon in an Oldtimer or travel to the next workspace at high speeds – when I look at the timepiece on my wrist, I want to see the time, without any distractions.

    It flies by so fast, although it mostly seems to be standing still when you enjoy this very moment of acceleration, the wind in your hair or the sound in your ears, so why would you spending a part of this feeling, just searching for the time on your watch?

    Fewer colors, bright seconds, minutes, hours and it all would be great.

    Well, maybe next time..

  • Redline2007

    I’ve been a “caroholic” since the age of 10, dismantling cars and other equipment to figure out how they work. I subsequently spent 15 years racing SCCA Road Racing building and driving my own small bore sedans. This inner curiosity and mechanical fascination fed my heart and ultimately led me to the same level of fascination with watches. This Wryst piece is a unique and well executed design as manifest in the details of the case and straps. I particularly like the flow from the strap, across the smooth face, and back into the strap with red highlights well placed for great eye appeal. Well done!

  • Darryl Nobles

    I like the unique case design and carbon inserts. I’ve long had a thing for watches, but they are all starting to look too similar. It’s hard to find something that stands out. As a freelance photographer I’ve enjoyed shooting cars and motorsports over many years. There are many exotic cars shows in my area but I normally limit my attendance unless there is something there that is special like the Wryst MS3.

  • Brian Bezel

    I love the design, the case and inserts looks like it’s right out of The Transformers movie. Motorsports with their fine race cars are precision instruments and like fine watches, I’ve always enjoyed them from an engineering perspective..

  • Paul Monterroza

    What do I like…? two words: Carbon Fiber!! Interesting case and design as well. For me, cars add an element of thrill and also an element of luxury that can be matched with a nice wrist piece.

  • Tim

    Wild case design. Love driving a manual. Makes a bad day great in a hurry.

  • Ran Caciularu

    the thing that tool my focus was the veriety of textures, start with the slik/rugged feel on the strap, through the brushed bezel to the woven carbon, also i’ve noticed a first seen feature, the holes on the sides of the bezel, which for me represent first a decorative feature but also represents the constant chase after weight reuction in the motor sport vehicle. since im a mechanical engineer i love everything about mechanics especially motor sports for their cutting edge technology and constant improving themselves.

  • Michael Spencer

    Driving a high performance vehicle also requires a high performance time piece to keep track of lap improvements!

  • Buzz King

    You guys are amazing. Thanks for having a giveaway!

  • sko2386

    Two things I enjoy most in life aside from relationships are cars and watches. As expensive as both those things can be, I admire the technical precision and innovation tied to automobiles and watches alike. I personally like the use of carbon in the time piece as it has been such a huge contributor to the high performance vehicles we see today. They’re enjoyable to admire and be fascinated at their technical precision and attempt at perfection.

  • Chris MacEwen

    This watch looks like the odometer of a sports car ! It is one cool watch!

  • Global Idiot

    this one will be nice pair with my re-build BMW E60!

  • logomachy

    I like the carbon fiber design of the watch. Motorsports adds excitement to my life.

  • Michael Harvey

    The Wryst Motors MS3 Carbon Fiber watch is perhaps the most unusual design I’ve seen in new watches! Driving a high performance auto is also a thrill.

  • Global Idiot

    Unusual but beautiful design!

  • Jake True

    This watch looks so cool and unique. I love the design and the black carbon fiber.

  • Robert. Rantz

    love this carbon fiber watch and the red color really has a nice look to it.