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Junghans Force Mega Solar Watch With Wireless Charge And Sync

Junghans Force Mega Solar Watch With Wireless Charge And Sync Watch Releases

Watches that offer both solar power and atomic radio time-syncing, I am willing to bet, call to mind for you, as they do for me, watches that hail from Japanese companies – and for good reason. Brands such as Casio have really made atomic solar watches a big part of their portfolio, offering a variety of styles. It might come as a bit of a surprise, then, to learn that German Junghans‘ Force Mega Solar is not a completely new foray for the brand.

It was back in 1990 when Junghans came up with their first radio-controlled watch, and just three years later incorporated solar recharging. For their latest iteration, they’ve got a series of watches that can sync around the world (with American, German, and Japanese transmitters) and offer a 21-month stand-by capability.

Junghans Force Mega Solar Watch With Wireless Charge And Sync Watch Releases

While these technical chops are interesting (and of course meet the criteria of a quartz watch doing what a mechanical cannot), it is not the only story here. Junghans has created some clean, classic styles with these Junghans Force Mega Solar watches, along with incorporating a variety of materials – including ceramic, with one being made fully in ceramic, while another model combines steel and ceramic.

It is funny to think that with the materials and design of these Junghans Force Mega Solar watches, you would be hard-pressed to know that these were quartz watches. Well, aside from that LCD date display, of course. Many times, when we talk about atomic-solar watches, they are very much in the rugged/outdoors/chock-full-of-plastic category. Here, Junghans has gone in a much more reserved direction, with a few sportier models mixed in – but no plastic in sight.

Junghans Force Mega Solar Watch With Wireless Charge And Sync Watch Releases

At first, I rather liked the designs that had the white dials, with the crisp presentation. Looking at the pictures more closely, however, I feel the Junghans Force Mega Solar watches with the black dials actually are the more intriguing. With those, you can still see the solar panel in all its glory. For me, that look calls to mind the futurism of the 80s somehow (perhaps from seeing the first solar-powered calculators), and lends that extra bit of “oomph” to the design for me.

The new Junghans Force Mega Solar models are available now, with pricing coming in at $1,555. Frankly, if you are only going to have one or two quartz watches, one of them should be an atomic solar model – it will run for a long time with minimal intervention, and it will have the most accurate time of anything in your watch box, coming in handy for setting your mechanicals against, for instance. While most comparable options have been very sporty models, Junghans gives you a more classic look to go with technical precision.

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  • Love the idea, and Junghans in general, but these lack quite a bit in the stylish execution category. The ceramic one looks like an old Rado that no one wants to wear any more, and does the white dial one have a rubber strap? It doesn;t look suited to the watch regardless. 


  • Ulysses31

    They look very Eighties.  I prefer the black ones but the $1500 price can’t justify the $100-from-eBay looks.

  • Ulysses31 Might look cool with a pastel green linen sportcoat

  • Two issues:
    1)  Price – wow
    2)  No reception where I live, so I will never by an atomic watch.


    I applaud the German craftsmanship, but blanch @ the cost. I don’t see it from a greed standpoint, rather superior technology getting ahead of itself by puffing out peacock style. If these watch firms would consult us before making & pricing their wares, it would be remarkable, but this is about horology reality style, not delusions of a wailing crackpot.

  • DangerussArt

    25. ?  Oh, the date..  Oh boy..  Surely you’ve slid the pricing decimal-point  one digit too far to the right.

  • Henry-L

    I set my watches with the atomic clock app on my smart phone.  Works wonderfully.  I’ll save the $1,555 for a mechanical watch.

  • DG Cayse

    Is that Jean Claude Van Damme in the final picture?

  • Emperius

    MarkCarson Not even G-Shock world coverage? You can go GPS now =)

  • Emperius Exactly – Atomic: no. GPS:yes. You have to be outdoors and it may take a little but GPS watches do work. Ariel has one (Astron?) on when he arrived in Hawaii last December and after a few minutes it changed time zones. Cool tech but still large and  power hungry but certainly the future assuming that watches don’t just sync with cellphones or cellphone towers for the time. Cheers.

  • JosephW

    How much? For how much “watch”? Don’t think so, and I’ve no interest in looking at a solar panel on my wrist either. I get the ’80s retro-futurism thing, but certainly not for that price.

  • CG

    no thanks…. one pulse bomb and It’ll never work again!

  • TomBew

    I usually agree with posters positions on pricing being a poor deal value/price. ratio being unfavorable … In this case I think I only “sort of” agree.
    – Full ceramic case and bracelet, solar and radia control in a thin-,package without a multitude of functions and buttons, operated by arcane controls.
    – Minimalist dial without multiple lines of text.

    It is unclear to me whether the bracelet must be sized at the factory, like some other Junghans models.

  • spiceballs

    Nice one Patrick.  I came across Junghans relatively recently and was impressed with their functional “clean” design relative to say, Casio.  Price-wise they are not as far off as one may think but just don’t offer the same functions.  Suits me, but I’d be interested to hear from readers who may have “lived” with one of these for a bit  – – ?.

  • spiceballs  I also like the clean looks (I don’t mind the solar cell either). Nice to know there dressier watches out there than a Casio with the same functionality. Now about that price…

  • spiceballs

    MarkCarson spiceballs  Mark I said this about the price because just about a month back (when I was feeling a little more “liquid”) I dropped into Casio shop (in HK) and viewed their latest Ti Oceanus Solar GPS model (with some many dials and numbers of a size that made then almost illegible!) priced at roughly US$1600.  OK, one can get G-shock and Edifice models now with GPS for less (resin cases & plastic straps) but to be fair and compare more like with like cases/bands I’d suggest Casio Oceanus.  Similar models from Seiko and Citizen are even more expensive, up around US$5000..  So maybe Junghans are not so far off.  The problem I have is their long term reliability, whereas I know from my own experience that Casio are pretty darn durable.

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