Grieb-Benzinger-Area-51-face-1 Grieb-Benzinger-Area-51-face-2 Grieb-Benzinger-Area-51-face-3 Grieb-Benzinger-Area-51-watch

CAPTIONS for the above four images: Above we mentioned a caption contest. We felt that the above four images from the watch deserved some humorous captions below them as each alien’s face is amusingly expressive. It would be funnier if they weren’t intended that way… So if you feel inspired, come up with captions for the creatures in the comments below, and the best ones we will insert in the pictures themselves with a credit to you.


Grieb & Benzinger wanted make the aliens look as though they were crafted from some type of liquid metal. Not sure why but the effect is no doubt cool. It is rather amazing (in an ironic sort of way) how the brand’s beautiful traditional guilloche engraved machining goes with what is essentially pop art. Though pop art with diamonds and rubies in gold. It is quite an impressive watch despite the fact that it won’t win any beauty awards.

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Having said that, the Grieb & Benzinger watch was produced as a one-of-a-kind creation for a 12 year old boy. How’s that for a gift? I wonder what dad will get him when he turns 16? Can you guilloche machine engrave the hood of a Lamborghini and inlay golden video game characters on it? Let’s just hope the youth will grow to appreciate that.

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