Hamilton Below Zero

Being an “entry level” nice watch from the Swatch Group, Hamilton has the budget to experiment a great deal with designs. The Hamilton logo itself is art deco in tone, and many vintage Hamilton watches exuded art deco design while the brand was still American owned. With the Below Zero Diver watch, I can see a direction that Hamilton may be going in.

Omega De Ville Hour Vision WatchOmega (another Swatch Group brand) recently released its new De Ville line of watches, which are classically art deco in design. They are beautiful watches, but with the Below Zero Diver, you get to see art deco industrial in a sport watch. Hopefully we will see more of this trend coming out from under the Swatch Group’s umbrella.

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The ornate detailing around the watch face is all part of the art deco theme. Use of well placed lines to enhance form while adding visual strength to the watch. Large hex screws are used to enhance the powerful look, and hidden lugs move into a vertically lined rubber strap with a secure metal clasp. The face of the Below Zero Diver watch is very legible and I like the use of a “0” at the “12” position. It not only embellishes on the Below “Zero” them, but adds to the watches identity as a measuring instrument.

Not everything is perfect about the Below Zero Diver however. While the look of the case and rotating bezel is art deco, the dial design seems to forget this. Not that there is anything wrong with the dial, but it just seems a bit distant in design from the rest of the watch. On a plus side, the crown is particularly well done. I like the larger, flatter look with the gear teeth-like edging. Should prove for very easy operation. Also, the watch has an helium escape valve for bragging rights and those occassional hours you spend within a decompression chamber after going on a deep dive.

Inside this model is an ETA 2824-2, and a Valjoux 7750 chronograph model is also to be released. The standard model will have an impressive water resistance of 1000m while the chronograph will enjoy a still respectable 200m water resistance rating. My guess on pricing is about $800 – $ 2,500 for the range. Look for the Hamilton Below Zero Diver soon. If the latest round of Hamilton watches are a sign of what to expect in the future, then Swatch is certainly leveraging this brand well.

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