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There is something sadistic in this watch. What is it trying to say about time and your timepiece? Maybe people will think you should not be messed with. “He was able to crush his watch and keep it running with the crystal intact?!” Alternatively this is pure Dali-esque  art with a slightly different take on the surrealist master. I don’t know much about Churchill Watch Co. that was/is based out of London, but I take it the English watch company is not very popular (at least anymore) as I cannot find much mention of them online. Nevertheless, during at least one point they were brave enough to release with Churchill Crush watch. This piece is apparently #6 out of a limited edition of 100.

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The watch itself is a manually wound, 18k gold cased watch with a lot of character. Despite the twisted dimensions, it has an attractive legible face. The construction and design of the watch place it in the 1960s or 70s, maybe a bit earlier. The gold case with a black face and white Roman numeral hands is actually pretty swanky looking. In fact, this would be a cool watch if it was completely vertically eye-shaped. With its intentional disfigurements it is still interesting. I like how the crown even looks crushed up a bit. Something makes me want to suggest that this would be the perfect watch for the Elephant Man.

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One of these interesting Churchill Crush watches is available on eBay right now. Given the fact that it is a rare limited edition watch and in pure gold, the $3,800 price seems reasonable.

See Churchill watches on eBay here.

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