Steampunk watch art by Olga NarozhnaTalented clock and steampunk artist Olga Narozhna has a new item for auction on her eBay store. She does a wonderful job of combining steampunk elements with modern style and function. Her art is all hand made, save for the watch itself that is taken apart and tastefully integrated into her work. Here you have a natural leather cuff made from several pieces of quality leather, with rivets for structure and display. Attached is a skeletonized watch movement and a number of gears and interesting mechanical elements. Not only do these pieces look very steampunk cool, but they are also comfortable unique works of art. No two are the same, and because all production is by hand, only a few are made.

This is a good way to combine a love of art, the steampunk, aesthetic, and watch collecting. Using a mechanical analog movement, the artist has combined a number of features making this a fully functional piece of art, which happens to be very trendy among many circles as steampunk is very “in” right now. For those of you who have missed out on Olga’s creations before, here is another chance.

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See the hand-made Steampunk cuff watch on eBay here.

See Olga’s hand-made art eBay store here.

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