The next limited edition Hublot Big Bang watch is for women. To be honest, the Big Bang model has taken a back seat (this will most likely be changing soon) to other Hublot models when it comes to limited editions for men. The King Power has been favored for a while because of its larger size and more technical design. In 2012 Hublot re-released the Big Bang as a larger watch and modernized it a bit. Anyhow, this shiny Big Bang is for the ladies and has been done in collaboration with watch maker and retailer Zegg & Cerlati. Making limited edition models for retailers is a popular way of creating exclusivity and making retailers happy while giving them a reason to promote items to their customers.

Zegg & Cerlati have a few retails stores mostly in Monaco (where they are based). In addition to carrying a range of other brands (including Hublot of course), they also offer their own line of watches and jewelry. They only have one watch right now that comes in a range of styles (in different colors of gold and amounts of diamonds). It is called the Place du Casino. I think it is for women – hard to tell. Place du Casino is a super Monte Carlo name… and right there on the dial “Monte Carlo” is spelled out. I think you can use this watch as gambling currency in their casinos.

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Aside from Zegg & Cerlati’s watches is their rather impressive range of appendage adornments. Most notable is the finest cock ring I have ever seen. In my time I have viewed a lot of cock rings and this one is by far the most comfortable looking and luxurious. The color and poise of the cock done in yellow, rose, and white gold helps frame its bold stature and firm pose. “Signe du Coq” is truly an apt name for such a strong cock ring.

In addition to cocks, I mean roosters, Zegg & Cerlati jewelry features a lot of animals… on rings. Rather interesting stuff if you like bedazzled gorillas on your index finger. Hublot produced two limited edition lady versions of the 41mm wide Big Bang for Zegg & Cerlati with Tina Zegg. She liked the mirror dial look of some other Hublot models and wanted to go with these two. One in steel and one in 18k rose gold. Interestingly enough, the rose gold version does not have a rose gold dial. The dial is rather made from mirror polished brass. You can see the color tone differences in the image. Hublot chose a strap to match the brass dial on the gold version.

The watches are interesting looking and certainly not something I would expect Hublot to release without outside influence. They might opt for a bit more color and dazzle, but I find these to be interesting timepieces actually. The straps are gold or silver colored done with a glossy finish. It was important for Zegg that the dials be monochromatic, but also legible. With the mirror dial design Hublot came up with a few years ago – that is possible. You really don’t see that many mirror finished dials on watches. It is almost an ironic concept.

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Inside the watch is a base ETA Hublot caliber HUB4300 automatic chronograph movement. The steel Big Bang Zegg & Cerlati will be limited to 100 pieces while the 18k rose gold version will be limited to 50 pieces. They are available in Zegg & Cerlati boutiques in Monte Carlo, Austria, and Switzerland. Don’t forget to check out the rings.

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