aBlogtoWatch Store’s featured watch artist, Tamás Fehér, returns with a horological artwork in his signature style: incredible details rendered in black and white to help us experience an unobtainable piece of watchmaking, in this instance, the Rolex Daytona 6265 Big Red in larger-than-life format. Fehér went so far as to have a checkered flag made bespoke after he couldn’t find one anywhere that could deliver the motorsport vibe he was looking for to make this drawing, done entirely by hand, complete. And the best news is that you can get a beautiful, yet affordable print version of this watch art for your home or office from the ABTW Store.

Inspiration: It was in May 2023 that Fehér first saw a Rolex Daytona 6265 “Big Red” in person, of which he says, “Right there and then, I decided to make a drawing based on this amazing watch. It is my dream watch project because it is far out of my budget and also because of the extremely high rarity of these vintage Daytona watches. Thankfully, I was able to make a drawing of it, and during this process, I could explore the tiniest details of the case and the dial that make this such an important piece to me. It is my Daytona Edition II Project because it is very similar to my first 6263 drawing, which I drew in 2021. The racing connection of the piece is legitimate because these instruments were used on the track and the pit wall by drivers and team principals, alike, which is why I choose a checkered racing flag to highlight the watch itself.”

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The final effect, we hope you’ll agree, is that of an eye-catching, tasteful work of hand-drawn watch art. Whether you own a modern or vintage Daytona or any other motorsport-themed chronograph, our intention, together with Fehér is to offer you a larger-than-life, highly impressive tribute to one of the iconic pieces that has since defined the world of racing chronographs.

Accurate to extremely fine details such as the reflections on the case, bezel, and screw-down pushers, as well as the tiniest grooves within the subdials and the serifs on the “Big Red” Daytona text in red, Fehér’s art brings this spectacular timepiece to an immense scale for unrivaled appreciation.

Visit this link directly to get your “Tribute To The Big Red 6265” in the easy-to-frame sizes of A3 (30-by-42 centimeters; 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches), B2 (50-by-70 centimeters; 19.7 inches by 27.8 inches), and B1 (70-by-100 centimeters; 27.8 inches by 39.4 inches), priced at $149, $199, and $249, respectively, with $15 FedEx Priority Shipping to just about every country in the world.

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