Had Customer Service Problems With A Major Luxury Watch Company?

Had Customer Service Problems With A Major Luxury Watch Company?

Had Customer Service Problems With A Major Luxury Watch Company? Feature Articles
If so, I would like to know about it. I am assisting a major US national news source on a story regarding some of the problems in terms of customer service, as well as watch servicing at luxury watch companies and their retail stores. If you have had experiences with any of the major luxury watch companies that you feel were unacceptable or poorly handled, you could be helping out in a big way. Not only will you be helping other watch buyers and owners, but you'll help send a powerful message to watch companies that customer service and post-sales support is an area they need to focus on more if they are currently in a poor state.

Share who the company you were dealing with was, what happened, if they did anything to help resolve it, and your overall feelings about the matter.

I don't think your name or information will need to be used if you are written about, so don't worry about that. To share your stories you can either comment on this post or contact me here. Many of you have had issues with watch companies if you've had to deal with them directly. My position has always been that watch companies are great at making watches, but often poor in other areas. Work like this helps to improve the companies that make the things we love. I am looking forward to hearing from you, and thanks for helping out on this project.

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  • Chris Rotella

    I had an Omega Speedmaster watch for just over 2 months and there was a flaw with the gasket on the watch, rain water got into the case. I’m not taking about going diving, I know the watch is only water resistant, this was a light rain.

    I sent it into them and first they refused to cover shipping and told me it would be $40 to ship it to them to have them look at it because “they could not confirm it was their fault” then once they got the watch it took over a month before they even looked at it. Then they said they didn’t have the warranty information even though I sent them the original card from an authorized retailer. Instead of calling me to tell me this they sent me a letter in the mail, which took over a week for me to get. Then I had to send a copy of the card, which meant more delays. They finally fixed the watch and sent it back to me but it took them over 3 months from start to finish and it was their defect.

    In the process they tried to tell me I needed a new bezel (the watch was 2 months old) and I needed to pay $200 for it. Every time I called to check on the watch I had to wait on hold for an extended period of time, and they would always say that Omega is not serviced any different than any of their other brand which include $80 swatches. I think that when you spend $4,000 on a watch you should get priority service over somebody who spend $80.

    I was so disappointed with the horrible experience I don’t think i will ever buy another Omega again. Since then I have gotten a Brietling and am looking to get a IWC even though I was considering a Seamaster. I would highly recommend avoiding Omega for this horrible oversight.

  • Alex Averbukh

    Currently having a terrible experience with a $5,000 Ebel watch. The factory repair service in NJ did not know how to fix the problem (the watch simply stopped) and has sent it to the factory in Switzerland. They claim that it takes 90 days for the Swiss factory to determine what is wrong and report back. Do not buy Movado products (Ebel is their premium watch brand). The Movado Group clearly does not know what it means to stand behind the product.

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