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Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch In Bronze For Oktoberfest

Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch In Bronze For Oktoberfest Watch Releases

Each year in Munich, the steins are filled (and re-filled), and the men don their short leather breeches to celebrate Oktoberfest. This year, Hublot joined the festivities by partnering with local tanner Meindl to create a distinctly Bavarian incarnation of its popular Big Bang watch which has had so many versions resulting from various collaborations. The Hublot Big Bang Bavaria is the first Big Bang to feature a bronze case, and it seems as though the material was chosen for its rustic color and properties to match the hand-embroidered deer leather strap in the Bund style, evoking a link with the German region of Bavaria’s traditional garb.

Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch In Bronze For Oktoberfest Watch Releases

Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch In Bronze For Oktoberfest Watch Releases

Bronze as a watchmaking material is becoming increasingly popular, with its distinctive vintage looks and unique patina developing over time. The Hublot “art of fusion” design concept is very much at play here with a mixture of materials such as 18k polished yellow gold screws providing a subtle visual contrast from the brushed bronze case and matte black skeletonized dial. Splashes of green adorn the second hand and minute track, which help to link the watch face with the green embroidered deer head decorating the strap. Within the Big Bang Bavaria beats Hublot’s Unico manufacture movement which offers a flyback chronograph complication and 72-hour power reserve.

Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch In Bronze For Oktoberfest Watch Releases

The dial of the Big Bang Bavaria is wonderfully three-dimensional, from the floating Hublot logo on the sapphire to the exposed date ring with its discreet aperture at 3 o’clock. Both the hour and minute hands are filled with luminescent material towards the tip and partially cut away at the base, to better display the exposed gears of Hublot’s Unico movement underneath. This combined with extensive use of lume for the hour markers, chronograph hands, quarter-hour “pips” on the minutes register, and hour “pips” on the hours register should make for good nighttime readability. The contrast of gold against black also appears to make the Big Bang Bavaria one of the more legible models that Hublot has released recently.

Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch In Bronze For Oktoberfest Watch Releases

Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch In Bronze For Oktoberfest Watch Releases

Naturally, the Big Bang Bavaria was launched with an event at Hublot’s boutique in Munich, with LVMH Head of Watchmaking Jean-Claude Biver and company CEO Ricardo Guadalupe joined by Marcus Meindl for the tapping of the keg and picture-taking. Meindl has been a family-run tanner and boot maker since 1683, and their current factory in Kirchanschöring, Bavaria, has been in operation for over 300 years. The straps of each watch are hand-crafted using the family’s ancestral techniques, with each individual deer hide taking 3 or 4 months to tan. Traditional sewing methods produce a three-dimensional effect for the deer head insignia, which serves to enhance the textural and visual appeal of the watch as a whole.

Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch In Bronze For Oktoberfest Watch Releases

Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch In Bronze For Oktoberfest Watch Releases

Bund straps were originally invented for use by German pilots during World War II to prevent the watch cases from freezing or searing the wearer’s skin at high altitudes or in the event of a cockpit fire. In addition to providing yet another link to local history, this style of strap also perfectly complements a bronze watch to prevent oxidization turning the wearer’s skin green, although Hublot have catered to those wishing to replace the strap with a non-Bund alternative by manufacturing the caseback from black ceramic. A second strap (not pictured) is also included and easily interchangeable thanks to Hublot’s “One Click” attachment system, which offers a slightly dressier look in “altsalzburg” (black-brown) colored deer leather with oak leaf embroidery. The buckle is made of black PVD titanium with a brushed bronze deployant clasp insert, providing a modern touch to an otherwise old-world aesthetic.

Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch In Bronze For Oktoberfest Watch Releases

The size of the Hublot Big Bang Bavaria is going to be a sticking point for some. Hublot’s Big Bang watches already wear quite large with their 45mm cases, and the Bund style strap makes this model appear even bigger on the wrist. That being said, the deer leather being used here has been meticulously hand-worked by the craftsmen at Meindl to achieve a velvety soft texture and help it wear more comfortably. This piece also offers a strong vintage vibe and a real connection with Bavarian history, which should appeal to lovers of German culture or anyone looking to accessorize their Lederhosen to the extreme for Oktoberfest or any Bavarian-themed occasion. The Hublot Big Bang Bavaria is being offered in a limited edition run of 100 pieces, with a price of €27,900.

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  • Now they’re just f’ing with us.

  • Mark1884

    Sorry Hublot.
    Ugly & pathetic.

    • DanW94

      The watch or Biver in leather shorts? (Keep the steins coming, I’m gonna need more beer to unsee that photo)

      • Terance Hill

        I see your point looking at these three Goobers. At least I do booze and hookers because I want to not because I have to like these three Goobers

      • Beefalope


  • Terance Hill

    Where is the lum shot this watch would look better in the dark.

    • Beefalope

      It’d look fantastic if I was blind.

  • Marius

    Two important as well as essential questions need to be asked.

    Question #1. Would you pay €28,000 for a watch designed by these octogenarians? Sure, if you’re interested in coffins, funerals, and tombstones, then yes, these three homies would be your best bet. However, if your intention is to buy a cool watch, do you think that these three gangsters have what it takes? Just look at them:

    Question #2. Why on Earth would you spend €28,000 on this Hublot, when an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore (i.e. the watch that Hublot is actually trying to immitate) costs around €25,000. Not to mention that AP is a much cooler brand, and that the quality and fit & finish of its watches is clearly surpassing Hublot. Here are a few Offshores that one could purchase for €25,000 – €28,000:

    • Fake screws!

    • Beefalope

      Sorry, I just don’t buy that the ROO is any better. These are trash overpriced watches up against junk overpriced watches.

      The Royal Oak? Legit. The ROO? The precursor to Hublot.

      Hublot and ROO fans are the same people. I’ve never met a fan of one who doesn’t also love the other.

      • Pete Pete

        exactly. both are truly awful. but if I were forced to pick one, it would definitely be the roo. it’s the original awful monstrosity plus it’s from a truly great brand.

    • For the record:
      Ricardo Guadalupe is 52
      Jean Claude Biver is 68
      Marcus Meindl is ???

  • Framlucasse

    Does this… thing really deserve an article?
    Dear ABTW, sometimes it’s just better to remain silent.

    • Ariel Adams

      We remain silent all the time. This is about as niche as an Hublot gets, so why not celebrate it for that fact? I just think it is fun to view and know that these are out there. I know that I’m not the only one here interested in obscura.

      • Framlucasse

        Why not celebrate Ok, but this price is an insult to intelligence and horology knowledge, and I’m quite sure deep down you agree with this.

  • James Miller

    The watch, while grossly overpriced, is not bad looking for a Hublot.
    The strap, however…

  • Dinkee, H. O.

    Have I told my Hublot story on here? I can’t remember. The one in the late night NBA locker room with all those thrusting Hublots and the ride I took on my stomach in the ambulance afterwards? Any-who, I simply can’t approve of any Hublot products until they agree to a Hodinkee Special Edition.

  • Tea Hound

    Laughably awful… Biver’s just winging it here isn’t he, ‘Hans-Rudolf, I had a dream about beer – make me a Big Bang Beer Edition, Beat, I performed admirably in the toilet this morning, make me a Big Bang in brown ceramic’… and so on….

  • This takes the old adage “Boyscouts: a bunch of kids dressed like idiots, lead by an idiot dressed as a kid” to a whole new level!

    Did we really needed to see that image ABTW?

    • IanE

      Well, it makes my knees look handsome, so I’m not complaining!

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Something quite disturbing about look.

    • Beefalope

      These guys look like a bunch of assholes. The only thing missing to complete this wretched gathering is Floyd Mayweather.

    • Tempvs Mortvvs

      All joking aside, they really look creepy.

      • The Old Watcheroo

        They all have dentures. Have some mercy

    • BNABOD

      The picture of the three leprechauns about did it for me. The creep effect runs high with that crew …..

  • A legible Big Bang – that is noteworthy (and good for knowing when last call is. While I can “feel the love” this watch is getting, I have to say that I find it interesting visually – even if it’s not something I might wear. Well not at the start of an Oktoberfest “session”, maybe a liter or two into the evening, you never know…

    • The Old Watcheroo

      Is this the promotion watch for the Flopbuster Bladerunner 2017?

  • Aside from the Lederhosen strap, which is horrifying, the watch itself has an interesting appeal with some neat looking material effects. I don’t mind a distressed watch, so this looks sort of cool to me. Had they resisted the whole Fatherland tie-in, it would be a decent release on a different rugged strap.

    It’s 100 watches, so I’ll probably never see one in the wild. Hublot is in a position to say “why the hell not? Odds are we’ll sell them” Having a company successful enough to throw wild ideas around, isn’t a bad thing.

    • SuperStrapper

      Far too pragmatic. Please leave.

  • Ross Diljohn

    I’m embarrassed to say I like the watch,sans strap of course, but I don’t have the calves to carry it off I’m afraid.

  • Philip Beresford

    Honestly, I quite like the watch. I feel that bronze is a material that perfectly matches the Hublot aesthetic, and I’d like to see more of them! Together with Panerai, I can’t think of another brand more suited to using bronze.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Bad things :

    * The horrific strap that is going to stink.
    * The part numbers,…….. can’t fit them in don’t use them.
    * The dullness of bronze, i don’t want a scratchy ” patina” over time.
    * Stupidly overpriced for what else is available at that or lower price point.
    * The crappiest date window i have ever seen.
    * Fake screws
    * Grown men in shorts and pulled up socks ( We have the kilt but that’s different )
    * The dullness of the overall look.

    Good things :

    * None.

    • Ross Diljohn

      I don’t like fake screws. I also don’t have the calves for a kilt. Or the alcohol tolerance.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Hate fake screws, too skinny for a kilt, and i don’t drink.

        • Ross Diljohn

          It sounds like we were separated at birth…. My name also starts with R now that I think about it…

        • No kilt and not booze? What kind of a Scot are ya then?

          • Raymond Wilkie

            I’m Irish 🙂

          • So it’s drinking and fighting then! Actually I’m Irish too (and English, Scottish and German).

    • Maybe those are support hose – none of them are exactly youngsters ya know.

  • Kuroji
  • BrJean

    Only one question: can I open a bottle with it?

    • Marco Sampuel

      You can open a whole six pack with it

  • proudAmerican702

    When the watch on my wrist is so gargantuan that it requires its own freakin’ saddle, then yeah, things have gone a little too far…

  • Yanko

    Looking at this watch I recalled the pain I had after I broke my both ankles after a fall from a 30 foot rock.

  • Beefalope

    Case material looks nice. Everything else is typical Hublot garbage.

  • otaking241


  • SuperStrapper

    The watch itself I’d wear without question. Looks great.

    I don’t like bind straps on any watch. Have literally never seen one that looks good.

    • Dinkee, H. O.

      I congratulate you on your good taste.

      • SuperStrapper

        And I honestly hope you’re able to develop some of your own one day.

      • The Old Watcheroo

        IS THAT GRASS ??????

  • Larry Holmack

    Soooo….are y’all starting a new holiday…October Fools….or is Hublot trying to out-Invicta Invicta??? What’s next….Justice League Watches??? An Aquaman themed diver….a women’s Wonder Woman watch….??? Batman watches have already been done before….so what does that leave…Flash watches? What… they run 12 hours fast everyday????

  • Eric Gordon

    OMG. That is hideous. More hideous than a normal Hublot. And it’s not just the bund.

  • Lurch

    I like the aged look of the metal but where is the photo of the case-back.

  • wejpasadena

    Crisis in watch industry, illustration 2651.

  • JLG

    Congratulations Hublot! You just crossed the line of uglier than Richard Mille. There should be a law against such monstrosities. Really.

    • SuperStrapper

      Agree with you or it should be illegal.


  • Ariel Adams

    I just love that stuff like this exists. It simply makes the world more colorful and worth talking (and sometimes laughing) about.

    • Framlucasse

      Well the watch itself, why not. Personally, I like bronze case, even if i prefer when its not already aged brand new.
      But the strap could be a real contender at the ugliest strap world championship.
      And the price… 7000$ ok, but 27000$? Come on.

    • Mikita

      A. Lange & Sohne also know how to make some fun for ~$30k

  • Marius

    I do like the case. I’d really like a bronze watch that’s a big lump. But not at that price…

  • JosephWelke

    First Hublot that I can say I’d wear if it was given to me. Never buy one with my own money though.

  • Mikita

    Holy crappola.. Biver in the damn leather shorts! Now I’ve seen all. The watch.. well, I think Mr. Biver’s just trolling us. No one deserves to wear this.

  • Bozzor

    I like it, but it does reek of Hublot playing it both cynical and try-hard, as crazy as that sounds. It’s just a blatant jump on board the bronze train without an ounce of class or originality, even if the end result is interesting. Sorry, but when Hublot tryies something – anything – it just makes me snicker…

  • dennis

    With that strap the watch looks like a small piece of land
    in the middle of a swamp.

  • Omegaboy

    Take me to your lederhosen. Ugly watch, horrid strap.

  • Ian john horwood

    Hublot trash. Reminds me of watches sold on v channel tv shopping channel. There is nothing at all to like about expensive opriced Hublot trash. Americans buy into this crap like they do mc’donalds, and show them off on their utube channel. More fool the idiots who buy into the Hublot propaganda. They should have a goverment health warning attached to their junk, like mc’donalds should.

  • I’m suddenly reminded of this classic bit of TV (with a classic Gonzo bit at the end)

    Hublot however is more like this though:

  • Pete L

    I actually rather like it. Not generally a fan of Hublot but the Big Bang Unico is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, particularly in unusual materials like this or the magic gold. If you look at them in comparison to what they are up against from AP/RM they also represent value of sorts.
    The bund strap is awfully large and I imagine would suit Conan the barbarian rather than most watch wearers but on a standard strap I could wear this.

  • I’ve seen some flimsy connections ascribed to watches…usually it’s a car or airplane, sometimes a sport…but a beer festival? No offense to our German friends, I know it’s an important holiday, but now I’ve seen it all, and I wish I could un-see it.

  • UniversalXpectator

    This has to be the nastiest and ugliest watch from a so called “Prestige” brand.

  • Ulysses31

    The other day I was peering through the window at a display of watches. A member of staff, from the inside, was adjusting the position of some watches. Next to me appeared a man wearing a greasy mac, and who looked for all the world like a vagrant. In a thick accent he shouted at the member of staff through the glass, while pointing: “Have you got any HUB-LOTT JEN-EVS?!” The staff member was visibly disconcerted. Every crude, loud-mouthed degenerate and homeless bum knows this brand, which frankly has no right to be displayed next to its peers in the industry. Now, this watch is actually far from the worst Hublot I have ever seen. The muted palette is somewhat pleasant, but I don’t like the faux-aged look.

  • HectorAsuipe

    It’s weird and definitely JCB-esque. Price is ridiculous, but why the heck not?

  • Bill Davidson

    Oo-blow is a brand targetted squarely at the teenage and early to mid 20’s aged children of the wealthy. In its category it must compete with g-shock on looks bit at bragging-rights prices. This is Oo-blow.

  • 27.9 k for a bronze watch, you must be kidding right ?

  • goju1

    If people buy that at such a ridiculous price then the world really is in a state. JCB – stop with the phoney smile and your Bavarian outfit is not really Bavarian. Horrible strap, really horrible.

  • The Old Watcheroo

    So Gold an Bronze are of equal value now?

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