Because the name of this watch sort of brought it up, I am going to go ahead and once again rally for people to cease over-use of the term “oversize.” This term has a very limited use, and refers to things that are actually too big to work. If something is large, but still works, it is by definition not “oversized.” Now that I think about it, I think I discussed this complaint starting here. Anyhow, can you hear me watch brands (and anyone else), stop using this term. Not for me, but for the simple respect you should for “words.”

Anyhow, this is one of Graham’s latest refreshes of the Chronofighter Oversize (‘grrrrr…’) Diver watch. A popular piece in their line up for a while, this new version gets some new colors and a new new subsidiary seconds hand. There are two versions, an all black  “Deep Black” model, and the other one in polished and PVD black steel with orange called the “Turbo Tech.” That’s right, names fit for a porn (you may or may not want to watch) and a hip new auto mechanic franchise. But here as luxury dive watches! Oversized!

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At 47mm wide the watches are large, but no so big as to slide comically off your wrist. The feature Graham’s cool but questionably useful trigger style chronograph pushers, and a rotating dive bezel. The subsidiary seconds dial is fan shaped. These style of dials ALWAYS look cool in action. At 1000 feet (about 330 meters) of water resistance the watch is at least a serious diver. It also has an automatic helium release valve. The style of the watch is cool. Sorta gimmicky, but sort rich-boy fun. I can get down with it, but I think non-watch people would look at a watch like this oddly.

Darkness viewing should be rather good. With hour markers and hands that size, being covered in SuperLumiNova should be impressive. I really do love a well lumed dial. Inside the watch is a Swiss automatic movement that Graham calls their Calibre G1734. Probably a base ETA. Prices are between 9,300 – 10,500 Swiss Francs. My favorite part of the press release on the watch is the following statement: “By the way, if you are not a professional diver and you use your watch in water no deeper than your bath tub, that’s also fine.”

See Graham watches on eBay here.

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