Zenith watches really get around – especially on the wrist of Johan Ernst Nilson. A Zenith brand ambassador, Nilson is a modern day explorer who has been going on “expeditions” for about 20 years. Now in his early 40s, Nilson is in the middle of a serious journey called the Pole2Pole adventure. The trip is taking Johan from the North Pole all the way to the South Pole, and will be done mostly via kayak and bicycle.

Nilson travels for personal and physical exploration. His trips teach himself and others about personal empowerment and the power of a “can do” attitude. Nilson has authored books on the subject as well as participated as a motivational lecturer. His heart is always in the road pushing himself further and trying to see new places. Originally from Sweden, Nilson speaks fondly of his venturing with a credible, weathered look.

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I sat down with Nilson to discuss the Pole2Pole trip, his trials and tribulations, as well as what it is like to do what he does. As a Zenith brand ambassador he wears a special limited edition Zenith El Primero Stratos watch with the Pole2Pole logo on it. In Alchron (an alloy of titanium and aluminum that has been anodized) the watch looks pretty fresh even after being on his wrist through the entire trip. Johan prefers it on a durable fabric and Velcro strap.

The interview was recorded so please enjoy the video. You can follow Johan Ernst Nilson’s Pole2Pole adventure here.

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