Whether it’s a historical period piece, a modern-day thriller, or a sci-fi epic set in the distant future, costume design is one of the most powerful tools in creating the look and feel of a film or television series. With an extensive list of credits that includes “Mad Men,” Deadwood,” and “Why Women Kill,” costume designer Janie Bryant is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after creative voices when creating distinctive and impactful looks, and for her latest project Bryant has turned her attention to the world of watchmaking. Hamilton’s nearly 90-year legacy of appearing in over 500 major films and TV series makes the brand a natural partner for this costume design collaboration, which reimagines three beloved Hamilton American Classic women’s references for both the modern day and the future. With six stylish references running the gamut from tasteful restraint to vibrant disco-inflected audacity, the new Hamilton x Janie Bryant Capsule Collection, including two models each from the Hamilton Intra-Matic, Hamilton Ardmore, and Hamilton Lady Hamilton series, offers a unique and attractive look for nearly every taste.

Without a doubt, the flagships of the new Hamilton x Janie Bryant Capsule Collection are its two reinterpretations of the Intra-Matic chronograph line. Sharing the same 40mm stainless steel cases as the standard models, both the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Intra-Matic “Today” and the Intra-Matic “Tomorrow” reinvent this familiar ‘60s chronograph look with polished PVD finishes. The “Today” model is the subtler watch of the pair, adorning the familiar blend of narrow lugs, sloping bezel, and oversized piston pushers with a dusty rose-gold tone that helps to soften and feminize the sporty design. On the other hand, the “Tomorrow” is all bold retro-futuristic optimism in an exaggerated high-impact yellow-gold tone. Given the case size and stance on the wrist, both of these women’s-market designs could easily pull double duty as men’s watches, particularly the “Tomorrow” model. Like the standard Intra-Matic, these cases are rated for a solid 100 meters of water resistance.

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Both the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Intra-Matic “Today” and the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Intra-Matic “Tomorrow” truly differentiate themselves from the norm with their dials. The “Today” piece continues to be the more demure option in images, combining a delicate beige sunburst main dial surface with matching dusty rose gold-tone dial hardware. Janie Bryant brings a new signature handset to each of the “Today” variants beginning with the Intra-Matic, and here this unique blend of a Breguet hours hand with a tapering pointed baton minutes hand gives the retro sporting design of the Intra-Matic a more luxe character. The “Tomorrow” variant’s dial, by contrast, leans into the spirit of disco-era futuristic maximalism started by the case. Rather than the black and white “panda dial” colorway of the standard Intra-Matic, this version is rendered fully in matte black and gold, with a yellow gold PVD plated outer tachymeter ring and matching subdials. The dial printing is in a retro-sporty gilt effect as well, giving the dial layout a warmer and punchier feel in images. The use of sharp un-lumed obelisk hands here also changes the character of the design substantially, replacing some of the original’s purposeful sportiness with a flashier and more ornamental ethos.

Like the standard models, both the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Intra-Matic “Today” and the Intra-Matic “Tomorrow” use the Valjoux 7753-based H-31 automatic chronograph movement. Built on a familiar and reliable base with a decades-long service history, the H-31 manages to produce impressively modern performance figures for its price range. The H-31’s power reserve is a hefty 60 hours at a 28,800 bph beat rate. To complement their reimagined looks, both the Intra-Matic “Today” and Intra-Matic “Tomorrow” are fitted with bespoke strap options. The restrained and nuanced colorway of the “Today” is completed with a leather strap in soft desaturated pink, while the bolder “Tomorrow” goes for maximum visual impact with a leather strap finished in metallic gold.

For its next pair of designs, Hamilton turns to the Ardmore series, an Art Deco-inspired collection with roots stretching back to the ‘30s. Both the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Ardmore “Today” and the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Ardmore “Tomorrow” begin with slender rectangular stainless steel cases measuring in at 18.7mm-wide by 27mm-long. Positioned as more of a refined everyday wear option than the sporty casual Intra-Matic, the Ardmore’s form is simple and timelessly stylish in images with stepped case sides and a dressy full-polished finish. The Ardmore’s crown is an immediate focal point in images, with an intricate and eye-catching double coin edge stacked design that arguably detracts slightly from the minimal lines of the rest of the case. The Ardmore “Today” renders this versatile form with a bright layer of polished PVD yellow gold, while the Admore “Tomorrow” instead allows the bare polished steel to shine through. Both versions of the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Ardmore offer an underwhelming 30 meters of water resistance.

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As with the rest of the series, the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Ardmore line follows two distinctive patterns for its dial designs. The Ardmore “Today” offers a luxe and minimal take on the design in images, with a white opaline dial surface and wide applied yellow gold Roman numerals at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock. These clean and upscale elements are paired with the same Breguet-and-needle handset shared across the Janie Bryant “Today” offerings but coupled with the lack of other numerals or scales around the outer edge of the dial the Ardmore “Today” may feel barren or difficult to read for some wearers. The undersized 6 o’clock running seconds subdial with its intricate chemin-de-fer outer track counterbalances this minimalism with a dose of complexity in initial images. The Ardmore “Tomorrow” takes a more holistic approach to the dial design, however, with a dynamic silver sunburst surface and long printed gold line indices that nicely fill the dial’s negative space. The yellow gold PVD obelsique handset interacts well with these slender golden lines in images, while the gold azurage finish of the 6 o’clock subdial adds a pop of more outgoing character.

Both versions of the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Ardmore are powered by the ETA 980.163 quartz movement for reliable and affordable performance. Hamilton finishes both variants with unique straps to complete the modern and futuristic theming concept. For the Ardmore “Today,” Hamilton opts for milky matte white alligator pattern leather that complements the opaline dial finish well in images. For the Ardmore “Tomorrow,” the brand instead fits a metallic silver leather strap that gives the design a more bombastic overall look.

The Hamilton x Janie Bryant Lady Hamilton series clearly draws from older aesthetic traditions than its stablemates, with its diminutive proportions and the intricately stamped textures of its square case. With that said, Hamilton makes both versions of this watch feel fresh and contemporary with novel colorways. The Hamilton x Janie Bryant Lady Hamilton “Today” is arguably the more striking model of the pair, finishing its 15mm-wide by 19mm-long square case in a deep polished plum purple PVD tone. This rich, saturated color maintains the classic early 20th century femininity of the base design, while adding a layer of eye-catching mystique in images. The Lady Hamilton “Tomorrow,” on the other hand, projects more of a rock-and-roll sensibility in images with the use of a polished black PVD finish. As these are far from sporty designs, the 50 meter water resistance for both variants is to be expected.

Hamilton gives both the Janie Bryant Lady Hamilton “Today” and the Lady Hamilton “Tomorrow” stylish minimal dials but takes markedly different approaches for each model. The Lady Hamilton “Today” continues the case’s intriguing purple colorway with matching purple PVD Breguet-and-needle hands above a simple black dial surface. Hamilton gives this dark and intriguing color palette a set of sparkling highlights in images, with applied diamonds for indices at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock. In keeping with the rest of the series, the “Tomorrow” variant of the Lady Hamilton offers a brighter and louder style than its counterpart. The dial surface is a heavily grained silver sunburst, contrasted with obelisque hands in vibrant yellow gold PVD. Hamilton’s use of hemispherical applied indices adds a dynamic sense of visual depth in images, with a yellow gold PVD finish that should lead to dramatic light play.

Both the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Lady Hamilton “Today” and the Lady Hamilton “Tomorrow” utilize the ETA 280.002 quartz movement. The look of the Lady Hamilton series is defined in large part by its distinctive chain bracelet, and Hamilton keeps this intact for these new models with case-matching bracelets in purple and black PVD.

With strong design choices and a variety of looks to match nearly any style, the new Hamilton x Janie Bryant Capsule Collection delivers a bold and well-rounded new vision for women’s watchmaking from the mind of one of Hollywood’s top costume designers. All models in the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Capsule Collection are available now through authorized dealers. MSRP for both Hamilton x Janie Bryant Intra-Matic models stands at $2,295 each, while both Hamilton x Janie Bryant Lady Hamilton models are priced at $645 each. Lastly, the Hamilton x Janie Bryant Ardmore “Today” carries an MSRP of $595 and the Ardmore “Tomorrow” is available for $495. For more details, please visit the brand’s website.

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