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Though designed for underwater exploration, dive watches are the go-to watch for any sort of adventure, given that they are robust, highly legible, and sport plenty of water resistance for unexpected aquatic encounters. It’s no surprise, then, that Horon chose to begin with a dive watch blueprint when constructing a watch designed for exploration. Equally at home on mountaintops or underwater, the Horon Ocean Hunter is a hardy and eye-catching watch with unique refinements and striking colorways that set it apart in a competitive market.

Designed to be bold and visually appealing, yet comfortable and refined on the wrist, the 316-L stainless-steel case of the Horon Ocean Hunter measures in at 42mm with a 49mm lug-to-lug distance and is more than ready for the water with 300m of water resistance. Coupled with smoothly curving lugs that hug the wrist, the Ocean Hunter’s size and shape make it ideally suited for a broad range of wrist sizes. The case and sides are finished with cleanly executed vertical brushing offset by a high-polish chamfer that adds an air of elegance, allowing the watch to transition easily from outdoor adventure to fine dining. In other words, the watch is designed to be as versatile as you are.

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A close look at the case clearly shows that Horon has sweated all the details. The scalloped bezel is smooth and ergonomic, yet easy to grip and turn. Meanwhile, rather than a much more simply executed single-color bezel insert, Horon uses a selection of two-tone ceramic inserts, each specifically made to complement the dial of the piece. Creating a two-tone bezel is no easy task, as the heating and cooling process must be precisely controlled during molding, taking much more time and precision to produce than a traditional bezel insert. This is par for the course for Horon — taking the extra steps to ensure a watch that meets exacting standards.

In choosing the colorways for the Ocean Hunter, Horon has produced a watch for every taste. Whether you’re looking for a watch that’s subdued and stately or bold and brash, each colorway has a story to tell. The cyan blue of the Leviathan evokes the deep blue depths of the ocean, while the yellow and blue Naga scream sporty — perfect for summer adventures. Finally, the dusky gray Hydra colorway is ideal for the explorer looking for a more subdued aesthetic. That said, none of the colorways is simple in its execution. Oversized hands and markers amply filled with a combination of luminous blue (BGW9) and green (C3) Super-LumiNova ensure outstanding legibility, day or night, especially when coupled with the luminous bezel markers. However, a closer look reveals an unexpected twist — double guilloché finishing on the dial created through a specialized technique whereby geometric patterns are engraved into the dial, adding texture and visual interest. And, with a double-domed sapphire crystal coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating on the underside, you’re guaranteed an unobstructed view.

If you’re looking for a true conversation starter, it’s hard to beat the Kraken, with a dial crafted from a slice of the Muonionalusta meteorite that split the skies over northern Scandinavia around a million years ago. Discovered near a remote village in Finland in 1906, this Octahedrite meteorite is well-suited for watch dials, as it features the tell-tale geometric Widmanstätten pattern formed from nickel-iron crystals. Subtle yet striking in the right light, the pattern is, quite literally, otherworldly. Plus, it’s hard not to enjoy having a chunk of an iron core of a planetoid on your wrist.

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A custom three-link stainless-steel bracelet completes the entire package. Featuring quick-release spring bars, the bracelet can quickly and easily be swapped out while avoiding scratches so often caused by spring bar pliers. With a 22mm lug width, this is a watch that’s begging to be tested out on a variety of straps and will no doubt look excellent on a rubber strap or NATO-style fabric strap.

Powering the Ocean Hunter is the tried-and-trusted Swiss Made Selitta SW200-1 automatic movement. Beating at 28.8kbph and equipped with a 38-hour power reserve, along with hacking and hand-winding functions, the Selitta SW200-1 was chosen specifically because it mirrors the rest of the watch: robust and reliable, yet finely crafted. Horon also ensures that the movement, along with its custom rotor, are on full view behind a display caseback.

The Horon Ocean Hunter will be available on Kickstarter in the second quarter of 2022, with super early bird prices starting at $499 USD. To learn more about Horon Watches and order your Ocean Hunter, be sure to visit the brand’s website.

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