The $nake (Snake) Hexagon watch is Philipp Plein’s fashion-forward and comparatively affordable answer to the famed Bulgari Serpenti. Bulgari created one of the most distinctive women’s watches of all time with its Serpenti collection, which is as inspired by snakes as it is by household utilities. The sprung coiled strap was originally inspired by flexible metal gas tubes/pipes-style (Tubogas) coils formed of two strips of gold that were tightly wound together. Later this same coil effect was made possible with steel. Bulgari’s Serpenti watches can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in their most elite jewelry form and still a few thousand dollars for entry-level models. Less expensive alternatives to the Serpenti have existed before but they are rare. Some of the ones I’ve handled in the past suffer from coils that aren’t tight enough for a secure fit or have other quality issues. For me, this $nake Hexagon watch from Philipp Plein has a Serpenti-style bracelet that performs very much like those from Bulgari.

Philipp Plein is a fashion brand that has recently gotten into the wristwatch market. The Philipp Plein watches are produced for the company by the Timex Group Luxury Division, which is based out of Switzerland and has a design center in Milan. This is the same group that designs and produces watches for Versace and Ferragamo. Adding Philipp Plein (especially because it is a growing luxury label) is a logical choice for the watch-making group.

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Instead of having a snake-head style watch case/face, the $nake Hexagon has a hexagonal-shaped case that attaches to the snake-style coiled strap. The case is 24mm wide, water resistant to 50 meters, and like the bracelet, is produced from steel and then ion-plated with a gold tone. The case and dial are decorated with Precosia-brand rhinestones, which offer a pleasant jewelry effect. The hexagonal-shaped dial has only two-hour markers with dauphine-style hands, going for a more artsy versus traditional watch dial look. The “PP” letters logo on the dial is the only text on the watch face. Philipp Plein makes a few color versions of the $nake Hexagon. The pictured model has yellow gold-toned steel with a silver face. Other models also include an all-rose gold-toned version as well as a polished steel model.

Inside the Philipp Plein $nake Hexagon watch is a small quartz movement — probably one produced in Japan. The battery can be replaced, when needed, by popping oven the steel caseback. Overall, this watch is a relatively restrained product in the scheme of Philipp Plein’s designs. The brand is very bold and specific in its personality, but this $nake Hexagon watch probably has appeal outside of core Plein brand fans given that it offers an affordable alternative to the much more luxury-priced Bulgari Serpenti. That means even if someone isn’t a fan of other Philipp Plein women’s watches, they might very much be interested in the $nake Hexagon — which is quite tasteful by comparison. I thought it was pretty well done, and it offers a much less expensive way to enjoy the real charm of a snake-style women’s watch with a sprung-coil bracelet. The retail price for the Philipp Plein $nake Hexagon watch is $500 USD. Learn more about women’s watches from Philipp Plein at the brand’s website. Buy Philipp Plein watches on Nordstrom’s website.

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