How Ulysse Nardin Beautifully Makes Watches Part 2

How Ulysse Nardin Beautifully Makes Watches Part 2

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Ulysse Nardin has recently produced a beautiful corporate movie displaying the people and methods behind the production of watches at their facilities in Switzerland. We've broken down those movies into several parts which will be posted weekly for you to watch. Please enjoy part 2 of the series on how Ulysse Nardin makes watches.

As we publish the movies you'll be able to see all of them on the Ulysse Nardin Manufacture Movie page here.

For more information visit Ulysse Nardin's website.

How Ulysse Nardin Beautifully Makes Watches Part 2 Inside the Manufacture

  • Billy Beer

    I must have missed the part when they remove the ETA 2824 and 2892 movements from their packaging to plop in the majority of their maxi marine or dual time watches, which are the bulk of their production.  I’ll have to watch a second time to see how they build those wonderful UN-24 and UN-26 movements.

    • Ulysse Nardin doesn’t hide that they use ETA movements for some of their watches – many brands do no one could complain that ETA movements are bad. Ulysse Nardin also produces their own movements as well as movement modules. The UN-118 is their own movement, and their most exotic high-end movements are also in-house made. Thanks for the comment.

  • tenrokan

    Lots of production value – quality shooting and editing that said nothing. What was the relationship between those actions and the finished product?  Were they making dials or perhaps artificial sapphires for the jewelry?